Newsletter October 2009

Dear Reader,

Back from UK and Europe and looking forward to summer starting here in West Australia.

Overseas was very hot, pity about the economic climate. However England looked wonderful with green and pleasant scenery everywhere. Despite the problems the countryside looked cared for and lush as did France when I eventually got home for a much needed break.

I found everybody very upbeat and being typically British about the financial problems - the shops were full with bargain hunters and browsers – always look on the bright side of life! and there were plenty of bargains to be had!

The Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia is now off my back with the Retraction notice off the website now adjusted as requested and in a different format, easier to operate than before thanks to my web designer in Perth.

Practice in UK busy as ever and spent some time looking into being a Sponsor for the Brighton Marathon which takes place next April 18th with everybody legging it the 60 miles from London to Brighton. Must be mad all that pounding along main roads with thousands of other sweating exhausted runners. We already have had for years the London to Brighton Old Crocks race, as it sounds with the old motor cars expiring along the way, and the London to Brighton cyclists race - where a lot of people fall off, some fatally, and shout abuse at each other and generally say they have had a good time when they eventually pass the finishing line on the seafront. With or without the ambulance and paramedics.

Thousands more line the roadsides and traffic is at an all time stop of course.

As Arnica Montana Pty Ltd Australia and Arnica Montana Ltd UK have a history of sponsoring and educating sports people in Homeopathy this will be another event we will be involved in. Brighton, East Sussex my home town in the UK on the South coast is a very popular city known to most of us as London by the sea.

I'm looking forward to running a stand and providing massage and reflexology services for the runners with our Arnica Sage and Calendula products. There will be  many bumps bruises cuts and grazes to be treated.

In Australia Arnica Montana is a Gold Sponsor for the Swan River Horse Trials being held on the weekend of the 17th and 18th October (see website, where Sonja Johnson, our only West Australian member of the Australian Equestrian Beijing Olympic team, will be riding as well as the rest of West Australia at all levels. It will be an exciting entertaining weekend and Arnica Montana will have an opportunity to educate the general public about Homeopathy and our products. Sonja is a devotee of Homeopathy having first come across it in Germany at the 2004 World Equestrian Games using Heel products for her injuries finding them very effective. Yes they are combination remedies and very effective indeed having been used in Europe for many years.

Last year when I was in the UK in July I had an urgent request from Sonja about her horse Jaguar not recovering from a split hoof caused by a hoof abcess. She has always had the 10 topical products and the A and E Homeopathic kit and takes them everywhere with her. Here is her recent quote from the News Section on the Perth Horse Trials website:  

"Arnica Montana assists in Aussie success"

Kate Diamantopoulo, Arnica Montana recalls Sonja Johnson contacting her just before leaving for Hong Kong and the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Jag (Ringwould Jaguar) had developed a hoof abscess which was not responding fast enough to orthodox treatment.

Sonja tells us "My vet flew to Melbourne twice and opened up the abscess. Meanwhile I was busy using arnica and anything else Kate could recommend to speed up recovery.” And the rest as they say is history - Sonja and Jag went on to compete and be an active part of the silver medal winning Australian team.

Kate owns and runs the business Arnica Montana, named after a herb, which is known for its mind and body healing properties. Arnica Montana has been harvested for centuries in Europe and North America. The product range includes creams, balms, soaks and soaps and is used successfully on both humans and animals."

The swine flu in theory has been reported to have reached epidemic proportions – one of the things that I wish to warn about is the use of masks - anyone trained properly knows that masks last about half an hour before becoming so saturated with moisture from breathing in a confined space that they turn into carriers for bacteria and viruses thus causing more of a problem than they could ever prevent.

It is actually safer not to wear a mask unless you are prepared to change it every half hour maximum and then dispose safely of the others in a sealed non porous bag-most people do not have these on their person.

Another interesting fact was reported in 'The Homeopath' Journal for the Society of Homeopaths UK in an article about the 1918 flu which as we know killed many thousands. All the doctors contributing to this article without exception warned against using Aspirin or other orthodox drugs-their opinions based on observation of many of their patients who did take these drugs did not survive and were much more susceptible to having the most severe form of flu, often fatally. These were all  doctors who were experienced in the use of Homeopathic remedies. Patients treated entirely with Homeopathy fared the best. Copies of this article 'Homeopathy in influenza 1918'. A chorus of fifty in harmony. A compendium of reports from homeopathic physicians across North America' can be obtained from the Society of Homeopaths

Remedies extensively prescribed by the doctors quoted in the 1918 flu were the same ones we use today - Homeopathy does not change - Gelsemium, Bryonia, Apis, Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Aconite, Rhus Tox, Veratrum Viride, Ferrum Phos, Belladonna, Sticta Pulmonaria, Mercurius, Natrum Muriaticum, Kali Muriaticum.

Of these the most often used were Gelsemium Bryonia and Rhus Tox. The remedy chosen depends entirely on the symptom picture presented by the patient.

Homeopathic remedies can be used while waiting for medical aid to arrive and may safely be used alongside orthodox treatment - their function is to boost the immune response

I went down with flu as I flew into Perth from the UK - 35 degrees down to 2 - and started sneezing violently. It progressed rapidly giving me pneumonia and serious wheezing for several weeks of mattress surfing. Of course I used my Homeopathic remedies as well as lots of fluids vitamins and thyme inhalations at the same time as foot baths buried in a huge bath towel. This always makes a lot of difference to my respiratory system and I always breathe and sleep very well afterwards.

Thyme Inhalations and/or Baths

2 - 3 teaspoons dried thyme infuse in jug of boiling water and inhale. Same for footbath only make sure you strain the thyme out as you pour it into your washing up bowl after 5 minutes infusing. Make sure you test the temperature before immersing your feet!

Other household remedies are to cut an onion in half and leave it by the side of the bed-and with another onion cut up into small pieces and cover it with honey - manuka (or sugar if none available ) is best but any will do as a trip to the shops will not be a good idea – allow juices of onion and honey to infuse and keep taking the mixture minus the onion regularly. Breaks the hardest of coughs, and this one is a pig believe me. Hard loud and very painful preventing sleep.

Last but not least the famous old whiskey toddy really helps before bed. Good tot of whiskey tablespoon of honey cinnamon cloves ginger allspice lemon juice stirred in boiling water will really help.

I'm much better now and firing after a couple of weeks and back to swimming 20 lengths x 2 a week minimum - always a good idea to keep up the swimming and singing to give good lung capacity and stamina. I sing in 2 choirs a week as well as practise in the steamy hot shower and that really helps me get back on track with any chest problems.

Returning to UK on 31st March 2010!

All the best until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo

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