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Dear Reader,

In recovery from business trip to UK –going from 30 hot and sunny – 9 degrees cold wet inhospitable was a challenge but the warm welcome from family friends and patients always makes it so worthwhile!

Within 3 days I was seeing around 50+ patients over 3 weeks and am delighted to say several are now in their 90's in robust good health-all their marbles, and still very mobile despite serious complaints such as Addison's disease-rheumatoid and osteoarthritis- heart pathology- blindness –all of them still getting on and off buses with the help of sticks and the kindness of strangers as well as their own families.

They all have good energy and sleep, enjoy life and contribute greatly to their family and community life. One of the problems today being lack of respect for the elderly and their accumulated life experience and wisdom is defeated by mature adults such as these. One of them is actually now 95,still lives alone, and is treated by her prescriptions being put in her kettle by her daughter-she is so fiercely independent, was an experienced GP in the past, and she resists all 'interference'. It is noticeable when she loses interest and energy and there is immediate improvement when treated.

It is very difficult in the UK for everybody-there is really very little work available and many ordinary people are feeling the pinch-however the blitz mentality is much in evidence, as is the British sense of humour and understatement, thank goodness. I'm always impressed by how people with obvious disability manage to get about their business and make the best of it especially in adverse conditions.

I wasn't there for the Jubilee celebrations as I was flying back on the 31 May but there was a palpable sense of anticipation and pride everywhere with enthusiasm for celebrations to come; whatever is thought of the monarchy, affection and loyalty for Queen Elizabeth is strong and sincere even with those in support of a republic-it is well understood how much of a rock she has been for so long.

After all, her family has gone through all the aberrant behaviours of the younger generations experienced by most of us in our own families clearly showing her disapproval, but also family loyalty.

I loved it that the UK X factor show awarded the first place to a dog and laughed my head off-only in Britain!

Homeopathy is reaching ever new lows in underhand tactics to destroy it, the latest being the resurrection of the 1968 Medicines Act where all Homeopathic remedies were supposed to be licensed. In context there were very few if any lay Homeopaths in those days though Homeopathy was embedded in the National Health Service from 1948 and used in the 5 Homeopathic hospitals throughout the UK.60 remedies were licensed at the time. This has now been resurrected by the anti Homeopathy brigade through the MRHA and there is a concerted joint response by all Homeopathic bodies in the UK against this.

For further information about it see .

A rally is planned for 4th July at 4pm outside Parliament to make our presence felt.

Needless to say this proposed edict is causing wide spread panic amongst patients and practitioners. The idea being put about is that we are all practising illegally if we are using unlicensed medicines. What arrogant nonsense. Soon after I came to Australia in 2002 the EU passed a law stating that anyone earning a living in the UK as a Homeopath had every right to practise anywhere in Europe, where for years doctors themselves operated restrictive practices preventing lay Homeopaths from working in their countries. Another witch hunt based on false premises and scaremongering.. I mentioned this state of affairs to all my patients who just laughed and said nothing would or could stop them attending for their appointments or using their own remedies and kits-they know it works and will continue to exercise their freedom of choice and speech. As we all know the law is an ass.

I have something to say about this.

GET A GRIP. Any of us who is sincere in our desire to assist our fellow man is not at risk. We have to stand firm and keep going. There is no need to worry, Nothing stops my patients world wide contacting me when they need help, and yes, I have always made a modest living out of it. From a legal point of view if we have any knowledge which can help people in the event of severe illness, we have a duty of care to use it for the patient's benefit.

As the British Homeopaths have always spoken up and defended themselves whenever these political journalistic spins have occurred, appearing on TV, in the press, on the radio; the general public are well aware of the role Homeopathy plays in many peoples' lives, and in any case trial by bureaucracy is in itself illegal. Restrictive Practice is also illegal.

The most annoying thing of all is having proved to their own satisfaction that there is no physical matter in Homeopathic medicines, we can be had up for using, what? Precisely nothing.

The emperor is definitely not wearing any clothes.

The World Cup Football/Soccer 2012 'My Time Is Now'

There is currently an ad on all televisions around the world by Nike featuring their football and all the famous world footballers (Rooney Rinaldo Beckham to name the few that I recognize), rampaging around on and off the pitch on and off dining tables etc which features my son Tom Diamantopoulos' music 'Chicken' He wrote it years ago for his band the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. All 3 minutes of it if you can stand it.

When I last looked there were over 15 million views on YouTube with links to all his other hits. Should you be interested they also have their own section on Wikipedia and on the EMBD website.

He wrote most of their music and is now living in Dublin recording his own album at the RTE studios (BBC equivalent in Southern Ireland) He's interviewed on by Rob Ling Drummer regarding his life as a musician and artist.

He has been Homeopathically treated by me with his twin and older sister throughout his life and had a Rudolf Steiner education until he was 11 starting in our home.

I've said it before and say it again-Tom's life was saved from a respiratory and cardiac arrest at 15 months in the bath-by BRYONIA. After CPR for over 20 minutes I gave up-held him in my arms and prayed asking God for help. I was told in my head to give him Bryonia. I did not know if I had it – or what it was for -ran down to the kitchen 3 floors downstairs, put my hand in my medicine box, and without being able to see in as it was high up and Tom was hanging over my right arm weighing around 26lbs,and pulled out a tube of Bryonia I didn't know I had. I had been collecting bits and pieces of all sorts of medicine to help my 3 children who were not receptive to vaccines antibiotics or any other orthodox medicine. I gave it to him and he came straight back-as if he had never been away. I was also told in my head to train to do this and then teach everybody else-that was 32 years ago.

I will never stop using or practising or teaching Homeopathy and thank God for it every day of my life.

In Australia

Back to- yes-the same weather I was experiencing in the UK –deep joy-lighting the fire every day and hugging hotwater bottles at night. We have been lucky in Perth up to now but looks like we are in for a long winter.

A word of warning regarding being in hospital in Australia-this week we were told on national news that 100 patients were thought to have died from malnutrition and dehydration in a Melbourne hospital due to not being able to open their prepared plastic packs of water and meals.

The nurses were not allowed to help them open the packets as it contravened 'hygiene regulations.' Give me strength! This is what happens when nurses' training is taken over by administrators bureaucrats and academics. No common sense and definitely no sense of professional responsibility for the most basic of human needs.

My own mother went through this at the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford UK a few years ago. I arrived for a visit one evening and she asked me to get her a prawn sandwich from the shop downstairs. She hadn't been helped to reach her food at the end of the bed on the trolley; she was too weak to reach it and there were no nurses answering bells-they were at the ward desk doing paperwork. An auxiliary came in while she was eating her sandwich and ticked her off for not eating her meal. I spoke up about the lack of nursing care and then was ticked off myself by the ward sister for upsetting her staff! As an experienced nurse I was quite prepared to write in and complain but sadly mum didn't want to 'rock the boat' and became very agitated not helping her fragile health. At least we were all visiting regularly and could oversee the situation, but for patients without family or friends there is noone to speak up for them. What a dangerous state of affairs we have reached.

The other weekend I was asked to visit another patient who had had a bad rollover accident in Newman far north of Perth. She was fortunate in that her seatbelt had suspended her from the roof of her car but had broken 3 ribs, her right ulnar bone, and several fingers, as well as severe bruising everywhere. She was in the trauma unit off the Emergency department in Royal Perth Hospital. Her family asked me to visit and take in a new Helios Basics + kit, Arnica cream from my product range, and a combination vial of trauma remedies for her to take on a regular basis. I asked her husband if she was able to take the remedies and was very happy to hear that she had fiercely defended her right to take them alongside whatever orthodox treatment was being given. He had given her remedies from her original Helios Basics + kit when she was picked up by the Flying Doctor service on her way to Perth and was equally determined. They have seen the results of Homeopathy at first hand and were not going to back down. Needless to say she had been told by the staff that she was healing very well, and her doctor in the trauma unit was delighted with her progress. Early intervention with First Aid is the answer as Homeopaths know-as this family is half Caucasian and half Aboriginal the word goes round both communities and its' effectiveness broadcast everywhere. In a mining town like Newman in the bush and remote from medical help it is vital that this information is passed around the population and of course raises awareness of it to the medical staff in the process.

Whooping cough on the rise again and was sending out prescriptions from UK back here-make sure Pertussin 30 is given regularly and remember 2 really good remedies Coccus Cacti and Corallium Rubrum in your treatment.

It's not the potency of these remedies that is so important –it's the simillimum.

Thyme baths at bedtime really assist in a better night's sleep and there will be a better appetite in the morning. As the cough and vomiting occurs mainly later in the day and into the night it is a good idea to pack in a good breakfast and lunch before the fun starts.

The Olympics

As we fast forward to the UK Olympics Sonia Johnson our only horsewoman in WA is heading for the final selection at the end of this month. Sadly, she didn't get in but can appeal against the decision.

In the 2008 Olympics at Beijing she competed in the horse eventing, gaining the needed points for the team to get the Silver Medal. She was in the final 9 waiting to see if she is selected for the team of 5 who will be heading to Greenwich District Park in London for the Equestrian Olympics. She's requested and been sent her latest supply of remedies and topical Arnica Montana products which she uses all the time, and particularly when competing locally, nationally, internationally, and at Olympic level.

The remedies that dealt with her horses' hoof abcess prior to the Beijing Olympics were Gunpowder Echinacea and Pyrogen healing the abcess in 24 hours. Prior to this the hoof had been drained packed and lanced 3 times to no avail-to have had antibiotics would have adversely affected the drugs test that all horses are subject to in competition, so not an option.

As Homeopaths we should support each other-I was in the UK when Sonia asked for help by text message at the time, she collected the remedies advised from a Homeopath in Melbourne. This is how it should be-all for one and one for all regardless of who gets the credit.

At the request of the ARH (Association of Registered Homeopaths; secondary register to the Society of Homeopaths register)chairwoman in the UK, I wrote an article for their Olympic version of their journal-it was rejected –Sonia was asked about 'what she used when' but couldn't remember details of remedies she used from the Helios A and E kit, saying that she looked in the booklet every time and helped herself with good results. That was the intention of the booklet when I wrote it!

I came to Australia 10 years ago to raise the awareness and profile of Homeopathy and educate and empower the public to help themselves.

Homeopathy will always survive if we are generous with our information and support but we won't be multi millionaires or have our names in lights! It will always be around if used at grass roots, and we need to do everything we can to facilitate that.

First Aid Homeopathic treatment is what keeps it alive and useful-keeping it behind the closed doors of a Homeopathic practice will not-if the public are able to access it for themselves with guidance when needed by responsible caring professionals it will always survive. The need for Constitutional treatment will always be recognized once self help runs out with patients going for appointments as necessary - especially if information is freely forthcoming in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

As always a mixed bag!

Until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo

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