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First the best news for a long time. The Health Minister for the UK Government has confirmed that Homeopathy will remain a part of the National Health Service for the foreseeable future despite many attempts by the socalled 'scientific community' to get rid of it over the last few years. As it was introduced by law in 1948 the year I was born I am particularly honoured to be able to practise Homeopathy.

It’s Official! British Government backs NHS Homeopathy

Remember the date: 26th July, 2010

Today will be remembered as a red letter day in the history of British homeopathy.

In a landmark decision today, the Government emphatically backed the people’s right to NHS homeopathy.

A low quality, biased and deeply flawed report, signed by a small handful of MPs constituting the Science and Technology Committee (S&TCo) had sought to thwart the will of those GPs wanting to send patients for NHS homeopathy by calling for the removal of funding of NHS homeopathy. NHS-funded homeopathy has existed since several homeopathic hospitals were invited to become part of the NHS at its formation in 1948. Even the BMA showed its disdain for a sizeable minority of doctors and patients when it called for a ban on NHS homeopathy at its annual conference last month.

In particular, the Society is glad to see the Government place the emphasis on Primary Care Trusts to choose whether to provide homeopathy on the NHS, taking account of local need. The Society supports patients’ right to choose homeopathy as a treatment option.

Zofia Dymitr, Society Chairwoman said: "We fully endorse the government’s statement "The Department of Health wholly supports the concept of the informed patient. The Society is aware of patient demand for homeopathy, and respects patients’ capacity to make informed choices about their healthcare."

Society of Homeopaths registered members (RSHoms) meet robust education and registration standards and agree to practice in accordance with the Society’s Code of Ethics. The Society would like to see more patients having access to homeopathy on the NHS, and can provide the evidence that homeopathy is an effective and cost effective treatment option.

The Society also welcomes the report’s acknowledgement of the long tradition homeopathy has enjoyed in Europe, and that this Government, in line with EU policy, does not wish to constrain consumer choice, or to regulate homeopathic medicines at UK level.

The Society of Homeopaths - Established in 1978, The Society of Homeopaths is the largest body of professional homeopaths in the UK. Our Registered Members (RSHoms) are qualified, registered and fully insured and have agreed to practise in accordance with our Code of Ethics & Practice.

For more information or to set up an interview with Chair of the Board of Directors, Zofia Dymitr please contact Pamela Stevens at The Society of Homeopaths on 0845 450 6611 or

Kate has been a Registered Member of the SOH since 1987; has been a Board member for 3 years and also an Assessor for the SOH for qualified Homeopaths wishing to enter the Register.

To see research evidence for homeopathy:

To see the full government response:

As always, I believe it is better to be vilified than ignored - eventually people are forced to confront issues otherwise swept under the carpet and make a stand one way or the other. For those of us in practice and using Homeopathy on a regular basis it has been a really difficult time, but even so it simply reinforces how committed we are to keeping Homeopathy alive and well for our patients despite destructive intense personal attacks on our intentions and integrity. I wonder how many - if any - other disciplines have been subjected to deliberate attempts to destroy their work as well as their professional and personal reputations. It takes nerves of steel but at least we are living by our principles.

'The physician's only mission is to heal the sick' I will never shut up and put up in these circumstances. Over 28 years I have been privileged to see at first hand how much Homeopathy has done initially for my family and friends and for all my patients over all this time. I would not have 30 year old son now if it wasn't for Homeopathy.

Please note that I will be practising in UK from Monday 13th September. Contact number UK for appointments to Sharon Morris 01273 552822


Since last month I have treated several children with 'global development delay' or with damage to their brains, without a doubt caused by early vaccination. It's no good saying that it is a coincidence that these children have these problems. As an experienced Health Visitor trained in child development in the UK responsible for visiting all families within a general practitioners' catchment area and also working as a Health Visitor running child health clinics for years, I know what I am talking about.

First off the blocks was a 4 and a half year old boy with some autistic symptoms - ie living in his own world, walking on tiptoes some of the time. He did have good eye contact, could communicate and obey instructions when not too distracted by his own activities. He looked, and was, very tired and looked stressed and pale. His parents had moved from Africa to the UK for safety reasons where he had his first vaccinations. Immediately he developed a high pitched cry - an unearthly sound known as 'cri cerebrale' ie a cerebral cry known to be caused by brain damage. Sadly the nurse administering the injection did not recognize this - Why? Because she was trained in a classroom with not enough real experience under supervision as a trainee nurse - the story the world over. In the rush to get 'recognition' as a nurse, degrees are seen as the only way to be 'recognised' as a professional in the pseudo academic world we now live in - to our cost and to the detriment of the children and of course the future world population.

From then on this child received vaccinations as a routine throughout his childhood eventually being diagnosed with being on the autism /global development delay' spectrum. What a pity, and how appalling that what used to be a respected vocational profession is now only measured by academic scores. 'Placements' in these trainings is not the same as carrying responsibility for patients within an experienced and knowledgeable team, constantly evaluated, tested and examined while working in the hospital's wards and its departments.

Since his first appointment this child has been significantly better in energy, aptitude, general health, sleep patterns and resistance to the repeated colds and infections he had previously.

The next child was 9 months old with development stopping at 4 months directly after his 2nd multiple vaccination at 4 months. He has also had many seizures; at one time 50 in one day. He is on an antiepilepsy drug which stops the fits but also causes loss of speech development - crucial in the first year of life. He can just about roll over - very slowly - on the floor and has a vacant look on his face. Anyone with any knowledge of 9 month old children knows that they should be able to sit alone - looking at everything with interest - holding and examining things - babbling - often crawling at speed and showing an interest in pulling to stand. What is so sad here is that noone would admit anything was wrong for far too long. A real danger is that parents keep vaccinating these children on the advice of their doctor compounding the problem. This mother has decided she is definitely not going to continue off her own bat. She is a registered nurse and midwife.

Another child of 3 years also on the autistic spectrum showed signs of delay at around 18 months/2 years soon after the MMR vaccination - he is now in his own world but does have eye contact. He has the same haunted look so many of these children have - is lacking in confidence in unfamiliar places and speech is confined to repeating some words. His mother is on the verge of a nervous breakdown as she cannot manage him.

One of the problems here is that parents can't cope - spend their time rushing about to all sorts of clinics and professional appointments, usually to no avail, in promoting the development of these children. The children feel this pressure and become highly stressed making their behaviour more unmanageable. Effectively they become the scapegoat for the family's stress. Families often break up under this level of stress even further compounding the problems.

The most recent incident was at my 12 year old nephew's school where 2 of the boys in his class fell off their chairs following their swine flu vaccines, going first white and then green and spasming on the floor. The attending nurses removed them from the room and then carried on vaccinating the rest of the class.

If this had happened in the past the clinic would have been stopped for the day - the children medically examined, and the batch numbers of the vaccines noted and reports sent out to the Medical Officer of Health for the district. As far as I know no such action was taken. Over here in West Australia you don't even have to sign a consent form for vaccinations. Actually this is a certifiable offence and the medical authority as well as the company making the injected material could be sued.

It is worth noting that elsewhere in the world UK USA India and many European countries this has successfully been done where damage has been caused. Vaccinations or any other injections are an assault on the human body and should always be consented to by the signature of parent or guardian on behalf of a child before anything can be given.

We had another Australian Vaccination Network meeting on 20th July again in the Alexandra Library in Perth - well attended and received. This time the emphasis was on the Gardasil/Cervical Cancer vaccination. I have been aware since the outset of this vaccine that there have been deaths and serious side effects round the world since its introduction. It was a good sound meeting with responsibly edited information.

Since the last meeting, founders of the AVN have been sent many poison pen letters phone calls and direct threats about their homes being fired.

And here we are in an 'educated' Western country. Fancy wanting information about medical treatments that you are allowing to be put into your child's body - that really is a crime worthy of the death sentence.

Historically speaking many mothers and fathers over the years have refused vaccination for their children - particularly those living on farms and in rural areas. They have seen or heard at first hand the effects of these on livestock and the vets are now (and have always) reported the side effects of many such treatments and their side effects.

Stunning interviews on homeopathy

Cell biologist and medical school professor Bruce Lipton gives 3 short interviews on his thoughts on homeopathic medicine on youtube. He understands the scinece, magic, and mystery of water molecules in the empowering of homeopathy.

Some good bits!

This month I was delighted to be back in touch with Sonja Johnson our Olympic silver medalist from Beijing, now shortlisted for the World Equestrian Games, and her latest testimonial - it's all true - all our sports people don't go anywhere to compete without the Arnica Montana products, they find them invaluable.

Testimonial - Sonja Johnson


As I sit here preparing for the forthcoming World Equestrian Games in Kentucky I am busy going through the travel box of "THINGS I MUST HAVE" and realize that my supplies of Arnica Montana are really rather too low.

How as Jag and I keep getting older can I possibly go to a major championship without my Arnica tablets should either of us get a knock, My arnica cream to rub into those sore muscles. My Arnica soap. The natural cleanser and exfoliate in one that is even in a great tin to travel and of course my Arnica Bath soak to really relax and ease the aches away.

Thanks Kate for keeping on making these great Australian products to help keep Champions like Jag and his offsider (me) on the road to the top!


Sonja Johnson at the 2008 Bejing Olympics  Sonja Johnson at the 2008 Bejing Olympics
Sonja Johnson at the 2008 Bejing Olympics

Music means a lot to me and gives an added dimension to my life so I sing in 2 choirs - our local acapella choir 'Akapellamunda' with a great selection of world music contributing to music at local musical festivals and events. Last weekend the big black cockatoos spent the afternoon hurling gumnuts from the eucalyptus trees outside the hall onto the tin roof in time to the music. We could hardly hear ourselves sing - it was like being in a rifle range.

I also sing at St Joseph's RC Church Subiaco Perth with the 'Schola Cantorum' where we sing the liturgy, often with Gregorian chant and classical music, for the Mass and other religious ceremonies. Last weekend's Mass included Handel's Thanks be to Thee" and 'Veni Amor' - Cherubini - It was heartfelt, devotionally sung and inspirational.

I've been able to attend several WASO concerts - the West Australian Symphony Orchestra concerts in Perth as they do very reasonable offers from time to time. I was able to go to their Parisian evening sung by Sumi Jo and Roberto Abate a local tenor just about to go to Wales in September for further training - what a great concert that was. Standing ovations. Roberto sings with the Schola Cantorum when needed, and he really does have a beautiful voice - we all wish him the very best in his future career.

This week I was privileged to attend the Resurrection by Mahler - the stage was packed out with a full orchestra and choir and it was a great performance on all sides. The conductor was Paul Daniels from the UK previously conductor of many European orchestras including English National Opera. Another standing ovation.

On a lighter note I attended a concert by the Perth Male Voice Choir in the local school which was charming and musical, and yes they sang that hot favourite of the Welsh Male Voice Choir, Cym Rhondda, which many of us know and love so well. I was a bit taken aback as their MC looked sounded and behaved exactly like Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story films!

On the plane coming back this time I saw Bran Nue Dae an aboriginal inspired film, first a stage production in Australia - it was refreshing, innocent, and good fun - I saw it again in a local hall for free as it was part of NAIDOC week which supports the indigenous in Australia, and enjoyed it very much the second time - if you get a chance see it - it's a gentle exposure of the prejudices from both sides of the fence and the finale is very funny with a crack at the Catholics who were first off the boats to start the mission schools all over Australia. As a traditional Catholic myself I thought it was very well observed with rather a lot of grains of truth in it. I attended it with my 14 year old nephew who roared with laughter - he attends a local Catholic boarding and day school with a very broadminded approach - he performed in a hilarious version of 'The Producers' the other year which didn't hold back on the realities of this world.

I don't know if the exhibition about Pompeii has hit the UK yet, but in any case, another event well worth attending - this time I attended it with my 17 year old niece at the Perth Museum and we were both gripped by the introductory 7 minute 3D film of the eruption - The exhibition itself was well done; it was very moving to see the plaster casts of the bodies caught in the volcanic ash. The artefacts themselves are really fascinating and clearly demonstrated how life was carried out in those days.

That's it for this month - as always some good, some bad - life!

Ps Don't forget your 3D specs for Shrek

Until next time

Kate Diamantopoulo

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