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Mrs Beeton's Homeopathic Hints


For acute cases ACONITE and BRYONIA as indicated under cough. Follow with IPECACUANHA every 2 hours if there is much wheezing and rattling, or if these symptoms are accompanied by blueness ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM. For chronic cases, if the cough is dry and hard,BRYONIA; if it is rattling, especially in old people, ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM. If the phlegm is very stringy and cough worse in the early morning KALI BICHROMICUM. Repeat doses every 2 hours in acute cases; x 3 in chronic cases.


For simple bruises and contusions make a lotion of 30 drops of ARNICA tincture to 4 tablespoons of water and apply to to the part affected on lint doubled twice over and soaked in the lotion.Cover with oiled silk (waterproof dressing will do!) and change the lint or renew the dipping as soon as the lint is dry. NB - IT MUST ON NO ACCOUNT BE USED IF THE SKIN IS BROKEN. In this case CALENDULA (30) drops should be used in the same way.

Catarrh or cold in the head

As soon as one is conscious of having taken cold through feeling chilly and shivery, a camphor pilule should be taken every 1/2 hour till chill passes off. ACONITE should then be give every hour until perspiration occurs. If the attack begins with feverishness ACONITE should be taken at once.This must be succeeded by one of the following remedies according to the symptoms. For running of the nose and eyes; EUPHRASIA 1x every 2 hours. For thick discharge from the nose unirritating MERCURIUS.
If discharge is very irritating and nose becomes very sore ARSENICUM. If discharge is very profuse
(running like a tap) KALI HYDRIODICUM 2x. Every 2 hours in each case.

Colic or pain in the bowels

The sufferer should have a warm bath and be well covered by warm clothes in bed. Have flannels plunged in hot water and wrung out as dry as possible applied to the bowels. If the pain makes the patient double up especially if accompanied by diarrhoea COLOCYNTHIS 3x. If the pain is accompanied by cold sweat on the forehead VERATRUM ALBUM 6. In each case the medicine should be given hourly until relief is obtained. For colic accompanied by severe spasmodic pains BELLADONNA is required.
For colic arising from partaking of food too quickly, NUX VOMICA. For intensification of pain at night with nausea and loose green evacuations, MERCURIUS. For spasms and pain caused mainly by indigestion, MERCURIUS. For colic in infants, CHAMOMILLA.


Where the constipation is habitual and obstinate an enema of warm water or of warm water gruel is of great assistance. For persons who have a bilious temperament and suffer from rheumatism or when the constipation is accompanied by a chilly feeling BRYONIA is desirable. For constipation that is accompanied by sedentary occupation and accompanied by a headache and piles, NUX VOMICA is indicated, in alternation with SULPHUR. Where constipation is habitual OPIUM is useful when with great difficulty of evacuation there is absence of inclination and the stools are small and dark;
Where even a soft stool is passed with difficulty ALUMINA 12.In eac case a dose night and morning is sufficient.

Corns /calluses/warts

Put ivy leaves that have been soaked in vinegar on the affected site. Leave bandaged in place overnight for as many nights as needed until dispersed. Vinegar and cold water on the forehead really helps sleeplessness.

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