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Q. Hi Kate, I was wondering if Arnica could help an open wound from a surgical incision that opened up right next to my ankle.  I had tarsal tunnel nerve release surgery 9 weeks ago.  3 weeks after the surgery I suffered a traumatic fall on the surgical foot.  The incision opened up an inch and is very deep, to the tendons.  It cannot be closed and has to heal from the inside out (have seen several doctors about this).  It seems to not be getting that much better.  I am 41, very active, and am also noticing my hair coming out in clumps.  There are no bald spots but it is concerning.  I am not able to walk yet and still on crutches.  Is there anything I can take to get my body back in balance to promote healing?  I am usually very fit and healthy and I feel emotionally and physically out of it. Thank you for any suggestions! Julie

A. Hello Julie-sorry to hear of your problems since your surgery.Arnica will certainly help your injury and will heal it from the deeper internal tissues to the surface.If you take it as Arnica 6 x 4 hourly that will move things on well.Arnica rub -available through this website shopping trolley-will help hair regrowth and strengthen the hair as well as help with the trauma you have suffered emotionally as well as physically.You can also have an internet consultation if you are not here in Perth see Appointments and Seminars section for the Questionnaire.At the end of the questionnaire is an outline of the fee structure.

All the best



Q. I have a badly frozen shoulder - I have been to my GP and been offered anti inflammatory drugs and steroid injections neither of which I feel happy about as I know there are bad side effects to both of these treatments-what can you suggest?

A. The best remedies for this are Arnica 6 Ruta 6 and Rhus Tox 6 which can be taken in alternation 4 hourly.A regular soap and water massage is very effective especially with the Arnica Montana Arnica soap-even better if someone can do it for you! After this rub in Arnica balm overnight and repeat the process in the morning -you will soon obtain excellent relief!

Don't forget that these sort of complaints are often due to overwork-repetitive work-especially if overlifting or even using the computer mouse and creating a repetitive strain injury. These issues need to be addressed and corrected. There may also be stress and emotional tension which should be taken into account, and dealt with perhaps through counselling, or just a chat with a sympathetic listener you feel confident with.


Q. Kate, thank you for fielding my question. I am beginning to take Arnica for hair thinning. I am 43 years old and going through pre-menopause. I am wondering what your opinion is of taking Arnica 30c instead of 6c. Also, my teenager is taking Arnica for the acne healing power that I have read about. (He noticed a change in 2 days!) We both have been taking 30c, but would 6c be just as effective as 30c for us? What would your suggested dosage be? Thank you so much.

A. It is probably better to use the Arnica in the lower potency -Arnica 6 as the problems are mainly physical.I suggest x 4 a day at 3 hourly intervals.After the 12th dilution there is no physical matter left in a Homeopathic remedy, and the closer to physical problems, generally the lower the potency.

The Arnica rub/oil we make is ideal for complementing the internal remedy dose, and really helps to stimulate the hair follicles when massaged into the hair roots at night.It also contains rosemary as one of the herbs in the oil, also used down the ages as a hair tonic and stimulant.

The added bonus is that the Arnica is directly absorbed into the capillaries that are in the skin of the scalp, and really helps to deal with any mental and emotional trauma the patient may be experiencing.

This is particularly true of cancer patients whose hair is falling out,young mothers post delivery who may be experiencing anxiety and sleep deprivation with small children,people with low energy and depression and so on.


Q. Hi Kate My name is ........and I am a good friend of Jan's.  Our sons go to the same school.  I was with Jan today and mentioned that my hair is thinning because of tamoxifen.  I was diagnosed with a small, early, malignant breast tumour last December.  I had a lumpectomy followed by radiation.

I was a perfect candidate for tamoxifen.  I have been on the drug for 1 year next week.  The only side effect has been the hair thinning. At first,  I lost hair around my temples just like I did after my sons were born.  The hair is slowly growing back but seems a bit thinner.

Now I have noticed that there is thinning on top of head.  Back and lower part of head are fine. I should add that no one has noticed at least not yet.  But I have had to reshape my hairstyle to give the areas more body.

Someone suggested I take some Milkweed.  Someone else suggested Silica.

A tricologist recommended a special shampoo with eucalyptus that stimulates the blood flow at the base of the follicle.  They also gave me an intensive liquid that I apply directly to the areas where I want to strengthen the new growth.

Can you help me at all?  Any advice that would be helpful?  I'm going to email my doctors and see what they can suggest.  But, I have a feeling that the homeopathic route will be the one that I will have to go down.

Sincere thanks for any advice

A. Hello Nancy - I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, and pleased Jan put you in touch with me. Please give her my love and say hello to the boys for me! As regards the Homeopathic route you are quite right, and I have treated many of these cases in the last 20 years successfully.

Tamoxifen is a bit of a nuisance as it does have these side effects.

The best thing to do for now is to take Arnica 6 x 4 a day and use the Arnica rub which I have manufactured locally in Fremantle Western Australia to massage into your head at night -  Arnica has been used for centuries as a hair stimulant, and my products are also combined with Rosemary as one of the accompanying herbs -also a hair stimulant and tonic.

Obviously you have been thoroughly upset and traumatised by the recent events and Arnica will immediately help to alleviate this on internal levels as well.

Really what I need to do,is take your case properly, and we can start this through the Questionnaire on my website which you can fill in and send to me via email.

Go to Appointments and Seminars section on the home page of the website and email it back to me.Any more information I need I will email and ask you for.

I am due in the UK to work for June /July and will be able to see you then.If not you can pick up the Arnica rub at Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in 8 New Rd Covent Garden London as they keep my products there.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Q. Hello, Jo teaches my son piano in Storrington and recommended this site!

I have struggled with anxiety and now depression for 8 months. Unwilling to go down the "prozac" route pushed on to me by my Doctor, I have tried many complimentary treatments. I have low self esteem, am moving house, am cold most of the time and feel lost in the world which feels that mind altering pills are the only answer.Please help!!!

A. I'm so sorry to hear of your problem and glad Jo put you in touch with me. Homeopathy can certainly help with your problem as it can with any other problem you may go to the doctor with.

It would be good if you could start by taking Arnica 6 x 4 a day available from Boots Health food shops and so on.

You can also send me the completed questionnaire in the Appointments and Seminars section so I can analyse your case as an individual and prescribe for you on a deeper level if you wish.

I am shortly coming back to the UK for my biannual visit to practise and teach and you can contact my practice in Brighton for furthur information. Janet Murphy is mission control and the tel no is 01273 419272.

All the best and don't despair! In the end everything passes.


Q. Dear Kate, I wondered whether you could help me?

I have been on the Internet all morning looking at the subject of depression.

My father died in November,following a 6 month battle with a brain it was diagnosed this time last year.He was otherwise a very fit healthy and happy man,who had only retired aged 60,the previous month to his diagnosis.This was obviously a huge shock to all the familyand I am finding it increasingly difficult to come to terms with his illness and our loss.I fear that I am becoming more and more depressed, but do not want to take conventional medicines.

I feel fine one minute and quite 'up',and the next minute I can be in tears.I have mood swings and frequently feel very frustrated and angry, flying off the handle at the smallest insignificant things.

I have broken sleep with many vivid dreams and feel constantly tired and listless.Although trying to take exercise such as golf,I don't really have the motivation to do it and when I do it makes me feel very tired;although I've always been a bit of a headache sufferer,I'm getting these more frequently because I feel so tense all the time.

Generally,I feel pretty angry and feel a huge sense of injustice that someone who worked so hard all his life and was never ill,who was a brilliant father and family man, could have this happen to him,and I feel like there's a huge hole in my stomach which won't ever go away.

I've read about St John's Wort ,Ignatia,Omega 3P fish oil,and now Arnica and I have to confess I'm confused as to what I should try!Perhaps you can offer me any advice? I'd be really grateful if you could help me.

A. Hello Michelle - I'm sorry to hear of your distress and glad you have found your way to my website.

I've just seen your order for an Arnica Bath soak which is a good start, and I understand your anxiety and grief.

All your symptoms are perfectly normal grieving expressions and they will pass.On a practical level I would get a book on grief from the library and you'll find librarians can be very helpful in this area in the UK.

You can certainly take Arnica for the stress and the shock of it all, and I'd take that x 4 a day-the lowest strength -6-is available everywhere from health food shops Boots etc.

If you could fill in the questionnaire from the website and email it back to me I can analyse your case over the net.This is a a common arrangement with me.

I am coming back to the UK for my biannual visit to teach and practise in Brighton if you'd like to see me there.

My practice in the UK has been running for 20 years and is looked after in my absence by 2 practitioners who liase with me when I'm in Australia. Tel no is 01273 419272 Janet Murphy is mission control!

Also I suggest you sign up for the free newsletter on the website and then you will always know what is going on and where I am. You will always be able to contact me via email and all patients registered with me have access for as long as I'm around.

I generally advise you to have a Homeopathic kit of your own so you can start treating yourself as well,and there is a lot of information about remedies and self help on the website.The interactive cdrom for Accidents and Emergencies I wrote is geared to people helping themselves as well and there is a section there on death and dying as well.

As a former nurse midwife and Health Visitor trained in the London Teaching Hospitals, there isn't much I haven't seen and dealt with over almost 20 years in the NHS prior to training and practising as a Homeopath.


Q. From overseas patients.

We are all returning to the UK on Monday and you will be pleased to hear that Mum's leg is much better. (She had injured her leg badly at the airport on arrival and ruptured a blood vessel internally. She used her Helios Basics + kit and Arnica Montana topical products to deal with the injury-available from this website)

I am getting increasingly worried about the upcoming birth, as the first one wasn't that easy.

in particular haemmorhaging afterwards which left me exhausted for several months. What is the likelihood of this happening again?

Also are there any remedies I can take to ease the anxiety and keep me calm during the birth?


A. Hello Kristie.There are certainly remedies for both your questions.

On the anxiety a really useful remedy is Argentum Nitricum which has the question "What if "firmly in the front of the mind especially where there have been problems before -most useful taken in the mornings as on waking is usually the beginning of the anxiety.It is accompanied by churning guts and a tendency to make lists in case you forget things and constant checking up on oneself in case anything is left undone.

With Haemmorhage in pregnancy you are right to be concerned as this could certainly occur again and Ipecacuanha is the first remedy of choice for this.The bleeding is usually accompanied by nausea and may even be vomiting.

A Childbirth kit is available from Helios UK also available from this website which carries 18 remedies commonly used in and around childbirth.

My interactive cdrom for Accidents and Emergencies with companion kit also deals with childbirth emergencies as well and is available from this website or Helios Pharmace UK.See Links page on this website for contact details.


Q. My cousin is a musician who sings in a band. He sometimes ends up with a strained voice or sore throat. Is arnica effective in treating this and how often should he be taking it?

Thanking you for your assistance.

A. Hi Anna - my son is the drummer of a Brighton UK based psycho punk rock band "The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster" and they do a lot of screaming and shouting and generally make an awful racket at their gigs and always use Arnica amongst other Homeopathic remedies for their perpetually sore throats. You can also use Calendula tincture 10 drops to 1 pint water and gargle and swallow. Also sage tea with honey is very soothing, as is blackberry leaf tea again with honey.

What he more than anything needs is decent singing lessons to help him use his voice more effectively and less traumatically! See my kitchen cupboard remedies on page for more info on sore throats and also Mrs Beetons section.

Best wishes Kate Diamantopoulo


Q. Can homeopathy help the immune system to target and kill an aggressive brain tumour ? A family member has been diagnosed with Glioblastomer Multiforme and been told that she most likely has 12 months to live. Have you treated patients with GBM? Many Thanks

A. Yes to both questions. Homeopathy can be received whilst the patient is receiving orthodox treatment as it will make the immune response resilient and facilitate the action of the chemotherapy and /or Xray therapy and /or surgery. It can also help to deal with any side effects from the treatment eg nausea, hair loss. Please make the most of each day with your mother as time is even more precious in these circumstances. Kind regards Kate Diamantopoulo


Q. I am out bush at the moment and someone approached me and asked me about 'Natural Therapies' as he is very concerned for his daughter's long term health. He is living in Darwin, and I was wondering if you could recommend someone in Darwin who would suit. Alternately he and his wife are coming to Perth in about five weeks bringing their daughter to a specialist.

In short, their daughter is 26 months old and constantly is getting the flu, leading to high temperatures and some other complications , especially 'middle ear infections'. The child has once gone in to convulsions and nearly died. To date the doctors only prescribe antibiotics, although they are now being referred to a specialist. The Father is very worried about the child and of course the effect it is all having on the family as a whole. The have another four month old child who has never been ill ....Yet!!. He would love to bring the child to a homeopath at this stage. If there is anyone you can recommend for them nearer to their home, if not can they make an appointment with you for when they are down in Perth. Any information you can furnish me with would be greatly received.

A. Children with persistent high fevers and convulsions are not usually in any long term danger but do need to be prescribed for constitutionally to prevent this recurring. It is never a good idea to be on recurrent long term antibiotics. To have a high fever is a good thing as it means the immune response is active and strong and responding to negative stimuli in the body. However recurrent flu and ear infections eventually bring down the general level of health and while a child is ill it is not learning -in this case the hearing may be impaired. As a child learns by imitation is is crucial in these early years for them to be able to hear well in order to learn to talk communicate and generally make sense of the world. Fortunately these problems are very common and respond exceptionally well to Homeopathic treatment by an experienced Homeopath. Common remedies needed here are Belladonna for high fevers leading on occasion to febrile convulsions and Pulsatilla which often helps with middle ear infection. (see Mrs Beetons section on website and kitchen cupboard remedies for furthur tips on how to deal with these complaints.) I strongly recommend that all families keep a Homeopathic kit at home and learn how to use it by following the instructions in the simple booklet inside the kit, and talking to their Homeopath for furthur advice when necessary. There are several comprehensive kits available through this website on the Products pages at very reasonable cost.


Q. I have a problem with macular degeneration according to my GP. This means that my vision is deteriorating. Is there anything I can help myself with as the doctor thinks nothing can be done and I have to accept it. I am not prepared to!

A. Macular degeneration is becoming an increasingly common problem as we all live longer and are constantly exposed to air pollution, damage from the sun, dryness in office environments, cars, air conditioning and so on.

Homeopathically it is always worth having your case taken and improving your immune response so that the problem you have can be minimised with Constitutional treatment.

On the nutritional side the diet needs to be high in Vitamin C and Zinc will always help

Usana nutritional supplements have a product called Visionex available from this website through the Usana link on the links page. Please look there for furthur information. Optometrists here in Perth are recommending this product to their clients.


Q. I have been reading about Arnica and its many benefits. I would be very grateful if you could let me know if it would help my husband. He had an operation for a very severely trapped sciatic nerve 3 years ago (laminectomy) the surgeons say the operation was successful but he built up masses of scar tissue, they then sent him for epidural injections, supposedly to reduce the scar tissue, which nearly killed him and only made the pain worse. The situation now is, he is on serious pain killers (oxycontin and endep) daily and thye are affecting his daily life, inability to concentrate, confusion etc! They call it pain management!!!!!!! my question is, would Arnica help reduce the scar tissue and could he take it while on these strong drugs? HE WAS A VERY ACTIVE MAN WHO ENJOYED GOLF AND GARDENING PLUS ANY KIND OF DIY. NOW BECAUSE THE PAIN IS TOO SEVERE FROM THE SCAR TISSUE PRESSING ON THE SCIATIC NERVE HE CAN ONLY SIT AROUND AND WATCH TV.


Having gone through all this surgery to end up like this. He was a private patient with a top Sydney neurologist who insists the surgery was a successful but “some people build up scar tissue”. I would be very grateful for any info on Arnica you can give me. Thank you!

A. I am so sorry to hear of your husband's disability. Arnica can definitely help him deal with the bruising and trauma caused by the surgery. It should be taken as Arnica 6 x 4 a day (6 is the strength). You can also use Arnica balm available from this website to massage into the area affected.

Arnica will also assist him in coming to terms with the emotional stress and mental trauma caused by the surgery. Constitutional treatment from a registered Homeopath will also help a great deal and rebalance the body so that healing can take place. Reference for registered Homeopaths appears in the Links section of this website. A questionnaire is available in the Appointments section on this website for an internet consultation.

Other advice is to get him into the local swimming pool and stretch out his muscles The non weightbearing exercise will help to get his body moving again. A local yoga class with a registered teacher is always of great assistance and the teacher will know which exercises he can start to do.

Yoga is non competitive and individuals do what they can. I have seen the combination of yoga and swimming work really well over 38 years of professional health care. It means the patient has to take control of his life and put his trust in his own healing capabilities. Noone is dependent on doctors alone for healing!These facilities are usually available at a very reasonable cost in local Church and Community halls and you are sure to find people worse off than yourself!

I would also recommend regular (weekly) deep tissue or Shiatsu massage –again these sessions will be available locally and it is best to go by personal recommendation. Nil desperandum!

Q. My first thought regarding health matters is natural menopause for women. Many women struggle when it comes to this time in life and I am sure they would appreciate any suggestions.

A. There is a lot to be done for women at the change in life. Constitutional treatment with a registered Homeopath can transform the lives of women with the associated problems of the menopause - hot flushes, headaches, flooding at the periods, excessive sweating, poor sleep patterns and low energy levels, depression and weight gain. Diet and fluid intake is an important issue here as is regular exercise - half an hour a day is enough to keep fit during this time.

Common remedies which help are:

1. Arnica 6 - tiredness, exhaustion, excessive blood loss at periods - taken 4 hourly at these times.

2. China Officinalis 6 - heavy blood loss and general loss of body fluids, i.e.. sweating -in particular night sweats leading to dehydration and subsequent exhaustion. The China patient is very oversensitive and weak physically. It is a leading remedy for anaemia -a condition common in menopausal women due to the heavy blood loss with the periods which may be excessively heavy and frequent. This is the remedy that Hahnemann, the inventor of Homeopathy, made his name on by saving the lives of hundreds of people in a severe typhus epidemic in the 19th century.This remedy may also be taken 4 hourly until relief is obtained.

3. Sulphur 6 - a useful remedy for the hot flushes and general congestion that women feel in the menopause.With the profound changes which are going on within the physical body it is easy to feel lethargic and heavy. Sulphur, known to Homeopaths as "the great awakener" is very useful at this time.May be given 4 hourly until relief is obtained.

4. Sepia 6 - this is a remedy which helps rebalance the hormonal changes occurring during the menopause. It assists in the overwhelming tiredness that is often felt especially in the afternoons between 3-5 pm.There is a feeling of indifference about everything due to the lack of energy physically and emotionally, often turning into depression and causeless weeping. May be give 4 hourly until relief is obtained.

5. Pulsatilla 6 - Useful for the mood swings women often experience in the menopause - rather like children - alternating between tearfulness and laughter but feeling generally abandoned and useless. They may also have temper tantrums and do not attract the sympathy and affection they crave. May be given 4 hourly.

Note - All Homeopathic remedies are safe and may be given until relief is obtained. Once symptoms are relieved there is no need to repeat the remedy until symptoms return. When they may be started again 4 hourly intervals is usually a satisfactory interval.

Q: What about warts on one's feet (between my toes actually!) They always come back so the treatment from the chemists are not long lasting.

A: Warts on any part of the body are a sign of one of the ‘Laws of Cure'. Constantine Hering, a student of Hahnemann's, described the ‘Laws of Cure' as follows:

1. Symptoms go from top to bottom of the body, i.e.. they work their way down the body.
2. Symptoms work their way from inside to outside of the body.
3. Symptoms will return in the reverse order in which they arrived as the body heals itself. Warts come under these criteria. They represent benign tumours which have worked their way down and out through the extremities. It is common that warts cut or burnt out of the skin will return - often with a vengeance! There is a possibility that they may also become malignant if interfered with. Homeopathic treatment is often successful in getting rid of these warts, however it should be remembered that the warts will not represent the whole of a Homeopathic case. All details of the patient must be recorded in the usual way before a remedy is given as there may well be other relevant symptoms needed to be assessed before a prescription is arrived at. Common remedies are Arsenicum, Album, Causticum, Thuja, Sulphur.

Q: My father has irritable bowel syndrome which flares up now and then and can be quite painful for him. How can Homeopathy help his condition?

A: Irritable bowel problems are a sign of stress in the body and need to be addressed promptly. Most people today do not take care of their inner health and simple management contributes to correcting this problem as much as the correct Homeopathic remedy prescribed. The main thing to remember is that the commonest cancer today in the Western world is bowel cancer. It is virtually unknown in 3rd world countries where the diet is high in roughage, low in animal protein and preserved or fast foods. There is also a strong emphasis on the importance of family relationships, community awareness and spiritual practice. In a homeopathic case taking all details relating to the patient are written down in their own words - i.e.. their subjective opinion of their problems.

Once this is done the practitioner questions the patient on all aspects of their life, with regard to mental emotional and spiritual aspects as well as the physical complaints. Generally in cases of poor bowel function the problem has been a nuisance for some time and there is usually a history of an unbalanced life i.e.. irregular meals, poor sleep patterns and inadequate fluid intake, with the attendant problems of inner stress re. work or family or both. Often financial worries cause the patient to worry in excess of what would be normal. They are generally not very good at taking time out or taking real care of themselves. The maintaining cause is often not addressed with the patient enduring beyond what is reasonable or acceptable, i.e.. an intolerable work or family situation. Common Homeopathic remedies in use could be: Lycopodium, Arsenicum, Natrum, Muriaticum, Sulphur, Mercurius. These will be prescribed as indicated by the practitioner.

As a rule of thumb re. diet - 3 meals a day including in particular a good breakfast, lunch and dinner with enough time to digest the food afterwards - no eating in the car or at the computer! Eight glasses of water a day and only a maximum 2 cups a day of tea or coffee, and these always followed by a glass of water to stop excessive fluid loss due to the caffeine in these drinks. Sugary caffeine high drinks, such as Coca-Cola™, should also be avoided. A glass of hot water taken on rising and on sleeping helps to stimulate the bowel into action and this habit should be continued thereafter. Live (bio) yogurts to be taken every day and Acidophyllus (obtainable at health food shops and good chemists) to recolonise the gut with healthy bacteria, and included in the diet at least 3/4 vegetables a day and 2 pieces of fruit. Wholemeal products should be used instead of white bread, cereals etc. Once these simple rules are followed the homeopathic remedy will then be able to fine tune the system and eradicate or greatly modify the oversensitivity of the gut.

Often people realize what it is they have to do, or face up to, to deal with the underlying stress in their lives and do something about it. This is the result of feeling better generally, giving themselves more time to think and most of all the drive and/or motivation to take further positive action. We all know about gut feelings, but often dismiss or ignore them. Homeopathic treatment puts you in touch with your unconscious thoughts and helps to give you insight into what needs to be done and, more importantly, the courage to do it!

Tracy (40) was bitten on the chest by a white tailed spider in her sleep. She attended her GP and was given a double course of antibiotics. The GP outlined the site of the bite area in black marker pen so that he could tell if the poison from the bite was spreading. The danger of this spider's bite is that is very toxic , causing necrosis (death ) of tissue and eventual gangrene. There have been 2 deaths and several amputations reported following white tailed spider bites in Australia.

Tracy did not want to take antibiotics and asked for my help. I advised her to keep in touch with her GP and to be open minded about taking Antibiotics - they would not conflict with Homeopathic remedies and Homepathic remedies, by improving the immune response, could help the action of the antibiotics. It is common for people to worry that Homeopathic remedies and ordinary medicines do not mix. This is not the case and they may safely be taken alongside one another if necessary or desired.

Having carefully listed her symptoms, she was given a combination of remedies including: Apis Hypericum, Ledum Gunpowder and Echinacea Pyrogen. Also Silica 30 am. and pm. She sprayed the affected area with a Eucanol spray which contains Lavender and Eucalyptus.

A few days later I reexamined the area and made a few alterations, giving her a combination of Arnica Ledum, Rhus Tox, Sulphur Psorinum, Gunpowder Echinacea and Pyrogen. To continue Silica 30 am.and pm. She was also using a Eucanol cream which contains Lavender Eucalyptus and Calendula. I advised her to apply Arnica cream to the outside of the rash area. The rash had not spread and the skin was now dry and beginning to peel, very itchy but no longer burning. In herself Tracy was much better - still very tired, but a lot less anxious.

More information about the white tailed spider bite is available on the internet. There is also a Spider Bite Victims Support Group: PO Box 156, Yankalilia, South Australia 5203. Phone/Fax: (08) 8558 2738.

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