Newsletter November 2009

Dear Reader,

Since the last newsletter things are moving on in the expo department for Arnica Montana.

We had a successful weekend at the Swan River Horse Trials 17/18 October which involved having a stand and chatting to people about Homeopathy. We also had a great time attending 2 Ladies Lunches: the first one we wore hats and garden party attire - the 2nd one the following day was the Stewards Lunch which involved having pre lunch drinks at the Water Jump where unfortunately we saw an eventer having a bad fall.

Both horse and rider went a real purler over a huge log but eventually got up and limped away. Arnica Montana donated the cd rom and kit for A and E as well as 2 bottles of Arnica rub for massaging away all the pain and bruising both suffered. The rider was delighted.

We saw Sonja Johnson our WA horse eventer winning the dressage on Ringwould Jaguar, her Olympic mount; what a beautiful horse and how skilled are they! Sonja has made it her business to let everyone know how helpful she finds Homeopathy for herself and her horses. She is now heading for the World Equestrian Games next to be held in Kentucky.

We will be attending the Langley Park Perth Polo competition on the 12th December. We will be on the Telstra line backing on to Terrace Rd facing the polo.

Last time we attended this event, the Captain of the WA team fell off his horse onto his head onto the barrier in front of me. We all thought he had broken his neck as he was carted off on a stretcher to the local hospital. On that occasion I sent him remedies and products.  On his discharge from hospital Angus sent a very appreciative letter saying that once he had started using them recovery followed very quickly despite having the best attention possible in hospital, he had not been feeling much better. In modern medicine there is really no treatment for injuries other than pain killers; once they wear off the patient is in just as much pain and discomfort. Once Homeopathy is used it is an entirely different story and the patient experiences rapid relief from the shock trauma and pain.

This event will be followed by the Arab Health expo in Dubai from 25 - 28th January 2010. I have joined the Arab Australia Chamber of Commerce in order to further contacts once we get there. Preparations are well under way with our range of 10 topical products the A and E cd rom and kit already sent to the Chief Vet for the Racing Camels in Abu Dhabi for testing. As Homeopathy treats all creatures great and small it will be interesting to see if he has any use for them with his camels - they have been in his care for the last 22 years.

Most people are not aware that Australia has the biggest camel population in the world. They were brought in by ship in the 19th century when railways and roads were being developed for haulage use. Once they were no longer needed they were left to run around in the desert – most of Australia is desert - and carry on breeding freely. Now there are too many and regarded as a pest. They came originally from Afghanistan and the terrain is the same. The breeding of camels for the Sheikhs in UAE is mostly carried out in the Northern Territory of West Australia.

We have put together 3 posters for our stand, a generic one with the Arnica Sage and Calendula creams; 1 featuring a very good looking Dubai family with 2 children to encourage families to use our stuff; and another of a very supercilious looking camel with that famous yacht type hotel in the background to raise awareness re treatment of animals over there.

I must say never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of treating camels - there aren't many in Brighton UK. Life has a way of suddenly turning in unexpected directions when we least expect it. This time my daughter Rosie will be helping me – she has been brought up on Homeopathy and has a great working knowledge of its use, often helping family friends and acquaintances with her kits. I am really grateful to her for this support. As she has a lot of experience in promotional and marketing work I'm sure it will be a really good event. My niece Sian also lives in Dubai so we will be taking the opportunity of catching up with her as well. Her working life is in Afghanistan - very brave - so we don't often see her!

Life goes on with more and more people getting fed up with the constant pressure over the swine flu situation - we have updated the website continually over this issue. At last quite a lot of doctors themselves are speaking out about the freedom of choice that should exist and is gradually being eroded by pressure from governments all round the world; they themselves being pressurized by the Pharmaceutical companies. The carrot of course being money. What a disgrace. However it can only be a good thing that there is open discussion everywhere. It is high time the public was more enlightened and responsible for their own health and kept themselves informed of such important issues. We only have nanny states because we deserve them.

Over here in West Australia summer is a cumin in - still cloudy and a few bits of rain in this neck of the woods, but very welcome warmth and sunshine most days!

All the best until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo

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