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This time from Australia where things are really hotting up in the controversy over the immunization schedule currently 'recommending' 65 vaccinations to be given by the time the children are 1 year old. This total does not include the arbitrary doses of swine flu vaccination given recently. These caused 25 children a day to be admitted to the local  Princess Margaret children's Hospital in Perth with very high fevers unresponsive to orthodox medication and including at least 1 child dying and another with untreatable brain damage.

This was widely reported in Australia after a nurse working at PMH raised the alarm with the Australian Vaccination Network who contacted the media. For once integrity was demonstrated, prompt action was taken and the public finally became aware of the risks involved in giving this vaccine.

In my own practice the parent coming for an appointment prior to a family holiday in Bali with her 1 year old child, first visited her GP. He advised she gave the flu vaccine and the child is now severely brain damaged. So much for a family holiday. This information was given to me by another patient whose family were close friends.

Actually the most disgraceful thing is that any parent wishing to opt out of these 'schedules' has to sign a 'conscientious objection' form from Centrelink - aka Social Security in the UK - in order for the child to be able to attend nursery or school; however this is no guarantee that they will be able to be admitted, and parents often cave in as they cannot obtain places.

Any of us old enough to be aware of historical context will remember that 'conscientious objection' was originally a way of avoiding being in the forces in the Great War of 1914 - 1918. Persons not sympathetic to the war effort were presented with white feathers as a sign of cowardice and disloyalty to their country. They were known as 'Conscies' despised and shunned in society. What's next? Will the culprits be also tarred and feathered as any traitor has been for centuries in times of nationalistic fervour, enthusiastically encouraged by the meja? Yes I do know how to spell media but have nothing but contempt for their brainless uneducated point of view - an embarrassment to true journalism which checks facts first and presents an objective view of current affairs.

I've given up trying to find out 'news' in Australia as it so biased and unintelligent and listen to the BBC World Service at night. It did not used to be this way here. My cousin now 86, born and bred Australian (my family has been here since 1846 when they left Ireland's potato famine going to London, Canada and Australia) had a refreshing point of view when back in 2003 I asked her what was going on here in the press and TV. She said 'What do you expect? The place is run by Packer and Murdoch!  i.e. no integrity – just money.

When I told her of my recent problems with the Immigration Department as a Business Immigrant she said 'Be grateful your name is not Haneef!' (Refer to

Australians need to stand up and be counted as they used to - always known and respected in the past for their integrity resilience and common sense. One of my Morrissey great uncles fought at Gallipoli - my 2 grandfathers in the trenches of World War 1 - we know what it has been to fight for freedom of speech and choice - we need to reclaim something so valuable as this.

What happened to freedom of speech and choice in a so called democracy? This smacks of a Police State. This situation existed in the UK around 30 years ago where families were struck off a doctor's list if they did not consent to vaccination - doctors were paid per capita for vaccinations and were expected to have a very high uptake rate before their fees were paid. However parents were eventually allowed (due to their own lobbying) to find another doctor who would take them on - the Area Health Authorities were forced by public pressure to advise parents of doctors who were sympathetic to their wishes.

As a former Health Visitor in the UK for many years prior to retraining for 4 years and becoming a Homeopath I have seen too many children adversely affected by vaccinations. Not all children are strong enough to deal with the many toxic substances injected into their systems bypassing the normal protective mechanisms the human body has in place to protect the immune response from an overwhelming invasion of pathogens and adjuvants contained in the vaccine.

As a result I have seen many children who should have been really healthy and resilient undermined in their health with persistent colds, coughs, ear infections, glue ear, tonsillitis, and the development of chronic diseases for no real reason given the standards of hygiene and care in their homes. I was shocked coming from a hospital background to working in the community with all families with children under 5 to see how often this occurred after a vaccination. This was of course labeled a 'coincidence' and the mother dismissed by the medical staff as oversensitive or over imaginative.

We as medical workers have an absolute duty of care to do just that - parents and particularly mothers should be taken seriously and not dismissed out of hand. In the end observation is all as any well trained nurse will know. We ignore these observations at our peril - the lives of children are so precious and irreplaceable.

In 1976 I and all other Health Visitors received a memo from the Area Health Authority concerning the Whooping Cough component in the triple vaccine in those days given at around 3 - 4 months of age. It stated that it could cause brain damage in some children. It also stated that we as Health Visitors were not to tell our clients and to continue to promote the vaccine and obtain the parents' signature in order to proceed with the schedule.

This deeply offended me from a moral point of view and I confronted the then District Community Physician, Dr Price - herself a mother of several children. I was dismissed and warned that I could lose my job. As an underhand way of forcing me to accept this edict I had even more contempt for the AHA and stated that I would continue to inform anybody I spoke to about this subject from that day onwards. That was 33 years ago and I am still doing it. Time moved on and the MMR vaccine was introduced. A month after it was released articles appeared in the British Medical Journal regarding the surprising appearance of mumps meningitis after the administration of this vaccine. At the same time concern was raised by Barbara Loe Fisher and Dana Ullman in the USA regarding the brain damage being caused in young children and the appearance of the autism spectrum. By this time I had seen several children in my Homeopathic practice in the UK whose parents reported these difficulties starting after vaccination. I contacted the Chief Paediatrician at Great Ormond St Hospital London about this and stated my experience with the Area Health Authority for South London (Wimbledon) where I had practiced as a Health Visitor 10 years earlier. His reply was that in his experience the Polio element of the vaccine also caused brain damage as well as the whooping cough content. As Great Ormond St Hospital is next door to the Royal Homeopathic Hospital they liaised with each other and shared care of the child patients. I admire his honesty and integrity.

There are many medically trained professionals who have observed this phenomena and who are not blindly prejudiced in favour of vaccination who have also blown the whistle. Dr Andrew Wakefield in the UK has now been struck off the medical register after 8 years of trials. Fortunately he is now so well known and respected that he is currently touring the UK talking about these issues and raising awareness about parent's responsibilities towards their children regardless of self proclaimed experts in their medical treatment.

In the end the buck stops with the parents - we have nowhere to go if our children are injured and look after them for the rest of their lives with extreme stress and difficulty. The medical experts and the pharmaceutical companies will be nowhere to be seen.

On June 1st I attended the AVN information meeting concerning the immunisation schedule in Australia. It was held in the Alexandra Library Perth with approximately 300 people attending. The transcripts handed out are reproduced below ( see both links by Judy Wilyman) a mature science teacher who decided to do a PHD at the local Murdoch university. The evidence she has so far produced is incontrovertible and exposes corporate greed and government lack of responsibility at its worst. The Chief Librarian was pressurised to cancel the meeting by the Health Department but refused saying that the Library was a place of information and should be allowed to be used as such. I respect her enormously for this.

Read here Response to Misinformation by Judy Wilyman, PhD Researcher, Murdoch University

Read here Evidence for the Health Department's Immunisation Policies (Judy Wilyman)

After the meeting I was invited to speak about alternatives to vaccination as an experienced Homeopath and was mobbed. This is a subject I taught for many years at the College of Homeopathy from 1987 until I left for Australia in 2002. My view is that regular constitutional Homeopathic treatment from birth is the best way-nosodes made out of the diseases may also be used when appropriate ie Pertussin (whooping cough) when there is a whooping cough outbreak is current and children are being exposed to it.

Going back to WA - a note from Meryl Dorey of AVN

I am planning another trip to WA in July and expect the same sort of  opposition we had last time (with the same result - more publicity for  the  AVN and more parents curious about the other side of the  vaccination debate) but regardless of the ravings of those who oppose free choice  and  freedom of information, the AVN WILL get their message across to  those  parents who want to know more than what their doctors or the  government  will tell them. If you are in WA and would be interested  in knowing more,  please send an email to and  we will  give you advance notice of this event.

Vaccines Scam Disaster - More Than A Pinprick click here to read more!

Regarding theoretical experts in medical care we now have a situation in Perth whereby a patient died in severe pain with cancer after being treated nutritionally and homeopathically for her condition. Any actual evidence of her suffering was dismissed as 'negativity' by herself her husband and the Homeopath.

The Western Australian references to this story - click here or for all stories, click here.

Well I don't know about you but this is simply unacceptable. In the Organon of Medicine the bible of Homeopathy the first aphorism says 'The physicians only mission is to heal the sick'. This was not healing but extreme neglect fuelled by arrogance and greed – the quote from the West Australian is as follows:

'Prominent Perth Toxicologist Peter Dingle and his wife Penelope asked a friend for forgiveness moments after telling how they and their Homeopath had made a pact to write a book that would make their alternative cancer cure famous, an inquest was told yesterday.'

Further down in the article was this information:

'She (Penelope Dingle) seemed to have complete faith that the Homeopath would take care of the situation'

The WA Homeopathy Association President responsed to the Dingle case here.

My comment here is how many Homeopaths have actually looked after really sick people and really understood that theirs is not the only treatment in caring for their patients? As an experienced Nurse Midwife and Health Visitor for 18 years in the UK NHS prior to retraining as a Homeopath in the UK, I am very well aware of these issues and practicalities. I lectured about these aspects of professionalism at the College of Homeopathy based in Regents Park London UK for 16 years prior to coming out to Australia.

I am the West Australian Assessor for Homeopaths wishing to register with the Australian Register of Homeopaths and am insistent in upholding these standards with all candidates. I have also nursed my own father with inoperable cancer until he died after which I laid him out. He was greatly assisted by Homeopathic remedies and died peacefully at home in my care. Just before he died he thanked me for all I had done and stated firmly that he wanted no further treatment of any kind and he accepted his end. He was smiling in his death. A good death is as important as a good life and it is the last honourable thing we can do for those in our care.

His Homeopathic treatment was acknowledged in his hospital records at The Royal Surrey Hospital Guildford Surrey UK. All of those concerned in his care respected the fact that he as the patient was the most important concern and all was being done for his benefit.

Ego, pride, arrogance, and self aggrandisement has no place in the care of the sick. Humility and respect for their suffering is of paramount importance.

There's a phrase the kids use about this: 'It's not all about you'

Until next time

Kate Diamantopoulo

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