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Mrs Beeton's Homeopathic Hints


For a hard dry cough ACONITE is required in the early stages followed by BRYONIA if necessary.

For a cough with wheezing difficulty of expectoration and need of keeping the head high in bed ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM. For a dry spasmodic cough with sore throat and thirst BELLADONNA or a nervous cough HYOSCYAMUS. For cough with expectoration and pain in the side or in the head or between the shoulders when coughing, BRYONIA. For cough accompanied by fullness of the stomach and constipation or cough worse after meals, NUX VOMICA. For hard cough with oppression or soreness of the chest, PHOSPHOROUS. For a loose rattling cough IPECACUANHA. The dose may be repeated every 2, 3 or 4 hours as needed.


For this disorder when accompanied by great pain in the stomach and bowels, watery stools and exhaustion ARSENICUM is the remedy. When caused by drinking cold water when heated BRYONIA

For griping pains and indications of dysentery, MERCURIUS. When there is great straining not relieved by stool MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS 3 should be substituted. When caused by indigestion and indulgence in rich foods and pastry PULSATILLA. For diarrhoea in teething children CHAMOMILLA is a useful remedy. For painless diarrhoea with much flatulence and weakness CHINA 1x. For painless diarrhoea in early morning PODOPHYLLUM 3. For urgent diarrhoea worse between 5 and 10am ALOES 6

For watery diarrhoea with cold sweat on the forehead and great pain, VERATRUM ALBUM 6. The dose should be repeated after each evacuation occurs. Citrus leaves of any type chewed will stop diarrhoea. In children pulped raw eating apple also helps to treat this condition.


For simple feverish attacks ACONITE is indicated. Where there is dry heat, restlessness and anxiety give every 15 minutes till skin becomes moist. For fever with moist skin, FERRUM PHOS 6x every hour or two. For fever with trembling and prostration GELSEMIUM every 2 hours. For fever with flushed face dry skin and muscular twitchings BELLADONNA every hour (BELLADONNA is also the best medicine for scarlatina -scarlet fever). For fever of a dangerous character BRYONIA RHUS TOX and ARSENICUM are the remedies with BELLADONNA,MERCURIUS,and SULPHUR in scarlet fever.

Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)

When there is pain in the stomach which is aggravated by the least food or drink which is vomited soon after it is taken, ARSENICUM every 2 hours.


For acute attack -URTICA URENS tincture 5 drops every 4 hours in a wine glass full of hot water.

If inflammation rapidly shifts from joint to joint COLCHICUM 3x every 2 hours or PULSATILLA in the same way. For more chronic forms LEDUM 3x every 4 hours.

Gravel (stones in the urine)

When accompanied by flatulence and constipation, LYCOPODIUM 6 x 3 a day. When accompanied by pain in the back reddish urine THLASPI 1x 2 drops 3 or 4x a day. If these fail SARSAPARILLA 6 x 3 a day.


There are many kinds of headaches excited by various causes and presenting various symptoms ,but the most common are headache proceeding from indigestion, nervous headache and sick headache.

For the first of these the remedy is NUX VOMICA or PULSATILLA. For the second IGNATIA and for the third KALI CARB 6, also IPECACUANHA or IRIS when the headache is accompanied by nausea or vomiting coming in waves GLONOINE 3. For more or less constant headache with which the patient wakes in the morning NATRUM MUR 30. Dose - repeat every hour during attack night and morning as a preventative.

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