Arnica Montana Newsletter - September 2003

Welcome to the September newsletter for Arnica Montana!

Another busy couple of months!

Since my return from the UK the website has been well used with people worldwide sending in queries and requests for help and advice. Several online consultations have successfully been completed – see Appointments and seminars section if you would like one!

More patients have registered with the Australian practice and at the request of the West Australian Homeopathic Association of which I am a committee member. I presented a prize of a year’s free membership to the Outstanding Homeopathic student at Jandakot College of Natural Therapies. It’s great to see Homeopathy being pursued so enthusiastically here in Australia.

I have also been to the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies to talk to new 1st year Homeopathic / Naturopathic combined course students about the importance of belonging to and supporting their Professional bodies.The Australian Homeopathic Association and the Australian Register of Homeopaths. To my surprise this talk was greeted with great interest and enthusiasm, with several students keen to attend voluntary clinics I do for street people in Perth. Severe pathology is often a feature at these clinics eg. white tailed spider bites which cause death of tissue surrounding the bite and eventual gangrene. Homeopathy is more than capable of addressing these problems .

I have now a webcam installed if an interactive consultation is required – though the rather jerky unflattering pictures of the participants leaves much to be desired in my opinion! For me the most effective tool is the return of the completed questionnaire which I can then analysed and respond to with further questions and elaboration of symptom picture if necessary from the patient

In 2 weeks I’m flying to the UK to attend the 25th UK International Conference for the Society of Homeopaths and will be manning a stand launching the Arnica Montana range of products and the CD-ROM for Accidents and Emergencies - a gestation of 5 years all told with the assistance of 3 other colleagues to whom I am most grateful, Sarah Richardson Rs Hom (UK) Liz Minichiello Artist Jo Bailey Producer.

I shall also be attending to my practices in Brighton Sussex and London, and giving a seminar about Homeopathy “down under” The last one was greeted with curiosity and great interest and I look forward to doing the sequel! I will be practising from the 6th to the 28th of October and enquiries and bookings can be made by phoning the practice on 01273 563 787.

The CD has attracted some good reviews and the Arnica Montana products continue to receive enthusiastic praise.

I am looking forward to the next season for polo and polo crosse as both men's and women's teams for WA will be doing a full trial as to their long term effectiveness.

New products

I have thought up some new products based on Sage –my original UK logo seen on the website-it is the original “salve”and is known as “the Healer” for infected wounds dry cracked skin etc and Calendula as a soothing nourishing cream for burns rashes and all that.

A great friend, Biochemist and Homeopath Patsy Stasikowski who lives up here in the Hills outside Perth did a head bang (I think other people call it a brain storm) with me one day on useful creams and ointments for these problems –we researched over 40 reputable tomes-pooled all our knowledge and experience and came up with the 4 new products –Sage cream, ointment, Calendula cream and ointment. All of these contain ingredients from Australia and are again made by Mother Earth Aromatherapy to my recipes in Fremantle with the purest natural ingredients we could find. They will be ready in time for me to take them to the UK Conference and I am really excited about them.

Last but not least I’ve just been asked today to run a workshop in Acute Prescribing at the Australian Homeopathic Associations’ Conference in Brisbane in May 2004. This will be a good opportunity to display the CD for Accidents and Emergencies and launch the other products at the same time.

I am so pleased that people are getting more tuned in to self help Homeopathically. It can only benefit the over worked Medicare system in Australia and hopefully help to reduce the costs for Health Care in ordinary families. It will certainly bring the mothers back into the driving seat for Health Care in their own homes. One of my missions is to turn Mothers back into the matriarchs they always used to be in matters domestic. They have been supplanted and hijacked by gangs of “experts” a very unhealthy state of affairs. Most people, and in particular, children, the elderly, and handicapped of whatever area, respond much better to treatment in their own homes with minimal medication and interference from outside.

I have offered to help the Autistic children's’ clinic locally and this suggestion has been well received. There are far too many children with ADHD Aspergers’and learning difficulties these days and many of these behavioral problems can be helped with common Homeopathic remedies used in the home.

Kind Regards

Kate Diamantopoulo