Arnica Montana Newsletter - December 2006

I can’t believe it is the end of another year! A very happy and joyful Christmas to you all wherever you are!


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Homeopathy in the UK

Homeopathy in Australia

Launch of West Australian Wild Flower Essences

West Australian Athletes compete in World Championships in Horse Eventing, Velodrome cycling, and tennis,using Arnica Montana products.

Bush Homeopathy

A Life Saved in the Air

First Aid Kit to the Rescue !

Homeopathy in the Real World, WA Homeopathic Association Conference

On a Lighter Note...

Homeopathy in the UK

Since July a lot has happened.  I have been to the UK again seeing patients friends and family.

We held a Continuing Professional Development seminar in Portslade on ‘Syphilinum and its ramifications’ attended by Homeopathic students and Practitioners. The prevalence of this miasm is sadly getting a hold again with large numbers of children affected as youngsters by vaccination – yet more have been inflicted this year starting with Hep B at birth and followed now by a 5 in 1 vaccine often at 1 month onwards, repeated 3 times long before 6 months and already causing havoc in the UK. 

Vaccines are still suspended in the most toxic form of mercury, which we as Homeopaths know to be deeply destructive of the brain, spinal cord, and neurological system. The ever-increasing numbers of children diagnosed with autism ADHD Aspergers etc is growing all the time.

Apart from the toxicity of iatrogenic prescriptions-i.e. of medical origin we now have several generations of children who are taking the most toxic form of cannabis – skunk – as a routine from very young some reported of 7-8 years old and alcohol taken from very young as well.

It is only a short step to taking ecstasy speed cocaine heroin and nowadays ice-a particularly virulent form of cocaine from which the recovery rate is very poor.

There are many young people out there now with broken families alcohol and drug addiction simply relating only to each other in their peer group with no idea that they need to be part of a responsible caring family and society in order to be able to contribute in the future. Scary indeed!

As I have been involved in health care for more than 40 years now starting with the initial downward trend in the 60’s I know just how badly things have deteriorated socially and environmentally.

There is a lot of work out there for Homeopaths to get on with and it is as usual that now we are facing the most concentrated devastating attacks from the big pharmaceutical companies with a heavily vested interest in getting rid of something as sustainable and effective as Homeopathic treatment. God forbid any attempts by people empowered to help themselves through its use in their own families without recourse to the medical profession and pharmacies. We have to stand firm and resist all attempts to destroy this most effective form of treatment.

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Homeopathy in Australia

The Australian government has woken up to the fact that over here we spend over 1 billion on complementary medicine including (and named in the press release on November 23rd 2006) Homeopathic Medicine. Already the AMA (Australian Medical Association) is darkly muttering about this and we await another onslaught. The local MP Stuart Henry has contacted me recently and I can only surmise why!  His secretary wanted to know to whom to address his letter to at Arnica Montana P/L so I await the letter with interest!

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Launch of Flower Essences

On another front altogether AM has now launched Phil Adam’s West Australian Wild Flower Essences at Maylands Yacht Club Perth to an interested crowd of people. see website. We look forward to this combined venture and are delighted to welcome these organically and biodynamically made products to our range of high quality “Australian Made” range all exclusively made in West Australia the hub of the Universe as I have announced before! We at AM are determined to make WA a healing centre for the world and it is an exciting journey! Very rocky and challenging at times but well worth the ride.  

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World Class West Australian Athletes compete in Championships abroad.

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Bush Homeopathy

My nephew Jackeroo Joe –see Kate’s photo gallery - has been working at the De Gray station up North and recently had to deal with a bushfire where backpackers were lost in the smoke-with his Accidents and Emergencies kit he was able to cope with smoke inhalation burns bruising and exhaustion and is delighted to have been able to do this as there was no doctor or paramedic to hand. These stations are enormous and the faint hope of the flying doctor getting to so many bushfires and other emergencies is highly unlikely. The other problem is that the medical boxes are not allowed to be opened unless there is a paramedic present! Also highly unlikely-Bureaucracy is busy taking its toll everywhere nowadays with outrageous cost to the ordinary hardworking Australian. 

I recently had a call from a Station Manager in Alice Springs on another huge acreage who was having terrible panic attacks when out alone checking the water supplies. I was able to advise him and now he is coping well.  He has been attending doctors psychologists and psychiatrists since he was 8 when he was exposed to a deeply shocking family suicide.

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A life saved in the air

On the plane going back to the UK in September a passenger collapsed in the aisle and we were woken up to the announcement that a registered nurse or doctor was needed. I got up and so did another younger nurse. The 35 year old strongly built man was already receiving oxygen and had a pulse monitor which was 68 beats per minute-perfectly normal. But he had had pinpoint pupils for 20 minutes and wasn’t coming back. The young nurse asked for a blood pressure machine but when it arrived it was broken and this on a poverty struck Emirates jumbo jet! As well as not enough oxygen on these flights now we are not given the basic needs for sustaining an emergency - ho hum.  His wife was nearby and very deeply shocked and frightened so I gave her Aconite for the fear and palpitations she was having and asked permission to give remedies to her husband-she agreed.

As a point of reference if the patient is unconscious and you have knowledge that can save someone’s life you have a legally binding duty of care to use this knowledge.  I gave him Arnica, Carbo Veg and Camphor between his lower lip and teeth and he started moving.

After another dose of the 3 remedies he sat up as Lazarus did all those years ago and started climbing back into his seat to everyone’s complete surprise and made a spontaneous recovery.  I explained to him that he needed to take more remedies and put the 3 in a bottle of water so he could sip it until he got to South Africa where he was disembarking.  He was aware of Homeopathy as it is well known and respected in South Africa.   

Both the Chief Steward and the nurse were very surprised by his quick recovery and I was able to teach them about Homeopathy later in the flight.  Both had had considerable experience in resuscitation and had never seen a recovery like this.  It was particularly important for the Chief Steward as he had to write a detailed report of the incident for Emirates.

This is what I mean about how very important it is that we do not hang on to the information we have about Homeopathy in this day and age.  We should be out there teaching anyone who can listen and not worrying about building our own private practices.  Of course as professionals we have to earn a living but the more generous we are in spreading the word the busier we shall be in any case! This is my experience in the last 25 years and I treat and advise people all over the world. It is an interesting and exciting life in particular to see how people themselves are so pleased to be able to take charge of their own lives and be of real use in the community they find themselves in.

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First Aid Kit to the Rescue !

In September of 06, Kathy my bookkeeper, took her Arnica Montana First Aid Kit on a recent skiing holiday in Victoria. Great idea, especially as it was her first attempt at skiing (at 51 years of age!) On the last day she fell badly and snapped her ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tore her Meniscus and badly bruised the bone.  In her jacket pocket was her trusty Arnica pilules, which never leave her possession.  She immediately took one and waited to be rescued, which was quite dramatic.  After being diagnosed and carted back to her room by her two friends she got out the rest of her first aid kit and immediately got on the phone to me for advice.  Matters where worsened when she got back as during the next week she developed a huge (1metre long) Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) running from her ankle to her abdomen.  After being admitted to emergency and given morphine and blood thinners, scared half to death by being advised that she may die any minute and could have for the last week, she was in quite a bad state.  Once again, the first aid kit came out and back on the phone to me for more remedies.   The first aid kit has proved invaluable and now never leaves her handbag!  Thankfully, after 3 months, she is still alive, and is constantly being told by medical staff how lucky she is given the size of the DVT.  She takes her remedies each and every day in a bottle of water.  She is walking normally and - wait for it – back doing Lindy Hop Dancing – yes even with a snapped ACL.  Of course she will have to have surgery to repair the damage but is coping really well.  (for more information on the treatment given call or email me)

UPDATE on this case

The latest ultrasound has showed a reduction in the size of the DVT from 1 metre to just 5cm !  This has occurred in just three months.  Fantastic progress and no doubt due to the support of homeopathic treatment alongside conventional treatment.

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Homeopathy in the Real World-the West Australian Homeopathic Association Conference

The WA AHA conference was a huge success –we had nearly 200 delegates and it was well run in a fantastic venue the 5 star Esplanade hotel in Fremantle.  On the Friday before we as the WA branch of the Australian Homeopathic Association held public talks which were also held at the Esplanade and very well received.  There has been a lot of interest in Homeopathy for personal and professional use since then. I gave the talk on Accidents and Emergencies and was able to relate the above tale as I had just returned from the UK.  The audience was delighted to hear that all is not lost on a jumbo jet with no doctor as long as you have your Homeopathic kit with you! An ambulance driver was in the audience and phoned this week to ask if I would be prepared to go down South and teach them.  I will be delighted as I run a Senior Cert 1st aid course with an Ambo as they call them here who works for the Red Cross and also runs her own private company. It means we can issue a 3 year certificate in First Aid valid in the work place and also take them through the cdrom so they can do both.  They leave the course with the cdrom and kit for Accidents and Emergencies and a certificate from the WA College of Homeopathy showing their attendance.

Another perk of the conference was that Ivy Dieltiens who I worked with in the Sri Lankan jungle following the Tsunami last year was our main speaker, and she was very well appreciated as she spoke from her heart and clearly was dedicated to helping, I was joint MC and had the privilege of introducing her. Her talk started with a 2-minute film on the immediate aftermath of the Tsunami, which was devastating to watch, and several sobs were all that was heard for the next 5 minutes from the audience. It was a fitting tribute to the title of the Conference “Homeopathy in the Real World”

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On a lighter note...

I managed to do my swing dance demo at the dinner at the Tropicana and there were gales of laughter as Michael Blanch the other MC and I who had been planted in the audience were dragged on to the floor by the experts and performed creditably if not expertly!  We all then went out on to the pavement and did the Big Apple-a sort of Hokey Cokey with the experts Sophie and Marcus demonstrating what we had to do from the centre of the circle-pretty big as nearly 100 people attended the dinner!

We also went to New Norcia for the day after the Conference as it is the home of Homeopathy for WA through the Benedictine monks led by Bishop Salvado in the 18th century - see website History of Homeopathy in Western Australia.   The monastery has the best exhibition of Homeopathic artefacts in the world in their museum. We were very pleased to have Dom Christopher open the Conference and he entertained us so well with his description of a monk’s day and his ‘uniform’(no underpants apparently!)  I am so thrilled as a committed Catholic for the Conference to have been held here and to have been able to be instrumental in bringing it about with my colleagues.  However I never want to be that busy again - I got off the plane on Sunday having just finished seeing patients in the UK on the Friday and had 2 days before a National Council meeting as I am now the rep for WA, followed by the public talks followed by the 2 day conference - the swing dance demo-the trip to New Norcia and the following day straight to Perth to see a day’s worth of patients and it’s gone on from there. Usually I am able to take it easy for a couple of weeks and need to as the trip back to Oz is very tough on the system crossing too many time zones the wrong way round the world going against the axis.  You feel groggy and easily tired for about a month and I should know as I have done it so many times in the last 5 years!

I leave you this year as we approach Christmas deeply satisfied with the way Homeopathy is progressing here in West Australia where I have made my home and love dearly for all its idiosyncrasies. I am back singing in our acapella choir with dear friends, which I so enjoy, and have just received the news of the ‘Journey Choir’ rehearsals, which start tomorrow at the University of West Australia for the Perth International Arts Festival, which I sang in 4 years ago. It opens the Festival in front of the Concert Hall and last time there were over a 1000 acapella voices. It was absolutely fantastic to take part in. There is nothing like the sound of many voices singing together to experience the sheer joy of being alive in this wonderful tricky world of ours!  

Happy Christmas!

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