Newsletter March, 2011

Dear Reader,

I have to put pen to paper before I forget how important this is - we have now all witnessed the destruction of a large area in Japan and are currently waiting to see yet again how many people have died or missing presumed died/injured in the latest natural disaster. So far conservatively 10, 000. Today (14th March) we have been informed of an erupting volcano in another part of the country presumably caused by being disturbed by the original earthquake last week.

Today also more bad news with 3 nuclear reactors melting down - and the Japanese had prided themselves on their control over nature in running their high tech society.

My own 3 kids practice Japanese Buddhism and are devastated on behalf of their many Japanese friends and acquaintances, many of whom who I also know in the UK.

I extend my deepest sympathy to them.

In February 2011 I wrote about the current disasters and the remedies needed to deal with the mental emotional, and of course physical shock, people in these disasters suffer. Prior to that the newsletter was regarding the possibility of diseases such as Cholera emerging when a country's infrastructure is destroyed and public health measures are wiped out.

About 15 years ago I became aware of how natural disasters were beginning to impact on our world and was inspired to write the cd rom for Accidents and Emergencies with its accompanying kit. Many people assume that first aid in Homeopathy is about cuts and bruises; minor illnesses like colds, sore throats etc., and so on; but actually it is very efficient in dealing with major health problems from whatever cause. The external examiner for the College of Homeopathy London where I was lecturing and examining was Sarah Richardson, an experienced Homeopath for many years. She and I got together for 3 years once a month for a whole weekend either at her home in the Midlands, or mine in Brighton on the UK South coast, and hammered through all the Materia Medicas and Repertories we could lay our hands on, and finally nailed 18 remedies which could deal with any and every emergency found in a standard Red Cross or St John's Ambulance manual. We worked alongside an artist to go to First Aid classes to make sure that the illustrations were accurate, and also an experienced journalist to assist in editing the information and transferring it to a cd rom which could be used by anyone who could read.

This whole process took 6 years and was voluntary. The only person paid pro rata was the artist. John Morgan, owner of Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy UK, supported the entire project as a necessary addition to the Helios kits already in existence.

We get small royalties from the sales of these cd roms and kits twice a year and it is our gratification to see that the yare sold worldwide and well used  everywhere.

The cd roms were eventually produced here in Perth West Australia by my then web designer and launched in 2003. The kits remanufactured in the UK. They have never been more necessary.

Truly an Arnica Montana P/L effort as my logo is the black swan representing Perth WA, and the white swan UK, where it is protected by Royal warrant.

The swans logo indicates life long devotion and steadfastness. Once arriving here in 2002 I spent many hours with my graphic designer deciding on an appropriate logo which would demonstrate this aspect of the philosophy of Arnica Montana which is to raise the awareness and profile of Homeopathy as a mainstream system of medicine and to educate and empower the general public in its use. The swans are also recognized as good fortune in Asian culture, and as we are in the Southern hemisphere in Australia, this was also appropriate for China and other Asian countries, our nearest neighbours. I came here as a humanitarian but to get into Australia one has to be a business immigrant so I used this requirement to set up Arnica Montana P/L and devote my time here to spreading the word regarding Homeopathy. So far I have spent 45 years working in professional health and have enjoyed every minute of it.

To be able to contribute to people's good health and well being is a great honour, in fact, and I hope I will be able to do it for many years to come.

Japan was slow to allow Homeopathy to thrive but this was achieved by 1 person who has started the whole education of Homeopathy there after coming to London to study. All I can say is Thank God - she has done an excellent job in spreading the word there and it is now acknowledged in Japan as a respected form of medicine. Of course it lends itself very well to self prescribing especially in these disasters where medical help is so difficult to obtain due to physical circumstances.

I assisted after the last Tsunami in Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka and witnessed at first hand just how impossible it was for the population to get any medical help. I helped to run clinics in the jungle and Buddhist temples with a South African colleague Ivy Dieltiens, taking a comprehensive remedy kit from my UK colleagues and Owen's Homeopathic's Perth and with the support of the WA AHA.

I am happy to say that Vaish an old student from the College of Homeopathy is in Colombo and very busy treating patients with common diseases such as Dengue on a daily basis these days. Through her another colleague from Perth, Sally Moore, is giving a month of her time to assist Vaish next month.

After the 2004 Tsunami the Sri Lankan government employed the Chief Homeopathic Physician from India to help get Homeopathy more recognized and used in Sri Lanka. We are seeing a repeat of the disasters of the 19th century which involved wide spread cholera across the world often resolved by Homeopathic Medicine and which led to its general acceptance as a main stream system of medicine everywhere.

With the nuclear fallout in mind I want to bring RADIUM BROMIDE as a remedy to your attention.

In the Southern Hemisphere we have had more than our fair share of radiation from the earlier ill conceived testing of nuclear bombs in the Pacific and also South Australia. Outrageous when considering the effects of nuclear radiation. Marie Curie would be turning in her grave. I recall Chernobyl in the Ukraine affecting the whole world's health never mind the immediate vicinity - the winds swept the radiation as far as Wales at the time and there were knock on effects up till now. Apart from deaths, radiation burns, disabilities, abnormal pregnancies, abortions, and deformities being in the immediate vicinity and far a field of the explosions, we are still left with other problems - the most notable to me being of intractable coughs which recur every year and which well indicated remedies fail to resolve. At the time I was inspired to use Radium Bromide in the light of the Chernobyl explosion and found it very effective in clearing up these problems.

Constant exposure to radiation is presenting all its forms nowadays from microwaves, mobile phones, telephone masts, computers, scans, x-rays all increase our exposure to radiation, as does conventional treatment for conditions such as cancer where x-ray therapy is commonly used where surgery and chemotherapy are inappropriate; or worse used in conjunction with both of them.

I recall a patient from a voluntary street people's clinic in Northbridge Perth which I ran for several years. It involved a 54 year old man who lived in a men's hostel and worked as a lollipop man. He had met another patient of mine at a bus stop who had told him the clinic was free. As a stoic East European he had not paid much attention to his bladder problem which eventually became a real nuisance due to an enlarging prostate. To keep having to find a toilet when out and about eventually took him to his GP who on examining him found a greatly enlarged prostate gland and referred him to a Specialist in Urogenital medicine. He established that the man was too late for surgery and /or chemotherapy and referred him for x-ray therapy to reduce the size. Unfortunately he was over exposed to the therapy and was given3rd degree burns to his perineum which would not heal. He had been putting up with this for months as he had no money for health care. I gave him Radium Bromide 30 and Arnica 30 daily for a week and asked him to return the following week. He didn't. However as I was leaving the centre that day I was given a card he had left me saying' Thank you very much Kate. I am now healed up, can walk properly, and am back at work.' Homeopathy has constantly surprised me like this over the years.

Years ago in Brighton I had a child patient of 3 months who was born with half the vertebrae missing. This meant she could not support her internal organs - she constantly threw up her milk and was not developing physically or putting on weight - she was under the local children's hospital, an offshoot of Guy's hospital, where I originally trained as a nurse in the late 60's. The doctors had told her they did not expect her to live much beyond 6 months. I started to prescribe for her using Calc Phos 6 and China6 regularly and she began to thrive. I also referred her through her sympathetic GP to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital London where 'coincidentally' her Consultant was a wheel chair bound lady doctor from India very familiar with Homeopathy. With her cooperation over Homeopathic prescriptions the child grew well with the support of regularly changed plaster jackets as she grew bigger.

However after a while the child started to get very sickly and it looked as if she would die - she couldn't eat well - had bowel problems and became listless. I realized that she must have had a lot x-rays to accommodate her assessments and gave Radium Bromide; there was soon big improvement in her health and growth rate.

Following this result I now make sure that Radium Bromide is given after every X-ray or any procedure which emits radiation. This works well particularly if one considers how much radiation we are all exposed to on an everyday basis - a weakened constitution will be much more susceptible to increased exposure to radiation. And we know that the Japanese are the leaders in technology of this nature and all are constantly exposed to mobiles computers - computer games computer businesses and so on.

Here are the symptoms of Radium Bromide.

General Indications - Phatak

It is found effective in skin affections, rheumatism and gout; nerves are affected causing sudden shifting or electric pains; must lie down.

Dull hard aching pains all over; deep in joints; very restless; has to keep moving about.
Dry burning heat, as if on fire, through the entire body; craves cool air. Electric shock through the body, during sleep. Weakness, lassitude, tiredness. Lateness in appearance of symptoms. Constriction chest heart with air hunger. Numbness worse for stretching the part. Necrotic changes. Effects of X-ray burns. Removes small naevi moles ulcers. Cancer. Lymphoidtissue.
The patient is WORSE for motion, shaving, washing, smoking, getting up.
The patient is BETTER for Open air, hot bath, cold drinks, continued motion. After sleep. Pressure. Eating.
Mind Fear of being alone, of the dark, wants to have someone nearby. Cross, easily vexed.
Head. Pain over right eye spreading back to occiput and in vertex, better for heat. Vertigo with pain in occiput. Pain in vertex and occiput, with severe aching in lumbar region.
Eyes. Red smarting worse for reading. Sensation as if pieces of cotton in eyes better for rubbing.
Ears. Sound of rushing water better for lying on the face.
Nose. Itching and dryness of nasal cavities. Burning in.
Face. Flushed. Aching pain in angle of right lower jaw. Violent trifacial neuralgia. Acne rosacea.
Mouth. Dry. Breath seems hot. Metallic taste. Pricking at tip of tongue.
Throat. Sore raw with earache. Feeling in throat as from eating pepper.
Stomach. Craves pork. Aversion to sweets; to icecream; of which she is usually very fond. Usual food not relished; sour things taste good.
Abdomen. Alternating with chest or ear symptoms. Nausea better for eating. Colic better for bending double and passing stools. Rectum sore, prolapsed, Stools at noon; soft dark or offensive slate coloured.
Urinary. Dysuria; then erection. Nephritis with rheumatism.
Male. Eczema of penis and inner surface oft highs. Itching.
Female. Aching over pubes during menses. Right breast sore, Better for hard rubbing. Itching genitals. Menses lasts one day; then bloody leucorrhoea. Uterine haemmorhage, when Ipecac fails. Lochia putrid, scanty or suppressed. Leucorrhoea , white and scanty; curdy and cheesy.
Respiratory. Persistent cough from tickling in throat pit, worse for lying smoking; better for eating and open air; sitting up; exercise. Tightness of chest, as if she could not get enough air. Chest pain alternating with indigestion and stuffed up feeling.
Heart. Constriction at. Awakes with palpitations. Pulse rapid; irregular; fluttering. Blood pressure low.
Neck and Back. Pain and lameness in cervical vertebrae worse for dropping head forwards better for sitting and standing erect. Weak between scapulae. Ascending lumbar pain better for exercise walking. Lumbosacral bone pains, better for hot bath, worse for going up stairs.
Extremities. Deep pain in joints; knees and ankles. Limbs feel hard and brittle as if they would break. Rheumatism of the hands. Cold. Numb.
Skin. Irritable, thick, burning;itching. Moist if scratched; worse face and genitals. Branny scabs. Scabby  Scabby on ears. Eczema. Psoriasis. Scleroderma. Callosities. Cancer. Dermatitis.
Sleep. Awakes panting with palpitations. Dreams vivid of fire seem true.
Fevers. Cold sensation internally with chattering of teeth.
Related. Phos Puls Rhus Tox

We have had good news on the voluntary clinics I am initiating in West Australia with the support of the WA AHA of which I am President. All organizations and individuals concerned in starting Aboriginal family clinics and workshops for Aboriginal Barefoot Doctors; drug and alcohol addicted disadvantaged people; and refugees are in full support and we will be starting these in the local Perth community shortly. We will be recording each case with full confidentiality and keeping an ongoing report as to prescriptions and progress for all 3 clinics.

Alongside this good news was much more - last weekend I saw a 2 and half year old patient of mine who had the misfortune to have been born with his twin inside his body minus the head. He arrived here at a few months old just prior to having this extra child removed so that he could survive and thrive. He already had a paralysis down the left side; a bad squint; very miserable and poor health generally. I have been prescribing for him since then and he is now a very tall well built child, walking and running everywhere - a strong healthy body - already toilet trained and talking his own language and many recognizable phrases and words. He has a minimal paresis on the left side now and a barely noticeable weakness in his left eye - he is cheerful outgoing and very cheeky - he's now having ferocious temper tantrums which as a 2/3 year old he should be having - he takes out his frustration on his weaker left arm biting it really hard when it won't do what he wants.

Talking of x-rays, his father brought his computer along and showed me his MRI scans going back to his first 6 months up to the current time and they clearly show that he only has half a brain due to early surgery when the pathology was first discovered. Recently he has Feldenkrais treatment - 'patterning' twice a week to activate his motor/brain skills - an orthodox physiotherapy once a week, and swims x 4 a week which he loves. He is on 2 orthodox drugs since late last year to minimize fits he was experiencing at night from the Paediatric Neurologistat Princess Margaret's Hospital Perth. They are now under control and his development is coming on in leaps and bounds. And the parents were told they should not expect him to live past the first few months and particularly not after his surgery.

As I am trained in orthodox and Homeopathic systems of medicine I know only too well how well they can both work together - and as Dr Dorothy Shepherd said - never worry about orthodox medicine given to a patient; it's effects are only on the physical level and cannot interfere with the action of Homeopathic medicines on the whole organism.

Progress in the recognition of Homeopathy as a viable system of medicine in both hemispheres. This month 2 invitations appeared on the same day - the first from WA Health Department which I will be attending.

As Homeopathy was originally introduced into Australia by Bishop Salvado in the 1840's it is only now being noticed as a viable form of Medicine by the State Government.

Regulation of Unregistered Health Practitioners - Consultation Submissions

I will be attending as President of the West Australian Australian Homeopathic Association

From: Lenton, Kate
Subject: Regulation of Unregistered Health Practitioners - Consultation Submissions
Sent: Mar 08 2011

Dear Kate,

I am writing to advise that a national consultation has  commenced under the auspice of the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council (AHMAC) to seek feedback from the community about regulatory protections available to consumers who use the services of unregistered health practitioners. Unregistered health practitioners are those people who provide  health services to members of the public and who are not required to be  registered under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

A consultation paper titled  - Options for regulation of unregistered  health practitioners has been published on the AHMAC website under 'Related Links'.

The purpose of the national consultation is to invite  submissions on whether existing protections for consumers who use the services  of unregistered health practitioners are adequate and if further public protection measures are required.   The results of the consultation will inform a report to the Australian  Health Ministers Conference, a Ministerial Council made up of State, Territory  and Commonwealth Health Ministers.

You are invited to make a submission addressing the  issues raised in the paper. Questions have been placed throughout the paper and  a Quick Response Form is available to assist in framing responses.  Details of how to make a submission are  available at the website above. Submissions should be received by 14 April 2011.

If you are unable to access the website to obtain a copy  of the paper, please contact:

Glenys Sleeman
Senior Project Officer
Health Practitioner Regulation Unit
Department of Health Victoria

Ph: 03 9096 1160

Yours sincerely,

Kate Lenton
A/Senior Policy  Officer
Workforce Policy, Planning  & Reviews Branch
Workforce Directorate - WA  Health

P (08) 9222 4211 F (08) 9222  0278

The 2nd invitation is to a reception at the House of Commons Westminster London which I will also be attending while working in my UK practice.

Invitation to House of Commons Reception

I will be attending this reception as a registered Member with the Society of Homeopaths UK since 1987. The House of Commons is the major part of the UK Parliament at Westminster London.

Sent: Mar 09 2011

Dear Kate,

I am delighted to invite you to a reception hosted by the Homeopathy Research Institute at the House of Commons on the 17th of May, 2011. This reception is being held to promote scientific research in the field of homeopathy. There is currently a growing body of scientific evidence suggesting that homeopathy offers an inexpensive, effective treatment option for many chronic conditions, however the only way to know definitively is by conducting further high quality research.

In collaboration with our host, David Tredinnick MP, the Institute is bringing together experts in healthcare provision, regulation and research, the fundamental sciences and patrons of homeopathy research. The event will also be attended by high profile users of homeopathy and media commentators.

At this unprecedented event, there will be brief thought-provoking presentations by experts such as Professor Kate Thomas - Honorary Professor of Health Services Research, and the chance to exchange views with this diverse group of attendees.

We look forward to seeing you at this event. Once we have received confirmation of your attendance, we will send a printed invitation giving you access to the Members' Dining Room from 4.00 - 6.00 p.m. If you would like to bring a guest, please let us know their name and contact details.

I look forward to hearing from you (RSVP by the 31st of March).
Best wishes,
Rachel Roberts BSc(Hons) MCH RSHom
Chief Executive
Homeopathy Research Institute

And here's the latest joke from Kalamunda Community Learning Centre to lighten things up a bit.

After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, British scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 200 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 150 years ago.

Not to be outdone by the Brits, in the weeks that followed, an American archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet and shortly after a story was published in the NY Times "American archaeologists, finding traces of 250 year old copper wire, have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high tech communications network 50 years earlier than the British."

One week later, the state's Department of Minerals and Energy in Western Australia, reported the following: "After digging as deep as 30 feet in Western Australia's Pilbara region, Jack Lucknow, a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely "stuff all".

Jack has concluded that 250 years ago, Australia had already gone wireless."

Just makes you bloody proud to be Australian.

Until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo

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