Arnica Montana Newsletter - December 2007


Homeopathy in the UK
Homeopathy in Australia
Sonja Johnson

A very Happy Christmas to you all! We are back up to 30 degrees + in the rundown to Christmas, and it is a real pleasure to be able to be in sunshine most of the time again after a protracted cold wet winter. Something that Australians are rapt about because of the drought, but didn't do much for me as a Brit!

Homeopathy in the UK

As as reported in the previous newsletter Homeopathy continues to be persecuted and marginalized in the UK.As yet the Homeopathic Hospital in London has not been closed and there has been endless brainless criticism in the broadsheet press about our form of medicine, successfully used in Europe, India, America, Canada, Mexico, for over 200 years-even here in Australia and brought in by Bishop Salvado, Abbot and founder of New Norcia Benedictine Monastery West Australia.(see website Homeopathy in Australia).

It is the usual 'scientific' argument about the medicine being so diluted it cannot possibly have a measurable effect on the human body.(They forget we have a body, mind, heart, and a spirit and the human body is largely composed of water)I note that most of these people in their articles are journalists or (pseudo) academics, who no doubt have done their so-called 'research' on the Google search engine. Certainly looks like it as they all repeat the same things!

A positive comment can be seen on this link from the Guardian newspaper London:  highlighting the discovery of memory and properties of water by Rustum Roy Professor at Arizona State University.

On a practical note most people do not pay me for doing nothing over 25 years, all arriving by personal recommendation;the evidence from our patients is the best measurement of how successful Homeopathy is. In the first and second World wars there were Homeopathic Field Hospitals across Europe using only Homeopathy with good results in terribly injured soldiers. These hospitals were funded by USA, France, and UK, and doctors such as Dorothy Shepherd, one of my all time heroes of Homeopathy, was there working in the trenches. She witnessed remarkable cures with Homeopathy where the medicine of the day could do nothing and wrote about them in her seminal book 'Homeopathy for the First Aider' ”I commend this book to you as essential reading, it is only a short paperback but filled with immeasurably useful Homeopathic advice and genuine case examples.

I was back in the UK working in September /October and saw at first hand how annoyed patients were with the current hostility to Homeopathy, and their personal conviction that this was all a load of old rubbish, and that they indeed would always be using it because of its benefits to themselves and their communities. As my practice in the UK is now 25 years old, there has been plenty of time and evidence for them to see over 3 generations just how effective it is! They do all have their own kits and access to remedies in all chemists, health food shops, and Homeopathic pharmacies, and access to me at all times via email phone and text message, so if they get stuck they contact me for help.

On September 27th I attended the wedding of patients of mine, and was called on to assist in the collapse of a 94 year old guest. She was in a wheelchair and suddenly slumped forward, out cold. A doctor attending the wedding was called over and having checked her pulse, respiration, and heart beat called for the Paramedics and the Ambulance who took a while to arrive-about 20 minutes. Meanwhile the bride ordered me over there to see if I could help. I offered, and the doctor asked what the remedies would do, so as usual I gave Arnica for the clinical shock and Carbo Veg-'the corpse reviver' which accesses immediately more oxygen to support the cardiac and respiratory systems, putting the pillules in between the lower lip and the teeth. She came round immediately demanding to be sat up-was extremely sick which I managed to catch in a flower display bowl I had emptied out on to the table. She was not impressed at finding herself lying on the floor, and even less impressed on struggling to sit up,to be told that the ambulance was on its way, she would have tests in the ambulance outside, and be taken forthwith to hospital. The last I heard of her was that she was still vigorously protesting about wanting to go home from the inside of the ambulance! My patients, the bride and groom have now arrived in Fremantle as the husband is taking part in the Clipper 2007-2008 Round the World Yacht race, and they are here for Christmas. Their wedding present? A cdrom and kit for A and E-what else!
The old lady is now apparently in fine fettle and absolutely delighted to have been to the wedding and survived its aftereffects!

Homeopathy in Australia

Completely different state of affairs here as Homeopathy is still embryonic with few colleges, though these are increasing in number and offer Advanced Diplomas and Degrees in a few cases.Mostly these colleges give Naturopathic diplomas which, while useful on a physical level do not reach deep into the Vital Force/Ch'i /Spirit to really affect the immune response making it more resilient and adaptable to the stresses and strains the individual is subject to.The other disadvantage is that supplements prescribed have to be continued,cost a lot of money on a regular basis, and do not solve the cause of the problem.In fact,a 'natural'way of ongoing medication.These supplements are often not absorbed and/or effective, as the soil in which they are received is not healthy enough to receive and utilise them.However,once a Homeopathic prescription is given, the immune response activates the tissues and enables them to receive the benefit of these supplements if they are indeed necessary.My experience though is that once the Immune response is awake and active, it is able to utilise what is already available in the body naturally,often without supplementation.

The problem is that the standard of teaching lay Homeopaths is a lot lower than in the UK, with only college qualifications witnessed,1 case being taken in front of the Assessor,(me in WA) 3 paper cases with followups, and a 3 hour written examination.needed to be included in the Australian Register of Homeopaths with no practical experience to demonstrate applied knowledge. As an Assessor for the register I was shocked by this,as in the UK, registration could not be applied for before 2 years in full time practice was done, as well as the appropriate qualifications and evidence of cases with several follow-ups on paper, as well as the assessor sitting in on their practice for the day. Here they do not even have to have a practice running! Oh well-have to start somewhere and at least it is here.

In August I took part as Homeopathic representative in a 3 day event about Autistic Children which covered the education of professionals on 2 days and the general public on another day. It was well attended by interested Naturopaths and 2 Homeopaths, and members of other natural health professions.The public day was overcrowded-such is the state of Autism everywhere with people wanting to know how much more they could do for their families, both the professionals and the public,with natural therapies. It was a pleasure to be there, and good to see such commitment by to changing things from the way they are now in the treatment of these children-ie by totally suppressing their symptoms and turning them into zombies. I have treated these kinds of children for years and they do respond so well to Homeopathic treatment.

On that note Owen's Homeopathics is now well established in Redcliffe, Perth as a retail manufacturer, and their remedies are obtainable all over Australia thanks to Jan Owen's determined effort to make them available to the general public. A fantastic achievement! Nowadays we see them everywhere and that is really the first step to making Homeopathy well known.

A big excitement for me is that all the West Australian athletes that Arnica Montana supports is now about to move to another level as Sonja Johnson horse eventing competitor, will be a member of the Australian Equestrian team competing at the Beijing Olympics 2008.Here is what she says about her experience of using Homeopathy with help from Arnica Montana.

Sonja Johnson horse eventing competitor                         Sonja Johnson horse eventing competitor

P.O. Box 180
Albany WA

To whom it may concern

Over the past 4 years Kate Diamantopoulo of Arnica Montana has provided me with unlimited access to her expertise and products to assist me as I represent Australia internationally in the equestrian sport of Eventing.

Equestrian is the only Olympic sport where men and women compete on an equal footing. It is also the only Olympic sport which involves a living partner other than a fellow human. Hence for a women to be at the top of the field they must keep their body in tip top form and also their equine partner. Kate with her advice and products has been most helpful in this.

Over the 4 years Kate has provided a CD on the remedies and how to use them. A most invaluable First Aid kit full of remedies that I use on the horses and humans (and keep on having to get Kate to top up). A number of tailor made remedies for specific conditions such as injured knees, ankles etc. Kate also does the most wonderful soap and bath soak. It only has one problem - my mum and dad like it so much it keeps running out!

In this four year period I have competed for Australia at the following Eventing competitions

5th World Cup – Pau France 04 (In 04 I won both world cup qualifiers held in Australia)
2nd Individual Adelaide CCI**** 05
Member winning team Trans Tasman Trophy 05
1st Werribee CCI*** (final selection trial for World Championships)
Member Bronze medal team World Championships 06 (this qualified Australia for the Olympics)
1st individual Taupo New Zealand Championships 07
Member 2nd place Trans Tasman team 07

I have also competed in numerous other competitions and am once again leading event rider in WA.

Kate has been a constant support in these endeavors. It is not possible to do it alone and as Kate’s products are all permitted substances under the rules of competition I will continue to use them with great confidence.

Yours sincerely

Sonja Johnson

As a natural follow on from this, I took part in a 3 day Austrade expo in Guangzhou  South China in December and exhibited and demonstrated the products and cdrom and kit as well as a Powerpoint Presentation on the Sri Lanka tsunami clinics I attended voluntarily in 2005 to the great interest of the Chinese business community and general public.

This was made really easy for me by Austrade setting up an introductory brochure in Mandarin to have on my stand, (now downloadable from my website if anyone is interested)and the provision of a translator / interpreter Wendy who was able to answer all the queries Chinese people had. We even managed to do a workshop in Mandarin at which over 50 people attended and who found the whole thing fascinating.

As Homeopathy is unknown in China I was delighted to take this opportunity to introduce it to them in this informal way. Chinese medicine is based on the meridians (energy lines) of energy running through the body and they recognize the metaphysical presence of the Ch’i-which we as Homeopaths would call the Vital Force, and me as a Catholic, the spirit-they readily understood the principles of Homeopathy. They were even more delighted to know that they could treat themselves with their own kits! Currently the Arnica Montana website has now got Babblefish installed so any page can be translated into several language including Chinese-thanks to Janice, my loyal web designer.

This year we were headhunted to be featured on the Australian Made website and there is a direct link to the page below. As many very large corporate companies are listed as Australian Made, it was great as a small company promoting Homeopathy has been included’ How satisfying to see the word Arnica on a well known business website up there with the big boys! As the chief aim for Arnica Montana is to promote the awareness of Homeopathy in Australasia, this is really helpful.


Not sure if I would call it 'entertaiment', but a new arrival for me here is Max, a German Shepherd pup who has been given to me as a birthday present by the Basso family from Hillary's West Australia.Thankyou so much!I was brought up with a large German Shepherd in Germany as my dad was assisting with the Marshall Plan in Lubeck in those days.I was born in an RAF hospital there and registered as a British Citizen through the British Consulate.First word -"Nein".That is no surprise to people who know how bloody minded I can be.

He is the most beautiful dog-black with tan markings on feet, chest, and even eyebrows,already the size of a Shetland Pony and 5 months old.He is companion to Bodie, my faithful Golden Retriever now 16 years old, a cancer survivor of 5 years ago -see previous newsletter in 2003 for her survival story.Apart from being an extremely efficient, single pawed destruction unit and duffer up of anything that moves, he is a delightful dog with 1 ear still floppy as he is so young.He lives outside most of the time, and sleeps in the laundry at night-a feature of all Australian homes but not common in the UK, where usually the washing machine is in the kitchen with all the other appliances.We 3 have lovely walks in a nearby natural park with a running creek which both dogs love jumping in and out of, though these days Bodie has a bit of trouble climbing out of,but always manages it somehow with a bit of careful manoeuvering!Max has been given Rescue Remedy as he was very agitated to leave the 7 other pups,his mum and dad,and human siblings who are all home educated on their farm.He drank gallons of water after that,and fell into a very deep sleep lasting 12 hours, and was much better adjusted thereafter.I have always treated my children and animals homeopathically and it is wonderful how well they respnd,growing strong, healthy, and well balanced, able to cope with the challenges life throws at them.And of course with animals it can't really be a placebo effect!

I have been very lucky again in the concerts I attended throughout the winter in Perth-we did have a very long and wet winter and it was a delight to get down to the Concert Hall,enjoy the very generous buffet supper before the concert at a cost of $19.00 per head, and then sit and hear really good music. I take all the programmes home at the beginning of the season and study them all carefully and mostly sit in the Gods the choir stalls at a cost of $20.00 only-less than 10GBP.I took my nephew Mark, 13, to see an Oboe concerto as he is studying the oboe, and shows considerable talent.He was so pleased to see the 2 oboeists stand up and play the important bits! I also saw Mark in his school concert playing solo recently;seeing it done professionally in front of a paying audience has made him very keen to be successful. I took my niece Christina, 14, to see a piano concerto as she is very interested to become a pianist, and she again was very impressed by the Concert Hall and the spectacle of the performance with the wonderful West Australian Symphony Orchestra.
Local entertainment was good too-Zigzag Community Arts (I’m Treasurer) held a Comedy night for the 2nd year in a row, and that really was good fun with a sell out audience again,this time with people who had attended the comedy workshops taking part-and they were really as good as the professionals.

I saw the musical 'Respect' at the Regal in Subiaco with experienced Aussie hoofer/stager Rhonda Burchmore, who is a real oldfashioned pro-about youngsters auditioning for parts in another musical, singing their way through the 20th century in songs characteristic of women’s lives in each decade-very clever and very well sung especially the lass with the chocolate velvet voice straight out of stage school who has subsequently appeared on the TV later in the year, in 'Spicks and Specks', a musical quiz programme, which always makes me laugh.

In October the Westminster Abbey Boys choir appeared in Perth-lovely evening and great music with virtuoso organ solos as well, which was really great to see and hear.

Final night out this year on 1st December, was Crosby Stills and Nash in an open air concert in the beautiful King's Park Perth,still strutting their stuff -with Ross Wilson, Aussie Icon with his band as support,ending their set with the old classic 'Eagle Rock' Crosby Stills and Nash are really knocking on now, but still vigorously protesting about the American politics-they were the original protest band against the Vietnam war in the 60’s-Well Australia has given John Howard the big E,UK same to Blair –and now all we need to do is get Bush out. Australia has even given consent to the Kyoto agreement and we have just had the Bali conference on Global warming, where a gentleman from Papua New Guinea bluntly told the American contingent that they should get on or get out, in no uncertain terms, and if not joining in, to let the other 189 countries get on with it! Yes! I do feel as if I have been living in a sort of parallel universe/wonderland with the politics of the last 6 years and did attend all the protest marches about the war here in Australia.

Our last commitment in Akapellamunda, the acapella choir I sing with, this year, was to sing again for the children at Parkerville Children’s home –that puts things in perspective just before Christmas. They sang along with us with some rhythm instruments and had a good time!

As I am now falling asleep over this keyboard, the result of a protracted battle with various centres of excellence in Perth over the renewal of my visa which expires on January 17th next year, I’m going to say ‘Cheerio for now, Happy Christmas, and have a good one!’

Kate Diamantopoulo 21st December 2007