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Here in Australia the flu I have been talking about, still has a grip relapsing frequently in adults and children taking about 6 weeks to recover fully if treatment is not available. Where patients have used antibiotics in desperation to get over the ongoing chest infections pneumonia and pleurisy that have occurred, recovery has taken much longer. There is temporary relief with the drugs but unfortunately relapse and exhaustion appears to be the end result. Constitutional treatment should be given by a registered Homeopath and included in the remedies most helpful have been Tuberculinum Aviare - ie the remedy sourced from birds and Sepia - often not known as a treatment for neglected pneumonia.

Alongside these are the 'first aid' remedies which always help any respiratory complaint Arnica, Carbo Veg, Ant Tart and Hepar Sulph. Where there have been drenching sweats from the chest China Officinalis is essential for replacement of body fluids. Gelsemium still features as 'never been well since flu' and in my experience is an acute of Sepia. Both remedies have overwork and exhaustion in their pathology and complete lack of reaction in the immune response making it impossible to recover. Once over this phase I'd often be giving Sulphur to wake up the system.

As a nurse I find it extraordinary that patients do not take time to convalesce and really take care of themselves and their families in the recovery period. This is crucial to restore good health. Plenty of protein fresh fruit and vegetables are needed at main meal times and not just at the end of the day! Starting with a good breakfast and generous lunch. ie a combination of carbohydrates protein and fruit and vegetables.

Time off from work and school is essential for a good recovery - at least a week once the flu is over would really help, and in that time fresh air and sunshine to restore the system at least 1 hour a day outside with moderate exercise such as walking.

As people often nowadays have a low if not completely removed carbohydrate content, as well as low fat often bypassing the fibre by juicing everything and eating smoothies instead of proper whole food, the nutrients are often not absorbed into the body.

This is a real problem and needs to be addressed responsibly. I often have to explain to patients with several degrees what exactly protein/carbohydrates actually are - something else that helps is to change carbohydrate content at every meal for increased variety of nutrients as well as ease of digestion where they may be a gluten sensitivity.

I know this is all UBO (University of the Bleeding Obvious) as we know in the UK but sometimes the obvious really needs to be stated; life is at too fast a pace these days and often with a scary lack of regard for what really is important for good health.

Charitable Event

On October 31st Arnica Montana P/L attended a Soroptomist International Global Women's Day with a stand giving advice to attendees. It was held at the Maylands Sports and (Bowls) Recreation Club Perth. Funds raised were for the Birthing Clinic in Ubud Bali as well as local causes. I was delighted to support these causes as a former Nurse Midwife and Health Visitor from the UK as I'm very well aware of the need for education and support for all women in the community.

I have visited the clinic in Bali and left Childbirth kits and protocols there with Ibu Robin the midwife who initiated the clinic after the 2004 Tsunami. What a wonderful woman and a great centre for poorer families who cannot afford any form of medical care.

Arnica Montana P/L has always supported and donated to many charitable causes in the past 8 years.

See our page here

A recent update from Bumi Sehat

Celebrate creating it together. Today Ibu Robin becomes 54 year old!

54 - that's a Rosary of years, and half a 108 Mala!

She wishes for Health & Happiness for each and everyone of you.

She wishes for WORLD PEACE ~ and asks that we all help her and Bumi Sehat  create this peace together.

All over the world Midwives are building Peace ~ One Baby, one Mother, One  Family at a time.

For Ibu Robin's birthday gift, please donate to Bumi Sehat.

Our Bumi Sehat Bali website is being worked on. So the easy on-line way to  donate is via Sakthi Foundation's secure website:

Australian Homeopathic Association

Following a meeting of the West Australian branch of the Australian Homeopathic Association I find myself in the role of President as both the President and Secretary resigned at the last AGM held when I was still working in Europe. As Vice President for several years I am aware of the need for consolidation in our organization and will do my best to keep things alive. Tricky when I am 10,000 miles away twice a year working overseas. Still, thanks to modern technology; internet cafes and mobile phones communication is easily maintained and I do check emails twice a day wherever I am in the world and text messages are very convenient as they do not have to be answered immediately. We are looking forward to welcoming Jenni Tree at our next seminar in March 2011.In these days of global attacks on Homeopathy it is really important that we are accountable and available to respond to any queries from the general public and media.

The Australian Homeopathic Association's annual conference was held this month and well received; I wasn't able to attend due to prior commitments, but AM held a stand manned by my colleagues Nicole Moustakas and Jill Cubitt wearing their AM t-shirts giving out information and fielding queries from attendees.

Many thanks to them for their efforts. The same situation happens in the UK when I am over here; my main aim through both AM P/L Australia and AM Ltd UK is delegation to trusted colleagues in the care of our patients. In the UK Sharon Morris (00)61 (0)1273 552822 is my offsider; as she deals with any problems in my absence liasing with me as necessary for any supervision support or advice. I am next over in the UK from April 5th 2011.

In the end none of us is here for ever and knowledge really does have to be passed on.

Safe Breast Imaging

Safe Breast Imaging can assist you to monitor your breast health and may provide an early indication of breast disorders. This includes lumps, tenderness, fibrocystic changes, and glandular tissue, that may or may not show up on a mammogram.

Safe Breast Imaging uses non-invasive electrical impedance technology for breast health imaging. 

The small, comfortable MEM device measures the electrical properties of cells as it rests on the breast. 

The MEM maps the breast structure in multiple layers.  The MEM differentiates breast tissue type and highlights any area that may require further investigation.

 Safe Breast Imaging is not a replacement for a mammogram.

 Who chooses Safe Breast Imaging?

  1. Women who currently have no breast imaging at all.
  2. Women who want additional information regarding their breast health.

  Note:  Any breast screening procedure, including a mammogram, may not pick up every type of breast cancer, and does not diagnose breast cancer. Breast cancer can only be confirmed with a biopsy.

See website at:


Talking of which I am on Facebook as Kate Diamantopoulo and also under Arnica Montana. With the global attacks against alternative medicine, in particular Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine, and now reaching out to other areas such as Breast Tissue scanning, awareness education and patient empowerment are being strangled at birth by governments around the world.

Fortunately Facebook is not under their control and many worthy causes have found their way on to this network.

Great Entertainment this Month

The Kookaburra outdoor cinema is open again - we sit amongst the trees enjoying the often thought provoking films from round the world. If you get the chance go and see 'Le Concert' also known as 'The Concert' a heartfelt film around my favourite violin concerto Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D. It sends up just about every nationality but has the warmth and understanding that needs to go with that. The music is heard faintly throughout the film with its finale spectacularly performed at the end. I first saw it on the plane on my way back from UK in May and laughed (and cried) all the way through, and have been looking for it on DVD ever since-now it is available.

2 other films I saw locally were 'Made in Dagenham' with Bob Hoskins our loveable Cockney actor, and 'Wild Target' with Bill Nighy -both well worth the effort and on the surface seem unlikely to be as entertaining as they are.

I also saw a great performance of the above mentioned Tchaikovsky violin Concerto in D at Perth Concert Hall with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra - the soloist was a tiny unassuming violinist Feng Ning conducted by Alexander Lazerev. Feng Ning was the first student in the history of the Royal Academy of Music London to be awarded a perfect score in his final recital and was elected an Associate upon graduation. I'm not surprised; he was wonderful. In serendipity with 'The Concert' Alexander Lazerev was the Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Bolshoi Theatre at a time when the Bolshoi Opera undertook an unprecedented schedule of foreign tours.

The other good thing about these WASO performances is that if you turn up early you can have a really good dinner for only $21.00 Bargain, and I make sure I always do! Nothing like a full belly and good music.

Akapellamunda our local choir attended a Spring Song weekend at Dunsborough on the South West Tip of West Australia enjoying continual workshops and concerts performed by us all throughout.

There was lovely weather, good food, goodwill and affection and companionship between us all - again the big draw - music. As the song says 'I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.' It is such a joyful activity and really strengthens the lungs and respiratory tract - better than drugs and a lot more effective. People with lots of lung problems have a lot of gloom and baggage to get of their chests really. I haven't yet met a really happy patient with chest troubles!

Last but not least good wishes to my niece Christina Piasecka 17,who, instead of joining in with the 'Schoolies Week' a socalled 'rite of passage' for children leaving school where they mob the Gold Coast in Queensland and generally behave badly, is going to East Timor to contribute to village life in any way she can with a group of other well intentioned young people. We are all really proud of her.

To get you into the mood for Christmas now less than 4 weeks away, please take 5 minutes to view this video at You tube!

Christmas Food Court - Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!

You won't be disappointed.

Until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo
www. arnica. com. au

PS: 'This is the phone I really really want for Christmas - you can have my iphone back - it's too complicated'


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