History of Homeopathy in Western Australia

One of the first initiators of the use of Homeopathy was Bishop Rosenda Salvado, a Benedictine monk who was a great supporter of the Aboriginal community. He founded the mission of New Norcia which today is a small town in its own right. The present traditional Benedictine community has twelve monks and many voluntary helpers, producing olive oil, grapes for wine and bread.

In his day, Bishop Salvado did everything he could to work with the Aboriginal community, learning their ways and language in order to communicate effectively. He treated them with respect as fellow human beings created equally in the sight of God and succeeded in building a monastic center which served an inter-tribal society drawn from widely separated districts. He is remembered today with love and respect by the Aboriginal community.


In his memoirs are accounts of illness and disease, though treatment of these seems to have been limited to Epsom salts and strong tea! However, in the museum are common Homeopathic remedies and in the library there is a small but comprehensive collection of Homeopathic text books, two of which are in English:Ruddock's 'Vade Mecum' printed in 1879 and 'Boenninghausen' printed in 1847. Both are in common use today by Homeopaths world wide. The other books are in Bishop Salvado's native Spanish and in Italian which he also spoke fluently.There is also a letter dated 1880 from a Chas. J. Wainwright lamenting the state of England under Gladstone and acknowledging an order from Bishop Salvado for Chemistry books and a small Homeopathic chest of medicines.

A complete list of the books in the New Norcia library is given below.They can be viewed on request to the librarian at New Norcia. For further details: Tel: (08) 9654-8056


Manual of homeopathic therapeutics: intended also as a guide in the study of the materia medica.
(Hardback) Boenninghausen, C; Roth, D. (Ed.) - London: H. Bailliere, 1847 - xxviii; 492 p. Translated from Dr Roth's improved French edition by J. Laurie, M.D. Acc. No. 80020572

Essai d'une therapie homoeopathique des fievres intermittentes.
(Hardback) Boenninghausen, C, de Bachmeteff, C. de (trans), Rapou, C (trans) - Paris: Baillere, Libraire, 1833. Salvado Collection. Acc No S872.


Nuovo corso teorico-practico alfabetico di medicina omiopatica - 4 vols.
(Hardback) Cavallaro, Cataldo. - Palermo: Tipografia di Francesco Nocera, 1844;1845. - Includes index, Vol. 1 pp xxvii, 302; vol 2 pp 415; vol 3 pp 378; vol 4 pp 252, 58. Acc No 80020478.


Manuale della materia medica omiopatica.
(Hardback) Tripi, Biaggio. 4 ed. - Palermo: Giovambattista Gaudiano, 1846-1847. xxxviii, 768, xxx, 199 p. Acc No 80020588.


Exposition de la doctrine medicale homoeopathique ou organon de l'art de guerir.
(Hardback) Hahnemann, Samuel; Jourdan, A.J.L. (trans) - 3rd rev. ed. Paris: J.B.Bailliere, 1845- bibliographical refs biblioraphy; ill; lx, 560 p. Acc No 21966.


Therapeutique homoeopathique des maladies aigues et des maladies chroniques.
Tome premier. (Hardback) Hartmann, Fr.; Jourdan, A.J.L. 3 ed. Paris: J.B.Bailliere, 1850. Acc No S7205.

Terapeutica homeopatica de las enfermedades de los ninos.
(Hardback) Hartmann, Fr.; Valero, de D. Miguel (trans). Madrid: Imprenta de Julian Pena, 1853. Acc No S7231.


Medecine homoeopathique domestique.
(Hardback) Hering, C.; Fils, Leon Simon (trans) nouvelle sur la 12 e ed Allemande. Paris: J.B.Bailliere et Fils, 1867. Acc No S7199.


Du traitement homoeopathique du cholera: avec l'indication des moyens de d'en preserver pouvant servir de conseil aux familles en l'absence du medecin; Le cholera morbus: traite en Russie par l'homoeopathie, Tratado teorico practico del colera asiatico. 3 vols in 1
(Hardback) Jahr, G.H.G.; Jal (Docteur); Torres, Villanueva, D. Robustiano de, Hernandez y Espero, D. Pio. Paris: J.B.Bailliere; Madrid: Imprenta de la Viuda de Sanchiz e hijos, 1848. iv, 100; 92; 247 p. Acc No 80020599.

Nouvelle pharmacopée et posologie homoeopathiques, ou de la preparation des medicamens homoeopathiques et de l'administration des doses.
(Hardback) Jahr, G.H.G.; Paris: J.B.Bailliere, 1841. pp xiv, 328, 36. Acc No 80020400.

Nouveau manuel de medecine homoeopathique premiere partie manuel de matuere medicale ou resume des principaux effets des medicaments homoeopathiques avec indication des observations cliniques.
(Hardback) Jahr, G.H.G. 6th Paris: J.B.Bailliere, 1855. Acc No S7192.

Nouveau manuel de medecine homoeopathique seconde partie repertoire therapeutique et symptomatologique ou tables alphabetiques des principaux symtomes des medicaments homoeopathiques avec indication des avis cliniques. vol 2
(Hardback) Jahr, G.H.G. 5th Paris: J.B.Bailliere, 1850. Index 808p, signed by Salvado.

Nuevo manual de medicina homeopatica primera parta: manual de materia medica o resumen de los principales efectos de los medicamentos homeopaticos con indicacion de las observaciones clinicas.
(Hardback) Jahr, G.H.G.; Lopez, Silverio Rodriguez (trans) 2nd Madrid: Carlos Bailly-Bailliere, 1858. Acc No S7180.


Enciclopedia medica in servigio della educazione d'ogni famiglia o sia medicina domestica omeopatica.
(Hardback) Mengozzi, G.E. 2nd Rome: Tipografia Artero e Comp, 1877. Acc No S7196.

Medicina domestica omeopatica considerata siccome ramo di educazione.
(Hardback) Mengozzi, G.E. Milan: Presso gli editori G. De-Maddalena E C, 1859. Acc No S7195.


The homoeopathic vade mecum of modern medicine and surgery.
(Hardback) Ruddock, E. Harris 9th. London: E. Gould and Son, 1879. Acc No S7197.


The biochemic handbook: an introduction to the cellular therapy and practical application of the twelve tissue cell-salts in accordance with the Biochemic System of Medicine by Dr W.H. Schuessler.
(Cardback) rev. ed. London: New Era Laboratories Ltd, 1979. Acc No S7261.


Traite homoeopathique des maladies aigues et chroniques des enfants.
(Hardback) Teste, Alph. Paris: J.B. Bailliere, 1850. Acc No S7212.

Letter dated 1880 from a Chas. J. Wainwright lamenting the state of England under Gladstone and acknowledging an order from Bishop Salvado for Chemistry books and a small Homeopathic chest of medicines:

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