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Dear Kate

You probably don't remember me but about 20 years ago you helped me with a dissertation for the College of Homeopathy on the use of homeopathy in pregnancy and childbirth. It's a long time ago and I was Ruth Wiltshire then.  That project and you, personally, inspired me with a passion for pregnancy and childbirth.  Over my years as a homeopath I felt myself drawn to treating pregnancy, and women in general, and I have also since qualified as a yoga therapist, combining homeopathy and yoga in Wellwoman Yoga and running classes in pre and postnatal yoga in deprived areas.

When I graduated in homeopathy I had decided that at some point I would train as a midwife but life took over - divorce, a child with autism, elderly parents to care for, cancer (successfully recovered from using only alternative treatment!) etc. etc.  I am now in my mid fifties and have at last the window to follow my passion and am trying to get onto a degree course in Midwifery.  Incredibly challenging as our local University as roughly 800 to 1,000 applicants for 64 places each year. I am doing all the right things to give me a chance (Direct Access courses in Midwifery and shadowing midwives) but the one thing I need to have clear in my head is my career path after.  I want to draw all the strands together, working as a midwife and using homeopathy and yoga breathing and relaxation techniques to assist the birthing process.  Although there's no upper age limit to study it has been pointed out that at 65 I will have to retire from the NHS (I will be 60 or 61 when I finish the degree).  I hope to continue working to some extent as long as I can breathe (which I hope to be a long time).

I think the reason I'm emailing you is that I need someone to say "you're not too old, it's still worth doing" because nobody here now dares mention the "age" word and yet it hovers in the air.  Apart from being amazing and inspirational I remember you for being straight and saying it how it is.  I would welcome any comments or advice you may have whatever way it takes me.

With very best wishes



The West Australian College of Homeopathy, a division of Arnica Montana Pty Ltd Australia was inaugurated on 16th January 2006.

Its mission statement is to educate and spread the use of Homeopathy through grass roots and create 'Barefoot Doctors' lay people who can help in any emergency in their immediate community whether they are at home or abroad.

This system is used in China where local people can act effectively in the absence of trained medical professionals until, and if, they ever arrive.

With the world experiencing more natural disasters than ever before we need to get on board and really help where we are.

Waiting for Godot is not an option.

Testimonial February 06


I've been studying under Kate for six months now and she has helped make sense of what appeared to be a very confusing subject,but a subject that nonetheless held a strong attraction for me.

As a result of her input I achieved a distinction in both Homoeopathy and Materia Medica in my naturopathic studies.

Kate's enthusiasm and vast knowledge of Homeopathy, and her selfless drive to share that knowledge, makes this powerful system of healing available to anyone who cares to take the time to learn.

Her down to earth and practical approach makes Homeopathy very accessible.

I have never before encountered such a willingness to share time and skills from any quarter, to me, this is the spirit in which homoeopathy first developed.

Karen Bartz Adult Student and Businesswoman

2nd year Naturopathy Student Australian College of Natural Medicines Perth West Australia

Testimonial for website February 06

Dear Kate,  I have just discovered your website via your ad in the Informed Voice magazine.  Wow was it interesting.  Congratulations on such a positive outlook.  I loved your dog.  Our dog is now 8 and is treated homeopathically as well.  He has survived many episodes at the vets via homeopathy and of course the vets take the credit themselves.  I live in Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory (about 50 km from Darwin).  I have reared my 3 children with homeopathy, chiropractic etc.  They are now 18, 15, 13 and happy and healthy individuals.  I am a massage therapist myself doing my training in 2002.  I practice Deep Tissue Massage from home and I am also now doing some work for a Physiotherapy clinic in town.  I have printed your Kitchen Cupboard Remedies section which I loved.  I have used some of these remedies before!  Bye now.

Lauren Schmidt

Sports Testimonials

From Sonja Johnson. Australian Champion Show Jumper and Horse Eventer, a farmer from Western Australia shortlisted for the Australian Olympic team.

September 2005

Australian Champion Show Jumper and Horse EventerMy horse is Ringwould Jaguar. He is an Australian Stock horse. The photos are taken in Pau in France last year at the finals of the World Cup of eventing where we were 5th.

Having carelessly misplaced a finger down a horse's throat late in 2004 my 2005 competition season was looking very doubtful. I lost a tendon in my arm at the same time. I was determined to be competing again as quickly as possible. As a result I was working very hard on physiotherapy. A bit too hard according to the physio. As a result I had constant pain in my forearm. The only thing that effectively removed the pain was the Arnica rub. A quick rub with it and the pain would disappear. It was far more effective than any heat or cold rub and it didn't smell! I was able to make it back to competition far quicker than expected and it rarely causes any problem now.

For sheer indulgence I love the Arnica bath soak and soap,and the Arnica tablets are always with me for the horses and my own use if anything should happen.



Janelle CuthbertsonJanelle Cuthbertson - West Australian State Tennis Player, Finalist on numerous occasions in W.A, Interstate & National competitions

Janelle is the winner of singles and doubles under 18 WA State grass court Championships March 2005

"The products Kate gave me have been invaluable to my well being,I use most of them everyday including the Arnica Oil & Balm on my aching muscles and sore feet which help me with my recovery time as i train over 20 hrs a week.I also use the Arnica soap which relaxes me when i get home or after the gym."

August 2005 update

Janelle sustained torn ligaments to her ankle after the grasscourts championships,and had no play for 6 weeks.During this time she massaged her ankle regularly with Arnica rub, and took internal Homeopathic remedies Arnica Rhus Tox and Ruta alongside orthodox physiotherapy treatment.She made an excellent recovery,trained for 1 month competing in the Darwin Ase titlesand winning the doubles in the semifinals.In the Northern Territory championships, she then went on to win singles and doubles.She turns 15 next month, and is already ranking 155 from her previous place at 317 in January in Australia.She is currently competing in 2 National events in Perth;next month she is competing in the Nationals in Melbourne.Well done Janelle!

December 2005 update - From the website via Janelle's mum Anya -my hairdresser in Lesmurdie!

Perth's ITF 18/U tennis tournament continues to unearth Western Australia's rising teenage talents with a number of local players earning their first world junior ranking points.

"The girls 18 doubles title was claimed by the WA pairing of Janelle Cuthbertson and Rachel Houpapa.The unseeded combination were up against the number 2 seeds,Tiame Ettingshausen and Bridget Healey,from NSW and Victoria respectively in the final.

Houpapa's aggressive serving combined with Cuthbertson's solid netplay proved too much for the Ettingshausen-Healy combination,resulting in a straight set victory to the local pair, 6-1, 6-3.

The doubles title win earnt Houpapa her first junior ITF points and Cuthbertson captured her second batch of points after reaching Round 16 in the Girl's Singles Event.

Cuthbertson and Houpapa aim to continue their winning form into the Chambers Insurance Brokers WA Open,which commences today(14.12.05)at the State Tennis Centre,and accumulate Australian Junior Ranking Points as they aim towards a start in the Junior Australian Open in January 2006."

Janelle finds the Arnica Balm the most used product in competition while playing, closely followed by the Arnica Bath Soak with soap and water massage after a tough day on court.Like Josephine Butler the Velodrome cyclist she loves an Arnica rub massage if she can get it before sleeping!A hit on soft tissue is greatly relieved by the Arnica cream.

Josephine Butler Josephine Butler

Under 19 cyclist, Jo Butler, represented Western Australia again in February 2007 at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival where she achieved a Gold medal in the 500m Time Trial with a time of 36.798 seconds taking 0.353s off Anna Meares' previous best time of 37.151, set in 2001.

Two weeks later Jo competed at the Australian National Championships and again achieved a Gold medal for the 500m Time Trial, a Silver medal in the U19 Sprint and a Silver in the U19 Keiren.

Jo is an elite athlete with WAIS (Western Australian Institute of Sport) and following her performances at the National events Jo has again been selected to attend the World Junior Cycling Championships on 4-12 August 2007, this year to be held in Aguascalientes in Mexico.

She is currently training in preparation for her events as a sprint track cyclist.

In August 2006:  Josephine achieved 13th out of 25 sprint competitors at the Junior World Cycling Championships at the Velodrome in Ghent Belgium and passed the stringent Internationally recognised drug tests which did not show up any problems.We are all delighted about this.

Jo has been treated constitutionally all her life Homeopathically and Kate first treated her at 18 months of age when she first visited Australia 17 years ago - in fact Kate had just got off the plane! Her mother subsequently looked into Homeopathy and gave her treatment on a first aid basis until Kate returned to Australia 12 years later and again treated her constitutionally. A year later we have the great pleasure of seeing her successful and happy in her chosen sport.

'I use Arnica Balm when my legs are aching after cycling and I have found that I recover quickly for the next days races.  I get my legs massaged with the Arnica massage oil and I love the smell of the Arnica Soap in the shower'.

"The Arnica products I use mostly are:

  1. The Arnica balm after races, this helps prevent knots in the muscles;
  2. The Arnica rub after the races when I have been doing heavy duty training and racing - used for massaging my back and legs.
  3. After racing when I am aching all over and before going to bed I soak in the bath with the Arnica Bath Soak and massage the sore muscles with the Arnica soap.Once I'm ready for bed I use the Arnica rub again and sleep really well!"

Jane CooperMay 04 Jane Cooper - Australian Polocrosse Team

My name is Jane Cooper and I am a member of the Australian Polocrosse Team.  I have been playing sport at an international level for 4 years and have a very demanding training program. For the past 6 months I have been using Arnica Montana products, with very pleasing results, to assist with the strains and bruises that I receive whilst competing and training. The products in the Arnica Montana range are extremely effective and have rapidly reduced my injuries by enhancing the healing process. My body is recovering from the effects of competition quicker with the assistance of these products, especially the Arnica Rub and the Arnica Bath Soak.

A great bonus to me with this product range is that I have very sensitive skin and have found the natural ingredients in the Arnica Montana products to be very gentle, not to cause any irritation to my skin. I would highly recommend the entire range to any person who is physically active to any degree.

November 2005 update

Jane has had a baby this year and I caught up with her competing at the National Polocrosse championships at Brigadoon West Australian Equestrian Centre Perth.Her story now re the Arnica Montana products takes a different tack -She is still using them for in her view the much easier bumps and bruises collected at Polocrosse!

May 04 John Walton - British Veteran Weightlifting Champion, 59 years old

John has used Arnica for years for quick recovery after training and recommends Arnica Montana products as "the best ever for quality".

» Right: 2004 British Masters (Veterans) Weightlifting Champion, age group 55-59

December 2005 update

Masters (Veterans) weight-lifting is contested in 5 year age groups - with the obvious being at Worlds level an advantage in competing first year in.

With this in mind of being 60 in 2005 I began a planned, never miss, training regime a full year (July 04 to July 05) before the Worlds, on the 25th July in Edmonton, Canada.

Arnica Montana made it possible for me to train hard and always recover to be able to maintain this never miss traing regime, week after week.


March 05 - Won British 60-64 age group Championship

April 05 - British records for the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Total.

July 05, Bronze medal in 60-64 age group at the Worlds.

Professional Polo players

Just before the National polo season started for 2004 the Arnica range of products including the original Arnica Montana range of 6 products, the new Calendula and Sage products, and the cdrom and companion kit for Accidents and Emergencies were given out to the West Australian National polo players by their contact Shelley Robbins - herself a West Australian National Horse Eventer.

Here is her first letter re the initial results:


Hi Kate!

Well, all your products are getting a good workout at the moment. Ollie Hipwood (6 Goal Professional polo player) and son of Howard Hipwood well known UK International professional polo player) broke his thumb a few weeks ago, so he has been using the cream everyday on his thumb and thinks it is great stuff. He said he is very happy with the products.

polo playersTex Webster (Australian 4 Goal professional polo player) got hit in the face with a ball on Sunday, and split his cheek open so he has 10 stitches in that and says he will start using the cut cream (Calendula cream subsequently healed very quickly) as soon as the plaster comes off. He uses the Arnica cream everyday on his wrist though, and thinks it is great.

Sam Hamersley (see above) and Daren have both used the Arnica bath soak (Daren fell off and landed on his bum!!!) and I think it has helped them, Sam got hit in the leg with a ball a few weeks ago and has been using the Arnica cream which has been great.
Anyway, hope this is enough info for you at this stage. I would love to find out how to use the Homeopathic kit so maybe you could come to Polo again when it is at Guildford again and we can go through it. (We did this and it has proved very helpful)


polo players     polo players

Hi Kate

Well, Polo is over for another season, Yeh!!!!

We had the Charles Cup last weekend which is the biggest event of the year. The teams were Crystal Brook in the Blue and Geebung in the Yellow & Green. Sam & Tex were on the blue team and Ollie Hopwood was on the Green & Yellow.  Geebung were the eventual winners.

The photo of the lineup is Sam and Tex part of the blue team and Oliver Hipwood is in the Yellow - the Yellow team were the eventual winners. The photo of the presentations is of Tex Webster receiving a trophy for the best Novice pony and the other is just of the boys cantering out of the line.

Speak to you soon Shelley

December 2005 update

Arnica Montana P/L attended the first Inaugural International Polo Tournament at Langley Park Perth 4th/5th December 2005.It was good to be present at this event and see Ollie Hipwood Tex Webster Sam Hammersley and Darren playing real stormers!The Perth Polo team captain Angus James went a real purler head first onto the wooden barrier and managed to badly injure his shoulder.I sent him over a bag of Arnica Bath Soak, soap, Arnica 30 pillules and Arnica Rub which he used after his hospital visit.He has been delighted(and surprised!)with the relief the products gave him.

Polo National winners 2004Salli Ellen Lyster - 24 years old, Australian and International Polocross player.

I have been playing this sport since I was 6 years old. Polocross is a contact sport and as a result I often suffer from bruising. Cramps are also a problem when playing this sport as it requires great physical exertion especially when playing at state, national and international level. I have been using Arnica Montana products and have found that they are helping me greatly. The arnica balm is my favourite I often use it after tournaments and find it reduces bruising. When playing big tournaments that last the whole week I have found that using arnica balm on any sore muscles or bruised areas results in my body feeling freer and easier to play again the next day.

Right: Winners of the Polocrosse Nationals 2004.


Corks are another common injury that I use Arnica Montana for. The poultice is great for drawing out the cork and repairing the muscle for competition the next day. I was very surprised the first time I used the Arnica Montana balm, bruises in the leg area would last up to a week after a hard tournament. After using the balm I found that the bruises were gone after just a few short days. I highly recommend there products to anyone that like to push themselves the limit on any sporting field. I was very surprised the first time I used the Arnica Montana balm, bruises in the leg area would in the past last up to a week after a hard tournament. After using the balm I found that the bruises were gone after just a few short days. I highly recommend these products to anyone that likes to push themselves to the limit on any sporting field.

I have been using Arnica Montana balm since Kate Diamantopoulo in conjunction with Mother Earth Aromatherapy first started creating it. Call me the guinea pig. I would love to test the new range, and the WA women's' team would love to try your range and will give you honest feed back.

Hope this wonderful product gets the sales results it deserves.

Hi Kate

The local girls form the Western Australian Intermediate Team have all had your products approx a week after we met. The girls up north will get theirs this week end. The first state training is this weekend at Muchea Polocrosse grounds on the great northern Hwy. I cant speak for the other girls but I can for Suzette, Tracey and Elizabeth Lyster who are in the team and they are very happy with the results. Lizzie is running every night approx 4kms and she finds that a nice hot bath with the bath soak does wonders.

Suz squashed her foot terrible and it was throbbing she took the homeopathic tablets and rubbed arnica balm into her foot. The bruising was at it's best the next day and by the third day she could walk on it again. Kind of unbelievable stuff really, but I suppose you already get loads of these type of amazing stories.

Trace is doing a sports science degree and enjoys the sports massage side of it. She is very good mind you. Her preference for rub downs is the oil, and after practice I got her to give me one and what a wonderful feeling you get. Kind of a soothing, tingling sensation.

Salli Lyster

7.5.04 Elizabeth Lyster, Polocross Champion

My name is Elizabeth Lyster and I recently won the National Polocrosse Championships held in Albury. I played in the intermediate Women’s winning best number two as well as over-all best horse and rider. The Arnica Montana products where very useful whilst I was competing in Nationals Level. Not only did I use them on my aches and pains but they were effective on my horse as well. My favourite product that I found most effective was the Arnica Balm. When I had a strained muscle I would rub the balm on and it would release any tension that had built up. The smell is also very soothing allows your body to relax after competing in hard competition. I would recommend this product to all athletes particularly in extreme and contact sports.

Testimonials for Homeopathy for Accidents and Emergencies CD ROM

Dr Neil Slade, Editor

I have written several reviews for books on homeopathic First Aid or self help in the home, and if I am being honest when asked I usually think 'Here we go again, another one!' - I couldn't have been more wrong with this CD, which has been produced by homeopath Kate Diamantopoulo and Arnica Montana Enterprises Ltd .

For a start I am a bit of a technophobe, but this is so easy to use - simply load it into the computer and follow the on screen prompts and if this isn't enough then there are clear and precise written instructions too. The technophobe in me is also satisfied because the graphics of the CD make it appear as if you are reading a luxuriant big leather bound book.

One aspect of this CD that I particularly like is the step-by-step representation of things such as placing someone in the recovery position, CPR, assessing a First Aid situation from a practical point of view and dealing with poisonings. Most of this information is given in diagrammatic form so it is easy to assimilate. I assume this information has been driven by Kate's former incarnation as a nurse and midwife.

In making this CD, Kate Diamantopoulo has produced an excellent home help for any person with an interest in homeopathic medicine. Students of homeopathy and new graduates please do not think that any information on homeopathic First Aid is 'old hat', this CD will also benefit you from its clear remedy differentiation and application through to its practical advice regarding the management of a First Aid situation - I have used my copy several times already! Click here to buy the CD.

From Dr's GM and SL Caddy Lesmurdie Western Australia - Re Homeopathy for Accidents and Emergencies.

This CDROM production presents the principles of First Aid and Homeopathic Therapy of multiple acute Medical Emergencies in a clear, concise, easily accessed format. The ease of use of this tool is not matched by anything I have seen in the teaching of conventional Medical management, and the user will have no difficulty cross referencing the use of multiple Homeopathic remedies.

Kate brings a wealth of conventional First Aid advice and Homeopathic therapy to the occasional or frequent use in an exceptional format.

From Robert Medhurst, Brauer Natural Medicine Company South Australia

Hi Kate!

Just received a copy of your cd - looks great!

Sue Johnson, B.A B.Ed. Librarian, New Norcia Benedictine Monastery Western Australia

(Homeopathy first brought to Western Australia for use with the Aboriginal community by Bishop Salvado in the 19th century. For details see the History of Homeopathy in Western Australia page.

Thank you for your gift of the Homeopathy CD ROM It is very easy to follow and an excellent adjunct to the book that your friends left and the emergency kit which accompanies it. It will be catalogued for the library.

September 2005

I caught up with Sue at the annual Picnic Day for the Friends of New Norcia-she has been very happy to have had the use of the cdrom and kit for her daughter who had been travelling round India this year as a young backpacker.They were in constant use while she was away and Sue was given peace of mind during this time.

Dr Mia Morris, Ophthalmic and contact lens specialist,East Sussex UK

Thank you for the CDROM.

It is brilliant!

Tsunami 2004/2005 - November 2005

From David Lavell UN Engineer attended Tsunami relief effort to Nias twice devastated by the Wave and a subsequent earthquake.

Brookbridge Horizons Pty Ltd trading as:

ABN 14 009 371 528

David Lavell & Associates


14 Sandover Road

Darlington WA 6070   Phone/fax: 9299 7720   Email:


Principal:   David Anthony Lavell

Dip CE, BE, MBA, CP Eng, M.I.E (Aust)


9 November 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Arnica Montana 's Homeopathy for Accidents and Emergencies.

As a member of Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief (RedR), I was seconded by AusAID in April this year to assess structural damage to community buildings on Nias Island , Indonesia . This action was carried out in association with the pledged Tsunami relief assistance, and after the major earthquake of 28 th March which caused major loss of life and injuries as well as extensive destruction to buildings and infrastructure throughout the island.

The engineering assessments were conducted in association with medical assistance coordinated by AusAID and supported by Surf Aid International. RedR engineers accompanied medical teams to major towns and remote communities throughout Nias, where injured persons were sought out and treated; at the same time buildings and infrastructure was assessed and recorded.

During this mission I had the good fortune of having 2 sets of "Homeopathy for Accidents and Emergencies" by Arnica Montana , which includes as I understand it, comprehensive medicines and informational CD-ROM per kit. These kits were soon in the hands of the medical teams who showed great interest and expressed appreciation for having the added resources in a time of great need. All engineers on mission saw first hand the medical teams in action treating very sick and injured persons throughout the island. Due to the nature of some of the injuries some patients, who most certainly owe their lives to the medical teams, were airlifted to local and international ship hospitals.

My sincere thanks go to Kate Diamantopoulo for making the homeopathic kits available to the people of Nias Island , Indonesia .

Yours sincerely,

David Lavell

From India


'kindly spare a minute and read this email. this is not spam.'

From Dr Manish Agarwal Consultant Classical Homeopath Calcutta India via email.

This testimonial has especially delighted me as I did a post graduate Homeopathy course in Calcutta 18 years ago, and consider the Indian way of prescribing as second to none-they are pragmatic, practical, and very thorough -hardly any computers used-the students actually memorise their text books and are deeply caring of their patients.

In Sri Lanka this year it was my pleasure to be involved in the same sort of clinics in the jungle.I have a deep abiding affection for Indian people-their resourcefulness and their compassion can only engender respect and awe at their continuing resilience in the face of all sorts of disasters unknown until recently in the Western World.

dear colleagues and friends,

what do you do if there is an emergency or accident? what if there is no trained medical personnel or hopspital nearby?

although this applies to everyone from the housewife to the traveller - the situation is more frightening in communities or locations that are a bit far from the city eg. farming / nature communities, yoga and meditation retreats etc.

classical homeopathy may be the safe, non-toxic and effective answer in these situations.

I strongly recommend this wonderful software (CD-ROM) and homeopathy kit created by homeopath Kate Diamantopoulo RSHom (UK) AROH (Australia) and Sarah Richardson FSHom (UK) it is called " homeopathy CD-ROM for accidents and emergencies".

this amazing software was created by kate and Sarah after 3 years of research and it helps choose a remedy in accidents and emergencies situations - within minutes. it is so easy to use that no prior training is required and anyone who knows to read can use it! technophobes need not worry at all!

this elegant software covers every emergency in the First AId books ie St John Ambulance Red Cross etc. and also mentions basic first aid procedures etc. all within minutes, at the click of the mouse.

interestingly, this software suggests a remedy out of a kit of just 18 homeopathy remedies and yet, works very well in any emergency situation.

this software and the remedy kit has proved its efficacy in disasters like the tsunami. read reviews at: helios pharmacy, UK, is selling the remedies kit and also the CD.

this CD-ROM may be ordered from kate's australian website  or helios, UK


dr manish agarwala
consultant: classical homeopath

PS: kindly note that I am in no way attached to helios pharmacy or kate diamantapoulo's organisation. I have no financial or any other interest in this matter.

I am sending this info to the homeolist webforum and to some communities and centres that are away from the city etc. I have witnessed panicky moments in such places ... I feel the management of such centres may feel assured, if they have this software and the small remedy kit of just 18 remedies. the shelf-life of these remedies is for many many years, provided they are stored in a cool dark place, away from heat, sunlight and odours. the software works well on any windows or mac computer.

non-medical volunteers serving in hurricane, tsunami, flood relief camps etc. may find it very useful.

finally, I do pray that may no one or his/her near and dear ones ever meet an emergency or accident. may all be healthy, happy and safe.

March 2007 Jackeroo Joe - my 19year old nephew and his experience with the A and E kit.

Joe has been a Jackeroo on the De Grey station since February 05.He took with him the A and E kit and it has been in constant use since he left.

Cuts abrasions and burns successfully treated with the remedies as well as the Sage Calendula and Arnica topical products.

Concrete dust gets into the wounds and creates serious infection,easily treated without antibiotics or other medical intervention.

Bushfire in  the De Grey Station near Port Hedland October 2006

Joe had been left with the owner as everyone else was out in the bush.They lost a lot of country but the stock were OK.The kit came in handy for headaches, burns,Marigold (Calendula) cream for the burns,and from the kit Cantharis.He gave Arnica and Belladonna for the headaches people suffered after shock and smoke inhalation.

Cyclone George March 2007

On this occasion he was left in charge as the owners were attending a wedding in Perth! This is an extremely low dense depression with swirling winds at the centre (similar to a hurricane). It hit the Station in the morning  with high winds and heavy rain-600mls in 6 hours. After 7 pm it was too windy to go outside. Joe and 4 others huddled in the kitchen then moved to a smaller back room so they were out of the direct line of the wind. The building then started to leak profusely and doors and windows blew in. They took shelter in the cool room, a self contained sealed 6 cubic feet square amongst the hanging meat carcases and other food supplies-a neat fit for 5 people!Thereafter they stayed put all night shaking and holding hands - they thought they were going to die.

After it was all over they left the station and saw absolute devastation-a truck sized crane was sandblasted back to bare metal-the roof on homestead was missing, various buildings like dongers (prefabricated workers quarters for 4 people) were completely gone and another was wrapped around a big black 5000 gallons tank. Other buildings were squashed and other rooftops missing or damaged. Everywhere they looked was complete destruction. At this point having assessed the damage Joe gave everybody Arnica for the shock and trauma and emotional stress,and took the decision to get out as another cyclone - Jacob - was on its way-they heard this on the car radio and left promptly for Port Hedland with a bag and a swag each.(Australian sleeping bag made  of waterproof canvas with a mattress inside) Before leaving he rounded up the horses with 2 others and left them in a safe sealed paddock-ie the fence was still up!

Once they were in town safely, Joe was thanked by the others for taking charge and saving their lives.

Testimonials for Homeopathic treatment

Julia Herbert, mother of three children, now living and working in France

When my eldest daughter was a toddler of 2 she was diagnosed with chronic asthma and she also had patches of eczema. We had a lot of disturbed nights. She always seemed to be on antibiotics, which I loathed. She was unhappy, angry and distressed most of the time. Surgeons wanted to remove her tonsils and adenoids to help reduce the problem. I was very concerned as I felt this was an extreme measure for a tiny child and was not the cause of the problem, so I began looking for an alternative.

Then I met Kate. Kate started to treat my little girl and within a very short period her asthma was improved and her eczema was beginning to reduce. After a few months Samantha was sleeping properly and was eating properly her skin and asthma problems virtually gone and she became a much happier little girl and of course so were we. My eldest son had a frightening reaction to a vaccination when he was 30 months old, Kate talked to me over the telephone advising which were the correct remedies to administer and within a few minutes my son was sleeping peacefully in my arms, the trauma was passing. My youngest son contracted dysentery when he was 18 months old from some visitors staying with us. At the time we were unaware they had been ill. Once he had been officially diagnosed by the local health dept. Doctor, Kate continued to help me treat him and regain his strength without the use of massive doses of antibiotics and as Kate had treated him since conception he was already a strong child. This is just an example of how much I have been assisted by homeopathy and Kate. I could go on... Kate has taught me how to treat normal childhood ailments and administer first aid wherever possible using homeopathy and my children are always treated by Kate and by my administering homeopathy and by her kitchen cupboard remedies...

It was very easy to be in touch with Kate by telephone or letter to confirm I was using the correct treatments whenever I needed her... I continue to keep in touch with Kate by email now. I trust her and I have a deep and ongoing respect for her. Kate has helped me so much over the years and given me confidence to use homeopathy and the strength to believe in myself and my choices for my family.

Carole Butler, Triple certificate qualified nurse with 30 years experience Perth Western Australia

I have been using Homeopathic remedies since being introduced to them in 1991. My 2 year old daughter was crying/screaming every night and scratching/scraping her skin as though it was painful. My GP and Pediatrician told me there was nothing wrong and not to worry but I found it frustrating that nothing I did made a difference. I was introduced to Kate by chance and she took a history and gave remedies which had an immediate effect - my daughter slept that night through for the first time in months and slept through thereafter. I was impressed and began using Homeopathy from that point in time for all appropriate health issues even enabling us to avoid the use of antibiotics.

Testimonials for Arnica Montana products

Western Australia

Kerin, 51, Nurse
Fantastic. I had an injured shoulder, and after massaging in the Arnica rub, felt instant relief. It felt warm soothing, and penetrated deeply.

Hugh, 17
In hospital for spinal fusion for correction of severe scoliosis and spinal fusion. My side muscles and ligaments (to my spine) were very painful and tense. After being massaged with the Arnica rub I felt calm straight away and went to sleep.

Carole, 48, Nurse
I was really stressed with a frozen shoulder which was aggravated daily as a nurse working on a busy ward. After being massaged with the Arnica rub, I felt totally relaxed and as if I was healing. After 2 massages the shoulder was healed. I thought the lavender smelling overtone of the Arnica rub was beautiful.

Pat, 46, Kennel owner
I visited my sister with a bad tennis elbow and sore muscles in my whole arm. She massaged me firmly (she knows the Bowen technique as well as being trained as a masseuse) with the Arnica rub. I felt agony and ecstasy at the same time! This was followed by soothing instant relief, and it was much less painful.

Sonya, 32, Housewife
After a very stressful day in the school holidays (one of my children has ADHD) I was completely exhausted. I took a bath with the Arnica bath soak, and had the best nights' sleep I'd had for weeks. It makes the skin so soft.

I really like the Arnica cream as it is not oily and absorbs well, there are no reactions that you get with a lot of creams, and it feels likes it's soothing my whole system. I use it morning and evening.

Brian, 35, Mechanic with own car workshop
After a hard day with the workshop and heavy physical work, my back really plays me up. My wife massages the Arnica balm into my lower back and I instantly feel relief and relaxed.

Emma, 6
Her mother saw her running straight into a low sharp edged coffee table. She really howled with pain, and her mother thought there would be a huge bruise. She applied the Arnica balm and no bruise appeared, the child calming down immediately.

Claudette, 56
I wanted a face cream as well as a cream for bruises and blemishes, and the Arnica cream is beautiful. I smooth it on my face at night after my shower, and always immediately feel the benefit, sleeping very well.

Maxine, 56, Therapeutic Masseuse
I am a busy practitioner with my own business and I am very happy with the Arnica range of 6 products. I use them on my patients and they have all responded well to them saying that they produce a warm soothing healing sensation whilst being massaged, and they love the smell!

I have also given them as presents to my elderly parents who now won't be without them. My mother 86 recently fell and injured her shoulder tearing the ligaments in her right shoulder. There is permanent damage and she has been painful and stiff in the shoulder joint for the last month. Since using the Arnica cream she experiences pain relief and muscular relaxation and can now move and sleep better.

My father 87 has a very sore leg and foot following a fall and was incapacitated, walking slowly and painfully. He regularly uses the Arnica balm on his leg, rubbing it in thoroughly, is much more mobile and is in much less pain than before.

My daughter 35 was hit by a tennis ball at speed and had a huge bruise on her body. I massaged here with the Arnica rub and applied the Arnica cream. She experienced great relief immediately.

United Kingdom

Marianne, Homeopath, ex lawyer / banker
Today a top UK table tennis coach came to our house and when I asked how he was getting on with his remedies (I had given him Arnica 200 for various aches and pains) he reminded me that I had given him some arnica balm as well. He said "I used it on my back and on my feet and on my knees and it has cured everything".

He said he used to use "Movelat" a topical anti-inflammatory but he doesn't anymore because the arnica balm is "more effective".

Purdy, Mother of 3 children, London Art Gallery owner, Registered Homeopath
These products are fantastic. I particularly like the Arnica cream as it works like no other Arnica cream on the market.

Marianne, Mother of 1 toddler
I use the Arnica cream all the time for my daughter with excellent results. It stops the bruising and immediately calms her down when she has hurt herself. My father has just come back from Morocco where he had slipped on a hotel bathroom floor and badly bruised his ribs. I have just put some Arnica cream on. It is quickly absorbed and I love using a therapeutic cream that I know contains no synthetic ingredients. Its' wonderful smell testifies to this. There was pain relief from the Arnica cream, and I subsequently used the Arnica Poultice on the injury, heating it and bandaging it into place. The pain instantly improved and my father relaxed and was able to sleep.

Clare, 38, PR Homeopath House wife and mother
I took the Arnica collection with me skiing to our chalet in Courcheval France this season. Every night after really hard skiing there was a mad rush to use the bath soak and soap, followed by massaging in the cream or balm. Serious bruising we used the Poultice. Instant relief every time and they smell divine!

This review is through the Sunday Times UK weekend supplement, a highly thought of website which only recommends rigorously tested products.

A range of six exquisitely packaged products developed by renowned homeopath Kate Diamantopoulo specifically for dealing with stress and trauma, the uses for Arnica Montana products are almost unlimited. Easy to use, these high-quality products are completely safe for young or old - using Arnica to treat both the physical and emotional elements of shock, injury, or even fatigue. While Arnica is well-known as a topical remedy for bruising, you really should visit to see just how extensive the properties of this plant are in healing the body and mind.

Arnica Montana products look, feel, and smell gorgeous, are perfect for the whole family, and make ideal gifts. The Arnica balm along with a small vial of Arnica 30c is perfect for having on hand at all times, while the soap, bath soak, and poultice are just the thing for recovering after physical activity, a tiring day, or simply to treat yourself (followed by a rub down with the Arnica oil). The Arnica cream is a personal favourite of mine - used after a poultice face mask once a week, it is soothing, reviving, and brings out a real glow.

Megan May, Editor

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