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Dear Reader,

I left for UK and France on 13th August returning on October 4th.It was hard work this time with family issues and problems in my home in France-However everyone has these problems and the only way to go about it is 1 step at a time-as Lao Tsu said a long time ago 'each 1000 mile journey begins with the first step-'or something like that! After that it is in God's hands once we have done everything to help ourselves.

First off was a 3 day trip to London to see family there; very upsetting as another member of my family has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

What I want to say about this is that there is always hope. My mother had this illness but it was greatly modified in its severity by the use of Homeopathic Constitutional treatment and by her using her own first aid remedies in the house as indicated. She ended up living until 80 in good overall health and was very pleased about this as noone else in her family had lived that long. I obtained remedies made out of her orthodox prescriptions eg Ldopa Madopar etc in the 30th dilution and she took these alongside her prescription drugs from the outset.

Sadly these drugs had caused the hallucinations characteristic of Parkinson's disease from the outset of diagnosis. She had seen my then 11 year old son coming in and out of her wardrobe but had enough commonsense to know this could not be true and said so. My father was outraged as he did not do illness –he was an accountant and management consultant working at high government levels as well as for companies like Shell in an administrative capacity. He rang me up and told me to come and sort it out, not impressed by the developments in mum's behaviour.

From then on I treated mum constitutionally every 3-4 months or so for the next 10 years; she outlived my father, living with a brother in the family home and carried on for years with very few problems. Whenever she wanted to she would phone me (I kept a phone especially for her on my work desk at home where I have always worked) and say succinctly what the symptoms were, and I would advise accordingly-often symptoms were treated with ordinary first aid remedies as indicated, and she got pretty good at doing that herself after a few years.

She loved the Galen pharmacy in Dorset in the UK with their prompt friendly no questions asked service, small brown glass bottles, and huge horse pills that they have been using for years. She would decide what remedies she needed to order, and developed a great friendship with them on the phone. It always helps to be in control of your own personal life and I am a great believer in this positive aspect of Homeopathy. Waiting for approval or permission from a perceived authority whether it be a doctor or other professional is deeply disempowering and detrimental to health in whatever area of life this may occur.

When she eventually went into a rest home next door to another brother she took everything with her and carried on prescribing for herself very well; of course with my back up. I visited her every week for an afternoon. the rest of the family going in every day at some point and it was all very well organized and supportive. We played hardline Scrabble for years on these Wednesday afternoons, initially going out for drives until she started to have the sudden dropping falls which can characterize the end stages of Parkinsons.

She did not lose any of her her mental faculties, was observant and sharp as ever for the rest of her life, and was always an entertaining and intelligent conversationalist. I miss her a lot; not many people are so intelligent and worldly without being of the world as she was. She did get very fed up with not being able to get out and walk which she had done regularly all her life on foot and on her bike for hours at a time in the countryside. At the local library she read all the books there in the first year at the rest home, and they had to order in books from other libraries for her. Reading sustained her and BBC Radio 3 and 4

The discussion and classical music programmes served her well when her eyesight was deteriorating and was of course worse when she was tired. We should all live well until we die-every day could be our last; it is not about what we can't do –it's about what we can do; and as she used to say 'Carry on regardless' nowadays known as 'Keep calm and carry on' which I'm pleased to say my eldest daughter keeps as a poster up on a wall in her houseboat. It's in the blood.


Syphilinum very helpful as time went on and many symptoms of this remedy came to light. She was under the care of the neurologists as all Parkinson's patients would be; they were surprised at how well she did with her illness. I wasn't; nor was mum. She felt the benefits of the remedies very fast when they were indicated. Characteristic were symptoms of lightening pains in the head at night and an inability to sleep during the night.

Mercurius Solubilis helpful in the dribbling which started to occur at night and in the tremor of her hands-these symptoms were much modified by these remedies to the point where they were no longer a problem.

Gelsemium very useful when the patient is tired and has to lie down all the time with the effort of keeping going; particularly when falling becomes a problem. Of course the Parkinson's patient is aware that their body is locking up and becoming gradually paralysed and this can be very frightening and daunting.

Sepia very useful as the chronic of Gelsemium –patient is OK if they keep going but very irritable and ratty with the effort of keeping going. As with all Sepia patients there is a dragging sensation somewhere-mum had one leg which dragged more than the other and would refer to life becoming a drag-a phrase often used by Sepia patients-it's all too hard to keep going. If they would only allow themselves to rest between 3 and 5 or 4 and 6pm they would have so much more energy. However the Sepia patient does not like giving in as they know tiredness could overwhelm them, and in any case they feel better for exercise. Once they understand this situation and use the remedy they are always surprised at how much better is their general wellbeing. Another phrase they use is 'I really can't be bothered' with whatever it is-clothes to wear meal choices etc.,

Conium was helpful when her legs felt heavy and she could not walk far without feeling as if she was carrying lead weights on her feet. Even in her older life mum was getting hot flushes-probably due to a very strong constitution enhanced by her mother giving all her children Sulphur tablets to keep their systems clean at a time when public hygiene was not all it should have been. Homeopathic Sulphur really helped when these flushes were a problem and also helped her to stop feeling so claustrophobic especially when she felt she could not get out freely.

Arnica and China These 2 common first aid remedies really helped on a daily basis-she always slept better after them and her haemoglobin levels remained manageable. Arnica is a deeply Syphilitic remedy and really assists in maintaining an equable attitude in the patient-after all it is really hard to have an active alert mind in a stubbornly uncooperative body. It reduced the mental trauma she would have experienced, and because of its facility for rebalancing the emotional mental spiritual and physical bodies inherent in the human organism, really assisted in managing her situation. One she found totally unacceptable in the beginning.

The China patient can be very moody and irascible; also constructing air castles to cope with the unpleasant realities of life-it supports the spleen and the blood levels –remember it is a specific first aid remedy in malaria where the patient feels very ill. Later on in her illness mum had bleeding into the tissues of her arms and China maintained the healing of these.

When she died she was on a trolley in a local hospital waiting for a bed-my brother was called in to be with her for admission. On arrival she said "Am I dying?' He replied 'Yes mum you are' She squeezed his hand and died peacefully. As I have said before –a good death is as important as a good life. Earlier that day I had given her Arsenicum Album as she was confused and disorientated – the first time she had ever been like this, and was to me, as an experienced nurse, obviously at the end of her life. It had calmed her down and she was at ease when I left her that evening.

I owe much to Homeopathy; in particular for the help it has given many members of my extensive family.

Following this visit seeing many of my nieces and nephews and the latest baby in the family-there have been 3 in the last year all healthy and strong, I went off to my home in France for a month to relax completely in glorious countryside and sunshine. There is no stimulus whatsoever; my biggest contribution to entertainment being a small boom box with cd player and French radio and my French is pretty minimal. It's Franglais really and I get by especially if I smile as well.

My home is in the middle of France with strictly no facilities in the village except a small Boulangerie where I can get baguettes, croissants, pain chocolat, milk, butter for a few hours every morning. The only noise is the tractors going past my front door early morning and back again around 7pm.Everybody waves and shouts 'Ca Va?' (How goes it) to which the reply is 'Ca Va!' Anyway, that's what I do and it seems well received. English from my French neighbours is also minimal-on asking Francois who keeps an eye on my house when I'm not there, responded when I asked him the time 'ten past 'alf'. You can work that one out!

Unfortunately I discovered there were holes in the roof caused by some tiles falling from the chimney stack, and the weather had been its usual inhospitable self over the winter-goes to -20 (at least) every year, and rain had leaked down and caused a ceiling to partially collapse covered in mould and cracks

Another drama but thankfully covered by insurance and a very helpful next door neighbour who was willing to do the work before the winter set in again.

I go into the local town about 20 minutes away for shopping and the internet at our lovely modern Bibliotheque housed in a mediaeval building with state of the art computers to keep up with patients contacting me by email, following that with a swim in local pool which opens all its sliding doors and roof to the sunshine; so I am swimming around looking at beautiful countryside with cows and the occasional horse wandering around in the outside field with everyone else chatting away in rapid French to which I am oblivious.Often followed by a coffee and cognac outside the Café du Sport where everybody sits outside as it's right in the sunshine line. It's the centre for gambling on the horses and it seems everything else, and there is a constant stream of Frenchmen rushing outside for their Gauloises between bets-they are not pleased about this development in society.

Back to UK for 3 weeks work–as always great to see family and friends and patch everyone up again. As usual some nasty cancer cases. One a bone marrow cancer where the patient had not allowed me to treat him during the orthodox treatment; and the other patient with a severe throat cancer which was treated alongside the orthodox treatment, who had done much better in terms of resilience and recovery.

It is always so important that where orthodox treatment is given, Homeopathic constitutional treatment is administered, It makes so much difference to the survival rate for the patients, never mind the quality of life, and can only enhance the immune response which then protects the patient from the well known deleterious side effects of modern medication.

As in Australia, there are patients there who I have never met and have treated over the phone for many years, now also with the help of email-they all also have their own kits and do very well for themselves and their families.

Back in Australia and into the groove with lovely Spring weather and my garden for once looking much less brown and crispy, and filled with roses, plumbago, bougainvillea, lavender and rosemary, and mobbed with so many different birds thanks to quite a bit of rain in the last few months. There were pairs of parrots drinking the nectar out of the huge blossoms on my Powton tree-whose scent filled the garden. I didn't know they did that-I'm just used to them stealing my chips down at Mundaring Weir Hotel when I go there for my 'child portion' fish and chips on a Friday. These portions are certainly big enough to fill the average truck driver for the day and a real bargain at $10.00 Australian television is in a class of its own-after a few days I get used to innumerable ads interspersed with the occasional programme. I was much relieved to find that yes, Ben Cousins, our aberrant footy player in WA is alive and well and still top of the news-this time for his reformed behaviour. As a judge myself for the X Factor and shows of this ilk all glamour glitz and over the top enthusiasm, I find myself thoroughly entertained and of course in the UK watch similar shows, but as Graham Norton recently described our version "Britain's run out of Talent" We are just too diffident for all this excitement over there. But somehow its as enjoyable in its equally naïve way.

The government has recently announced that we have another whooping cough epidemic -shock horror-and that this is because the vaccination uptake is lacking. Strangely in the same announcement we discovered that even those with vaccination up to date were just as ill as those who weren't.

I've been elected as President of WA AHA (West Australian branch of Australian Homeopathic Association) and now busy reestablishing voluntary Aboriginal clinics and Barefoot Doctor workshops –also an ongoing monthly clinic for disadvantaged people in the centre of Perth. Please click here to read my President's report for the WA AHA AGM October 15th 2011.

Here's where they are:

  • Champion Centre Armadale Perth Weekly Tuesday morning clinic for mothers and babies.
  • Langford Aboriginal Association Imber Place monthly community clinic Thursday mornings. First Thursday of the month.
  • Langford Aboriginal Association Barefoot Doctor workshops every Thursday evening 6-8pm
    Running from 3rd November -15th December inclusive
  • Lutheran church community centre Northbridge Perth. Monthly clinic for disadvantaged of all ages.
    Last Thursday of the month.

All these were set up by myself after extensive meetings with authorities and workers concerned. I attend and supervise any other practitioners and students attending-all are welcome. Experience is sorely needed after a qualification is obtained and these voluntary clinics are full of interesting pathological cases in all age groups.

When I'm overseas we are all in touch by email and I will check any prescriptions that are about to be sent out to patients. This system works well regardless of where I am in the world. Well that's it for now – looking forward to all the next 6 months holds. Plenty of singing in the 2 choirs I belong to and swimming regularly which all helps to keep the lungs in good order.

Until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo

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