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With change of season here all the old chronic complaints come to the fore and the phone has been busy with enquiries and appointments needed.

My way of practicing in Australia is very different to the UK. As I am here, self appointed, to raise the awareness and profile of Homeopathy throughout Australasia, I spend a lot of time in the first appointment educating my patients so they really know me, and are aware of the philosophy behind Homeopathy so that they understand about their illness, the Laws of Cure, and the way remedies relate to one another.

They also take an appropriate Helios kit with them which I import from the UK. I have worked with Helios for the 20 years they have been in existence. As a student I worked there 1 day a week in the days when all John Morgan registered Pharmacist and Homeopath UK had was a shoe box sized room to work from. I know how thoroughly the remedies are made and the love and dedication that has gone into the initiating of a Homeopathic Pharmacy set up for Homeopaths and run by Homeopaths.

I wrote the cd rom and put together the A and E kit sold by Helios with my colleague Sarah Richardson, at the time the external examiner for the College of Homeopathy London. It took 3 years research and 3 years to get it produced. All voluntary work.

I'm delighted it is sold round the world and is of use to so many people as are all their self help kits.

In the UK more trouble with university courses being relentlessly dismissed in the current pogrom against Homeopathy. However I must say that this is not the right way to educate Homeopaths going into community practice. The above mentioned College of Homeopathy was the original college for Lay Homeopaths like myself and we steadfastly refused the Universities access to our course for their purposes - i.e. bums on seats and the appropriate revenue.

We were told that we 'over examined' our students and this level of integrity was not necessary. The only University with any integrity at all was the Open University who wanted us to own all our information. They would simply put all of the course into the right context for degree status which they conservatively estimated at MSc.

All with the exception of OU wanted to 'own' the 4 year part time and 3 year full time course we as Homeopaths had put together. All the other UK colleges were started by graduates from the College of Homeopathy. Unfortunately along the way universities obtained the rights to their information and dumbed down the standards we at COH refused to lower or put in the 'context' of current degrees. As my cousin in Melbourne says - an experienced music teacher, now 84 and still playing in community orchestras, 'University degrees just tell you how to look things up.' She remembers well the Homeopathic Hospital in Melbourne as a child.

To us on the staff, all experienced practitioners as well as lecturers, this was unacceptable. Our college was a registered Charity with the dedicated purpose of producing Licensed Lay Homeopathic Practitioners as well as courses for the use of the general community in order to help their families and friends. In China there is a similar approach where villagers have access to 'Barefoot Doctors'. At the very least there is some help available in remote rural communities.

It was a College for Homeopaths run by Homeopaths with the desire to spread the knowledge for the benefit of the community. Sadly it no longer exists but many of us who trained and worked there are dispersed worldwide working with the same ethic to spread and sustain Homeopathy.

When I came to Australia, and even in Tasmania, I met many Homeopaths I had taught and examined – a great surprise and honour. Many of our students had to travel from the far corners of the world at their own expense to be trained as Homeopaths; often from countries who did not recognise or allow Homeopathy to be practised. This is the way Homeopathy will spread; through dedicated individuals committed to helping their fellow man; not by gaining the empty university qualifications unsupported by applied knowledge and experience currently on offer, but with the title of degree. To be able to look things up and have a theoretical knowledge only, does not create, support, or constitute an honourable vocational profession.

It simply puts the graduate in line for a spurious career and business structure which has nothing to do with the care of our patients, but everything to do with financial reward, personal status, and an acceptance of current mores about the 'Health Industry'. What an insulting term; how has this happened? Governments should be responsible for the welfare of the people who elected them, and who also pay for it by taxation. Government is not a business or an industry but that is what it has currently become. How disgraceful and lacking in honour. However only the people themselves can change this. Current bureaucratic bullying is the norm nowadays and until values change from personal aggrandisement to more awareness of our responsibilities towards each other, this state of affairs will continue. Freedom of speech has been eroded to the point of so called 'politically incorrect' speech being an indictable offence-in other words bullying behaviour backed up with the threat of legal action.

In Australia even information published on this website is under the investigation by the TGA Therapeutic Goods Association - in the USA the FDA is the equivalent. As this is a responsible information website this bureaucratic bullying is completely inappropriate. Arnica Montana Ltd., UK and Arnica Montana Pty Ltd., Australia were set up to educate and empower the general public in their health care. This is their right and their choice. I am very tired of the interference by vested industries backed up by Governments in the public's lives. It is shocking and unacceptable that big business can wield this sort of power. Once this investigation is completed I will be publishing my response to their inquiry which has been initiated by an Australian doctor working in the Victorian bush fire area. One would hope that he would be rather more interested in his patient's welfare. This is a direct result of my article published on the front page of our website regarding the Homeopathic Treatment of Burns and Scalds.

Homeopathy enables people to be who they really are, and as we prescribe individually this brings up the core spiritual strength so that physical illness is able to be reduced. Once we are aware of what is causing the external expression of our illness we can take control of our lives and make the changes necessary to become stronger and more resilient. Once we change-they change. i.e. 'they' being our community. No wonder we and all other forms of self help medicine and therapies are being so marginalised.

Read an interesting article titled Integration of Homeopathy into Primary Care
by Rachel Roberts BSc (Hons) MCH RSHom
Research Consultant for the Society of Homeopaths

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A tragic death leads to calls for compulsory vaccination
Channel 7 - Sunday Night Program

Written by Meryl Dorey - Website

Tonight (Sunday 26/04/2009), Channel 7's Sunday Night program, a 60-minutes wanna-be complete with Mike Carlson at the helm, presented the most one-sided, offensive show  on the subject of vaccination that I have ever seen - and trust me - I've  seen heaps of them.

Using the tragic death of little Dana McCaffery (see the previous AVN E-Newsletter), this program has basically said that parents who don't  vaccinate are just short of being murderers. We are going to cause polio to  come back, we are responsible for the deaths of infants and we are really,  really stupid.

While I have great sympathy for Dana's parents, the reporting was incredibly biased - even to the point of saying that Jackson Butler, who  bravely agreed to appear on this program with his mother, Belinda, had a  vaccine reaction that was nothing more than a rash. He is still being  treated today, at 13 years of age, for the effects of the vaccines he  received as a child. The way in which his situation was minimised was  nothing short of shocking!

And then, there was the doctor who treated Dana, Chris Ingall. He is a  North Coast Paediatrician whose views on vaccination are very well known in  this area. He was also my son, Matthew's paediatrician. Matthew was vaccine  injured as a child - first at 2 months of age (our GP told us that he would  leave the whooping cough portion of the vaccine out after he had 5-6 hours  of high pitched screaming, ran a very high fever and stopped breathing in  his sleep) and then, at 18 months after his MMR. Matthew developed severe  breathing problems from that first shot. He had obstructive sleep apnoea  (still does at over 20 years of age) and we were referred to Chris Ingall  to try and treat it.

When Chris found out that Matthew had only had one whooping cough  vaccine, he decided that he didn't have apnoea at all. No - he had  whooping cough. He then proceeded to tell my husband Ken and I that we  should get Matthew the other two shots!

Now, this was at the beginning of our search for information - we  hadn't even managed to find much about vaccinations or disease at this  point. Despite that, when he told us that we should vaccinate, the  first thing we said was - but he has had bad reactions to that shot. He then proceeded to tell us that Matthew needed the vaccine because he  had whooping cough. But, we asked, if he has whooping cough, what good is  giving him the vaccine going to do? I can't remember what his answer was,  but even then, we thought- what crap! And we refused.

This is the sort of nonsense these 'medical experts' are spreading -  the sort of dangerous, illogical treatments they are pushing. And  their word is law - and our side gets no credibility despite having  the information and research on our side.

Please write to the program using the contact form at the top of this page - we need an avalanche of support for  this one - I despair about the cover up, the children who will be injured  by these shots and the way in which our organisation and the families who  have been hurt by vaccines have been portrayed.

In addition, please vote in the poll on the same page above. They are  asking whether or not vaccination should be compulsory. Please give a  strong and resounding NO!

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With the current outbreak of swine flu Homeopathic medicine can be effectively used. This is something you can do while waiting for medical assistance. Homeopathic medicines strengthen the immune response and work well alone or used in conjunction with orthodox medical treatment. Serious illnesses should always be referred to your GP but this does not mean you cannot help yourself while accessing medical help.

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Kate Diamantopoulo

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