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What a year!

First of all, please note that I will be in the UK teaching and practising from 1-18th December and around in UK for Christmas and New Year for the first time in 7 years.

My time in Australia has been very hard work and very rewarding, but it is now time to take it a lot easier as I am 60 this month. I have now been working and looking after my patients in all sorts of capacities, since I was 18 when I started out as a student nurse at Guys Hospital, London. It has been a happy working life and has frequently forced me to take a long look about what life is all about, what is really important, and what my role is in it.

In the end my conclusion is that it is about love, and helping one’s fellow man along the way. Most of all living one day at a time and having the strength to live it well.

News from Australia.

After a long protracted battle with the Immigration Department in Perth West Australia, involving too many obstacles for no better reason than bureaucracy gone mad, I have finally obtained another 4 year Business Owner/Manager visa which entitles me to carry on and consolidate what I have started.

Arnica Montana P/L Australia is thriving and our website now achieving 50% more hits for information. Also the shopping cart was streamlined for ease of use and as a result, orders through the cart have increased significantly. Further, the vaccine page and ongoing awareness raising about that is well sought out by those visiting our site.

The internet consultations and orders for products are now much more frequent as people have come to understand that this is a trustworthy efficient service. More importantly that they can, and should, help themselves a lot more, especially in the current economic climate where the worldwide Financial Services Industry has shown itself for what it really is – greedy grasping unscrupulous and completely ruthless in exploiting of the world’s resources and population with no regard for the consequences. We on the other hand are not blameless. Until, and only when, we take more responsibility for our own lives and decisions, will things improve.

A wonderful outcome for Arnica Montana P/L was the Silver medal gained by the Australian Equestrian team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Arnica Montana sponsored the Australian Equestrian team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics through Sonja Johnson the horse eventer we have sponsored for the last 4 years with our topical product range and cdrom and A and E kit for Accidents and Emergencies-her ‘witches kit’. She competed so successfully that she went from 23rd to 13th position in her event, putting them in line for the silver medal.

I’m sure you will be interested to know that she was in touch with me 3 days before competing at the Hong Kong Jockey club. Her wonderful horse Jaguar had a hoof abscess not responding to orthodox treatment bringing into question their ability to compete at all. I advised her to use Arnica 200 Silica 200 and a few days later he was well with the above result. At the same time he had also strained his shoulders and Sonja and colleagues had used several bottles of our Arnica rub getting that right.

The function of Homeopathy is to support and strengthen the immune response whatever the problem, and how very effective it has proven to be at the World’s most prestigious sporting event, especially in a patient not able to believe (or care) as to whether it works or not!

After making the effort to attend the Austrade expo in December South China last year, I am pleased that it has had good knock on effects. I sent the Hong Kong Jockey club a complete set of our products and of course the A&E kit/cdrom, and was in correspondence with the Chief Veterinarian and his staff afterwards. They were delighted to know they could use them on the horses as well as the jockeys, and once Sonja had arrived, spoke to her about the effectiveness of Homeopathy. As there are several British vets working at HKJC there is an awareness of Homeopathy; an Australian colleague of mine is treating some of the jockeys, so all grist to the mill of keeping it alive and well in China.

3 days to visit Bumi Sehat

In January 2008 I made a visit to Bali for 3 days to visit Bumi Sehat a charity for poor mothers and babies run by midwife Robin Lim since the Tsunami hit Indonesia in 2005.In Ubud is a busy efficient center run by Robin and her team of midwives mostly from USA –at the time I visited I left Arnica Montana products kits and cdroms as well as some protocols in place for the use of Homeopathy in obstetric emergencies. As an experienced former midwife trained at St Thomas’ Hospital London, I am well aware of how close are life and death-never more so than in pregnancy and delivery, and also of the lifesaving consequences of using Homeopathy at these times. After I left, I had an email from Robin about a baby’s life saved after giving Bryonia as I had advised for the patient lying motionless like a corpse. He lived and is very well. As this is the remedy which saved my sons life from a respiratory and cardiac arrest at 15 months, and sent me on my path to becoming a Homeopath 28 years ago this was deeply satisfying. Nothing is more precious to us than our babies-whatever age they are!

We have a new section of the website about Bumi Sehat.

An unexpected result of using Business Visitor’s visas to get my passport stamped for entry into Australia is that I got deported at Perth airport on 23rd May with a 3 year ban on reentry! I was appalled as I had already lodged a new visa application (and paid the $3000 for the dubious privilege)in April, had written to the Immigration department about my late departure-due to me fulfilling voluntary work obligations representing West Australia on the National Council for the Australian Homeopathic Association in Adelaide, and had it acknowledged  with no warning that this might be a problem. The customs officer’s attitude was belligerent, disbelieving and unhelpful. I discovered once I got to the UK that the Australian Federal Police went to my house to check that I had actually left that day following this incident at the airport at 4am!

Australia has yet to discover that Osama lives in my shed.

After recovering from the jet lag I approached the Australian High Commission in London to request a waiver to this unreasonable decision with the backup of the Perth Business Skills Immigration department. They contacted AHC directly in support of my application for this visa with no objection to me returning to Australia to wait for the decision about my new Business Owner Manager visa.

The rudeness, arrogance, and downright bloody minded attitude of all the staff at the AHC London beggars belief. Apart from a complete lack of common courtesy, I was accused directly of wanting to work illegally in Australia, be an illegal resident in Australia, and take advantage of Australia’s perceived wonderful country and its benefits.

As a philanthropist I have so far spent in excess of 1 million dollars in raising the awareness and profile of Homeopathy for the education and empowerment of the Australasian population, and not paid myself for 6 years. Everything being ploughed back into Arnica Montana P/L. I willingly did this as it has done such wonderful things for my own family, and subsequently many others in the 30 years I have been using this system of medicine. This will continue as there is so much more to be done and I don’t feel I have finished here yet!

However, from all this I wish to state here my grateful thanks and appreciation to Stuart Jones in the Perth Immigration office for his commonsense and advice, and ultimately his backup, in finally getting this next 4 year visa.

Also Mary Farrelly Manager in the Perth Business Skills department who has been very helpful and supportive, and Elizabeth Rossi in the Perth Small Business Corporation Department. These people have been professional, polite, and considerate, and most importantly of all, have done their best to be fair in their assessment of an unnecessarily tortuous process so loved by government departments in helping me to get this latest business visa.

Australia’s bureaucracy knocks the EU and Yes Minister into a cocked hat.

George Orwell eat your heart out.

On the bright side there is no doubt now that all these departments are now very well aware of Homeopathy!

Homeopathy in the UK

As usual I made 2 visits to the UK delayed because of my visa problems-in May and now in December. These are always packed with seeing many patients as well as family friends and colleagues, and great fun is the order of the day. I don’t see any difference between my patients and myself as a practitioner -we all have different jobs to do and are all equals in the sight of God.

A UK patient age 2 came under my radar in Australia, Harris MacEwan living in Scotland but on holiday in Perth. He had a ‘failure to thrive’ problem and was not developing well with poor weight gain, not reaching his milestones in physical activities and was behind with speech, using signing to be understood. He looked like a sick undersized 6 month old baby. He also had a terrible hacking cough exhausting him, and was generally very unwell. I offered to help him voluntarily and took him and his mum home with me after our choir practice where he had been an enthusiastic part of the audience! It was a heavy miasmatic case with many remedies needing prescribing on a daily weekly and monthly basis. Within a couple of weeks he had put on kilograms and his development was progressing well. As a former UK Health Visitor, I am experienced in child development and nutrition, and this is one of the worst cases of Failure to Thrive I have seen. Thank God for Homeopathy.

He and his mother returned to Scotland after 8 weeks and went for a routine appointment with his Paediatric Consultant at St John’s Hospital. The consultant did a double take as she did not recognise Harris-he looked so well and had put on several kilograms. I sent a copy of my prescriptions to her and to David Reilly Consultant Homeopathic Physician at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, and they are now all in touch with each other for the benefit of Harris.

In June 2008 Harris and his parents drove down from Scotland so I could see Harris’ progress, and to our joy I saw him take his first steps in my office in Hove. As they stayed for the weekend I was able to see just how much he had progressed. I continue to prescribe for him always sending copies of my notes and prescriptions to these 2 Hospitals who now liaise with each other, as well as with community therapy clinics so now everyone is aware of everyone else's input. The Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital is happy to provide any remedies Harris needs free of charge.

For the record Harris has a family history riddled with much pathology (which we as Homeopaths recognise as miasmatic weaknesses) and he is regularly getting the miasmatic nosodes Syphilinum Tuberculinum Medorrhhinum and Psorinum as well as common remedies.

Some remedies are daily, some weekly, and some monthly.

In the end it appears that despite these, the side effects of too many vaccinations before the age of 6 months compounded by the MMR later on have seriously compromised his development. As we know, Dr. Andrew Walker is still slowly being burned at the stake in the UK law courts for his stand on the side effects of the MMR vaccine to the detriment of children’s health-see vaccination page link- I am convinced that the 20th and 21st centuries will one day be recognised for their well intentioned, but arrogant and dismissive attitude to the parents and professionals who constantly experience these detrimental effects on the children in their care.

Please check the Australian vaccination network in Australia under the auspices of Living Wisdom previously known as Informed Choice magazine for information, and website (What Doctors don’t tell you)for reliable information about this. It is no coincidence that the rate of ADHD Autism Spectrum children is now about 1 in 70,000.

Even Oprah Whinfrey has publicised the vaccination dilemma after pressure from parents in the USA and has information on her website from reliable sources. What I think is truly scandalous and unacceptable is that in many countries children can be taken into care if their parents choose not to vaccinate, can be refused entry into childcare and schools, and are relentlessly bullied into vaccinating their own children even where there has been serious damage to other members of the same family caused by vaccination.

See link

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of Arnica Montana P/L will always be to spread the awareness and profile of Homeopathy in particular between the 2 hemispheres and amongst other medical disciplines for the benefit of the patient.

Everyone concerned is united in their desire to help Harris and other children with difficulties. I must here recommend the essential reading from my hero Dr James Compton Burnett who with my heroine Dr Dorothy Shepherd who dedicated their lives to helping their patients-in particular their young child patients. They had the humility to constantly keep trying to help in cases that no one else would deal with, and often on a voluntary basis. Compton Burnett was the King’s Physician practising from the Royal Homeopathic Hospital in London, and also lived and worked in Brighton and Hove East Sussex, my home town in the UK; his booklets are all well worth reading in particular ‘Delicate backward puny and stunted children’ Dorothy Shepherd’s ‘Difficult Children’ and ‘More difficult children’ are seminal works based on years of experience in practice and are so easy to read. Neither doctor was caught up in their own importance, always keeping the patient at the center of their lives.

Socially I am now looking forward to an entertaining Christmas and New Year! Not much time for socialising this year with all the forced entries into and out of Australia! We do have a change of Government here and in the USA with what look like more sensible people in charge - here’s hoping.

Can’t be worse than the last lot surely?

A very Happy Christmas to you all, and a prosperous New Year.

Kate Diamantopoulo

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