Homeopathic Remedies

Please remember this advice is based on the ‘Good Samaritan Principle'. In an emergency medical aid MUST be obtained.

Homeopathic remedies are made from the animal vegetable and mineral kingdoms. They are greatly diluted substances which would produce severe symptoms in a patient if taken in their natural state. However by a process of dilution and succession (shaking) the energy of these medicines is released and acts curatively where symptoms correspond to those of the patient. The principle dating back to the Ancient Greeks is that of " like curing like". For example in tropical countries where a person is bitten by a scorpion, local people will crush the insect and apply it to the wound. This will greatly aid recovery. As Homeopaths we follow this principle but in a greatly diluted form.

All Homeopathic medicines have been thoroughly tested on human beings in comprehensive double blind trials known as "proving" and are still carried out today on a regular basis, both new and old remedies to test their efficacy. Hahnemann was the inventor of this well known form of testing medicines used still today in the pharmaceutical industry.

Homeopathic medicines are safe and effective and gently restore the body to health by the power contained within them to stimulate the body's own healing mechanism. They are normally administered by mouth in liquid or on pill form, but may be given by olfaction (sniffed up into the nose). I have successfully given remedies by rubbing them onto the skin where the patient is unconscious and the airways have been blocked by tubes in an intensive care unit.

The following remedies are all obtainable from the listed pharmacies listed on the links page. In alphabetical order the remedies are:

ACONITE: Common Aconite. Monks hood, Wolfsbane.

This grows in the damp and covered parts of almost every mountainous country in North or middle of Europe. The symptoms appear suddenly and violently especially after exposure to cold cutting winds, producing high fevers ,sharp neuralgic pains and great fear. It is a great remedy for panic attacks .It has an aggravation time of midnight when all the symptoms can suddenly get much worse and the patient believes they are about to die. Excellent remedy for croup high fevers severe muscle spasm and circulatory disturbances

ALOES: Aloe socotrina. Common aloes.

Trituration of solution in spirit of the gum. There is congestion of the abdominal contents usually the result of a sedentary life and poor habits in diet and exercise. Piles like bunch of grapes. Feels full, plugged up. Erratic bowel motions - lumpy, watery, sudden urging with mucus in stool

ALUMINA: Argilla. Oxide of Aluminium. Pure clay. Trituration.

There is disturbance of coordination and elements of paralysis in this remedy leading to loss of function in the body. Mentioned for constipation even though the stool is soft it indicates that there is experienced delay or absence of function in all parts. For instance, mentally the person is slow to remember or "catch on". Useful in old people or young children who fail to thrive or develop.

ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM: Tartar emetic. Tartrate of Antimony and Potash.

This is an example of a mineral substance made into a Homeopathic remedy. A quantity will be triturated (ground finely) and added to the usual solution of water and alcohol before the dilution process is begun. In the past in its undiluted state it was used as an emetic, which gives us its main use now it is useful where there is an accumulation of mucus in the chest ,loose rattling will be heard on inspiration and expiration. The patient is weak, cold and sweaty and has profound lack of reaction. This remedy restores lung function to its optimum and will help to evacuate the mucus in which the patient is literally drowning in cases of severe bronchitis ,pleurisy and pneumonia.


Much has already been said about Arnica - its main function is to promote the healing of trauma to the body, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It restores these 4 components to a state of balance so that healing can start. It is always appropriate to give Arnica while you consider other remedies to assist them.

ARSENICUM: White oxide of Metallic Arsenic.

Another mineral poisonous in its natural state but a great healer when used Homeopathically .This remedy affects every organ and tissue. There is disorganized blood and the patient feels weak and collapsed. He is demanding and asks for sips of water all the time which do not quench his thirst. Weakness and emaciation is rapid, and the patient is extremely restless. There is agonizing fear of death and they are worse at midnight. There are severe burning pains. The appearance of the patient will determine whether they need Aconite or Arsenicum -The Arsenicum patient is deathly to look at -the Aconite bright eyes and a full bounding pulse Very useful in any gastric complaint such as food poisoning ,or where there is a collapse.

BELLADONNA: Again a deadly poison in its natural state.

This remedy is a stand-by in life for almost all fevers and throbbing pulsating pains. The appearance of the patient is of a bright red face -dilated pupils and extreme fever with radiant heat coming off the skin. Behaviour may be delirious and the patient may be completely violent, even barking and crawling round the floor. The patient does not generally recognize his attendants and may attack them biting and spitting "barking mad". In cases of high fever there will be rapid relief of all symptoms the patient usually falling into a natural sleep waking cured in the morning. The cause of the symptoms does not matter - it is the "picture of the patient" that Homeopaths observe and prescribe for. Thus in meningitis while getting medical help it would be appropriate to give Belladonna and Arnica frequently, i.e. every 5 minutes. This is a common occurrence for me. Patients have often phoned over the years in a panic over their children who appear to have symptoms of meningitis. As they keep common remedies at home such as these it is therefore an easy matter to give this advice and start treatment. There have always been good results to everyone's relief.

BRYONIA. Bryonia Alba. White Bryony. Tincture of root obtained before flowering.

A vegetable remedy which cured Hahnemann of severe chest infections in the last 10 years of his life. Its chief characteristic is that all symptoms are much worse for any movement causing severe pain. Therefore the patient wishes to lie still and, if possible, will lie facing the wall so as not to have any stimulus even by turning his eyes to look at something. This remedy saved my son's life at 15 months of age. He collapsed in the bath in front of his twin sister, older sister and his father and I. I could not resuscitate him even being well versed in resuscitation techniques as a trained nurse. He was motionless and not responding to any stimulus. I was inspired to give him Bryonia after praying not to give up hope after the statutory 3 minutes. He gave a huge gasp, the colour rushed back into his face and he was back. I have never forgotten this and it is my mission in life to educate as many people as I can in my lifetime to learn about Homeopathy and its uses.

CALC. CARB. Impure calcium carbonate. A trituration of the middle layer of oyster shells. Also made from carbonate of lime precipitated from a solution of chalk in hydrochloric acid.

A mineral remedy of great use in the whole system Where the body is slow to develop in the bone glands and tissues causing deficient growth and slow healing. For example in young children there is a flabbiness about them, physically and reflected mentally and emotionally. There is lack of reaction when ill and when trying to recover from illnesses in particular glandular and chest problems causing the disease to linger. Children are slow to teethe and walk and talk late. Comprehension is there but with slow reaction. My eldest daughter was very late in all aspects of her development - as a young child her teeth were very late in appearing and she didn't walk or talk until 3 years of age. In fact she would not put her feet to the ground to weight bear or walk, preferring to bum shuffle. She is now a healthy, strong 25 year old although very sensitive - the good thing is it makes her very perceptive of other peoples' needs and an excellent photographer!

CALC. PHOS. Phosphate of lime. Tricalcic Phosphate.

A mixture of the basic and other phosphates of lime, made by dropping dilute phosphoric acid into lime water. Similar to Calc Carb but has its own characteristic symptoms. Affects nutrition of bones and glands Promotes mending of bones in fractures and comforts in growing pains experienced by children. It assists in resolving swollen glands. Useful in school children who get bad headaches from studying and in teenagers who grow too quickly without the corresponding tissue and feel weak - "outgrow their strength".

CALENDULA. Calendula officinalis. Marigold. Tincture of leaves and flowers.

A healing agent in open sore or lacerated wounds .Very effective if given in remedy form with external dressings made from the tincture applied where needed. Has the power to staunch bleeding used in its undiluted tincture. Keeps wounds free from infection. In Germany it is used as an anti-cancer remedy internally on a daily basis. It keeps the blood clean and helps prevent septicaemia.

CHAMOMILLA: Matricaria chamomilla. Tincture of whole fresh plant.

This remedy deals with ailments from anger - whatever the cause! In exhausted pregnant women and children who are teething and in pain. Anger at menstrual times .There is unreasonable bad temper and the patient cannot be satisfied - always demanding another alternative which is never the right thing. Pain experienced is intolerable. Would be useful for those who have had strokes. Digestive upsets where the stool is hot, mucusy and contains undigested food.

CHINA: Cinchona Officinalis. Peruvian bark. Tincture of the dried bark.

Hahnemann's remedy of discovery -through the use of this remedy he was able to cure malaria and saved the lives of many in a severe typhus epidemic in the 19th century. This at last brought him recognition and appreciation of his tireless work in Homeopathy. It is a remedy for the loss of body fluids - blood, sweat, vomit, diarrhoea - where the patient has become dehydrated and in shock. It is a remedy not to be without.

CHELIDONIUM: Chelidonium majus. Greater Celandine. Tincture of entire fresh plant at time of flowering.

Wonderful remedy for supporting the liver -useful in all forms of jaundice and liver complaints; hepatitis, gall bladder problems, digestive problems, spleen problems. Liver complications in pregnancy and lung infections.

CIMICIFUGA: Cimicifuga racemosa. Black Cohosh. Trituration of the resinoid Macrotyn. Tincture of the root.

This remedy is useful in severe headaches where there are peculiar anomalies-as if a lid is open in the head and the air is coming into the brain. Acute neuralgic pains alternating with severe mental symptoms and delusions, fear of rats. A good post natal remedy. Severe black depression and the patient feels as if they are going mad.

COCCUS CACTI: Cochineal. An insect infesting cactus plants.

The dried bodies of the female insects are used for making a tincture or trituration. This remedy is particularly useful in whooping cough. The mucus is profuse thick and ropy and hangs from the mouth during the whooping cough spasms. The face is congested and becomes purple red. There is an unusual sensation of fluid forcing its way through the pain. Also of use in gout.

COLCHICUM: Colchicum Autumnale. Meadow Saffron. Tincture of the bulb dug in Spring.

This is a good remedy for muscles, joints and fibrous tissue. Every little hurt is very painful. Rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis are helped by this remedy. Also helps in gout and where the patient is always worse for change of season - Autumn and Spring in particular.

COLOCYNTHIS: Citrullus colocynthis. Bitter apple. Native of Turkey. Tincture of pulp of fruit.

Useful in any form of colic where the patient is doubled up with pain. In babies who draw their knees up to their chest when suffering with colic. In adults renal and gastric colic. The pains are violent cutting spasmodic and intolerable. Convulsive jerks and constrictions during the pain.

CUPRUM: Copper trituration. Another spasm remedy.

 Convulsions and cramps in violent form. Useful in meningitis, epilepsy, tetanus. Any illness or disease where the muscles are knotted in cramp. There may be jerking and twitching, with blueness of extremities and lips.

DROSERA: Drosera Rotundifolia. Round leafed sundew.Tincture of active fresh plant.

Another good whooping cough remedy. This patient has extraordinarily bad temper and has been likened to Hitler! It also raises the resistance to TB. The cough of Drosera is rapid deep barking or choking prolonged and incessant cough tickling like a feather or crumb in the throat.

DULCAMARA: Solanum dulcamara.Woody nightshade.Tincture prepared from fresh green stems and leaves gathered just before flowering.

Any complaint coming on after getting damp and cold, especially chills, rheumatic problems. Thick eczema in children, ringworm in adults. A catarrhal remedy producing too many secretions from the body, especially bronchi, bladder and eyes.

EUPHRASIA: Euphrasia officinalis. Eye bright.Tincture of the whole plant.

As its name implies this remedy is useful in complaints about the eyes. Good in hay fever or any other condition that affects the eye, helpful in conjunctivitis "pink eye" as an eye wash - 10 drops to 1/2 litre of water.

EUPATORIUM PERFOLIATUM: Eupatorium Perfoliatum. Boneset. Thoroughwort. Tincture of whole plant.

A great flu remedy with terrible violent pains and a feeling as if the bones are about to break. There is also profuse discharge from the nose as if it was a tap.There is extreme weakness and violent, shaking chill.

FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM: Ferrum phosphoricum album. Ferric Phosphate. White Phosphate of iron.

Available as a Schuessler tissue salt in Health food shops and chemists.
This is a first choice remedy for people who catch cold easily. It will assist in the first stages of all inflammations - pains, haemorrhages, fresh wounds, bruises, sprains etc. Helpful in promoting the circulation in Raynaud's disease, poor circulation in the extremities. Because it increases the uptake of iron in the circulation, the tissues are better oxygenated and can start to heal.

GELSEMIUM: Gelsemium Sempervirens. Yellow Jessamine. Tincture of the bark of the root.

Invaluable remedy in flu, fevers, weakness and cowardice/stagefright.The patient feels weak, has to lie down, may have severe headache and yellow diarrhoea but no urine output. They are thirstless. There is a panic in the Gelsemium patient that makes them feel their heart would stop beating if they didn't keep moving about, yet they must lie down. Also to be thought of in meningitis along with Arnica and Belladonna. These remedies could be given in alternation on an hourly basis until there is improvement, when the dosage may be reduced. The patient has a sense of impending paralysis and it has been used in cases of polio.

GLONOINE: Nitroglycerine. Dilutions with alcohol.

There are sudden and violent disturbances to the circulation with a dreadful headache - pounding and as if the contents of the head would burst out through the skull. It is of use in sunstroke/heat stroke. The headache is in every part of the head and there is aversion to light. This may be accompanied by fainting and vomiting. Helpful in strokes accompanied by Belladonna and Arnica.

HEPAR SULPH: Hepar Sulphuris calcareum. An impure Sulphide of Calcium prepared by burning in a crucible the white interior of an oyster shell with pure flowers of sulphur.

Another invaluable remedy helpful in any infection where pus is present .This patient is impatient and irritable,and feels chilly and unwell.They describe the pains as sticking like sharp splinters wherever they occur.

HYOSCYAMUS: Hyoscyamus Niger. Henbane. Tincture of fresh plant.

This is a useful remedy for mental disturbances. The patient seems to be taken over by some bad force and behaves in a very peculiar way. He is quarrelsome and may fumble with his genitals - children have a real habit of doing this. He appears delirious and doesn't know what he is saying. He throws his arms about, can fall on the ground, sob and shout, muscles twitch uncontrollably and there may be stuttering and stammering speech with the patient muttering away to himself. It is to be compared with the delirium of Belladonna - not generally so violent. Often occurs where the patient is upset emotionally and cannot cope.

HYPERICUM: Hypericum perforatum. St. John's Wort. Tincture of whole fresh plant.

Helps to prevent tetanus .Is a leading remedy for healing puncture wounds (see also Ledum) and any injury caused by a knock or a blow in particular where nerve crosses over bone, ie. hitting hand with a hammer when banging in a nail, stubbing toe etc. Heals fractures of bones, sciatica and removes pain if given frequently. Also an anti-depressant. As an external application as lotion or cream prevents infection and heals the wound well -good in burns as a lotion.

IGNATIA: Ignatia amara. St Ignatius' bean (Phillipine Islands). Tincture and trituratio of the seeds.

Our leading grief remedy. Also effects of grief which linger, ie. sleeplessness, spasms, loss of appetite, alteration in functions since the death of a loved one or similar loss. The patient often sighs a great deal or breath holds and if crying will sob uncontrollably behind a closed door so as not to bother anyone else. They feel alone in their grief and are unable to come to terms it. There are often rapid changes of symptoms and contradictory effects -in fact a true hysteria overcomes the body due to the profound nervous upset, ie. sudden unaccountable blindness after the loss of a loved one.

IPECACUANHA: Cephaelis Ipecacuanha .Tincture and trituration ot the dried root.

A great cough remedy - always accompanied by nausea and often bleeding. Useful in all forms of croup, bronchitis, pleurisy and pneumonia. It is a first choice remedy in haemorrhage of all kinds, there will be the characteristic nausea/vomiting.This patient is notoriously bad tempered and unappreciative of the help he is getting from his attendants!

IRIS: Iris Versicolor. Blue Flag. Tincture of fresh root collected in early Spring or Autumn.

This was a popular North American Indian remedy. It acts on the gastro intestinal tract with particular reference to the pancreas and liver.Where there is acute burning sensation in the stomach or gut, or any other bilious troubles. Has been successfully used in migraine headaches with gastric disturbance.

KALI BICHROMICUM: Bichromate of Potash. Solution in distilled water. Trituration.

This remedy has a broad range of action. Its characteristic discharges are thick stringy and like chewing gum -very elastic and can form plugs which are difficult to cough up or remove. Helpful in all respiratory problems and also and anywhere there are mucus membranes in the body. Very helpful in the treatment of ulceration wherever it may occur. An excellent hangover remedy!

KALI CARB: Potassium carbonate. Salt of Wormwood. Solution. Trituration.

Although listed as a headache remedy this has many uses. Particularly in affections of the chest and in women where they have never been well since childbirth, and suffer in the menopause with hot flushes and exhaustion. It has the effect of toning the whole body to resist illness. Wormwood as a herbal remedy was greatly honoured by the Ancients as a cure for poisoning.

KALI HYDRIODICUM (IOD): Potassium Iodide. Trituration.

A remedy very effective in the treatment of persistent sinus problems, especially in the lower sinuses below the eyes. There are swollen glands and sharp stitching pains. Helps in chronic arthritis, gout. May have thick green and/or foul discharges.

LACHESIS: Trigonocephalus lachesis. The surukuku snake of South America. Trituration. Dilution.

Whatever the symptoms in Lachesis they will always start on the left and go to the right. Useful in all forms of sepsis and blood poisoning. There is usually purple discoloration of the parts affected. Great female remedy. Emotionally the patient is over stimulated and talks 19 to the 12 on a lot of different subjects without pausing for breath!

LEDUM: Ledum Palustre. Wild rosemary. Tincture of dried small twigs and leaves collected after flowering begins.

The important thing here is that Ledum - like Hypericum - has the ability to prevent the development of tetanus. It is used where sprains and strains have not healed and there is still blue black discoloration of the affected area. It is also along with Symphytum (Comfrey) a specific for black eye. All symptoms feel better for the application of cold water and often the patient will ask for a bucket of cold water so they can immerse the affected part. It is very helpful in rheumatoid arthritis where the pains in the small joints of the fingers and toes are very painful.

LOBELIA: Lobelia Inflata. Indian Tobacco. Tincture of fresh plant when in flower and seed.

A specific remedy to enhance the function of the respiratory system especially where there is reduced capacity due to serious lung disease such as pneumonia asthma cancer and so on. It helps the shortness of breath and encourages the expectoration of mucus impeding the uptake of oxygen.

LYCOPUS: Lycopus Virginicus. Bugle weed. Tincture of fresh plant in flower.

A heart remedy which lowers the blood pressure and reduces the heart rate. Typical heartbeat is rapid and fierce. There may be heart valve disease.

MAGNESIUM PHOSPHORICA: Phosphate of Magnesia. Trituration.

One of the best remedies for cramps of all kinds relieved by local heat, eg. in menstrual pain. Also good for convulsions and severe neuralgic pains. The pains shoot like lightning, are sharp and the patient often cries out. The pains will suddenly change places causing the patient to jerk about.

MERCURIUS: Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni. Trituration.

Listed as thick green discharge from the nose - mercury has much wider uses. There is usually ulceration in the physical body especially in the mouth, but also in the legs in older people. There is foul breath and foul discharges and sepsis (pus) will be present. It is the old remedy for Syphilis and much in vogue in Hahnemann's day. Unfortunately it often cured the disease but killed the patient.

MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS: Mercurius corrosives sublimatus. Trituration. Solution.

For diseases of the gut, especially in irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis where there is continual urging for stool and urine, painful and a feeling it will never get done. The stools will be shreddy, bloody, slimy and hot with excruciating cramps.

MOSCHUS -NUX MOSCHATA: Myristica fragrans. Nutmeg. Tincture of powdered seeds deprived of the mace.

There is a problem in the mental sphere with disturbances of perception causing over sensitivity. Wherever there is any drowsiness accompanying any symptoms Nux Moschata will help. With the menses there is sluggish action, brown irregular periods, in the head severe congestion similar to Glonoine but accompanied by drowsiness.

NATRUM MURIATICUM: Sodium chloride. Common Salt. Trituration. Solution.

A big grief and resentment remedy listed as a headache treatment. It is very helpful where there is long term grief and sadness not expressed and sometimes not even acknowledged by the patient out of remorse and/or guilt. There is often dryness running through the physical body and a fluid imbalance is often observed.
Here will always be an element of "never been well since" a long ago disappointment grief or sadness.

NUX VOMICA: Strychnos nux vomica. Poison nut. Tincture and trituration of seeds.

Great affinity for the gut associated with violent anger. Often indigestion, hiccups, constipation. Also associated with asthma combined with digestive problems. Night waking around 3 am and a tendency to overwork and overplay! Irritability can lead to violent outbursts and actual physical violence. Diarrhoea and vomiting with violent spasmodic evacuations.

OPIUM: Papaver somniforum. Poppy. Opium is the gummy exudation of the unripe capsule of the poppy. Tincture.

Where there is intractable constipation, no stool for days due to inactivity of the bowel. Small hard round black balls is all that is passed.The Opium patient has "never been well since fright or shock" and the system has gone into spasm. I was once on a trip back from France to the UK on a very stormy day which blew up into a fierce hurricane. We all feared for our lives and a trip that should have been 1/2 hour lasted for 4 hours, pitching and rolling with all cupboard contents falling out on to the passengers. Everywhere people were screaming with fright, vomiting and trying to get out of the Hovercraft. I thought I would never see my children again. For weeks afterwards I could not go to the toilet and eventually was reminded of Opium. I took it and the following day was greatly relieved! My panic disappeared never to return again.

PHOSPHOROUS: The element. Saturated solution in absolute alcohol.

A remedy whose action centers largely on the Respiratory and Gastro intestinal systems. It also has an affinity for the liver. The person is very sensitive and responsive. There is always a large thirst for cold water, and characteristically there is usually fresh blood present in any of the discharges. Twilight is a time for them where symptoms can get worse.

PODOPHYLLUM: Podophyllum peltatum. May Apple. Tincture of root gathered after fruit has ripened; of fresh whole plant, of ripe fruit. Solution of resinous extract, Podophyllin.

Another remedy for a bilious constitution. Affects the gut - alternating diarrhoea and constipation. All abdomen feels sore. Profuse offensive stools gush out painlessly especially in the early morning. Offensive piles.

PSORINUM: The nosode of Psora. The sero purulent matter of a scabies vesicle was used by Hahnemann.Trituration.

Nosode means a remedy made from a disease product. Where Hahnemann found cases kept relapsing he would give nosodes made out of the disease that he perceived to be at the root of the problem as a prophylactic. He would then continue to give other indicated remedies thereafter. The psoric miasm (taint) he believed to be a sign of poor reaction. In clinical trials he was proved right.

PULSATILLA: Pulsatilla Nigricans. Pasque flower. Tincture of entire fresh plant when in flower.

Often known as the children's remedy on account of its changeability of symptoms. Emotionally very sensitive whatever the complaint, alternating between tears with clinginess and anger. Another characteristic is that pains shift rapidly round the body from place to place - again whatever the diagnosis. The patient is always better for walking about in the fresh air. Any discharges are profuse, pale and bland. Indigestion with fatty foods especially pastry.

RHUS TOX: Poison oak. Tincture of fresh leaves gathered at sunset just before flowering time.

All Rhus Tox symptoms are better for motion, whether it be for an arthritic complaint or chest infection. The patient is continually restless and desires cold milk to drink. He/she is much worse for cold damp conditions and all symptoms are exacerbated then. Pains are shooting, tearing, stitching and keep him awake at night. He/she is depressed/miserable and desires not to live though not suicidal. Skin eruptions are painful. Large blisters as in Chickenpox.

SARSAPARILLA: Wild liquorice. Triturations and tincture of the dried rhizome.

Chief action of the genitor urinary systems. In the past it was always used as a tonic and blood purifier. It enhances the action of the urinary system in older people and encourages better sexual function in men. It assists painful urination where there is pain at the end of urination. In infants sand may be seen in the nappy. It is suited to old people and young children.

SILICA: Silicea terra. Pure flint. Trituration of pure precipitated Silica.

It is an evacuant remedy and helpful in encouraging the healing of wounds which have continued festering and/or have been slow to heal. It gives strength, resilience and courage on a mental/emotional level and has an affinity with the spine. Old coccygeal injuries will heal under its influence. It should be remembered that the coccyx is the tail bone which would give us direction - if injured we can lose our sense of purpose in life. In childbirth there is often damage to the coccyx as it bends away to allow more room in the birth canal for the child to pass through. I believe that this the reason that so many women suffer loss of identity after the birth of their baby and go on to suffer post natal depression. It has a special affinity with the spine giving it a more upright flexible quality - this is reflected internally on a spiritual level.

SPIGELIA: Spigelia anthelmia. Demerara pink root. Tincture of dried herb.

A remedy for nerve pain to be compared with Hypericum. It especially affects the nerves of the face and neck -the trifacial nerves. Pain is intolerable as of hot wires (shingles) and is helpful to sufferers of rheumatism. There is severe pain around the eyes and profuse watering of the eyes. Palpitation of the heart is its other sphere of action. The palpitations can be heard and is violent. It is a symptom of inflammation of the pericardium the outer lining of the heart.

SULPHUR: Brimstone. Trituration of "Flower of sulphur".

Known as "the great awakener" this remedy is of use in every case. If you are not sure what to do a dose of Sulphur often makes the picture clearer and is useful where cases do not seem to clear up properly. A dose of Sulphur will often deal with remaining symptoms. It is helpful where there are digestive symptoms and like Podophyllum has the characteristic of early morning diarrhoea.

THLASPI (BURSA PASTORIS): Capsella bursa pastoris. Shepherd's Purse. Tincture of fresh flowering plant.

This old remedy stops bleeding in any part of the body and also has a strong affinity with the urinary system. In women bleeding with pregnancy or childbirth it is very helpful. It is a great remedy for any urinary problems especially stones in the kidney and bladder which it will help to pass.

URTICA URENS: Stinging nettle. Tincture of fresh plant in flower.

As a lotion it is helpful in relieving the pain and healing of minor burns which sting and burn. As a remedy it is helpful in continuing the work of the external lotion relieving the pain and in breast feeding women as it stimulates the production of breast milk.

VERATRUM ALBUM: Veratrum album. White flowered veratrum. White Hellebore.Tincture of the root stocks collected early in June before flowering. Obtained from the Alps and Pyrenees in Europe.

A great collapse remedy. The patient is in profound collapse and has cold sweat on their forehead. There will be profuse diarrhoea and vomiting which will have had a very sudden onset. The patient is in severe shock due to acute loss of body fluids. They are very cold and even the breath is as cold as ice. Mentally there is delirium and delusions, the patient often behaving in a patronizing, rude manner to people attempting to help. They cut and tear their clothes and other peoples' in their delusions. Their language is often offensive and may be sexually overt alternating with religious mania. There is an exaggerated sense of their own importance and whistling is often characteristic.

Please remember this advice is based on the 'Good Samaritan Principle'. In an emergency medical aid MUST be obtained.


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