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Dear Reader,

Well - I returned from the UK on 5th October and find good weather - in fact they've hardly had any rain or cold weather since I left on August 14th. Temperature between early 20's and 29 - very easy to live with!

Great to be back in warm sunshine and in the pool moving my still gammy knee around much more easily than pounding Brighton's hills and uneven streets, much as I have a great affection for them! Most knee problems take at least 3 months rest and taking it very gradually whether you have surgery or not, and I'm still taking Arnica Bryonia Rhus Tox and Ruta most days as well as using my Arnica balm.

Talking of which since the Brighton Marathon in April this year there has been an increased demand for it in Brighton, people using it will never run without it again - the usual story once people have experienced its effectiveness training before a marathon and of course during it.

The flu I wrote about last time got people by the throat here as well as in the UK despite good weather with wipeout being the after effect for about 6 weeks following the initial symptoms. What I find most useful post flu long term are Arnica Carbo Veg and Gelsemium every day which seems to pick most up off the floor pretty quickly, also Sepia. As Sepia is a chronic version of Gelsemium - a liver support remedy, and deals with unresolved pneumonia, it is a pretty good allround choice post flu.

Facebook now being everyone's diary has also been interesting for me - an old student from the College of Homeopathy London contacted me from Colombo Sri Lanka the other day. I was delighted to hear from him as I did voluntary work in Hikkaduwa after the Tsunami a few years ago. He's now dealing with lots of cases of Dengue fever and as we in Australia are not that far away from Sri Lanka I thought I would give my thoughts on it. Cases of this are on the rise here.

Dengue Fever

It bears a striking similarity to the latest flu already mentioned.

Also known as Breakbone fever. Carried by mosquito sting. Incubation period is 5 - 8 days. In some cases 2 - 18 days.


Headache, stiffness, backache, lack of appetite, weakness, chilliness - a rash may appear 6 - 12 hours after infection and before fever.

Usually onset is sudden - quick rise in temperature, flushed face, severe pains in muscles and joints. - as though bones were being broken, intense pain in forehead and behind the eyes, backache and chilliness. The fever can persist for 5 - 6 days.

The lymph glands can become swollen. Occasionally enlargement of the spleen. Spleen is situated under the ribs on the left side of the body - the liver on the right side. A rash often appears between 3 - 5 days appearing on torso first - raised red patches - then spreading to limbs and chest.

The majority of cases resolve spontaneously with few deaths occurring.

Looking at these symptoms

  1. Sudden onset of high temperature with flushed face - Aconite and Belladonna Gelsemium
  2. Severe pain in muscles and joints - as though bones were being broken - Eupatorium Perfoliatum - Ruta Graveolens - Bryonia - Gelsemium Arnica
  3. Intense pain in forehead and behind eyes - Bryonia Spigelia Gelsemium Glonoine
  4. Backache and chilliness - Aconite Gelsemium Ruta Graveolens Rhus Tox Carbo Veg
  5. Swollen lymph glands - Tuberculinum (Eupatorium Perfoliatum is related to the tubercular miasm) - this should be given by a registered Homeopathic Practitioner - TB affects the lungs glands and bones - Silica
  6. Enlargement of the spleen - China Officinalis
  7. Raised red rash - Rhus Tox Sulphur Urtica Urens

You can see by this list that this is possible to treat Homeopathically.

I always strongly recommend to all my patients to keep a Helios Basics +;Travellers; or First Aid kit as most of these remedies are included.

As we know Homeopathy treats by symptom picture not diagnosis, but diagnosis often terrifies people, and they do not realize that many of these symptoms could be treated by themselves perfectly safely and effectively.

By all means attend the GP or Hospital but always see what you can do yourself by careful observation of the symptom picture. In my practice here in West Australia the UK and world wide, patients email or text me - one of the great boons of efficient communications these days. It is so easy to get the advice of an experienced practitioner and it is a service I do not charge for.

As I said in my last newsletter - if the remedy picture changes rapidly, change your remedy accordingly. If several remedies appear at once give what is indicated - the vital force is more than capable of taking up what it needs in the way of assistance and dispensing with the rest safely.

I find the best way is to put the remedies in water and allow the patient to take regular sips.

Where there is no relief the patient needs to be further examined for any change in the symptom picture and if a change of remedy is needed give it. If the doctor needs to be called then call him - common sense should dictate this in any case.

Of course increase in fluids and observation of the urinary output should be observed and noted and a light diet as the illness progresses.

By the way, there are no orthodox antiviral agents available to my knowledge.

Homeopathy is a benign system of healing - it cannot interfere with orthodox medication and if that is being given as well, don't worry. If you wish to inform your doctor of what you are doing please do so - it is not a hanging offence to help yourself to the best of your ability.

FREE ‘WHAT IS HOMEOPATHY?' PRESENTATION (in PDF) - by Nicole Moustakas Arnica Montana's first apprentice, and her view of Homeopathy.


UCL anti-homeopathy debate 25th Oct - be there if you can!

UCL Debate - This House Would Stop Funding Homeopathy on the NHS

Another event which looking at the title is designed to gain publicity for the anti - homeopathy scientism lobby- be there if you can to vote for the good guys, and let's get a better outcome for everybody's sake. Let's stand up and shout for homeopathy!

"Monday Night Debates allow the UCL student body to witness politicians, journalists, academics and others debate topical issues. You also get the chance to question the debaters and offer your own opinions. These take place every Monday in term time and the next will be the 25th of October 2010. UCL Pharmacology Professor David Colquhoun confirmed as proposition speaker with UCL reader in experimental psychopharmacology Dr Clare Stanford in opposition.

"Every Monday at 7pm we host debates that cover a range of topical and controversial issues where expert speakers such as MPs and diplomats come to argue their side of the case before the audience gets a chance to question them, speak themselves and vote. Due to room booking at UCL the venue often changes and we shall keep you updated on this the moment we know where we shall be based. What doesn't change is the time and the day, Monday at 7pm. There is always free wine and other refreshments available and afterward we head to the pub often with an MP or two in tow to continue the debate in a less formal setting!"

Where: Haldane room, University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
Nearest Tube: Warren Street, Goodge Street, Euston Square
Time: 7 - 9pm
Date: Monday 25th October
Cost: Free

Here is the latest offering on YouTube from my son Tom Diamantopoulo's band Eighties Matchbox B - Line Disaster - SO LONGThey are currently on the road in the UK belting out their psycho punk rock - Hope you enjoy it! (You may need to lower the sound)

If you are a fan of the cult flim 'Sean of the Dead' you will hear their music - 'Mr Mental' where the normal people are driving to get away from the zombies. Incidentally the band were auditioned to play the zombies for the film but weren't good enough. They continue to get royalties from the film though.

Such are the results of a Rudolf Steiner education up to the age of 11, followed by an orthodox Catholic school in their secondary years, with a lot of music education thrown in from Suzuki violin lessons aged 2 - 12, youth choir 7 - 14 piano 7 - 14. Tom is a self taught drummer since then, also plays cello guitar, and song writing as well.

New Tour Dates

Oct 21 - Guildhall - Gloucester
Oct 22 - The Ritz - Manchester
Oct 23 - Live Lounge - Durham
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Oct 27 - The Fleece - Bristol
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Until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo
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