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Dear Reader,

Well let’s start with the good news! In the last week the Perth International Arts Festival has begun with an initial ceremony on the beach at Cottesloe with a new work Dawn to Dusk created by Ian Grandage a Perth musician and composer sung by about 600 choristers (me included) accompanied by several brass ensembles. The rehearsals were held at the University of West Australia and the Dress Rehearsal and performance on 2 consecutive days on the beautiful beach at Cottesloe sadly known also for its sharkfests for unsuspecting surfers!

Around 2000 people attended and we were blessed with a warm sunny sunrise-I rushed off and jumped in the sea afterwards-actually I slipped and fell in the undertow very ungracefully but it was great to get in clear warm water after all that effort-getting up at 4am and driving for an hour before actually singing. What a joy singing is particularly with a large choir-always friendly sociable and good fun. A very well known conductor here Richard Gill who I’ve had the pleasure of singing with came on the radio the other day giving a public talk on ‘Why aren’t we singing” for musicians-I absolutely agree-promotes the immune response in every way-literally getting things off our chests-releasing endorphins encouraging the release of joy and happiness the best trigger for raising the immune response never mind the remedies! Next weekend there is a free event in Perth at Supreme Court Gardens with a performance of The Pearl Fishers –presented by West Australian Opera one of my favourite operas-everyone goes and has picnics and the atmosphere is always convivial. When not entertaining myself like this I’m in my pool at the end of the block cooling down as now we are in summer proper there have been many days around 35 -40.

Over Christmas and New Year life was great with singing the Carols on the Piazza and Carol Service followed by Midnight Mass at St Josephs Subiaco Perth-we have now been invited to sing for the Midnight Mass at the Church of the Nativity Bethlehem Christmas 2013 through the links the Schola Cantorum has with the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. Christians and of course Catholics are routinely persecuted in Jerusalem so here’s hoping we get in and out unscathed. With God’s help we will I’m sure. Sometimes –actually a lot of the time- I find it so hard to hang on to my faith-but in the end it is the only thing that actually prevails strong and invincible in my life.


Well it was off to see War Horse produced by the unlikely combination of Stephen Spielberg and UK film maker Richard Curtis (4 weddings and a funeral etc.,)with my nephews Jonny 14 and Mark 17 at the local Mall-you really would think we were in America. So long as you go on a Tuesday-known cynically here as tight arse Tuesday-no apologies for that-it’s only $11.00 each. Bargain. I loved it –a true meeting of minds and a composite of Black Beauty and Champion the Wonder Horse and Hiyo Silver! star of the Lone Ranger of my childhood on black and white telly at my Granny’s house in Clapham London on a Saturday afternoon. As my grandfather was a gunner in the First World War in charge of the horses towing the cannon I found myself shedding tears at the sheer waste of it all. He had just turned one of the horses away from the cannon when a shell took out the other horses and the gun crew-in those days they would have become close comrades. He never got over it and suffered severe shellshock otherwise known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder all his life and never spoke of his nightmares.

Opium is the remedy of choice here for Fear remaining after a shock and I have on many occasions given it to patients of all ages with considerable amelioration of symptoms. Older patients who have suffered in war time, victims of terrorism and many refugees benefit from this remedy. Not to be forgotten in cases of abused children, battered wives, rapes, attacks, and all the abuses of modern day life. It is complementary to Alumina Baryta Carb Bryonia Phosphorous Plumbum and related to Arnica Nux Mosch.

Opium is worse for Emotions Fear Fright shame joy .Odours. Alcohol. Sleep. Suppressed discharges. Receding eruptions. If heated. Sunstroke.

Mind symptoms.
Complete loss of consciousness. Apopleptic states. PLACID. Wants nothing; says nothing ails him (So does Arnica in deep shock) Exaltation of mind, vivid imaginations. Gaiety. Talkative. Rash. Bold; increased courage. Dreamy. Sluggish. Dull. Stupid. No will power. Tendency to lie. Fears; after fright which remains. Delirium; tremens; with terror. Wants to go home, thinking he is not at home. (Bryonia ).Carphology (plucking at covers; clothes)Indifferent to pain and pleasure. Sees frightful visions mice, scorpions etc., (So does Cimicifuga who believes they are going mad-they are-strong relationship to Ignatia-sensitive empathetic people with high ideals not compatible with what they witness as the reality-not able to accommodate this dichotomy)Deceptive; vision, taste, touch, perversion of all senses. Imagines parts of his body are very large (Cannabis Indica shares these symptoms) Nervous, irritable, tendency to start,

On a daily level these patients need time, peace and quiet, a good diet, normal routines that stay the same to help heal them of their mental stress. Sadly many of them simply can’t deal with the mental emotional and spiritual trauma they have suffered and often commit suicide, become severely clinically depressed, or may become violent and aggressive as a reaction. Homeopathy has much to offer.

In my Grandfathers’ case, thanks to my sensible Grandmother, he was able to cope although frequently tormented by terrible dreams and recurring nightmares. They lived in 2 rooms after the war with very little money a lot of which he used for alcohol to calm down and sleep. My mother and her 3 siblings were always told to keep quiet and obey their father whatever he said to keep him calm. I recall my mother telling me of how she would have to go to the local grocer’s on a Friday and collect a bag of broken biscuits for supper. She was responsible for feeding the horse and generally helping out with mucking out the stable and helping with the milk round. My Grandmother was of Irish stock and had trained as a lady’s maid in a doctor’s household in southern UK and was blessed with a great deal of common sense; her mother had been a profound alcoholic with far too many children and no money, and so had my grandfather’s. Somehow they all survived and did well in life from a very poor background. Grandad eventually became a milkman with his own horse and they grew everything in their large back garden common in those days with council houses (Homeswest here in Australia)and still is in the UK so they could support themselves by growing their own produce-they also bred rabbits to eat.(Recently the Australian RSPCA obtained a court order for an elderly East European gentleman on pension to stop him breeding rabbits to eat after complaints from the thoughtful neighbours) Margaret Thatcher has a lot to answer for in selling off the council houses and their means of subsistence. Because selfsufficiency was encouraged in the working classes they maintained their family values, dignity, and self respect, although they earned so little, and were able to maintain their pride and independence. I am so proud to come from this background and have found their example so helpful in my own life.

Anyway on with the ennertanment -Jonny my nephew and I went on to see the Muppets - on a Tuesday of course; He really enjoyed it as he’d never seen or heard of them –I’m so glad Miss Piggy now lives in Paris and has the nous of the French-ie do what you want when you want and argue the toss about everything. Meanwhile enjoying life as much as you can with the smallest of resources available. That’s why my permanent home is in France.

Australian film top of the tree!
“Red Dog” is well worth watching –unashamedly sentimental and pretty accurate as to the life of the mining community in the Pilbara where it really is bloky bloke territory; miniscule shorts, lots of beer,pies, warts and all. Surprisingly the book of the film was written by Louis De Bernieres of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin-he is a clever bloke to so accurately describe this country and it’s way of living. Go and see it-yes you will feel a tear in your eye and as an enthusiastic dog lover and owner myself I really loved it. I’m about to go and see The Artist with a dear friend of 82 who still sails her yacht with friends in the Perth Estuary-I was privileged to sail with them the other week and was so delighted that after 3 years of impossible injuries when I really thought I would never take up any of my previous sports again I found myself able to get on and off the boat with the minimum of assistance-so lovely to see the sun setting on a warm summers evening. I was a dinghy sailor for many years and taught all my kids to sail from very young with my own boats.

Australian information
Well, again, sadly more aggravation; this time from the Australian ‘sceptics’ led by Prof Dwyer and his 400 colleages busy lobbying the government to get rid of Alternative and Complementary Therapy courses in Australian Universities and Colleges-as well as get them off the rebates from the Health Insurance Companies-he particularly wants Homeopathy removed as it is not based on ‘rational science’. I had no idea that current medical practice was based on ‘rational science’. On Sunshine FM (religious pop music programme the other day I heard him pontificating that ‘This side of God’…… it is we doctors who know what we are about-….and frankly it is insulting that we are said to be under the influence of the pharmaceutical companies………………… I beg to differ. As an experienced nurse and homeopath for 45 years I have seen far too many people suffer unnecessarily and die under orthodox medical treatment. With the best will in the world noone has all the answers, but what I do know is that a bit of humility, acceptance, and tolerance, wouldn’t go amiss. My own teaching hospital Guy’s in London founded the British Holistic Medical Association which makes it possible for all medical personnel to access information about other disciplines and therapies which may assist patients. In the UK it is normal for people to question their doctors and walk with their feet for whatever treatment they wish to pursue; also in most other countries in the world. In case you haven’t heard it before the old joke regarding this situation is the one about St Peter standing at the Pearly gates of Heaven vetting the long queue waiting to get in. A man in a white coat with a stethoscope round his neck from the back of the queue elbows his way to the front and bustles through the gates. Uproar from the crowd. St Peter holds up his hand and says ‘Oh that’s just God-he only thinks he’s a doctor.’

Society of Homeopaths Research Newsletter
February 2012 No. 5

Research Day - 15th June, London - Rachel Roberts & Angelina Mosley Understanding Immunity and Prophylaxis

A research day for homeopaths is due to take place at the University of Westminster on the 15th June. Co-presenters, Rachel Roberts and Angelina Mosley, will consider the immune system in depth, including how specific immune responses are generated and what factors contribute to an individual's immunological susceptibility. The principles of conventional and homeopathic prophylaxis will be explored, as well as current findings from associated research studies.

Details of the event will be available shortly on the Society of Homeopaths website

Ring the office to book your place or access the booking form at

English Translation of Swiss Federal Report on Homeopathy Now Available
The Swiss Health Technology Assessment of homeopathy was first published in 2006, but has only recently become available in English. The report provides extensive evaluation of the effectiveness, appropriateness, safety and cost of homeopathy and concludes that there is "sufficient evidence for the preclinical effectiveness and the clinical efficacy of homeopathy (evidence grades I and II) and for its safety and economy compared with conventional treatment".

A copy of Homeopathy in Healthcare is available from

Understanding Basic Research in Homeopathy
A review of the Alex Tournier research day on understanding the latest basic research in homeopathy is due to be published in the forthcoming Spring newsletter.

Further information is available at

Support for Theory that water has Memory
New research from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany provides support for the theory that water has memory.

A video of the research is available at

Interesting articles

1) The European Journal of Health Economics has published a Dutch study investigating whether patients treated by GPs who are knowledgeable about CAM tend to live longer at reduced health costs compared with patients treated by GPs with conventional training solely. The homeopathic group included 1,181 patients treated by 28 GPs.

A full text version of the article can be accessed at

Rainer Luedtke reviews the study

2) The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine presents research that aims to provide a simple descriptive and quantitative model of how high potencies in homeopathy arise.

For further details

Research Committee contacts:

Research Consultant: Rachel Roberts Chair: Julie Smith Julie

Of course there are many doctors and practitioners of all types who are aware of their own shortcomings and that of their profession and have the awareness to know they don’t know everything and share their patient’s care with other disciplines as a normal way of practising. I am proud to know many of them who are only too pleased to help their patients in any way they can regardless of who gets the credit (or the fees) In any case patients walk with their feet and do their own research-most of all looking for a personal recommendation before going to see anybody-this system of referral is as old as the hills and called common sense. The grapevine is alive and well and will always continue to be so. So long as freedom of speech and choice is honoured in any society the bossiest governments will not be able to control the public. Governments these days need to remember that they were elected as servants of the public by the public for the good of the public. Witness all the unrest and uprisings world wide; what a healthy sign that is. In Perth on the internet is the Perth Forum where people all have their say and refer on –a lot of my patients come from there-it does help to have an informative free access website for people to check you out professionally or be available for a chat on the phone or email.

A patient originally from Bosnia came in the other week-I have already written about Japan’s nuclear disaster and the importance of Radium Bromide and Carcinocin in patients exposed to radiation. Please remember this is not a short term event and many Japanese are now protesting about their government’s treatment of the nuclear power plant workers entrusted with the work of clearing the debris and repairing the nuclear stations –of course, with poor pay and no compensation agreed so far for any future health problems they and their family may have. I recall the Chernobyl nuclear disaster very well and how far reaching are the consequences. The patient from Bosnia was 2000 kms away from Chernobyl as a child –her whole family history centres on familial cancer and poor thyroid function-alarmingly it also shows how clearly radiation sickness carries on from generation to generation. Her 8 year old daughter is on 75mcgs of Thyroxine every other day and 50 mcgs on the intervening days.(common average adult dose is 50mcgs daily) The mother herself in is on 200 mcgs of Thyroxine daily and the grandmother even more. They are all permanently tired and lacking in energy although they all continue with their daily routines school work etc., More or less in a state of exhaustion.These patients do respond well to Radium Bromide in potency also Carcinocin and Thyroidinum as integral intercurrents in their constitutional treatment.In this East European family, strong inherited constitutions, stoicism, and overall resilience helps them a lot.

Last but not least, the swine/everything else/kitchen sink/ flu epidemic trundles on now hitting UK as well as Australia with their very different climates-same thing applies-as it keeps relapsing Gelsemium is needed –as they come out of it Sepia with its energy crash between 3-5pm –or 4-6pm every day-or 2-5pm when Kali Carb is needed to dig patients out of the exhaustion they are feeling-with doses of Tuberculinum intercurrently as the cough keeps coming back. Bacillinum is needed if the cough is to do with mucus collecting in the lungs which doesn’t seem to clear up. Pertussin also needed very often particularly if the cough keeps the patient awake at night and there is nausea/and/or vomiting persistent.

Plenty of information about the flu vaccines which are compounding the problem is on the vaccination page of the website-the saga trails on with yet more incidences in medical journals worldwide reporting adverse reactions leading to further complications commonly seen. Significantly a large number of nurses in the UK flatly refused to have mandatory flu vaccinations to continue at work as they could see patients in their care being affected in this way. What’s new? Nurses are trained observers –without them hospitals would close and doctors not be able to work-I should know I’ve been observing in this way for years now.

Homeopathy helps the goats in the Carmelite monastery in Alexandria South Dakota

Once this remedy was given the bullied goat was able to stand her ground and became much healthier.

This remedy is for yielding faint hearted people with sensitive weeping moods-once administered the individual gains in confidence, becomes more resilient, and develops backbone on a metaphysical level-a profound character change for the better.On a physiological level it strengthens the actual backbone and helps to give a strong sense of direction. It is a great remedy for the bullied whether human or animal.

Carmelite Monastery

February 11, 2012
Our Lady of Lourdes
Dear Kate, Praised be Jesus Christ! Happy Feast Day!!! Mother told me to write about this problem. Our Goats - In a herd of Does, there is often a "lead goat." As she ages, a younger, stronger Doe can fight for supremacy and win. As a normal course in nature, the old defeated Doe often refuses to breed or eat and dies.

Mandella is our 8 yr., older Doe who lost out this winter. She often gets kicked out of the barn by the new lead Doe, Magnolia, and isolates herself in the yard. Our smallest ( and older goat), Tracey, 100% choleric, protects Mandella and sometimes bites Magnolia on the rump! (she learned biting from Magnolia, who bites ears)

Mandella eats and drinks very well, but we don't think she bred in October when one of our Bucks was put in with the herd. On very cold nights, Mandella is locked in a stall in the barn for protection until morning. She blends well with the other goats.

Can nature be changed a bit? Can Mandella do well as the non-leader in this newly formed group with the right remedy?

We're in the middle of the Prioress' play called "Fabiola" , based on an historical novel surrounding the catacombs by Cardinal Wiseman. I'm the evil emperor, Maximian, persecutor of Christians.

We'll be on our annual retreat starting February 14, led by a Carmelite monk priest from Wyoming who will be celebrating the Carmelite Rite Mass, an extraordinary rite. (to our delight)

Will await your kind response.
Sister Mary John


Dear Kate - the last flu remedy worked great for me and it seems that more in our community now have the same influenza!!! God reward you!
Mandella (the goat) is responding nicely after 2 doses of silica! animals respond so nicely..............................God Bless and Mary keep you.

Happy Valentine's Day
Sister Mary John

My local cafe the Rose Garden Lesmurdie where I go as often as possible and take time out to smell the roses.

Until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo

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