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School of Homeopathy goes to the movies

The School of Homeopathy, which still has places left on its attendance  course starting this September, has created three 5-minute movies to help  prospective students learn more about the School and its courses.

The films, which feature Founder, Misha Norland; Principal, Mani Norland  and Supervision Principal, Sheila Ryan can be viewed on the homepage of the  School of Homeopathys website: and also on  their You Tube channel:

Founder Misha Norland talks about how the School stimulates students learning, the principles and ideals of the School and the qualities a student requires to study homeopathy. Principal Mani Norland talks about  how the School started, the types of study, the courses available and what  stands the school apart. Supervision Principal Sheila Ryan talks about the  supervision process and how students move from theory into their own  homeopathic practice all under the wing of the School.

Mani Norland says: Movies are a wonderful way to transmit information and learning and we hope the clips give people a better sense  of who we are, where we coming from and what we do. We have plans to  release more online movie clips for our students in the near future.

Each movie was professionally filmed in a set-up studio  onsite at their new home Hawkwood College, Stroud. The movies were Directed  by Mani Norland and filmed and produced by local Independent film-maker Fergus Anderson.

The School has also released 16 other movie clips of Misha talking about  different aspects of basic homeopathic philosophy and remedies. These clips  are taken from the DVD that accompanies the Schools home study First  Aid Course in Homeopathy. This short course is ideal for newcomers,  students and practitioners and only takes around 7 days to complete but  study can be stretched over a longer length of time to suite individual  needs.

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For further information please contact Mani Norland 01453 765 956 or

Mani Norland
Managing Director
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