Arnica Montana Newsletter - July 2004

Welcome to the latest newsletter from Arnica Montana!

It has been another very busy time and the weather now is very rainy and damp with the usual change of season complaints chief amongst these being flu coughs and colds. (See the Kitchen Cupboard Remedies pages for tips on treatment of flu and allied problems) There is always a rush on at change of season and Homeopaths are generally inundated at these times.

The UK trip in April was packed with patients – over 100 in 3 weeks and with relief I went home to France for a week where I wrote the seminar for a Homeopathic perspective on treating ADHD, Austism, Aspergers, and similar complaints. This was delivered to Homeopaths in Brighton UK as a Continuing Professional Development 1 day Seminar. There is so much Homeopathy can achieve here, and the children I have treated over the 20 years in practice have responded well to Homeopathic treatment.

It must not be forgotten that families suffer terribly whilst bringing up these difficult children and any improvement can only rub off on their long suffering relatives. Quality of life for all in the family concerned can be greatly improved as their behaviour, concentration, sleep patterns, and general awareness gets better. My article and the Homeopathic perspective on the treatment of these children will appear in the new subscription E-zine which we are launching shortly through the website.

There will be an issue every 2 months of 30 pages packed with Homeopathic information including in depth case analysis which will be of interest to practitioners, students, and lay people interested in Homeopathic issues.

The 4th Australian Homeopathic Medical Conference in Brisbane followed soon after I landed back in Perth, and I really enjoyed meeting Australian Homeopaths who so far I have only communicated with by email! I gave a workshop on Acute Prescribing and also had a stand for the Arnica Montana range of products, and was very pleased to meet 2 old students of mine from the College of Homeopathy London from many years ago, both now successful practitioners and one of whom runs the Simillimum pharmacy in New Zealand! The other is being nominated as a National Council member for the Australian Homeopathic Association for Queensland , and both are active campaigners for spreading the work of Homeopathy.

The polo crosse and polo players finally finished their season and were impressed with the results from using the Arnica Montana range of products. They are now really getting on with using the CD ROM and Kit for Accidents and Emergencies, and finding that this greatly enhances the effects of the topical products they were already using. We also have on board a veteran British weight lifting champion – see testimonial section of the website - and a West Australian State tennis player has just joined in to test out the full range. Up till now she has only used the Arnica cream and Arnica 30 remedies in conjunction, and is so impressed with the results that she is very keen to try out the rest of the range.

With the new testimonials and action photographs we have produced another insert for the catalogue “Arnica Montana for Health and Fitness” and this has been sent on round the world in the diplomatic bag by Austrade the Australian Export Agency,and enthusiastically received in London, USA, Czeckoslovakia and New Zealand .

In the light of the fast approaching Olympics 2004 I have written an article for all competitors which is available on the website. If only people would use Homeopathy there would be no need for all these drug scandals and more seriously the threat they impose on healthy fit young bodies for the future.

I will be back in the UK for September and can be contacted during that time on my mobile 0417 713 212 (for the cost of a local call) or anytime by email.

Kind regards to you all

Kate Diamantopoulo