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This time from the UK - arrived Heathrow 31 March - bright weather around 12 degrees. Very welcoming as blossom just coming out and lots of daffodils along the verges on the way to Brighton. Practice started on 6th April with many old patients from the last 28 years coming in to be topped up at change of season, and plenty of news to catch up on as usual!

One of the greatest pleasures about being in Homeopathic practice for so long is the privilege of seeing several generations of a family maintaining good health at all ages.

None of them used the swine flu vaccine now being thoroughly exposed as the scam it was costing many countries inordinate amounts of government (our) funds for no real purpose other than revenue for greedy unprincipled pharmaceutical companies.

How much did pharmaceutical companies make on H1N1 vaccines? Read Here

Without exception all families used Homeopathic remedies to help in the flu (or any of their other health problems) attending their GP's for confirmation of diagnosis occasionally combining orthodox prescriptions alongside their Homeopathic remedies. Many patients contact me by email, text message and occasionally phone calls in Australia for assistance when they need it.

Baby dies after receiving Hep B vaccination - Read Article Here

Next off the blocks was the Brighton Marathon on April 18th where 2 of our patients ran using our Arnica balm with a much more comfortable run than other runners! Christian Grillot and Sara completed in good time - meanwhile on the Paris Marathon Bob Johnson, another old patient, completed his effort also using the Arnica balm, again arriving at the end in good shape.

Sarah Camici completed in good time
"Sara first went to Kate at 9 years old and she is now 31. While on a year placement at Jordan University in 2001, during her Geography degree, Sara worked on experiments involving animal excrement, and contracted an extremely serious infection. She was treated with antibiotics, and homeopathy from Kate, and made a complete recovery. Sara has always used homeopathic remedies in her sport, as she does mountain biking, has competed in 3 Triathlons, and recently completed the first Brighton Marathon."

Kate & Tom  Helen, Kate & Tom
Kate, Tom & Helen at the Brighton Marathon

It was a beautiful hot day in Brighton with a really good atmosphere from the crowd clapping the runners all the way along the route with around 30,000 visitors to the town coming to show support. There were bands and cafes along the seafront - a lively friendly day.

Brighton Marathon  Brighton Marathon

See all Brighton Marathon photos here

Old friends and patients wore our Arnica Montana tshirts run up for me by yet another old patient, Jon Mitchell, who now runs his own company in Brighton 'Sloth clothing' He was previously chief designer for Puma sportswear but now appreciates the freedom of working for himself. He offers professional tshirt printing and design services. Another old patient jumped out at me from the crowd by the Brighton Bandstand on the seafront for a chat recognising me from the tshirt - her daughter Emma was playing in the Brighton College band doing a grand job. I looked after her from a baby; she is now 17 in rude good health.


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Other treats for me in Brighton have been the fish and chips - best cod in the world - see Kitchen Cupboard remedies for info re the benefits of cod liver oil as an actual food rather than just fish oils,First treat was in the Palace Pier cafe to the music of Chas and Dave-cod and chips pot of tea bread and butter - with bright blue sky and  sunshine outside but blistering cold wind as well making the walk along the seafront and pier bracing, but of course very healthy!

Later on the following Friday same meal at Bardsley's off London Rd, Brighton's oldest fish and chip shop much patronised by the locals with its own revered club and membership - UK is very proud of this tradition and rightly so.

At the other end of the week an excellent cream tea out at Rottingdean a very old fishing village where Helen (my eldest daughter), Bobby her newly acquired dog and I had delicious warm scones thick cream and jam and butter in a pretty building circa 1680. We don't worry about cholesterol and all that - only caused by stress and statins are renowned for their side effects making people feel ill generally. A really good article was written about this in the Sunday papers by an experienced GP last weekend who was really fed up with seeing his patients complaining of feeling achy, exhausted, faint, nauseous and dizzy after taking regular doses of statins. My experience with my practice as well.

Bobby  Bobby & Helen
Bobby                                          Helen with Bobby

A pub meal also obligatory when I'm here - I can't emphasize enough the joys of a brisk walk in the countryside in the Spring followed by a good pub meal - an old friend of mine who also used to work for me, Amanda, drove out to East Chiltington to the 'Jolly Sportsman' built around 1700, with fantastic home cooked meals in a lovely setting of fields and hedgerows covered in primroses and daffodils just under the Downs, our grass covered ancient chalk hills, burgeoning with spring flowers and newly born lambs pottering about close to their mothers. About a month ago all of the Downs which run across the South of the UK were made into National Parks, so are now safe from development - we are so delighted about this.

Another real pleasure was attending the "Petite Messe Solennelle"by Rossini sung by Shoreham Oratorio choir in a 12th century church St Mary de Haura. I've sung this a few times with Brighton Chamber Choir conducted by Neil Jenkins and at an AIMS week-Artists International Music School - please visit I recall the conductor telling us that it was neither small, or solemn, and not even really a Mass in the real sense as it is full of extraordinarily jolly irreverent musical jokes wrapped up in the Latin. More of an opera really with all its melodrama and emotion. Rossini wrote this when he was 72 and needing pension money.

TomAt the opposite end of the scale is my son Tom's national tour with his psycho punk rock band "The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster"- they started on the 27th April for a month and are doing 28 gigs, the most distant being in Aberdeen Scotland and back down to Brighton on England's South coast. So far this new album 'Blood and Fire' + new featured single 'Love turns to Hate' which they are launching is a huge hit on Radio 1 with the Kiwi DJ Zane playing it and also interviewing them. As Tom has written most of it, designed the album covers and drums manically throughout, I'm very pleased for him. After 10 years of commitment they deserve every success. I'll be attending the Brighton gig on 13th May with my other kids Rosie and Helen.

** See video release of Love turns to Hate here

The only duff thing was the volcanic ash cloud which put paid to millions of people's Easter holidays with flights barred in and out of UK and Europe for a week - now turns out there was not really any risk at all, but lots of Brits were stranded all over the world - alarmingly I discovered from a patient of mine whose relatives, a family travelling from Oz for the Easter Holidays, were abandoned in Dubai airport and forced to fork out another 3 thousand pounds + to find alternative ways back to Blighty - of course the airline corporates have no interest in paying out any reimbursements despite their much publicised commitments to get people home - and no reimbursement from insurance companies either - of course not "An act of God" being the let out clause. This from a corporate world who really has no belief at all in God. What a disgrace.

Latest news from the election is that Brighton Pavilion (central Brighton) has elected the UK's first Green MP Julie Lucas - and the rest of Brighton has returned 2 Conservatives after many years of Labour ruining the city. There is hope!

Australian Flu vaccination ban goes national after fever, convulsions in children

In Australia Doctors are being advised to stop giving the flu vaccine to children.

Seasonal flu vaccinations across Australia for children under five have been suspended after 23 children in Western Australia were admitted to hospital with convulsions following their injections. One child, aged 1, remains in a coma in a Perth hospital. Commonwealth chief health officer Professor Jim Bishop yesterday announced the suspension while authorities urgently review data from around the country. WA’s chief public health officer Tarun Weeramanthri has defended the response time in closing down the state’s juvenile flu vaccine program amid revelations that children were presenting with convulsions more than two weeks ago.

Read entire article here

I'm flying back on May 14th to Perth - West Australia - we've had another ash cloud scare so let's hope it doesn't get into the engines of my Singapore Airways plane!

All the best until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo

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