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We are a bit late for the latest newsletter, but so much has been happening in the last 6 months and not enough time to sit down and do one earlier!


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Homeopathy in the UK

Homeopathy in Australia

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First Aid Kit to the Rescue !

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On a Lighter Note...

Homeopathy in the UK

The biggest drama here is the proposed closure of the London Royal Homeopathic Hospital which has created a furor in the Homeopathic World –see front page of website for further information, and to give your support to the petition to save it. We have had Homeopathy available on the National Health in the UK enshrined in the British Constitution with 5 designated Homeopathic Hospitals since 1948 - the year I was born. Homeopathic treatment has been available all these years, and so many people have benefited from this. The Hospital is now an outpatient clinic and shares its facilities with other disciplines and is still helping a lot of patients. With the steady erosion of funding from the Government and the deliberate undermining of Homeopathic treatment by skeptics and drug companies, there is a real risk that it will disappear, but not without a pitched battle from the grass roots.

Please lend your support for this worthy cause and help to preserve Homeopathy in the UK .


As National Council member for West Australia I can tell you that the Australian Homeopathic Association – our Professional body here - has passed a resolution to support the Royal Homeopathic Hospital and has joined in with the petition. The main reason for me being in Australia is to forge links between the 2 Hemispheres and for Homeopathy to be supported world wide regardless of any vested interests.


In April I had the pleasure of visiting the UK to practise and see old patients and some new ones, and worked for 3 weeks in the Stop Shop non smoking clinic next to Hove Station East Sussex where I will be from mid/late September till mid October.

Contact details for appointments from Weds 19 th September to Friday 5 th October are through Sharon Morris tel 01273 552822.

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Homeopathy in Australia

Excitement in Perth as the Homeopathic Education Centre based in Mount Lawley moves to much bigger premises off Great Eastern Highway in Coolgardie Avenue near the Airport.

This is an important development as it means that Homeopathy has really got a hold over here in West Australia . My colleague, Jan Owen has also devoted her life to the spread of Homeopathy in Australia and for several years now has been running the Homeopathic Education Centre from Mount Lawley East Perth. She has introduced a very effective display of commonly used remedies in bright colours which relate to the remedy – i.e. Belladonna for fevers is in a bright red vial - Hepar Sulph in green for infection and so on, and traveled round Australia in the family chopper introducing them to health food shops and chemists. There are now displays all over the place with accompanying simple informative booklets and pamphlets sold to the general public at very reasonable rates. What an achievement as remedies were not really available before in Australia !

Our committee for the Australian Homeopathic Association is very active and we are determined to keep going with the raising of awareness and making Homeopathy much more accessible. This year in Homeopathy Awareness Week we held an Information Day for the public in Perth which was very well attended and appreciated. Several practitioners gave informative useful talks with displays and videos with food provided as well… always makes a difference!

As I was working in the UK at the time, my contribution was to get a slide made up and projected onto the Kookaburra open air cinema screen up here in the Hills above Perth about this Open Day and it was seen by a minimum of 500 people for the 2 weeks it was shown. I made sure it followed my own ad for Arnica Montana so they got a double whammy about Homeopathy. I also left brochures, information leaflets, and business cards next to the ice-cream counter which were well taken up!

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Sponsor of the Australian Polo Crosse Team

Arnica Montana sponsored the Australian Polo Crosse team in April for the Ridley World Polo Crosse Tournament and the trucks and caravans taking the team of 4 men and women and their 16 horses across Australia carried 4' x 3'logos on their sides exposing over 250,000 people to the words Arnica Montana as they traveled across the country. Polo Crosse is a uniquely Australian sport and this is only the 2 nd World Cup which the Australians won last time as well in 2003. Since then it has gained in recognition and popularity all over the world, and is becoming as popular as Polo which of course originated in Pakistan and India . The players use lacrosse net and the pace is fast and furious with many injuries caused by the hard ball traveling at speed through the air. They also had a 2 metres Arnica Montana banner which they hung above the entrance to their base tent every day, with the Arnica Montana product range on display with the catalogues and other general Homeopathic Information available for anyone who wanted to read them.

The testimonial from their Assistant Coach is as follows:  


I was assistant coach for the Australian Polo Crosse team that won the world cup earlier this year. A big part of my job was the physical preparation of our players. Suzette Lyster introduced me to Arnica Montana products and I liked them so much I used them exclusively through out the championships. Massage, bumps and dints responded excellently to these products. Most importantly the players themselves trusted the product as they responded to their use. There is no doubt Arnica Monica products played a valuable role in Our Team winning the WORLD CUP.

Noel Challis Assistant coach Australian Polo Crosse Team


Suzette Lyster, who has been using the products since they were first introduced in 2003, was awarded the World Polo Crosse Champion Ladies Player – which I am so delighted to tell you! She has had this dream since a young girl and her comments are:


“Thank you so much for all the support and generosity. Without people like you, huge success in an event such as the 2007 Polo Crosse World Cup could not have been achieved. Your products are absolutely wonderful and I and the Australian Team hugely appreciate the sponsorship.”


The Homeopathic world is also as grateful for the enormous publicity this event gave-the really good thing is that as mentioned before for me it is a real coup as the other semi finalists were the UK team! All the International players competing were aware of the support that the Australian team had from Homeopathy. The cdrom and kit for Accidents and Emergencies was also available and displayed. In excess of 50,000 people watched the semi finals and finals during the last weekend in April in Queensland , so all in all there were over 300,000 people exposed to the Homeopathic message.

I am aware that Annabel Cross during Wimbledon UK gave a good press for Homeopathy, and as ever the real support has to come from grass roots to be effective. As Arnica Montana supports other West Australian athletes representing Australia at World and International levels the message is being constantly dripped in this way. Our other athletes are involved in Polo Tennis Velodrome Cycling Horse Eventing and most recently Volley Ball, as well as weight lifting in the UK . Homeopathy is demonstrated far better by healthy people than sick ones, and example tends to work better than endless pseudo academic conferences and learned discussions espousing how clever the practitioners and experts are. My mission is always about being generous with information and empowering people to help themselves and their communities, with us as Professionals guiding them when needed. This also takes the pressure off us if we work in informed tandem with our patients!

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Export News

Currently throughout July, Arnica Montana has been approached by the Australian Made campaign to participate in a month long expo of Australian Made products in Bangkok and other major cities in Thailand . There will be in-store TV advertising as well as a mass distribution of brochures carrying the information about all the companies and their products. We are so pleased to be included in this campaign and it is also a part of the stated AM mission-to raise the awareness and profile of Homeopathy throughout Australasia . I think this is particularly important in the light of the next Olympic Games being in Beijing .

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Bush Homeopathy

My 18 year old nephew Joe was caught up in the recent cyclones in the North West on the De Gray Station near Port Hedland North West Australia . Having survived bush fires using his kit for Accidents and Emergencies he was put to a further challenge when left in charge again of back packers working as hands on the station. The cyclone swept through and decimated the Station buildings except for the original homestead built solidly in the early 20 th Century. He made safe as much as he could with fencing the paddocks and enclosing the animals, securing down everything he could and got everyone into the house as the Cyclone hit-better known as hurricanes in the USA .

The windows and doors blew in and off into the sky and they bundled themselves into the meat safe with carcasses hanging around them-this was the sturdiest building on the Station with thick walls for the refrigeration and about 6 square cubic metres. He gave everybody remedies including Arnica for the shock and trauma, Aconite for the terror - they all believed quite clearly that they were about to die - Ignatia for the sobbing and sighing over not seeing their families and friends again and likewise Pulsatilla for their very real fear of abandonment and wanting someone else to take over and rescue them. Clinging on to each other Joe checked them all through the night until they heard the cyclone had blown out. Once sure they were safe to come out they emerged, finding complete desolation and destruction around them under the cloudless bright blue sky and radiant sunshine so typical of Australia

They lay on the ground, went into an exhausted sleep for a few hours, then woke up and put on the ute radio only to discover that another cyclone was about to hit in the same area. Having secured as much as he could with the help of the other youngsters Joe herded them into his ute and drove fast to Port Hedland and safety. He kept on using the kit for any symptoms arising out of this terrifying situation until he got to Port Hedland. Meanwhile - back in Kalamunda Commonwealth Bank I was attending to some business when a bank teller called out to tell me that Joe was on ABC radio giving an account of his experience, and was alive and well! ….somehow I always keep informed!

This experience has been enough for Joe and he completed his time at this Station heading East across the Nullabor Plain to Queensland to be a tourist jackeroo for holiday makers and a bit of well earned r and r!

In Alice Springs in central Australia near Ulleroo a patient of mine and his wife, a trained nurse, have asked for a good library of books which I got them from the Homeopathic Education Centre very cheaply as they were closing down. Pete, a Horticulturist, is now busy studying from these as well as talking to me in order to help in his local community in the future-his brother Stuart has been studying with me as well as at the local Australian College of Natural Medicine to be a Naturopath which does include Homeopathic Studies but at a very rudimentary first aid level known as “Homeopathics” over here. Their Homeopathy from me is far from rudimentary as I lectured and examined at the College of Homeopathy in all areas for 17 years in all subjects Materia Medica Medical Sciences Case Taking and Philosophy.

As Homeopathy started over here in WA in the 1850's with the Benedictines at New Norcia for the use of the monks and their charges I find it very reassuring that the wheel keeps turning round in these religious communities. As I said before grass roots is the only way to get it out there for the benefit of the community and it really is getting better here now.

Another real bonus was that I met an Aboriginal patient and his family who were descended from the original Noongyar tribe helping Bishop Salvado at New Norcia in the mid 19 th century. See website for info regarding Homeopathy in West Australia . His great great grandfather onwards assisted at the monastery and members of them are still employed there.

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Education in Homeopathy in Australia

The West Australian College of Homeopathy was established as a Branch of Arnica Montana to be able to educate as many people as possible in the understanding and practice of Homeopathy.

To date classes have been run every Sunday afternoon for the last 4 years for 3 hours for anyone who wishes to attend whether they are practitioners needing further knowledge, supervision, or simply to be in a committed self help group, students of Homeopathy and Naturopathy, and interested lay people. All subjects concerning Homeopathic Education are covered including Materia Medica Medical Sciences, Homeopathic Philosophy and Case Taking and Analysis, These seminars are counted as Continuing Professional Development hours needed for professional purposes when reregistering every year as a Member of the Australian Register of Homeopaths and to be enabled to renew annual membership of the Australian Homeopathic Association.

I am also an Assessor for qualified Homeopaths wishing to enter the AROH..

AM also runs regular monthly seminars for anyone needing their Seniors First Aid certificate valid for 3 years in the workplace - a requirement in Australia for most jobs, not just medical ones! I hire an experienced Red Cross trainer (who is also an active Ambo on duty in the community) to teach this part of the seminar. Once this part is completed and they have done their exam, I teach the Homeopathic element with the cdrom for Accidents and Emergencies. They leave the course very much better informed and empowered than when they came in, and are always delighted to understand how much more they can do in saving and prolonging lives. They receive their Red Cross Seniors Certificate and the cdrom and Accident and Emergencies kit to start using straight away.

During August I will be contributing to a 3 day seminar on Autism ADD ADHD and Aspergers spectrum entitled “Help increase your child's life”. This includes a public day for only $10.00 and I will be contributing on all 3 days.

The WA AHA branch has its AGM combining with an Information Day/Professional Development Day on Sunday 12 th August-same day as the above mentioned Public Day – which will involve trituration of samples of breast milk donated by local mothers into a remedy. We recently had an informative seminar with Alize Timmerman on Cancer so decided to follow up on this.

It will be a challenging weekend for me!

I have also given a comprehensive voluntary seminar to the Yanchep community group of about 20 people which was very enjoyable for me as the local participants were aware of Homeopathy and really wanted to know what more they could do. There were several committed users of Homeopathy in the group including a lady with so called terminal cancer. She actually looked better than any one else in the room and had an excellent quality of life and energy. She was continuing her standard oncological treatment alongside her Homeopathic treatment, a system which works very well and greatly diminishes the side effects of any orthodox treatment allowing the patient to benefit from its use. A win-win situation for everybody!

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First Aid Kit to the Rescue !

In September of 06, Kathy my bookkeeper, took her Arnica Montana First Aid Kit on a recent skiing holiday in Victoria. Great idea, especially as it was her first attempt at skiing (at 51 years of age!) On the last day she fell badly and snapped her ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tore her Meniscus and badly bruised the bone.  In her jacket pocket was her trusty Arnica pilules, which never leave her possession.  She immediately took one and waited to be rescued, which was quite dramatic.  After being diagnosed and carted back to her room by her two friends she got out the rest of her first aid kit and immediately got on the phone to me for advice.  Matters where worsened when she got back as during the next week she developed a huge (1metre long) Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) running from her ankle to her abdomen.  After being admitted to emergency and given morphine and blood thinners, scared half to death by being advised that she may die any minute and could have for the last week, she was in quite a bad state.  Once again, the first aid kit came out and back on the phone to me for more remedies.   The first aid kit has proved invaluable and now never leaves her handbag!  Thankfully, after 3 months, she is still alive, and is constantly being told by medical staff how lucky she is given the size of the DVT.  She takes her remedies each and every day in a bottle of water.  She is walking normally and - wait for it – back doing Lindy Hop Dancing – yes even with a snapped ACL.  Of course she will have to have surgery to repair the damage but is coping really well.  (for more information on the treatment given call or email me)

UPDATE on this case

The latest ultrasound has showed a reduction in the size of the DVT from 1 metre to just 5cm !  This has occurred in just three months.  Fantastic progress and no doubt due to the support of homeopathic treatment alongside conventional treatment.


Kathy has been told that the whole clot has now dispersed - she was on a drug trial for a new anti coagulant with 20,000 other patients whose clots have not been so bad, or cleared up like this - the difference being that she was on Arnica Carbo Veg and Arsen Alb daily from her A and E kit.  Although her ACL is not going to heal without surgery the meniscal damage causes her no pain at all and she is back cycling, running around with her grandchildren and swing dancing.  She has finally got rid of the leg brace, though very sensibly still wears the support stockings and continues with her remedies!

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Around the world!

The other week I had a call from a remote settlement in New Zealand from a lady very anxious after a white tailed spider bite started to cause local tissue and skin to become necrosed, and was able to chat and do an Internet consultation with her-she is feeling a lot better and all is beginning to clear up and heal well. She was disappointed that her AM sage cream was confiscated by the cognoscenti at Customs because it had honey in it - but 2 hours away from her in North Island is another Arnica Montana mole, an old patient of mine from the UK who is Maori, now repatriated, who had supplies and was able to send her some.

Not exactly in the Bush but over in South Dakota in the USA an enclosed silent order of Catholic Carmelite nuns have been ordering the A and E cdrom and kit for use in their convent. One of the nuns is a registered nurse now studying Homeopathy, and found it so useful she got permission to send them out to the other sister convents in the USA. There was a small window in their 24 hours when they could speak to make an order, and this message always came in the middle of the night. In the morning I would hear the familiar phrase “Praise be to Jesus Christ Kate! Please can you send “ etc etc….. It was always a good start to the day for me!

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On a lighter note...

The Perth International Arts Festival - I sang again in this enormous choir event –approximately 700 - which opens the festival with a Noongyar smoking ceremony in front of the audience in Supreme Court Gardens Perth. To my surprise and acute embarrassment I found myself leading the choir down to the bleachers next to the stage where the Percussionists were. Those who are last shall be first! It was because I was the last person on the end of the soprano line and we were right at the top of the bleachers at the back. We sang a fantastic Noongyar chorale with the conductor, also the composer, Ian Grandage and it was a deep joy to do this - the Deputy conductor Prue was a hoot and both conductors were so enthusiastic and cheerful, cracking lots of seriously bad jokes in rehearsals, that every time we met there was an overwhelmingly good feeling and a commitment to perform well. It went off like a rocket to loud applause and did sound great. I for one am delighted that the 2 lady Aboriginal singers Jesse and Della Rae had solo parts from the beginning. They had such true sweet pure voices.


Still swing dancing and singing and attending a lot of classical concerts with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra at Perth Concert Hall, and most recently attended a great jazz evening with Australian James Morrison trumpeter and Lalo Schifrin conductor /pianist which brought the house down. Lalo looked about 90 and shuffled unconcernedly around the stage laconically conducting and playing the piano so well. The encore was the James Bond theme which gave both the orchestra and soloists a great opportunity to shine very brightly indeed! It reminded me of the time I saw Stefan Grapelli's last concert in the Chichester Theatre in West Sussex UK-he was as elderly and a consummate musician He died I am sure very happy the following week and I consider it such a privilege to have seen him give his last performance. When I was 18 I saw Miles Davis the trumpeter in London and heard him playing that fantastic long note he was so famous for, and never forgot it - that was also one of his last concerts and in all these performances I have been in awe of the skill and great joy these musicians clearly have in their work.

I have also seen Tamsin Little UK International violinist and Yan Paul Tortellier (no score and no conductors baton) conducting the Romantics including Debussy, The West Australian Youth Orchestra who performed after the huge 700 voice choir for the opening of the Perth Festival early in the year, are really skilled and tight and so enthusiastic - a great joy to see and hear-this week another concert to which I am taking one of my 6 nieces and nephews – Mark, 13 - who is now studying the oboe at school. They are performing “Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz and Symphonic Metamorphoses by Paul Hindemith. The stars from the orchestra were the oboists and he was duly impressed by this and really inspired him.

On a much quieter note I spent nearly 3 hours watching “Into Great Silence” about the enclosed silent order of Carthusian monks at Chartreuse Grenoble. A very meditative and enjoyable afternoon. No-one made any noise during this film and it was not an audience of Catholic clergy! The producer had approached the monks 16 years earlier to do this silent documentary with only the sounds of nature through the seasons, trickling water, rain, wind, Gregorian chant, and some household noises (chairs scraping, occasional coughing, taps running, etc) for the sound track and it was so effective and deeply respectful of a sincere spiritual life. I had visited this monastery in the past with my children and am so pleased that such a film is on general release amidst the hype and bustle of current Western life. I have also attended many silent retreats with Opus Dei and found them healing and very life affirming away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

The other notable film for me at the Kookaburra open air cinema referred to earlier, was “10 Canoes” filmed entirely on location in the North West of Australia about the every day lives of the indigenous tribe there. It won major awards here in Australia and also internationally - please see it if you can - it is a real window on their unique way of life and surprisingly funny! At the award ceremonies looking very odd in suits these bushmen made a lot of cheeky remarks about what they were doing and wearing and astute comments about the audience - these remarks were translated and greeted with astonished laughter by the audience. They were really the highlight of the evening and this had been the lowest budgeted film fought for by dedicated film makers in Australia !

The really exciting news from here in Kalamunda - Hub of the Universe, is that Digby Hill, our conductor for Akapellamunda (our local acapella choir) is also Musical Director for the Spooky Men of the West. ( Australia ) They are giving a hilarious one off performance in BRIGHTON at the Komedia in Gardner Street Brighton on the 27 th of July. Make sure you can get there and enjoy the evening –notice an unusual Cossack Dance as part of the proceedings!

Sorry about your dreadful summer over there in the UK - we have had a lot of rain during our winter but still get to around 20 degrees most days with a lot of sunshine - I am so grateful for this.

All the best


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