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UK London Autism Rally Saturday 28th March Downing St. - See the video on You Tube here:

As a health visitor trained in child development and practising in London and Brighton East Sussex from the early 70's until the mid 80's I have had the doubtful privilege of seeing autism rising at first hand from the advent of the MMR vaccine. Within a month of it being released it was causing mumps meningitis as reported in peer reviewed medical journals-The British Medical Journal-Prior to this I had been instructed by a memo from the Local Authority I worked for that the whooping cough vaccine could cause brain damage and that this information had been known since 1948. However due to the Official Secrets act this was not released for many years. This memo gave us this information but also instructed us never to tell our clients as this might prejudice parents against vaccinating their children.

At the time I was 29 expecting my first child. I confronted the District Community Physician for Wimbledon where I was working at the Amity Grove Child Health Clinic, telling her that I would make it my business to give this information to every parent I came across in the future. At the time I was threatened with the loss of my job which didn't affect my decision to be open about this disgraceful state of affairs.

I am now 60, have done this religiously ever since, and fully support freedom of informed choice for all parents. Since the MMR there is no doubt that autism has increased exponentially especially as many children are vaccinated long before they are 6 months of age which was always the time recommended in the past. The other problem is that too many vaccinations are given at once with little chance of the immune response being capable of dealing with such a toxic overload at such a young age. It was always recognized that the immune response was not fully operational until around 6 months.
By vaccinating so young, the child has no defense against any developmental problems occurring.

As an experienced Homeopath registered since 1987 in the UK with the Society of Homeopaths and with the Australian Register of Homeopaths in Australia since 2002 I am horrified by the numbers of children now featuring in the Autism Spectrum –currently 1-100.Who is going to look after these children as this generation of parents dies? All Health departments in all countries are struggling with basic care, currently waiting 8 hours in an A and E department for acute care, and years on waiting lists for routine operations.

I trained at Guy's Hospital London UK as a Registered Nurse from 1967-1970 –it was, and still is, a center of excellence included in the St Thomas' group of teaching hospitals. It was the hospital which was the poison's unit for the UK at that time, also pioneering child development research as well as heart and renal transplants.     

Their advice was always to wait until around 6 months before any vaccinations are given, and to observe carefully for any changes. Particularly dangerous are high pitched screaming –a symptom I have seen many times. This means that the brain is affected and may cause permanent damage, and no further vaccinations should be given. Sudden high fevers or a change in the child's responses to normal stimuli are a problem-changes to their developmental progress carefully monitored and no further vaccinations given if they seem to be becoming less responsive. A dull look in the eye and excessive sleepiness are also to be taken seriously.

I really feel that a mother watching her child closely could prevent these problems getting worse by avoiding future vaccinations. Sadly I have seen many children respond like this who have not recovered after only 1 dose.

If there is a family history of handicap, epilepsy, eczema, asthma, or serious mental illness to name but a few diseases, vaccination should at the very least be delayed, if not avoided altogether.

There are many children unvaccinated worldwide who are healthy strong and alert. The myth that they cause further disease in the population is just that, a myth. In fact they are a lot healthier with a high immune response to illnesses and diseases overcoming them in the normal way and going on to live productive lives.

Unfortunately the prejudice that is current in the medical profession is that we need to now start vaccinating the adult population with the same vaccinations to stop them giving these illnesses to their children! This was stated in Australia by Dr John on Sunrise with Kochy and Mel the other week.

We have whooping cough epidemics every year despite the children being vaccinated against it. I have treated many successfully homeopathically and the unvaccinated children respond better than those heavily vaccinated with a much shorter recovery rate.

I am sure that one day there will be a retraction of the current medical opinion about who what when should be vaccinated-with careful reporting of side effects being made obligatory and a lot more research into the after effects in the population.
These have never been done properly.

As we go into change of season in Australia and the temperature starts to get a lot cooler at night (though still reaching 32-35 degrees this week in West Australia - thank you!) sinus and colds and coughs can become a nuisance.

Children also starting Kindy and school are more vulnerable as well. This is because when we are emotionally stressed our immune response is reduced allowing us to get sick on a physical level-physical illness is always a response to what is going on deep in our spirit. Where there is serious illness most people would recognise this as a wake up call and adjust and adapt their lives accordingly. With children it is profound that they leave their home and their security to function in a noisy confusing environment after the safety of their own homes with Mum around. Once ill they can stay home again. 

So far there have been the usual suspects with a heavy pollen fall causing a lot of blocked sinuses, usually responding well to:

1. Kali Bich with pain in the upper sinuses often extending from the eyebrows into the ears with headaches and sharp stitching pains.

The mucus of Kali Bich is thick stringy and like chewing gum, and difficult to cough up, often lodging in the larynx or voice box.

Combined with thyme inhalations-2 -3 teaspoons of dried thyme infused in boiling water lasts about half an hour at the table with towel over your head, it really loosens a lot of the secretions clearing the sinuses and airways and making breathing a lot easier. Unfortunately the usual medical sinus medicines do clear up the problem fast but only to return more severely and more difficult to get rid of.

2. Kali Iod has pain in the lower sinuses causing congestion in the nose and cheek area and is thick, yellow, and again difficult to drain. Where there have been operations such as an antrum puncture the problem is often worse in the future and sinuses respond poorly to orthodox treatment. Use the thyme inhalations here as well.

Warm salt water sniffed up the nose often helps, as does beetroot juice-Australians are beetroot fans and this is an acceptable choice over here.

A halved onion left by the bed at night also helps to clear upper respiratory tract infections whether they are in the sinus throat or chest. 

Since we are going into Autumn and Winter with a lot of good food, sunshine,fresh air,strong emotional relationships this is not such a problem as in the UK and Northern Hemisphere where a long bitter winter has really set the stage for the development of bad flu outbreaks as they move into Spring.

Flu vaccinations are not the answer and particularly not in the cases of frail elderly people and young babies-over here in Australia there is a big push for babies to now have the flu vaccine alongside all their other vaccinations.

I trust that parents will think carefully before doing this.

Fresh air, good whole food, and sunshine if possible, secure loving relationships do much more for a healthy immune response than any chemical cocktail.

Preventative treatment with your Homeopath or other alternative practitioner really helps to boost the immune response; in particular acupuncture, or  herbal medicine with registered experienced practitioners. Personal recommendation is always best to find a practitioner in your area; their credentials checked out with their professional body. 

In the UK representing the Society of Homeopaths
In Australia have lists of registered Homeopathic practitioners.

All the best
Until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo

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