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We have amended our original Feb Newsletter to include some information regarding vaccines which was omitted in error before our first send.

January 2009

From the UK at - 5 to Australia at 35 was a bit of a jump and highlights the different problems in these extreme temperatures! To my surprise I found myself watching the new film 'Australia' in Brighton one bitter January day where we had gone to see Quantum of Solace and get out of the cold! It had finished the week before but the assistant was very keen for us to see 'Australia' "Very good film that, you'll enjoy it" he said. I must admit we did feel a lot warmer for seeing the extreme heat, but then we were in the cinema for about 3 hours as well!


There has been a profound abrupt change in temperature and this gives rise to problems associated with the body's attempts to deal with it.

DEHYDRATION occurs easily if water isn't drunk every hour or so and often results in severe pounding headaches coming on suddenly.

As with all conditions regardless of origin the first remedy to take is Arnica which immediately restabilises the organism and deals with the trauma felt by the body.  Once Arnica has been given the body is more receptive to fine tuning by well indicated remedies. The clinical condition of shock has been addressed and the patient stands a good chance of an excellent recovery however ill they are.

China Officianalis
Leading remedy for loss of body fluids regardless of cause - i.e. bleeding perspiration diarrhoea vomiting etc and corrects this imbalance.

Classically severe throbbing headache. Patient feels disorientated and may ask for lemonade. In serious cases they may not recognise you. Face is very red and radiates heat as does the rest of the body-very hot to touch. They need to lie down in a cool room and fluids given at regular intervals.

There is a severe bursting headaches and the patient does not feel right.

ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION IF THE PATIENT SAYS 'I DON'T FEEL RIGHT' they are invariably on the point of going down with serious illness and often collapse or become very ill having said this. Simple phrase but so telling. This is a classic SUNSTROKE headache so severe that the patient may bang their head against the floor or wall to counteract it.

Another bad headache but one which causes the patient to lie down and feel very shaky weak and tired-they may also be very afraid. In other circumstances this a great flu remedy. There is no thirst with the Gelsemium patient and there will be no urine output –a dangerous sign. The fluid is located in the head. Once the remedy is given there will be immediate desire to get up and pass copious amounts of urine and the headache will rapidly be relieved.

Indicated remedies are Calendula Cantharis and Causticum for the different levels of burns.

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Well treated by our Calendula cream in moderate to severe cases with relief being obtained instantly. Our Calendula/Marigold cream contains 7 other herbs other than Calendula and is handmade in West Australia to EU certification standards exported worldwide.

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This cream also  deals efficiently with bites stings abrasions cuts grazes and also assists in clearing up solar keratoses. It has also been successfully used in conjunction with our Sage cream for more serious melanoma.

The Sage cream is deeply disinfectant and also contains 7 other herbs.

The advice here is to apply the sage cream overnight to the affected area and to apply the calendula cream in the day. In Europe and in particular Germany Calendula is regarded as the leading herb in the use of all cancers.

Where there is inflammation infection or deeper skin trauma the Sage cream has proved its worth in particular in the successful treatment of white tailed spider bites causing necrosis of the skin in susceptible patients.


At the other end of the spectrum is the devastating flu in Europe.

My experience is that it is a direct result of overvaccination  with the Whooping Pneumonia Cough and Diptheria content. Also the flu vaccinations.

This has had the result of these attenuated diseases being present in the community at the worst time of year ie cold damp weather persisting for weeks at a time. Where people are susceptible through life's circumstances be it family history of chest problems personal history of same emotional issues overwork etc this flu will get a grip.

Everyone I have seen in both hemispheres has had serious symptoms often requiring hospital admission which the hospitals have been overwhelmed with, and also unable to assist. In the UK this winter the hospitals could not cope at all, this flu being compared to the 1918 /1919 flu disaster where many people died.

Typically the cough comes on after a cold and goes on for at least 9-12 weeks further debilitating the patient with severe sore throats and enlarged glands. Some have said they have felt themselves choking with the severity of the sore swollen throats These have responded well to Diptherinum included in their prescription. As the cough is racking and often accompanied by vomiting and/or gagging Pertussin is indicated, both of these components of childhood vaccinations now given throughout childhood and even adolescence these days.

Tuberculinum is always helpful and where the glands are badly swollen Baccillinum.


Society of Homeopaths UK

Australian Homeopathic Association

Other common  indicated flu remedies are in the articles already written of flu sars etc in Homeopathy news.



It is with great sadness we report that Mr. William Tankard-Hahnemann  passed away peacefully at his home in Crowborough, East Sussex on 12th  January 2009, his 87th birthday.

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Integration of homeopathy into primary care

The potential role of complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies in the future of the National Health Service is an issue which cannot be ignored. Patients vote with their feet, and the popularity of CAM therapies is clear. An estimated 5.75million people a year in the UK seek treatment from a CAM practitioner and approximately one in four members of the public would like to access complementary medicine on the NHS.1

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HPV Vaccine Shot Causes 500 Percent Increase in Allergic Reactions Compared to Other Vaccines

(NaturalNews) The "cervical cancer" vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV) is between 5 and 26 times more likely to cause severe, potentially fatal allergic reactions in young women than other vaccines, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Children's Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, Australia, and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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