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Dear Reader,

We are back now from the Dubai Arab Expo 2010 – there and back in 6 days. It's like a giant carpark/building site at the business end of the city, and the traffic congestion has to be experienced to be believed.

Apparently there is no infrastructure or road planning according to all our long suffering taxi drivers and it's only going to get worse!

There were about 6000 exhibitors and we; my daughter Rosie and I, were in Sheikh Saeed Hall 8 Stand 13 in the Australian Pavilion at the far end, so people took a while to get to us. However, as we were the only company representing Homeopathy we had several hundred visitors, some quite informed about Homeopathy and delighted to see us there.

Several companies from Saudi Arabia were keen to have me go and teach Homeopathy and introduce it to their country as they were aware of its effectiveness and very reasonable costs compared to orthodox medicine. It was certainly a worthwhile exercise in awareness raising and we sold quite a lot of our products.

I was interviewed by the journalist Inga Stevens about Arnica Montana P/L and they featured us prominently in the Arab Health expo magazine on the 4th day. Re Homeopathy and our company.

Arab Health EXPO 

Following the expo this was followed up by an interview 1 of 2 featured in the Arab Health e-book which will go a long way to educating the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries about Homeopathy.

Arab Health EXPO  Read More

We did manage to get out and about to the posh end of Dubai so beloved by tourists and went to Atlantis waterpark experiencing some terrifying water rides and a swim in the sea opposite that famous yacht type hotel; also to see the new tall building which I chose not to base jump from. The Pavarotti fountain was spectacular; the water sweeping whirling and twisting in sequence with the classical music booming out of the plaza. We also (briefly) visited the Dubai shopping mall the biggest in the world (and frankly my idea of hell) but you have to admire the sheer effrontery of all that marble on the floors (deathtrap to me since hip replacement a few years ago!) watched over by sharks and other enormous fish peering at you from the wall to ceiling aquarium. It was an extraordinary experience.

Our Posters which we displayed at the Expo
Expo PosterExpo PosterExpo Poster

As a member of the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Perth WA I attended a meeting with the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs for Egypt regarding trade between Egypt and Australia. There were 25 of us and apart from being only 1 of 3 women present, there was the added bonus of being the only Homeopath there - everyone else was CEO for multi billion industries like gas oil building agriculture and so on - yes I stick out like a sore thumb. However, no point in preaching to the converted and nothing ventured nothing gained. It turned out that the Minister, a charming down to earth man, having heard all of our presentations chose to talk at length about Homeopathy to everyone's surprise. As a user himself for over 20 years he explained how he used 20 drops of whatever he needed and how effective it was He expressed his surprise at how little it was used in the Southern Hemisphere as it is so well recognized and respected in Europe as a matter of course. What a show stopper. I gave him a bag of information and the A and E cdrom which he and his 2 colleagues carefully stashed away.

Next off the blocks is the Brighton Marathon on April 18th a pre Olympic event being staged in my UK home town – we are sponsors for this which has taken a great deal of organization. With the current pogrom against Homeopathy alive and kicking particularly virulent in the UK.   I feel that I have a bounden duty to keep pushing Arnica Montana P/L Australia and Arnica Montana Ltd. into the public's face as a positive influence particularly as Arnica is the only Homeopathic Medicine licensed as a medicine by the EU since February 2009 based on traditional use backed up by the 4000 plus professional Homeopaths in the UK.

Publicity about Homeopathy will be on the Brighton marathon website  – and in their newspaper being delivered to 160,000 homes minimum in and around Brighton. As I still run a practice there since 1986 visiting twice a year to keep it all going I'm delighted at this opportunity to plug Homeopathy particularly as the whole thing is a Cancer Research Charity project with all funds raised going to the charity.

Arnica BalmAs Homeopaths we know how effective Homeopathy is in supporting the organism and raising the immune response when it is used in conjunction with orthodox medication for serious illnesses. Several of my patients and friends are doing the London to Brighton run and all will be using the Arnica balm for cramps and aches and pains – they have found this product the most useful in keeping going for hard longterm exercise preventing them keeling over during the event.

After its all over they'll have an Arnica soap and water massage in the shower or an Arnica bath soak followed by a healing Arnica rub massage all over the body - works well!

Once back in Perth Hands on Health a voluntary organization for alternative health practitioners will be holding a seminar day on May 22nd on 'Miraculous Cases' I have been asked to be one of the speakers and am very pleased to support this wonderful organization which runs voluntary clinics here and in India and other countries for the benefit of those less well off needing care. Details will follow in the next newsletter. All proceeds will go to assist in running these voluntary clinics.

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Inspiring Cases

Kate will be one of the guest speakers at Inspiring Cases on May 21st in Perth. A total of 30 guest speakers from complementary medicine will share their most inspiring cases. Download brochure here

Seminar attendance hopes to raise $40,000 for the HOH Rajasthan Women’s Clinic in India

Monies raised on the day will be donated to HOH Project HOPE massage clinic and education centre in the Philippines.

All the best until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo

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