Arnica Montana Newsletter - March 2004

Welcome to the March newsletter for Arnica Montana!

The New Year is well under way following a lively Christmas here In Perth. Singing carols in the Carols by candlelight concert in Stirk Park Kalamunda was a great pleasure –looked like a couple of thousand people there all with lighted candles and joining in the well known carols – it was a bit draftier for us on the stage though as quite a cold wind was blowing! The atmosphere in January is very relaxed as everyone is on school holidays and not much work gets done! I had my 6 nieces and nephews over a lot helping get the pool up and running and shifting 3 tons of manure into the 1/3 acre I have behind me. A few trips to the beach were very welcome the sea is so clear and the sand so white and clean and it looks as if we are somewhere exotic like the Maldives or Mauritius.

The new Calendula products took a lot of beating for sunburn bites and stings and have proved very popular –as they have macadamia oil olive oil and coconut oil as their base they are also very nourishing and moisturizing for the skin as well as healing after sunburn.

The sage ointment was well tested by a patient who turned up on the doorstep with a nasty white tailed spider bite. She had been to the GP and been given antibiotics but felt rotten and in a lot of pain. These little spiders make such a small puncture wound and the pain is out of proportion to the injury often spreading all over the immediate area and creating stiffness and pain in nearby muscles and joints.
I advised her of the appropriate remedies Arnica Hypericum and Ledum for bruising trauma and sharp pain and gave her the sage ointment to rub in. A few hours later a red line was seen going up the leg to the groin and she returned fto the GP who advised her to keep taking the AB”S. She tried but they made her feel really sick so she just continued with the remedies and rubbing in the the Sage ointment. The following morning she reappeared feeling very well, no red line, no pain, and very cheerful having had a good night’s sleep.

The Health spa at the foot of the Whistler ski lifts in Canada has now opened and to my great pleasure is using the Arnica range of products and advertising Arnica massages as well as Educational evenings once a week on Homeopathy for Accidents and Emergencies using the CD-ROM and kit. I know how I feel after a hard day’s skiing especially if I’ve fallen or been knocked over by someone else-usually a snow boarder! They also have the Sage and Calendula products and these are very useful again for sun and windburn and any cuts abrasions and wounds incurred on the way down the piste.

People are beginning to really want to put something good on their bodies not petrochemical based substances, and are only too pleased to use something pure and natural from an environmentally sound source.

Western Australia is an ecological haven from this point of view and our products are 85% Australian sourced, the remaining ingredients like the coconut oil coming from a pure source in Papua New Guinea and the French clay from an environmentally approved site in France.

The CD-ROM and kit for Accidents and Emergencies was reviewed in January this year by the website (click here for the full review). They have also commended the Arnica Montana range of products and given our website details. The website attracts 2-600 hits a day and has done so since being launched a year ago and the exciting thing here is that the major search engines (like Google) are now picking up on it. I am delighted that so many people are benefiting from this free website - that’s what it’s there for –self help and education = empowerment in health matters.

The new international catalogue has been sent out and well received both in Australia as well as New Zealand Canada and the UK. I am now dealing with Austrade, the government export advisory body, who are willing to take on Arnica Montana and introduce its range overseas - something I have always wanted to do is include Australasia, and I’m pleased to report there have been expressions of interest from Singapore and China already.

Cases this year have been very challenging – not least a young patient of mine in a severe car crash who with the help of her devoted parents – and Homeopathy is making a rapid recovery against all odds. In Perth we are very lucky in that the spinal unit at Shenton Park is committed to healing its patients in any way possible, which meant that therapeutic massage, Homeopathic remedies, Bush flower essences for pain, amongst other alternative therapies were able to be used alongside the usual orthodox treatments offered. She is already home and making unexpectedly rapid progress from her very severe injuries.

I have been fortunate is seeing some encouraging results in the two voluntary street people’s clinics I do every week and these are attended by a student and practitioner who want to learn (and help) from this kind of experience. The patients here are also being taught the importance of self help and about Homeopathy when they attend. I have left information about Homeopathy and how it works on an info board in the centre, which is read with interest once patients have received their initial treatment –I also give each person a comprehensive leaflet about Homeopathy printed by the Australian Homeopathic Association.

The Perth festival in February saw me singing in the 1000 strong choir in the opening ceremony on the steps of the Concert hall and in the world’s biggest singing lesson also in the Concert Hall which was televised by the ABC – we ended up singing the Hallelujah chorus – another 1000 or so - not too badly at the end of it! The closing ceremony on the spectacular beach at Cottesloe saw 300 of us painted in blue clay walking along the edge of the beach at sunset played out by 50 musicians –I got to carry a bunch of incense behind the life size bamboo frame elephant with a child sitting on top. There were huge crowds that evening and it was a very moving experience. However at the end of the sunset we all rushed into the sea to get rid of the blue clay which by then was not at all comfortable as it was set quite hard on the skin –and the sea turned a vivid shade of turquoise!

We also now have a young patient of mine now 14 who has been talent spotted for the under 17 Velodrome cyclists representing Western Australia. Josephine is the youngest in the squad and is going from strength to strength in a very short space of time - 5 months! This month she competed in the National Velodrome finals in Tasmania and won a silver medal in the women’s under 17’s scratch pursuit race. She has been treated constitutionally all her life Homeopathically and I first treated her at 18 months of age when I first visited Australia. Her mother subsequently looked into Homeopathy and gave her treatment on a first aid basis until I returned to Australia 12 years later when I treated her constitutionally again for adolescence problems. A year later we have the great pleasure of seeing her successful and happy in her chosen sport. Click here for her testimonial.

Other news is that I’ve initiated the “proving” of two new West Australian Homeopathic remedies and am conducting a double blind cross over trial i.e. the 2 remedies with placebo. The substances were collected by me and then sent to the UK to Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy for making up into remedies. The substances are macerated in alcohol for a month and then the potentising begins. The codes to the vials of remedies are kept in the UK and not revealed until the proving is finished so that we can discover which prover had a remedy or a placebo to test.
The remedies are taken by the provers until they experience any changes in their symptomatology which are then noted daily. The proving stops when symptoms stop and all the data is collected, analysed, and annotated for publication, and can then be added to our Materia Medica (drugs information books). This trial is unique in that many of the volunteer provers are lay people with an interest in Homeopathy, and a desire to help their fellow man in the future. There are some Homeopaths and Homeopathic students but by far the majority are lay people. The other thing is that most of them are not known to each other and are corresponding with me by email – not known in Hahnemann’s day in the 18th and 19th centuries! One of our provers is in Hobart, Tasmania!

To conclude this newsletter – I am in the UK practising in Hove East Sussex from 1st - 30th April and giving a days’ seminar on ADHD Autism and Hyperactivity in children on 17th April.

I shall begin Sunday afternoon classes in Perth from 2-5pm in May on my return. For enquiries please email or phone me - see website for seminars for contact details and cost.

Last but not least – the terrorist bomb scares leave some of us in fear and trembling – some common Homeopathic remedies to help allay these fears are:

Fear is intense, so much so that the patient becomes frantic, screams, groans, gnaws the fist, bites the nails, want s to die .May even predict the hour of death. Sadly we see these scenes on our televisions every day on the news where there have been explosions and bloodshed. These patients are much worse around midnight and may wake up terrified at this time –especially children. There is great anxiety, agonizing fear, and restlessness. Fear of death, of crowds, or crossing the streets, torture. Afraid to go out of the house –often in old people. Terror stricken.

Argentum Nitricum
Fear of impending evil. What if? Thoughts like this always in the mind – churning stomach, may have diarrhea with the anxiety. Makes lists about what they have to do in case they forget. Impulsive behavior which they cannot seem to control – wants to eat lots of sweets as a comfort. Fear of high buildings, crowds, of the dark. Has to hurry and walk fast.

Patient is in shock and says he is alright though obviously isn’t. Fear of being struck or touched, or approached, of sickness or instant death at night, of crowds, public places. Speaks slowly with effort when spoken to. Easily frightened –small things make him jump.

Arsenicum Album
Oversensitive, demanding, anxious, fussy, fault finding, over attention to detail –everything must be tidy and in order – i.e. if the world outside is disordered then at least their part of it must be neat and tidy –this way they can feel more secure in their immediate environment. Fear of death from starvation, of financial loss. Fear of being left alone in case he does himself harm. Sees vermin and insects. Pulls hair, bites nails, paces the floor

A state of weakness and collapse brought on by dread shocks ordeals –anxiety about death and pain. Wants to lie down all the time, but fears his heart may stop beating if he doesn’t keep moving Excessive trembling and weakness of the limbs. Ill effects of fright, fear, depressing emotions, anger, bad news, unpleasant surprises.

Alert over sensitive nervous-takes deep breaths may hyperventilate causing fainting. May sob and/or sigh a lot. Spasms with cries or involuntary laughter –irrational behaviour – e.g. may burst into tears in supermarket doesn’t know why. Fears he may never sleep again which keeps him awake all night.

Fears being alone – especially at twilight, of ghosts, about the future, of thunderstorms, of something creeping out from a corner. Timid and can’t make decisions. Anxious restless can’t keep still for a moment. worse in the dark or at twilight.

And finally - as if we didn’t have enough to worry about in these first few months of 2004 – we were then exposed to the so called “Chicken flu”. However as Homeopaths we know that all is not lost as we have already dealt with these problems in the past – in the 1880’s in fact. Constitutional remedies such as Oscillococcin and Tub.Aviare are available from Homeopaths, and, combined with the appropriate flu remedies, some of which are mentioned briefly in the last newsletter, will be found to be effective when given as indicated in the patient’s individual disease picture.

With all best wishes

Kate Diamantopoulo