Children's Special Needs Teaching Clinic

(Students of Natural Medicine will be in attendance)

Kate Diamantopoulo has had 40 years experience in dealing with problems associated with Autism spectrum, ADHD, Downs syndrome, cerebral palsy and problems caused by accidents and other related issues.

An International,  UK trained Homeopath RSHom for the last 20 years, she was previously trained in the National Health Service in the UK as a registered Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor. Also trained in Child Development Nutrition and Social work she has been looking after families for almost 40 years, bringing many skills into helping them.

She lectured in these subjects at the London College of Homeopathy for 15 years and was an Examiner and Moderator on all the Academic Boards including the Board of Examiners. She is currently Vice President of the WA Homeopathic Association and from October this year will be WA National Council Rep for Federal AHA.

In 1984 in the UK she co founded the Children's Multidisciplinary Dolphin Clinic, which is still running. During this time she has taught doctors and other health professionals (traditional and alternative) at their request. She set up a monthly clinic for cerebral palsy and road traffic accident damaged children, as well as other special needs children at a special centre funded by Health Education and Social Services departments and supported by Prince Charles and his Grandmother (the late Queen Mother), both users of Homeopathy.

Kate knows very well how children with special needs, and indeed all children and their families, benefit from Constitutional Homeopathic treatment as well as experienced advice on nutrition, management, and informed support. It is her intention to educate and empower families in these matters through the clinic so that in the future they are much less dependent on others for their health care.

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