Arnica Montana Newsletter - December 2003

Welcome to the December newsletter for Arnica Montana!

Advice on dealing with the Fiji flu and some hair of the dog remedies for the Festive season!

The end of another year in Australia. I have trouble getting used to the heat of the winter after a lifetime in the UK and its inhospitable winter climate, but it's most enjoyable to be able to sunbathe at Christmas time!

The trials for the Arnica Montana range of products are starting with the WA polo players now, and with the polo cross players in February.

The manufacturer of my products (Mother Earth Aromatherapy) have been recommended as the leading environmental producers on WA national TV recently by Perth's senior environmentalist. This of course resulted in a huge increase in sales for them. I am delighted as I have always believed that my products are of the highest quality obtainable in Australia. The government has just introduced a campaign supporting goods manufactured, produced and exported from Western Australia, so from now on my products will be carrying a sticker to this effect.

The new range of products Sage and Calendula are proving very effective. The Calendula cream is being used for sunburn and the ointment for mozzy bites, stings cuts and abrasions, it being that time of year on the beach and the long summer holidays! The sage cream and ointment has been used successfully on minor injuries which look as if they may become infected, and found to be very useful – The smell of the new range is very refreshing and herbal and much appreciated by users.

The CD and kit for Accidents and Emergencies are proving very popular here in Oz as well as the UK and they are shortly to be distributed in Canada .

I have moved house and now live on the edge of the bush in the Hills outside Perth with its wonderful smells and wild life. There are all kinds of birds in the garden and possums running up and down the she oaks. I'm used to squirrels and oak trees from England but find it fascinating to see different types of wildlife right outside my window! The climate is terrific at this time of the year around 24C bright blue skies and a breeze most of the time, though the nights are pleasantly cool for sleeping.

For those of you in the UK the Fuji flu is cutting a swathe as it did here in Australia.

It is a dangerous flu which if not properly treated and respected, easily relapses and then bronchitis pleurisy and pneumonia may be the unfortunate sequelae. I have tried to cover all remedies common to this flu – however at all times the patient should be seen if possible by their Homeopath as well as their GP and carefully monitored.


Should be observed (see the website) and return to normal duties work or school should not be for at least 2 weeks once the symptoms have subsided.


Hair of the dog remedies for the Festive celebrations!

The remedies are Kali Bich and Nux Vomica, both very effective for hangovers

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Kind Regards

Kate Diamantopoulo