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Homeopathic Remedies

Please remember this advice is based on the ‘Good Samaritan Principle'. In an emergency medical aid MUST be obtained.

Homeopathic remedies are made from the animal vegetable and mineral kingdoms.  They are greatly diluted substances which would produce severe symptoms in a patient if taken in their natural state.  However by a process of dilution and succession (shaking) the energy of these medicines is released and acts curatively where symptoms correspond to those of the patient. The principle dating back to the Ancient Greeks is that of " like curing like".  For example in tropical countries where a person is bitten by a scorpion, local people will crush the insect and apply it to the wound.  This will greatly aid recovery.  As Homeopaths we follow this principle but in a greatly diluted form.

All Homeopathic medicines have been thoroughly tested on human beings in comprehensive double blind trials known as "proving" and are still carried out today on a regular basis, both new and old remedies to test their efficacy. Hahnemann was the inventor of this well known form of testing medicines used still today in the pharmaceutical industry.

Homeopathic medicines are safe and effective and gently restore the body to health by the power contained within them to stimulate the body's own healing mechanism. They are normally administered by mouth in liquid or on pill form, but may be given by olfaction (sniffed up into the nose). I have successfully given remedies by rubbing them onto the skin where the patient is unconscious and the airways have been blocked by tubes in an intensive care unit.

The following remedies are all obtainable from the listed pharmacies listed on the links page. In alphabetical order the remedies are:

ACONITE: Common Aconite. Monks hood, Wolfsbane.
This grows in the damp and covered parts of almost every mountainous country in North or middle of Europe. The symptoms appear suddenly and violently especially after exposure to cold cutting winds, producing high fevers ,sharp neuralgic pains and great fear. It is a great remedy for panic attacks .It has an aggravation time of midnight when all the symptoms can suddenly get much worse and the patient believes they are about to die. Excellent remedy for croup high fevers severe muscle spasm and circulatory disturbances

ALOES: Aloe socotrina. Common aloes.
Trituration of solution in spirit of the gum. There is congestion of the abdominal contents usually the result of a sedentary life and poor habits in diet and exercise. Piles like bunch of grapes. Feels full, plugged up. Erratic bowel motions - lumpy, watery, sudden urging with mucus in stool

ALUMINA: Argilla. Oxide of Aluminium. Pure clay. Trituration.
There is disturbance of coordination and elements of paralysis in this remedy leading to loss of function in the body. Mentioned for constipation even though the stool is soft it indicates that there is experienced delay or absence of function in all parts. For instance, mentally the person is slow to remember or "catch on". Useful in old people or young children who fail to thrive or develop.

ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM: Tartar emetic. Tartrate of Antimony and Potash. This is an example of a mineral substance made into a Homeopathic remedy. A quantity will be triturated (ground finely) and added to the usual solution of water and alcohol before the dilution process is begun. In the past in its undiluted state it was used as an emetic, which gives us its main use now it is useful where there is an accumulation of mucus in the chest ,loose rattling will be heard on inspiration and expiration. The patient is weak, cold and sweaty and has profound lack of reaction. This remedy restores lung function to its optimum and will help to evacuate the mucus in which the patient is literally drowning in cases of severe bronchitis ,pleurisy and pneumonia.

ARNICA MONTANA: Much has already been said about Arnica - its main function is to promote the healing of trauma to the body, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It restores these 4 components to a state of balance so that healing can start. It is always appropriate to give Arnica while you consider other remedies to assist them.

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