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Australian Red Cross Certificate

A day at Brigadoon with Monty Roberts, Horse Whisperer

Special Needs Childrens Clinic

An Afternoon of Homeopathy for the Whole Family

5th Homeopathic Medicine Conference

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Australian Marketing

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Seminars and Conferences

Accredited Australian Red Cross Certificate

Seminars are run in conjunction with the Australian Red Cross and you will receive the Intermediate First Aid Certificate. This is accredited, valid for three years and meets the requirements of employers, federal and state government departments and statutory authorities.  There will also be a comprehensive demonstration in the use of the interactive user-friendly CD-ROM Homeopathy for Accidents and Emergencies produced by Arnica Montana Pty Ltd (Aus. & UK) and the accompanying Homeopathic First Aid Kit by Helios Pharmacy (UK), both of which are included in the cost of the course.

Seminars are designed to teach the fundamental principles, knowledge and skills of first aid and to prepare people to give competent emergency care until trained assistance is available.

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A day at Brigadoon with Monty Roberts, Horse Whisperer

My nephew Joe Piasecki, brother of Patrick featured on our home page, broke his thumb while mustering cattle in the North West.  After similar treatment to Patrick he was given six weeks leave.  He and I went together to see Monty Roberts the world famous horse whisperer at Brigadoon West Australian Equestrian Centre.  We saw Monty 'breaking' horses with several problems who's owners had not been able to solve.  It was a wonderful experience and a great pleasure to meet Monty and see his gentle techniques. 

Joe is so inspired he is going to introduce these techniques at the station where he is a Jackaroo.  Traditional methods of breaking horses are brutal and insensitive and traumatise the horses.  Monty has been instrumental in banning the use of the stock whip in the USA and he is campaigning to abolish the use of riding whips in horse racing.  He is also commited through his organisation to supporting use of horses in the RDA (riding for the disabled association) worldwide. 

Monty introduced us to a child who had cancer and was not responding to conventional treatment.  Through her contact with horses her joy in life was rekindled and this helped her to overcome her illness. She is now in remission and is a strong healthy teenager with her own horse.

As a rider myself for over 40 years I can only say that animals have enormous capacity to promote healing and we should all support such organisations as the RDA.  All of the riders featured on this website support such projects.

Monty Roberts, the Horse Whisperer, signing his book

The Man Who Listens to Horses

published by Arrow Books UK (7.99 gbp, $20 Aus)

Special Needs Childrens Training Clinic

A low cost clinic for Special Needs Children including Autistim ADHD Aspergers' conditions at the same venue -The Belmont Sports and Recreation Club Belmont Perth. This is a lovely venue as the committee room we will use has a sunny aspect and overlooks the grass and lake.

There is parking for cars at the rear by the back door on the level. There are also disabled toilets available -wheelchair access is often a problem in running these kinds of clinics as is general access, so I am delighted to be welcomed here.
I have been involved in treating these problems in children for over 25 years and can safely say that without exception they have all improved giving them and their families a much better quality of life. The manager Kevin Watson has been very helpful and welcoming in allowing us to work there.
For details of clinic times click on this link and scroll down to the appropriate section.  Appointments and Seminars

One of the children seen below riding at the RDA Capricorn Club Perth,has been homeopathically treated for nine months now. During that time her mother has noticed a 90% improvement in her health.

One of the children aged three and a half enjoying a ride at

The Capricorn Club Peth Western Australia Riding for Disabled Association

run by dedicated volunteers

This centre is in mature, pristine natural bush land with ancient grass trees and eucalypts. These disabled children with severe handicaps are enabled to ride through the bush adjoing the centre. This experience makes an incredible difference to their physical and emotional wellbeing. It enhances their general development and is something they look forward to and really enjoy. It greatly improves the quality of life for these children and their families. 



5th Homeopathic Medicine Conference

We have the 5th Homeopathic Medicine Conference in Fremantle this year 28/29th October and I have been appointed joint MC with Michael Blanch, a previous President for 10 years of the WA AHA. We are both attendees at the Perth Swing Dance Association classes and the intention is to do a demo to get things moving at the Conference and provide a bit of light relief. Our teacher is another Homeopath Sophie Yesburg who will take charge and get everyone up on their feet -these things can be so earnest, well meaning, and so - well, - deadly dull, but we in Western Australia want to change all that! We have a great programme including Ivy Dieltiens who I worked with in Sri Lanka last year talking about Homeopathy in Post Tsunami Sri Lanka-our conference is called 'Homeopathy in the Real World' and we are very pleased with the weekend we are offering.

Email us for further information about the Conference on website

An Afternoon of Homeopathy for the Whole Family

Hosted by the Western Australian Branch of the Australian Homeopathic Association.  Topics inlcude introduction and home prescribing, children's ear complaints, first aid for emergencies, homeopathy for animals, help for troubled kids, hooeprophylaxis.  The afternoon will conlcude with an open panel where speakers will answer questions. 

Speakers include: Jan Owen, Kate Diamantopoulo, Linlee Jordan, Melanie Creedy, Clare Middle, Isaac Golden.

When:            12 - 4 pm Friday October 27 2006

Where:           The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle

Cost:              $60 including afternoon tea

Registration:   call 9295 3470

Spreading the word overseas.

Australian marketing

On the way to the UK in March I went via Bangkok and met the Austrade (Export division of the Australian Federal Government) rep Acharaporn who was very interested in talking to me about Homeopathy. She was fascinated by the idea that people could help themselves in Health matters with the aid of a small box of Homeopathic remedies. Arnica Montana Pty Ltd had recently exhibited its product range in Bangkok and Koh Samui in Thailand, as well as Korea and Hong Kong, and the goal of educating Australasia is being achieved. As she said-Homeopathy is unknown here and could do so much good.

Other export activities have included the development of a relationship with a Ukrainian company based in Perth who have exhibited the Arnica Montana range of products in Moscow Kiev and Warsaw from January 06 onwards-the most popular product being the Arnica Rub/Massage oil. We now have EU certification for our range as well as Australian Made certification which has greatly enhanced the viability of Australia in the European market.


Incidentally this occurred as a result of AM having a stand at the inaugural international Polo championships held at Langley Park Perth in December 05.   This is where the Ukrainian rep had seen the products - she had just been dragged there by her horse mad 11 year old twin daughter! The other contact was with the President of the Perth Polo club Angus James who went a real purler from his horse, crashed on his head onto the barrier surrounding the playing field, and had to be taken off to hospital by stretcher in a pretty poor state - I saw that fall in front of me and I really thought as a rider myself that he was so lucky not to have broken his neck. 

A week later he rang to thank me for the donations of AM products saying he was amazed by their effectiveness having experienced orthodox treatment including drugs and physiotherapy. He had not experienced much relief until using the topical products - especially a good hot bath with the Arnica Bath soak, a soap and water massage with the Arnica soap and a rub down afterwards with the Arnica Rub/oil.  He also took the Arnica 30 tablets I had sent.  He was very surprised to learn that his team were the original testers of the products 3 years ago! (see website testimonials) We have also had great news with another sportswoman we sponsor, Josephine Butler - see testimonials page - who now at 16 is competing in the Junior World Velodrome Cycle Championships in  Belgium this year. She has been Homeopathically treated by me from about 2 years of age - I have been travelling backwards and forwards to Australia for about 14 years now and her mother, a registered nurse immediately saw the benefits of this method of treating her children from very young.  She has had remedies at home for many years now as well as kits, Josephine and her 2 other siblings being instructed from as soon as they could read. 

This is particularly good for the Butler family as Carol is Belgian, and her whole family will be able to see Josephine competing in Belgium.  Josephine has recently been on continual antibiotics for severe sore throats and poor energy which was a real worry for the looming championships. Training for these huge events is really tough especially for young people, and constitutional treatment is essential for the well being of the athlete. After a few doses of the appropriate Homeopathic medicine Josephine has been able to discontinue the antibiotics and is now back to A1 condition for competing in Belgium.

Australian Made Campaign

Arnica Montana has been asked to participate in a three month campaign throughout Thailand's major cities including Bankok.  A film about Australian made products carrying the world famous Kangaroo logo is being made by them which will be shown for three months in all the major shopping centres and emporiums.  For a change this is at no cost to Arnica Montana.  As we exhibited in Bankok and Koh Samu earlier this year and Kate met the Austrade rep in Bankok on her way to England in March this has proved to be very fortuitous.  The rep was very impressed by the Homeopathic kit and CD rom which was demonstrated and commented that Homeopathy is unknown in Thailand and would be of great value there.

WA Activities


The WA College of Homeopathy was founded and registered as a Business name on January 16th 2006 with the intention of promoting further education in Homeopathy in West Australia initially.  The inaugural 1 day seminar was held on Feb 26th here in Lesmurdie in conjunction with a Red Cross Trainer with tuition in the use of the cdrom and kit for Accidents and Emergencies, each participant receiving an Australian Red Cross CPR certificate valid for 1 year in the workplace, a certificate from the WA College of Homeopathy and a cdrom and kit for Accidents and Emergencies.  It was well received and attended by 10 people, some naturopathic students and lay people.  The Red Cross trainer is very happy with her new found knowledge as in the past, as an experienced ambo with 20 years under her belt, she was well aware of the limitations of mechanical first aid.

Phil Adams' new products

In my absence Phil Adams, a Civil Engineer currently in charge of the Perth main roads project, also an Aromatherapist and Masseuse, has joined Arnica Montana with his unique range of West Australian wild flower essences which he has been inspired to make from flowers grown on his land in Toodyay a rural suburb of Perth.  These are very helpful in emotional and mental conditions.  In the UK we have had the Bach flower essences for many years now, and people have found them so useful in the past 100 years.  Rescue Remedy - a combination of 5 flower essences in the Bach range has done exactly that for years in the UK.  I recall giving it to my 2 week old son who, after a traumatic delivery with his twin by emergency caesarean section for severe haemmorrhage following abruptio placentae (both afterbirths tore off the uterine wall before delivery and we were all at risk of dying) screamed non-stop afterwards for days at a time.   After the Rescue Remedy was given he slept peacefully and was much more relaxed.  I am so looking forward to adding in a West Australian version of these flower essences, as of course on this side of the world different feelings and problems will exist. We have also made inroads at a local golf course-Araluen in the Hills - a spectacularly beautiful golf course. The golf pro was very impressed by the AM product stand and asked if we would be prepared to arrange for massages at Golf Pro events.  We have been delighted to accept this and I discovered that Austrade (among others) hold their corporate events there.  As they have all been rigorously educated about Homeopathy I shall be looking forward to seeing my helpful colleagues hitting their golf balls!

Professional activities

On a professional level I was surprised to find I had been appointed Vice President of the West Australian Homeopathic Association and also asked to be the National Council rep for WA.  This is really interesting to me as I will be able to help further the cause of spreading Homeopathy in Australia by contributing to the policy discussions at National Level.  It also means that I will get to travel to weekend meetings in other states which I shall really enjoy seeing! There hasn't really been any time for tourism since I arrived in Australia. 2 other reps from Victoria and Queensland are old students of mine from the College of Homeopathy in London where I taught for 15 years, so half the States in Australia are represented by COH UK graduates which is very rewarding to know.


Kate's Diary

I can stay in Australia.

On Jan 18th I was given a 2 year extension to my working visa here expiring on the same date 2008, and am now able to consolidate what I have been setting up in the last 4 years.

From the Hills above Perth-

Life here is changing rapidly to Autumn, and as usual am disoriented as I have just returned to Australia from 2 months working in the UK.

UK activities

The weather there was diabolical - below freezing on most days, and a persistent grey blanket covering the skies. Not the Spring I used to know at all. By the end of April there were a few days when the skies cleared and the daffodils, wall flowers, and tulips dared to show their faces!

It was a busy time and after seeing about 100 patients and teaching a Continuing Professional Development Seminar for UK Homeopaths and Homeopathic students on the treatment of Autism Bird Flu and serious pathological cases, I was quite happy to get back on a plane here. There is continuing interest in Homeopathy in this part of the world, and quite a lot of people wanting to emigrate this way.

I am delighted that several of my patients who have had major surgery for serious cancer problems have made good recoveries with the help of Homeopathic treatment alongside their orthodox medication, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

One of them, Michaela a 50 year old mother of 2 teenagers, had a melanoma covering the whole of 1 side of her face, and the other a 70+ great grandfather Herbie had had both a kidney and his bladder removed. Both made an excellent recovery and the Homeopathic advice was relayed through the internet from me here in Australia and remedies picked up from Mission Control in Brighton UK. Both came to the seminar looking very well, and gave their cases, very pleased to answer questions about their treatment. Herbie was insistent on the power of Rescue Remedy through his 3 weeks in intensive care-once he had finished speaking his wife Jenny enlightened everyone as to the many remedies which were added in to the Rescue Remedy as necessary on instructions as Herbie needed them.

It is a good way of dealing with patients and hospital staff who often have an agenda with fear surrounding Homeopathic treatment. It is perfectly safe to do this and I recall another occasion several years ago when a child patient at Guy's Hospital London-my alma mater-was about to lose her lower legs and arms with a severe attack of meningitis. The Hospital were OK about giving Arnica. It was fortified with several other remedies. She ended up losing only half a foot which is still devastating but recoverable from and more easily managed later on with prostheses.

For the record I do insist that all patients keep their own kits and any remedies I have prescribed for them in the past as they can then get on and help themselves as well as having support from me and the others in the Group Practice.


Da Vinci Code?

I recently attended a fund raising showing of the Da Vinci Code for Josephine (see above in Australian Marketing ) and it was packed-the film was no reflection of the book which completely absorbed me on one of my Perth - Australia flights. It was a good page turner and cohesive - the film wasn't, and I actually went to sleep in it! Tom Hanks as the sincere American Professor patiently answering Sophie's - alias descendent of Jesus and Mary Magdalene - persistently dumb questions in an unconvincing script so that we - the even dumber audience - could understand what the hell was going on. Actually it was really an abbreviated version of NYPD Blues /Mission Impossible-(where was Tom Cruise? ) based in Europe. Still-always good to be in the loop of what is going on, and of course, delighted to support Jo.

Carole, her mum, and I are both nurses and cradle Catholics so we have a lot in common.  We sat together reflecting on the 16 years we have known each other and laughing at the film.   As a member of Opus Dei myself it was truly enlightening!  It was good to see such excellent photography of England, my home city London, and all the beautiful architecture of the churches and stained glass windows. It is an elegant city.