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Mrs Beeton's Homeopathic Hints


Palpitation from nervous causes, LYCOPUS 3x 3 times a day, also IGNATIA 3x may be useful.


For hysterical attacks MOSCHUS 6 every hour or two. For the tendency and general nervous condition IGNATIA 3x a day.


For this complaint in nervous and hypochondriacal patients, ARNICA MONTANA is usually prescribed; in bilious and rheumatic patients, BRYONIA. For chronic dyspepsia HEPAR SULPH and for indigestion produced by overeating or sedentary occupation, NUX VOMICA. For pain in the stomach between shoulders 1-2 hours after food, NUX VOMICA. For great flatulence as soon as one eats, LYCOPODIUM. For dull heavy pain in chest like a weight BRYONIA or PULSATILLA; when nausea is the prominent symptom IPECACUANHA. Repeat doses x3 a day with food.

Influenza headache and lassitude

In ordinary cases for the aching pains ,begin with GELSEMIUM every 2 hours. If bone pains are marked, substitute EUPATORIUM PERF 3x. If the pains produce great restlessness, RHUS TOX.
If there is much headache with with pains behind the eyes, CIMICIFUGA. If much sneezing and running of nose with irritating discharge, or if there is great prostration and restlessness, ARSENICUM is indicated.


Enlarged with pain behind the right shoulderblade ,with or without jaundice CHELIDONIUM 2x; dull pain in the liver with jaundice and depression, MERCURIUS; liver sluggish with morning diarrhoea, PODOPHYLLUM 6x, dose - repeat x 3 a day.


Right sided relieved by heat , MAGNESIUM PHOSPHORICUM 6x. Left side of face and eye, SPIGELIA 3x. Chronic periodical ARSENICUM. Recent cases due to cold or draught ACONITE. Dose - repeat every 1/2 hour during attacks


ACONITE and BRYONIA are the most frequently needed medicines given hourly in alternation.


In early stage ACONITE followed by FERRUM PHOS every hour. When fully established, PHOSPHOROUS 6 every 2-3 hours.


In acute cases begin with ACONITE every hour or two. If relief is not obtained in 12 hours give BRYONIA. If patient wants to be quite still, RHUS TOX. If the patient is restless and desires to be moved. In chronic cases BRYONIA if the pain is relieved by rest. RHUS TOX if they are relieved by constant motion. DULCAMARA if markedly aggravated by damp.


In fat, flabby children with cold, clammy feet CALCAREA CARB 30 2 or 3 x a day will do wonders, in thin children CALC PHOS 6x a 3 times a day, in fair children with sweaty heads SILICA 30 x 3 a day.

Sore throat

Simple cases (throat feels dry, looks red, pain on swallowing) BELLADONNA every hour. If it begins on the left side LACHESIS 30. If tonsils enlarged with small white spots, PHYTOLACCA 1x.


Soothe with milk baths, skim milk or buttermilk. Bathe the face freely with the milk, let it dry and leave on overnight.Wash/shower off in the morning


For teething, when they are very fretful and want to be nursed all the time, CHAMOMILLA every hour or two. When the teeth decay soon after they are out KREOSOTE 6 twice a day.

Whooping cough

In the early stages ACONITE every 2 hours. When cough becomes spasmodic IPECACUANHA, DROSERA 6 unless following indications present. If child cries before fit of coughing ARNICA 6. If there is vomiting of thick mucus with cough especially in the morning or if urine deposits red sand, COCCUS COCTI 6. If spasms very severe, turns black in the face with them, CUPRUM 6. In each case repeat dose after spasm.

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