Vaccinations - What you need to know!

Letter from the New AVN President

Hi. Well I suppose you've all heard by now. It's been a month since I took over as the AVN's new president. It was an interesting move. Kind of like walking in front of a firing squad. 

I stepped into a flurry of media interest for a start. What happened to Meryl? Is she gone forever? Will you be changing things? Nothing, no, and not really.... but it didn't matter. Most reporters knew what they wanted to report before talking to me. Nothing's changed there. Some were good. A Current Affair gave us a fair airing, as did Steve Price on 2GB. Damien Murphy's piece in the Sydney Morning Herald was at the other end of the scale. The only thing he used from our interview, he misquoted! 

Apart from the media, there were the battlefronts. As if I hadn't inherited enough of them, two new ones popped up just before the Christmas holiday period and demanded immediate action. The first was a complaint over our ownership of certain domain names: names using the word 'sceptic'. It had a deadline of 9th January. We ended up winning that one. You'll be able to read about it shortly. 

The second was the dreaded name-change (more on that later). It's deadline wasn't until February however it required us to conduct a general meeting of members, pass a special resolution by a 75% majority, and have the resulting application for name change in by then. If we wanted to appeal the directive, or even be given reasons for it, the date for action was, once again, 9th January. Whew! Was this engineered to all happen at Christmas?

There were more but I won't go into them. Thankfully the greatest barrage was that of well-wishers. My phone and email accounts ran hot for days. And I'm happy to say each and every communication was positive and friendly. It was wonderful to hear from so many supporters. 

So... why change President?

Well it's a long story. I actually had precious little to do with the running of AVN prior to becoming President. I was aware for some time that Meryl had been itching to get her teeth into some new projects but was finding it difficult because of all the attacks AVN was having to fend off, plus all the personal attacks she had been enduring. She also had all the other pressures of running a growing organisation. You see, the biggest problem is the amount of time this all takes up. I had been sitting on the sidelines enjoying the luxury of writing and researching without all the drudgery of responding to complaints, processing memberships, conducting meetings etc. 

So there was a desire to give Meryl a bit of freedom so she could pursue other related projects. Also, the fight against the AVN had been terribly personal. Most of the efforts to destroy it were levelled squarely at Meryl, the individual. It made sense to diffuse this by changing the AVN's figurehead. 

It worked. The SAVN think tank seemed to be immediately confused. What to do? Continue attacking Meryl, the individual, or change focus to the new chap? They had been collating a very personal dossier for years, and this seemed to form the basis for their whole existence. The primary goal seemed to be... get Meryl... we must get Meryl. Was the major part of their 'work' to be wasted now, simply because we changed President? 

And the answer is.... who cares? The Presidency has changed. If they thought that would never happen I don't know what to say. It's normal for office bearers to circulate in any organisation. What's not normal is that it took so long for AVN to change its President. The main reason for that was the role attracted so much attention... often in the form of abuse, threats and public derision. 

What will I do? 

I'll start by telling you what I won't do. I won't try to match Meryl. I doubt there are many who could achieve what she has in the past 20 years, both in quantity of output and influence over the landscape. But I'll certainly put my hand up as one who won't be trying. Anyway, Meryl will still be here. She's not leaving. AVN grew from nothing to a formidable political force in the 1990s, ensuring a conscientious objection clause was added to the landmark legislation changes that were occurring. This was due to Meryl's hard work. Not solely, mind you, but primarily. Since then, the organisation has grown in nearly every way imaginable, and Meryl has overseen the lot. 

But massive growth is always accompanied by discomfort. Not everything has been smooth. Some aspects of the AVN's growth have been downright painful. 

Meryl has become one of the most talked-about identities in the country. Not in every household, but in many government buildings, universities, and media houses. The thought occurred to me recently that outside of politics and high fashion she was possibly one of the most powerful women in the country. She was certainly facing off with some of the most powerful forces in our society - the pharmaceutical industry, the medical fraternity and the arms of government busily implementing vaccine policy. 

It seemed her every utterance was caught, analysed, relayed around the world, re-examined, and critiqued. The most vocal would embark on a tirade of personal insults. How dare she? Who does she think she is? People would excite themselves. Meryl has spoken... come - read what I've written about what she said! People spent a large part of their lives waiting.... waiting for her to say something, every day! They would then react. It was like an army of puppets just waiting for their strings to be pulled. 

I'm sure I speak for all members when I say a big heartfelt thank you to Meryl for all her work, and indeed her many sacrifices.

Our name
You would have heard by now that AVN has been directed to change its name. I'll take this opportunity to tell you what this all means, from the Committee's perspective, and what we intend to do about it. 

NSW Fair Trading (through whom we are registered as an Incorporated Association) issued the directive on December 12 in response to complaints our name was confusing and misleading. The directive is a "reviewable decision" meaning it can be reviewed (or challenged) if we think it's unfair. The review process can be short or long depending on how far it goes.

The Committee discussed our options at length. No material reasons were given for the directive, and no suggestions of alternative names were offered, despite us making two written requests for these. 

This left us in a difficult situation. In order to change our name we needed to call a special general meeting of members, propose a new name, and have it pass by a 75% majority vote. This simply wasn't possible while we hadn't been told what changes needed to be made to our name, nor given reasons why it even needed changing. How could we take this to our members? 

We anticipated many questions. The most obvious were... what's wrong with the current one? Sorry, don't know. Well, what makes you think this one will be ok? Ummmm.... don't know. Sorry.

Our options were:

1. Wind the AVN up. This was a very practical option. There had been so many complaints we had to fend off over the past few years. By staying on as an Incorporated Association, these complaints were likely to continue or even escalate. There was a well-organised group out there who publicly stated their mission was to destroy us, and they'd been making complaints to every regulator they could think of. If we wound up, we wouldn't be subject to the same level of scrutiny. It would make life much easier. The AVN could still continue in some form, just not as an incorporated association in NSW.

Unfortunately, this would also send a clear message to our attackers. Good on you. You did it. It was dirty but you pulled it off. You brought about the demise of a volunteer run not-for-profit charity organisation via serial complaining, abuse, threats, pornography, and more abuse. What would that teach future generations? If you don't like something, here are the best tools to use.

2. Call a general meeting and propose a name change. We had the time to do that: propose a new name, and hopefully get it passed by a 75% vote. But which new name would we choose? We'd been given no suggestions by Fair Trading of changes they would accept. We hadn't even been told what was unacceptable about the current name. What if we picked one and they said no?

More importantly, this was unlikely to stop the complaints. Those attacking AVN would probably throw a party about how they made us roll over, the media would trumpet the story far and wide, and next week we would face double the complaints. 

Mmm. Option 1 was looking better. Even though it was possibly worse than rolling over, the attraction was we'd no longer be incorporated, and therefore no longer accountable to the same laws. This was the way our attackers worked. They have no legal structure whatsoever. Just a Facebook page. 

3. Review. This was an appeals process. We could have the decision tested to ensure it stood up to scrutiny. We liked this idea. After all, we hadn't been given any reasonable explanation. If our name really was unacceptable, then we were certainly entitled to ask why.

And in fact, asking why was the first step of the review processNow  don't get me wrong. It wasn't that we hadn't asked before. We had. Twice. In writing. But we hadn't received a response. This alone was enough to convince us the decision was worth testing. 

We decided to take the steps necessary to find out why the decision was made. The worst that could happen is we would be forced to fall back on option 1 or 2.

One thing we wanted to avoid was having to pay for professional representation. We were fortunate in our Supreme Court hearing last year in that our barrister acted on a pro bono basis. Even then, we were left substantially out of pocket as not all costs were covered. 

This time around, we considered appealing to members to once again contribute to a fighting fund but we were reluctant to do so knowing the complaints would likely continue. So, while deciding to explore the possibility of pro bono help, we prepared to head into the review process without it if need be. Thankfully, the Tribunal (should the process continue that far) is designed to proceed with as little formality as circumstances permit.

The initial step of the review process was to invoke Section 49 of the ADMINISTRATIVE DECISIONS TRIBUNAL ACT 1997. This compels the decision maker to give us detailed reasons for their decision. Mind you, as mentioned earlier, we'd tried asking informally for this two times with no response. Now we were able to demand it.

We received the reasons on January 16 (click to read). The Committee met at the end of January to discuss and reconsider the three options. It was agreed the reasons didn't seem to be satisfactory. We decided to press on with a review. Our next step is to request an internal review. This is where another person in the department checks the decision - someone who had no involvement with originally making it. 

We should receive the outcome of this within three weeks of requesting it. If there is no change to the decision and the Committee still feels the reasons are unsatisfactory, we can then move on to the next stage, which is a review by the Administrative Decisions Tribunal. The Tribunal operates as it sees fit. It may conduct a hearing, informal conferences or simply review written submissions. Finally, a decision will be made as to whether the original decision is to be kept, set aside, or modified. Further avenues of appeal are available afterward if either party is still unhappy. 


Ironically, while overturning this decision would appear to be a 'win' for us, it could also prove the most troublesome outcome. We would probably be under constant threat of further complaints. Our opponents don't take kindly to defeat. When the AVN defeated a Health Care Complaints Commission decision last year (in the NSW Supreme Court) the response was an increase in complaints to more than a dozen regulating bodies. We simply can't keep responding to these, much less afford professional representation for them. 

Option 1 certainly looks the easiest. I guess it's our desire for justice that prevails though. In the words of Dennis Stevenson, ex ACT Member of the Legislative Committee:

"There's nothing more dear to our hearts than justice. Nothing can cause a greater determination to put things right, than injustice. Every one of us at some time believed in justice, even if only briefly. For many, that might seem a long time ago. For me, it's been a passion all my life. I never stopped searching. I never stopped campaigning. Know that I'm just one of many. There are millions of us."

It's difficult to roll over when the decision to force us to change our name seems unjust. When it comes in the wake of another decision found to be unjust, and hot on the heels of a string of complaints orchestrated by a group which is not incorporated, and therefore not subject to the same scrutiny we are, our confidence in the surrounding justice is further eroded.

If members have thoughts they would like to contribute to committee discussions on this issue please feel free to email us at Please be sure to include your name on these emails so we know they're coming from legitimate members. We've had numerous requests from people posing as members lately.

Kind regards,
Greg Beattie,
AVN President



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Children with a weakened immune system are supposed to have a flu vaccine every year – but the jab could be making them more vulnerable to deadlier viruses and epidemics.

The standard flu vaccine compromises their immune system further, and interferes with its production of killer T-cells, which is the body’s natural defence against viruses. Scientists from......

Immunologist admits that vaccines can't possibly protect infants!

For several years, until April of this year, I had been lecturing nationally to health professionals about the great vaccine hoax. Attending one such seminar was a board member of an association of health professionals, who invited me to speak on this subject at their national conference. I did, and had 90 minutes to present the most salient points from my 12-hour seminar. It caused quite a stir, and several clinicians thanked me for having the courage to speak the truth about this controversial subject.

Later that day, I sat on a panel of four experts to answer questions from conference attendees. Many of the questions were directed at the PhD immunologist on the panel, asking if the statements I had made in the morning presentation were true. To my surprise, the immunologist confirmed every assertion I had made.

The first was that it is pointless to administer drugs intended to stimulate antibody production to babies who are too young to produce antibodies. Infants in their first year mostly depend on generalized, non-specific immunity, including (hopefully) immunoglobulins from breast milk, to protect their young bodies from infection. They do not produce antibodies of their own until about age one. Despite this basic fact, the medical establishment insists administering a total of 19 shots, containing 24 vaccines, to infants on the 2, 4 and 6 month pediatric visits (Source: Somehow, the basic facts of human physiology and development do not apply to vaccines.

You can listen to an audio file of an exchange between an attendee and the immunologist about this question. She declined to be identified in my presentations, including this post, perhaps because she knows that anyone who speaks the truth about vaccines is savaged by the medical establishment and their compliant lapdogs in the mainstream media. It is professional suicide for anyone in conventional medicine to question the unquestionable (yet unproven) assumptions about vaccines: that they are effective, safe and necessary. I have stopped lecturing publicly on this subject for the same reason, because the attacks in recent years have become particularly vicious; and because my main message in my teachings is about personal responsibility, innate wholeness and opening to the largeness of who we are, not just vaccines.

Read the rest of the article here

No information, but plenty of bribes on vaccination

Today the Gillard Government has announced that it will penalise parents who have made a legal choice not to vaccinate their school-aged children.

Minister Roxon claims she is concerned about the increase of whooping cough. Further, she states that, "We know that immunisation is fundamental to a child's lifelong health and that's why we want to make sure that children are immunised at the right time."

The fact is that we already have the highest level of childhood vaccination we have ever had in Australia - over 95%. As a counterpoint to this increase in vaccination, we have seen a greater than 10,000% increase in the rate of whooping cough!

Last week, the ACT announced to sounds of joy, that they had the highest rate of vaccination in Australia. What they did NOT mention was the fact that reported cases of whooping cough were more than double that of most other states and territories and seven times that of Tasmania! These figures are from the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System. (Please see table at Whooping Cough Levels Australia-Wide)

There are a few issues that this government needs to address before they even consider bribing parents to vaccinate:

  1. Ask the question: >why are these vaccines not working? Why have there been no independent studies comparing the health of the fully vaccinated vs the fully unvaccinated?
  2. Pass legislation ensuring that we have mandatory reporting of the vaccination status of those presenting with 'vaccine-preventable' diseases
  3. Ensuring that we have mandatory reporting of adverse reactions to all vaccines with independent follow-up of all serious reaction reports.

Only when this information is available will society start to realise the true efficacy and safety of these vaccines.

Combining Pneumococcal & Flu Vaccine Promotes Seizure Risks

Feb. 23, 2011 -- Combining the annual flu shot with other vaccines -- particularly the pneumococcal PCV13 vaccine -- may increase a child's risk of a seizure associated with high fever.

It's a small risk of a scary but not very dangerous seizure. About one in 25 kids under age 5 get a febrile seizure (seizure associated with high fever). Getting the two vaccines together increases this risk by about one case per 1,600 double vaccinations in children aged 12 to 23 months.

The new data come from a CDC investigation of an apparent increase in febrile seizure in kids getting flu shots, first reported in January. Preliminary results of the investigation were reported at today's meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), a panel of outside experts that recommends U.S. vaccine policies.

"This adds perhaps 60 seizures per 100,000 children. And the good news is, if it were to happen, it would be on the day of or the day after vaccination, so parents can know what to look for," Frank DeStefano, MD, MPH, of the CDC's Immunization Safety Office, tells WebMD.

Supreme Court Betrays U.S. Consumer: Big Pharma Given Total Liability Shield for Vaccines

U.S. Supreme Court Betrays U.S. Consumer: Big Pharma Given Total Liability Shield for Vaccines

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), whose co-founders worked with Congress on the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (PL-99-660), is calling the U.S. Supreme Court's Feb. 22 decision giving drug companies total liability protection for injuries and deaths caused by government mandated vaccines a "betrayal" of the American consumer.

Court Ignores 1986 Act's Legislative Language and History

In a 6-2 decision, the Court majority voted to reject substantial evidence in the 1986 Act's language and legislative history that the 99th Congress fully intended to protect an American's right to sue a pharmaceutical corporation for injuries that could have been prevented if the company had elected to make a safer vaccine.

Victims of Vaccine Injury Thrown Under the Bus

NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher, said "Parents of vaccine injured children, who worked in good faith with Congress in the early 1980's on the 1986 law, have been betrayed by six American judges, who ignored congressional intent and threw victims of vaccine injury under the bus in order to give complete liability protection to a wealthy industry with a long history of hiding their products' risks. They have removed the safety net we were promised. If we had known this day would come, we would have vigorously opposed any federal legislation that limited civil liability for drug corporations now making substantial profits from vaccines mandated by government."

Hannah Brain Damaged by DPT Vaccine & Denied Compensation

Hannah Bruesewitz was brain injured by DPT vaccine as a child but she was denied compensation by the U.S. Court of Claims, which administers the federal vaccine injury compensation program created by the 1986 Act that has turned away two out of three plaintiffs... click here to read more and make a comment.

In the News

Mt, Lebanon Parent Loses Vaccine Battle - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a 1986 law prohibits a Mt. Lebanon couple from suing a drug company for the lifetime side effects their daughter suffers after receiving one of its vaccines. Defendant Pfizer Inc. and the American Academy of Pediatrics hailed the 6-2 decision as a victory for "life-saving" immunization. "Today's Supreme Court decision protects children by strengthening our national immunization system and ensuring that vaccines will continue to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in this country," read a release from the doctors' group.

Critics said the court left parents with no way to hold vaccine makers accountable and no feasible way to get compensation for the injuries suffered by their children. "As of today, you're on your own," said Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center.

Fisher and other parents who worked with Congress to write the law were promised an alternative to the court system that would allow for quick and fair resolutions of their claims while enabling them to go to court if the alternative system didn't work, she said. "Had we ever known or imagined that this day would come, we never would have supported the legislation in the '80s," she said. - Brian Bowling, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Feb. 23, 2011

Health on the Web

Death Sparks Vaccine Appeal 

Despite recent studies demonstrating very clearly that the whooping cough vaccine is ineffective due to mutations in the pertussis bacteria and the fact that most people who get the disease are vaccinated against it, the unvaccinated are still being blamed for outbreaks and deaths and the only answer the medical community has is more vaccination. 

THE death of a newborn baby from whooping cough in Melbourne this week has triggered a call for Victorians to vaccinate against the highly contagious disease.

Health authorities said yesterday that it was the first death to be linked to ''the 100-day cough'' in Victoria since 2004, and coincided with an unprecedented whooping cough epidemic for the state.

A Health Department spokesman said there had been 1353 infections reported since January in Victoria - more than double the 628 cases for the same period last year. This follows a fourfold increase since 2008, when 1672 cases were reported. The figure jumped to 3741 in 2009 and 6738 last year.

Pertussis Spread to Neonates by Immunised Staff

The highly transmissible nature of pertussis has been highlighted by an incident at a Sydney maternity hospital in which a fully-immunised nurse infected four neonates.

Described this week in Communicable Diseases Intelligence, the incident shows that extra vigilance is needed in healthcare staff working with newborns, in whom any coughing illness must be suspected to be pertussis, say the report authors.

Did the British Medical Journal publish Brian Deer's slander about Wakefield due to financial links to Merck? 

Why did the BMJ fail to disclose its partnership agreement with Merck, major vaccine manufacturer--13 vaccines, including the controversial MMR vaccine ?

Is it just conceivably possible, that the BMJ's decision to commission and publish Brian Deer's series of articles attacking Dr. Andrew Wakefield's personal and scientific integrity--and lend its unwavering editorial endorsement--without giving him an opportunity to defend himself--might be influenced by a SIGNIFICANT financial conflict of interest?

Death by Vaccines 

1944 Health Practitioners Journal, June 1944, reports Dr. S.S. Goldwater, the New York Commissioner of Hospitals states 'as a result of the drugs, vaccines and other suppressive treatments used to check diseases, chronic diseases are growing at such a rate that America may become a nation of invalids.'

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Professor: Swine Flu Vaccine Ingredients Not Researched

Not enough was known about the risks attached to the active ingredient in the swine flu vaccine linked to narcolepsy in young people before it was offered to patients, according to Professor Timo Vesikari of Tampere University’s Vaccine Research Centre.

Vesikari said that the active agents had been tested in the vaccination for H5N1, or bird flu, not H1N1, which is known as swine flu.

In response, Terhi Kilpi of the National Institute for Health and Welfare said that no clinical trials could have uncovered the link to narcolepsy.

The Pandemrix vaccination has been linked to 52 cases of narcolepsy in children and young people after they were given vaccinations against swine flu last winter. Read more here

Flu Vaccine Caused 3587 US Miscarriages & Stillbirths

A shocking report from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) presented data from two different sources demonstrating that the 2009/10 H1N1 vaccines contributed to an estimated 1,588 miscarriages and stillbirths.  A corrected estimate may be as high as 3,587 cases.  NCOW also highlights the disturbing fact that the CDC failed to inform their vaccine providers of the incoming data of the reports of suspected H1N1 vaccine related fetal demise.

One-year-old girl dies after polio vaccination

One girl died and a few others fell ill after polio drops were administered to them at Chevuripalem village in Mudinepalli mandal, Krishna district.According to information, polio drops were administered to children in the village on Jan 23 as part of the pulse polio programme. A one-year old girl, Saranya, daughter of a farm worker, Sonti Ravindra, developed fever the very next day. Her parents brought her to a private hospital here where she was treated and sent home. But after reaching home, her condition turned critical. The girl died while being brought here on Tuesday.

Many whooping cough victims have been immunized

California is experiencing its worst whooping cough outbreak in more than 60 years. Thousands of people have gotten sick and 10 infants have died, including two in San Diego County.
Health officials across the country are trumpeting pertussis vaccinations, but a four-month investigation by KPBS and the Watchdog Institute, a nonprofit investigative center based at San Diego State University, has found that many people who have come down with whooping cough have been immunized.
Ensuring safe and effective drugs: who can do what it takes?

In the midst of the H1N1 flu "pandemic," the Australian and UK governments commissioned an update of our longstanding Cochrane review on neuraminidase inhibitors for influenza in (otherwise) healthy adults. The review had first been published in 1999 with updates in 2006 and 2008. While preparing the 2009 update, we received a comment from a Japanese paediatrician. He questioned our conclusion that oseltamivir (Tamiflu) reduces the risk of complications (such as pneumonia) and pointed out that the evidence underlying this conclusion in our 2006 review was based on a single paper-a manufacturer funded meta-analysisof 10 manufacturer trials, of which only two had been published in the peer reviewed literature.2 3 To verify the quality and reliability of our previous conclusions, we wrote to the lead author of the meta-analysis, Laurent Kaiser, to obtain original data. We also wrote to Nicholson and Treanor, authors of the two published trials in the Kaiser meta-analysis. Months later, and despite additional correspondence with Roche, oseltamivir's manufacturer, we remained unable to access any data. In our updated 2009 review we did not include the unpublished trial data from the Kaiser paper, and concluded that the ability of oseltamivir to reduce complications was unknown.

Measles in the United Kingdom - The Wakefield Factor 

Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been persecuted and vilified ever since he published an article in Lancet in February 1998 and answered questions about MMR vaccination at a press conference in London.
Of all the insults and accusations leveled against Dr. Wakefield, the most painful must have been that because of his research, children in the United Kingdom and elsewhere were more likely to come down with measles and die.  
 Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent

Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent

New documents have emerged that clear Dr Andrew Wakefield of the allegations of fraud recently made by the British Medical Journal and its reporter Brian Deer. This new evidence "completely negates the allegations that I committed scientific fraud. Brian Deer and Dr. Godlee of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) knew or should
have known about the facts set out below before publishing their false allegations," says Dr Andrew Wakefield (see sources, below).


Almost December and so much to catch up on!

As the year draws to a close, the pace of events here at the AVN is
gaining  speed on an almost daily basis. Most of these happenings are
very positive  and our committee met last night to discuss these
happenings and to plan  the best way in which we can move forward from
here. I will be distributing  another newsletter next week to announce
some of the ideas we have come up  with and will also be putting
together a 'wish list' with requests for help  with some very special
projects the AVN will be working on in the months to  come so if you
feel that you have a few hours a month you can offer to this  cause, please stay tuned - you will not be disappointed.

Memberships, donations, AVN funds

There has been some confusion about why it is that the AVN can no
longer  accept new memberships or donations from non-AVN members. The
reason is  very simple - if you are a government bureaucrat or are
used to ridiculous  rules and regulations.

You see, we were registered with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and
(OLGR) for almost 15 years and the reason we were was because they
oversee  all charitable fundraising in NSW. Every raffle, fundraising
appeal and  charity drive comes under their jurisdiction.

And there are very specific rules for what does and does not
constitute  fundraising. If someone is already a member of the
association, any funds  they provide us - from renewals of their
memberships through to donations -  is not considered to be fundraising income.

Fees from new members, however, are considered to be donations as are 
donations from non-members so these funds come under the auspices of
the  OLGR.

Normally, non-charities can and do accept donations with no
requirement  whatsoever to prove what they are doing with those funds.
One group in  particular comes to mind. It is one of the groups that
is trying to get the  AVN closed down. They are not a charity, pursue
no charitable purpose, and  yet - they have a donation form right
there on their website. It's crazy,  isn't it?

What's even more strange is that the OLGR has told us that even
though they  have revoked our charitable status, they still say that
we pursue a  charitable purpose (I would think this is the definition
of a charity, but  I'm just a lay person - what would I know?) and
therefore, we are unable to  collect donations or take in new members
unless the memberships are  provided free of charge - something which
is not allowed by our  constitution. Remember, this decision was made
because the OLGR was afraid  that some person out there may be too
silly to read our website and might  think that we were anti-choice
rather than pro-information and donate money  to us in error.

I hope this has cleared up the questions for those who were wondering
and  have been asking.

Oh and here is one more thing that I'd like to share with you:

The OLGR has been receiving a steady and constant stream of
complaints from  our opponents - complaints that are taking up an
incredible amount of time  (and, one would think, taxpayer's money)
for no reason whatsoever. These  people have decided that it is their
right - perhaps even their obligation
- to harass the AVN and if that means harassing government
departments that  have a statutory requirement to investigate all
claims - no matter how  stupid they are - well, that is what they will
do. I would think that this  sort of time and money wasting would be
deserving of closer scrutiny by the  media or the ombudsman's office, wouldn't you?

How can you help the AVN?

Until our appeal against the OLGR (which will not be until February
or  March next year), the AVN will be more dependent then ever on our
members  since you are the only ones who are able to join or donate
funds. Our  magazine, Living Wisdom, is almost ready to go to print
and should be out  before Christmas so here are some things you can do
to help ensure that  those who want to require your children to be
fully vaccinated - whether  you want them to be or not - don't get their way.

Lastly, I would like to say a few words on my own behalf. As many of
you  would know, I was overseas for 3 weeks and only got back a bit
over a week  ago. I was not able to keep up with my emails during that
time and I have  missed a lot of individual 'thank yous' for people
who have written such  kind and lovely letters of support to me and to
the AVN. Though I may not  have acknowledged them all, I am so
grateful to each and every one of you  who took the time to write. If
time allows, I will be getting back through  these messages and
writing to thank you personally but if that doesn't  happen, I did
want to make sure that you knew how blessed I feel to have  such
amazing supporters - I never feel alone with you out there and that  means so much to me!

Until next week - stay well,

Meryl Dorey

Proposal For Compulsory Deadly MMR Vaccine Blasted By Parents

40 deaths linked to child vaccines over seven years

Patients' anger after they are unable to opt out of swine flu vaccine despite fears of side effects

XMRV retrovirus found in 62% of ME patients tested in Lillestrøm, Norway

Mr. Mette Johnsgaard of The Lillestrom Health Clinic tested 24 patients and 3 healthy controls for XMRV using the culture test and found that 14 were positive.

Of the negative tests, 11 were then retested with serology tests and 5 more positive results were found, bringing the total to 19 of 27. One of the positive serology samples was from a healthy control.

The Lillestrom Health Clinic has now tested 80 patients and 50 are positive by either culture or serology test – a total of 62%. This is very close to the 67% of positive patient results reported by Mikovits, Lombardi, et al., inScience in Oct. 2009.

The tests were done in cooperation with VIPdx labs in the USA.

More information about these results will be given on the 28th of November in Oslo at the XMRV/MLV seminar with Dr. Judy Mikovits. Details of the seminar can been seen here:  Register by writing to:

The Lillestrom Health Clinic is currently cooperating with many international ME experts in order to share knowledge about testing, treatment and research. Dr. Johnsgaard is also cooperating with international experts who specialize in infectious diseases (Borna virus), retrovirology and biotoxic illnesses (Shoemaker), a probable secondary phenomenon in ME.

In November 2010, the clinic will launch a large international research project on Human Gammaretrovirus and ME.

In Aug. 2010, Dr. Johnsgaard was interviewed by NRK (Norwegian National Broadcasting) where she confirmed the two first positive XMRV patients in Norway. With that interview Dr. Johnsgaard opened the public debate about ME and XMRV in the Norwegian medical and political environment. The same day, Norwegian politicians and doctors reacted positively in a follow-up interview on NRK (see links below)

Virusfunn gir nytt håp for ME-pasienter:

Another link with health minister Laila Dåvøy - Regjeringen bør gjøre mer for ME-pasienter :

Lillestrom Helseklinikken is situated just outside of Oslo, Norway and specializes in the treatment of ME and other chronic diseases. They have recently begun treating patients from outside of Scandinavia.


Related Links:
* Presence Of Murine Leukemia Virus Found In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients
FDA Press Release
* Detection of MLV-related virus gene sequences in blood of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and healthy blood donors (FULL TEXT)
Shyh-Ching Lo, Harvey J. Alter et al PNAS
* Detection of an Infectious Retrovirus, XMRV, in Blood Cells of Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Judy A. Mikovits et al, 10.1126/science.1179052, Science Express

Doctors Kept In The Dark About Flu Vaccine Fiasco

GAVI & WHO - Vaccine Accountability Demanded

Using Fear & Prejudice To Attack Vaccine Exemptions

Czechs Decision Not To Vaccinate No Longer Punishable

Mumps Vaccine Useless

Gardasil Vaccine Gave Teen Brain Damage

UK Doctors Warned Of Flu Vaccine Convulsion Risk

Vaccine Jab Claims Multiple Lives

Doctors State WHO Responsible For Child Vaccine Deaths Cover-Up

Sudden Deaths AfterUnsafe Pentavalent Vaccine

Sri Lanken Deaths Following Pentavalent Vaccine - Unacceptable Collateral Damage

Polio Vaccine Causes Paralysis

Polio Vaccine Proven To Cause Spreading Polio Epidemics - Many Children  Paralysed

Vaccine Protestors Beaten, Bones Broken

Parents Of Vaccine Damaged Children Arrested 

Flu vaccine protesters get help from ministry
July 14 2010
By Huang Jingjing

About a dozen parents whose children are struggling to survive after different vaccinations including the one against A(H1N1) protested outside the Ministry of Health Tuesday, holding banners and shouting, "We want to see the minister!"

The parents said their family life is miserable after their children became ill.

One of the parents is Wang Jian, 42, from Jiangxi Province, who has been in despair after his 10-year-old son received the A(H1N1) flu vaccine in January.

His son has been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, or "preleukemia," and is waiting for a bone marrow transplant in Beijing. Wang believes the A(H1N1) flu vaccine caused the disease.

"A physical exam in October showed there was nothing wrong with my son. But after he took the vaccine on January 15, something went wrong in his body," the father told the Global Times Tuesday.

Over the next three months, he said, doctors treated his son's illness as "faucitis," the medical term for a sore throat. A blood test in April showed that the boy's platelets dropped to 20,000, far lower than normal level of 100,000 to 300,000.

The father had turned to health authorities at different levels for an explanation and was told that the disease was not related to the vaccine.

"I understand that the vaccine can't be 100 percent safe. But I hoped they would make efforts to treat people who suffer rare side effects," he said.

Cui Xiaobo, a professor at Capital Medical University, told the Global Times Tuesday that the vaccine does not cause a reduction of blood platelets.

The eight-year-old son of Li Baoxiang, 33, from Shandong Province, felt fatigue and fever after receiving the A (H1N1) vaccine on March 16. Li said the local health authority told him that the symptoms were normal, but his son lost consciousness several days later.

Deng Haihua, the ministry spokesman, said the petitioners' grievances would be heard.

"We have a special department to receive them, and our staff will help to solve their problems," Deng said at a press conference Tuesday.

As of May, 100 million people had received the flu vaccine and the percentage of suspected abnormal reactions stood at 12 cases per 100,000 people, with no deaths reported.

The H1N1 Vaccine And Side Effects In Ghana

The Public Agenda newspaper reported last week Friday that members of the public have started shying away from the H1N1 vaccination, following several reported cases of adverse effects from those who have taken it. The complaints range from weak joints, headache, dizziness, palpitation and swollen face among others. The paper also quoted one Raymon Osei Akoto, who described the vaccine as deadly and must be withdrawn by the government. He based his argument on information he obtained from the website of Organic Health Advisor, which has copious data on the adverse effects of the H1N1 vaccine. The Chronicle is indeed alarmed with reports about side-effects of the vaccine. Once this information gets into the public domain, the campaign to make people patronise the H1N1 vaccination will be defeated.
Ghanaian Chronicle

Money Grubbing Doctors Agree To Be Ghost Authors For Pharma

Doctors have been agreeing to be named as authors on studies written by employees of the pharmaceutical industry, giving greater credibility to medical research, according to new evidence. The wider phenomenon has come to light through documents disclosed in the US courts which have revealed a culture in which doctors agree to “author” studies written by employees of drug firms. Experts believe the practice is widespread in Britain. Tim Kendall, joint director of the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health, says the problem is the close relationship between doctors and the industry. Ghost writing was one manifestation of a bigger problem which he believed was the institutional bias of doctors who work closely with and for drug companies. “In mental health 85% of all published trials are funded by the drug industry,” he said. Allowing for the unsuccessful trials the industry does not publish, the figure is probably nearer 95%, he said. Studies have shown that drug company-funded trials are five times more likely to come out with a positive result for the drug than independent trials. The UK General Medical Council is criticised by doctors like Wilmshurst and Blumsohn for failing to take a tougher line against doctors involved in dubious research practices.
Admin, World Gazette News

Swine Flu 'Pandemic' - Greed Driven Monumental Error

Millions Of Taxpayer Funded Swine Flu Vaccines To Be Burned

New UK Swine Flu Report Evades £1.24 Billion Squandered Issue

Parents Of Vaccine Damaged Children Arrested

Vaccines Scam Disaster - More Than A Pinprick

Swine Flu Vaccine Causes Deaths - Investigation Launched

Vaccine Contamination Scandal: A Threat To Human Health

Vaccine Cells Trigger Fits In Babies And Toddlers

Child vaccination rates plunge

Still no answer on flu vaccine reactions

WA flu vaccine crisis deepens

Australian Parents Pimping Their Children For GlaxoSmithKline

WHO Orchestrated Squandered Billions On Swine Flu Hoax For Pharma

A License to Kill? Part 1: How A Public-Private Partnership Made the Government Merck’s Gardasil Partner

A License to Kill? Part 2: Who Guards Gardasil’s Guardians?


At about 12:45 this afternoon (13th May), I was standing on line, waiting to board a plane that would take me to Perth. I had packed, arranged rides for my children, caught up on my office work for the next few days and was ready to just sit back, relax and enjoy the flight (while going over my powerpoint slides for the 20th time!)

As I was waiting my turn to give my ticket to the hostess, my mobile phone rang. I almost didn't answer but seeing that it was a Western Australian number, I thought I'd better.

Little did I know...

On the other end of the phone was a Mr Andy Corkill who is the Mission Development Officer for the Uniting Church of Perth.

He was calling to inform me that the Church Council had received calls from the WA Dept of Health and from some of their own congregants including a senior academic from a university in Perth. All these people were urging the church to cancel our seminar which was taking place on Friday night.

Mr Corkill informed me that the Council had met the night before and decided that they would cancel the event and that there was really nothing he could do to change this because it was a decision made by the Council - not by him.

When I told him that we had over 100 people booked in to attend and that I was about to board a flight from QLD to Perth specifically for this event, he suggested that we find another venue. He was quite helpful and said they would be happy to post a sign at the Uniting Church to let people know the location of the new venue - hah!

I asked him where he thought I would be able to find a venue for over 100 people in just over 24 hours and he replied that he couldn't help with that but I couldn't have any Uniting Church venues.

So - off to the counter I go and ask them to pull my bags off the plane - down the $750 we paid to the Church for the venue and the almost $700 for the plane fares.

Don't be downhearted!

A person could really be forgiven for feeling more than a little bit downhearted by these events. After all, there are children all across Australia who have died or been seriously injured by the flu vaccine in recent weeks. There is a little girl in PMH right now who was in a coma for some time and now faces a difficult and uncertain future because of this shot. And yet, the Department of Health and certain academics have decided that Australian parents need to be treated like mushrooms and kept away from any information that might call into doubt the safety of shots.

Unfortunately for them however, this action is going to backfire and backfire badly. This backlash is already starting! The media in WA is now asking the following questions:

1- Who at the department of health chose to put pressure on the Church to force them to cancel our seminar? Why would a small event, attended by only 100 people, be of concern to the government?

2- Who was the senior academic who used his status as a member of the Uniting Church congregation and a supposed expert on this issue to state that the AVN should not be allowed to speak at a Church venue?

3- By trying to suppress this information, is the government trying to pretend that these reactions never took place? Are they stepping on our right to freedom of communication - a right that has been upheld by the High Court of Australia?

In the meantime, we contacted everyone who was booked into the seminar tomorrow to let them know it's been cancelled. Several of these people have excellent contacts with larger and better venues in Perth and we are hoping to reschedule this talk for sometime within the next 4 weeks.

Of course, we will let you know as soon as we have rescheduled.

If you are as incensed as I am about this discrimination and abuse of our freedom, please feel free to contact the Church on (08) 9321 9711 and let them know. You may also like to send an email to the Uniting Church to let them know your disappointment with their policy.

Click here to access their contact page.

As always, please send a copy of your letter to

If you would like some ideas about what to write, below is a letter that was sent this afternoon by one of those disappointed at not being able to attend the seminar tomorrow:

I am writing to express my disappointment over the cancellation of the Flu Vaccination Seminar - which was due to be held in Perth tomorrow night.

I am a health professional and I attend all kinds of health related seminars regularly so that I can gather information from all sources.

This then helps me to be able to better help my clients. I do not make decisions for myself or my clients without proper research, and I like to see all the sides. There actually is very limited professional information available on vaccinations - either for or against and thus my disappointment in the cancellation of this seminar.

I hope that one day your Church in general opens up to allow some science with validity into it's doors.

Also why would you even make the booking for the venue and then cancel at such short notice - as the facilitators could have arranged an alternative venue instead, if they had more notice.. hmmmm?

Happiest regards


Rotarix rotavirus vaccine contaminated, officials say

AVN Under Attack

Health on the Web

Back to the Future: Parental Concerns About Vaccine Safety  BY BARBARA LOE  FISHER

Irish Health Minister Joins Pharma Swine Flu Flying Pigs Club

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Blinds 16 Year-Old Girl

Government scraps swine flu vaccination campaign for under fives

British girl dies after cervical cancer vaccination - LONDON - British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline said on Tuesday it was working with health authorities who are probing the death of a schoolgirl following a cervical cancer vaccination.

The 14-year-old died on Monday after an adverse reaction to the Cervarix vaccine at her school in Coventry, central England, as part of a national vaccination to protect women against the disease. Read more.....


UK General Medical Council Told Docs Commit Fraud for MMR Vaccine  Bonuses

The UK’s General Medical Council issued formal written advice to UK medical doctors to commit fraud on the UK’s National Health Service for personal financial gain. Read more....

Faked National Autism Data To Declare MMR Vaccine Safe  February 10, 2010 - UK children are nearly 5 times more likely to have autistic conditions than  adults according to the results of the first ever UK government survey to  assess the numbers of adults with the condition. Read more....

British & Japanese Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism
We previously published data from Japan showing a clear causal link between changes in the Japanese vaccination schedules and corresponding increases and decreases in rates of children having autistic conditions:- Japanese Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism. Read more.....

17 Cases Of Swine Flu Vaccine Damage Probed

Thanks For Standing Up & Being Counted In 2009

Australian Scientist Repeats Swine Flu Lab-Escape Claim in Published Study 

WHO Questioned As Hospital Employee Struck Down By Swine Flu Vaccine

Mother Prosecuted For Refusing Daughter's Swine Flu Vaccine

Swine Flu Pandemic' A Dud, Says Canada

World Health Organisation Manufactured Swine Flu Panic

Deadly GSK H1N1 Vaccine Cancelled - UK Children Sail Through Swine Flu Without Even Knowing They Have It
Daily Mail Reporter, Daily Mail / The One Click Group

Britons Refuse Deadly Swine Flu Shot - Vaccines Basil Et Al Bribe Doctors To Inject 90m Doses
Andrew Jack, Financial Times

UK Drugs Dealer Supremo Squanders £1billion Plus On Swine Flu
Jeremy Laurance, The Independent / The One Click Group

Swine Flu In The Middle East - Hysteria And Propaganda

Swine flu vaccination, pregant women, and miscarriage

Canada: The Killer H1N1 Vaccine
Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics, Ottowa University - Global Research

GlaxoSmithKline Withdraws Pandemrix Swine Flu Vaccine After Adverse Reactions And Deaths News Staff, CTV News

Swine Flu Vaccine - Adverse Reactions Roll In
Lisa Priest and Caroline Alphonso, Globe & Mail

Canada Neuroscientist Slams H1N1 Vaccines
Alex Roslin, Georgia Straight, Vancouver's Online Source

My Boy's Agonising Death After Swine Flu Vaccine
Ulrike Reinhardt and Marcus Heyl,

USA Boy Struck Down By Potentially Fatal Nerve Disease After Swine Flu Vaccine
JoNel Aleccia, MSNBC/The One Click Group

GSK’s Pandemrix Swine Flu Vaccine- Pandora's Box Release
Lara, Health Advocate

The Australian Experience - We Do Not Need A Pandemic Response To Swine Flu
Dr Meryl Nass, MD

'Swine Flu Pandemic' A Dud, Says Canada
CBC News

A great victory - and why the AVN is important.

This news is too good not to share, and will hopefully remind you
that by  being a member of the AVN / subscriber to Living Wisdom
magazine, you are  taking part in a very positive activist movement
that will continue to  protect our rights and the rights of our children.

Now, you may or may not recall that about 2 weeks ago, I wrote to
this  list about a young woman in Sydney who was looking for help
because the  hospital she was booked into for the birth of her first
child was going to  try and force her to vaccinate her baby within 12
hours of birth against  Hep B and to also administer Hep B immunoglobulin.

This young woman, who was born in Eastern Europe but was raised in 
Australia from a very young age, had spent her last few years living
in  Israel. She had come back to Oz to have her baby so her mother
could help  her through the last few months of her pregnancy and the
first few months  after her baby's birth.

She had become Hep B positive at birth due to a blood transfusion and
was  aware of that status but had a very low viral load - so low that
the last  doctor she saw in Israel stated that he wasn't really sure
that she had Hep  B at all.

Anyway, when she booked into the hospital here, 4 months ago, the
blood  test she was given showed her Hep B status as just on the
borderline of  detectable. Despite that and despite the doctor in the
hospital stating  that the risk to her baby was very low, she was told
that if she did not  agree to vaccination for her baby and the
immunoglobulin (a pooled blood  product with its own list of issues),
DOCS would be called and the child  would receive the vaccine and the
immunoglobulin whether she wanted it or  not.

She was terrified of not only having her child vaccinated but of the 
possibility of losing custody should DOCS decide that this was a baby
at  risk.

She called me at AVN head office and straight away, I made contact
with  Minister for Health's office and presented them with the NSW
Health Policy  regarding vaccinating newborns of HepB positive
mothers. This policy  clearly states that the vaccine is to be OFFERED
- not forced. We also  contacted several lawyers - and received a
variety of different answers and  some offers of support should the
worst happen and a court order be issued  against this family.

This young woman was ready to go into hiding should that be required
- as  the family last year did when they were put in the position
where they had  to decide between their child's health and their
freedom to reject the Hep  B vaccination. (please view our newsletter
archives from August / September
2008 for more information on that situation)

  The hospital did call DOCS and the mother was greatly concerned that
steps  were already in place to take her child away - before it had
even been  born. She was told by the hospital that they were in the
process of  preparing a court order to make this baby a ward of the
state immediately  after birth! Imagine how terrifying that would be!

On Monday this week though, she phoned to tell me that the Minister
for  Health's office had contacted the hospital and asked them why
they were  pushing this vaccine on this woman's child when the state
health policy  does not allow for that. The hospital contacted her as
did DOCS to say that  they will NOT be pursuing any action against her
and it is totally up to  her if she decides not to give the vaccine to
her baby when it is born. Not  only that, but the hospital (this is a
very large hospital in Sydney) is  changing its written policy to
ensure that this sort of situation never  occurs again!

I have called Carmel Tebbutt's (Deputy Premier and Minister for
Health)  office and asked that a message be passed on to the Minister
thanking her  for her assistance in this matter. You may want to do
this also - her  details are below:

(02) 9228 4866
(02) 9228 4855
Governor Macquarie Tower
Level 30, 1  Farrer Place, SYDNEY NSW 2000

This has been a fantastic victory for free and informed health choice
and  for human rights as well.

I have to applaud this mother who at 24 years of age, stood her
ground in  very trying circumstances. It is also an example of the
sort of work the  AVN does in the background all the time - many times
unable to actually say  anything for fear of throwing a spanner in the
works due to the efforts of  the anti-choice brigade.

Anyway, it isn't often that we have such a stunning victory and I did
want  to share this with you.

All the best,

Unidentified Flu Outbreak in Western Ukraine

Lviv Residents Wearing Surgical Masks

Doctors have tentatively classified the unidentified influenza
outbreak  ripping through the Western Ukraine as viral pneumonia. The
number of  fatalaties is escalating, leaving doctors to advise Western
Ukrainians to  stay at home, take preventative medication; many
citizens are seen wearing  masks while out of the house.

Kindergartens and schools are being closed and the city council is gathering very soon to
have an  emergency session addressing this viral outbreak. Until
further information  is gathered, the city is in a state of panic.

The latest report from a Western Ukraine source states that, "In all,
262  patients are treated in hospitals, of these 16 in serious
condition;  children have died in rural areas and 70 in Ternopil,"
according to chief  medical officer Bohdan Onyskiv. Officials are
baffled, as they do not  believe this to be related to swine flu. So
far, all of the patients that  are in severe condition are showing signs of
hemmorhagic pneumonia. Autopsies of the deceased have revealed
that the  patients' lungs were soaked with blood.

Medical authorities have stated that this is an
unkown strand, and tests are being done to identify the virus;
however, the  results will not be ready for up to two weeks. In light
of the recent  outbreak in the Western Ukraine, the Ministry of Health
is planning to  declare a quarantine on the entire territory of the

If you do get vaccinated, it is important to recognize that you are
only  protecting yourself from one of the many Influenza A strains.
There are  more encompasing methods of protecting yourself such as
Vitamin D3 or Miracle Mineral Solution, which don't share the flu shot's
side effects.

Click for more information


Dr Diane Harper, a lead researcher in the development  of the
humanpapilloma virus vaccine  Dr Diane Harper, lead researcher in the
development of two human papilloma  virus vaccines, Gardasil and
Cervarix, said the controversial drugs will do  little to reduce
cervical cancer rates and are being recommended for girls  as young as
nine. During a 2007 interview with KPC, she said  giving the
vaccine to girls as young as 11 years-old _is a great big  public
health experiment._ Dr Harper dropped an even bigger bombshell on  the
audience when she announced that, _There have been no efficacy  trials
in girls under 15 years._ Dr Harper, director of the Gynecologic 
Cancer Prevention Research Group at the University of Missouri, made
these  remarks during an address at the NVIC 4th International Public
Conference  on Vaccination which took place in Reston, Virginia on Oct. 2-4.
Susan Brinkmann, The Philadelphia Bulletin


Programs for vaccination against the new influenza A/H1N1 targeting
many  hundred million citizens in Europe and the USA are to be
launched in the  fall of this year. The European nations are opting
for inclusion of MF59,  the adjuvant contained in an alternative
seasonal flu vaccine, or the  related adjuvant AS03 that is contained
in a recently developed H5N1  vaccine. Evidence from animal
experiments in conjunction with clinical  epidemiological data
indicates that, quite irrespective of cause,  stimulation of the
immune system may accelerate atherogenesis. Application  of adjuvanted
flu vaccines to individuals at risk may therefore aggravate  the
course of underlying atherosclerotic vessel disease with all the 
clinical consequences. The same may hold true for other widespread
diseases  that are propelled by deregulated immune mechanisms. Safety
trials  conducted to date have not specifically taken these possible
side effects  into account, and unexpected serious adverse effect s thus may follow in  the wake of a general vaccination program.
Bhakdi S, Lackner K, Doerr HW, Med Microbiol Immunol.


The news that a fourth person has died after taking the "swine flu"
jab in  Sweden is focussing attention on the failure of the Swedish
Medical  Products Agency (MPA) to halt the "swine flu" programme even
as reports of  serious side effects flood in. The EMEA derives
three-quarters of its  funding from pharmaceutical companies. The
"swine flu" jab has been  authorised for use only on condition that
governments and companies  implement "post-authorisation" studies to check it is safe and effective.
However, the MPA in Sweden appears to have limited its role in
collecting  data on death and damage to spontaneous reports from doctors and patients.
Editorial, The Flu Case

Child Health - Vaccinations

A couple of articles worth the read from the Child Health Safety website

UK Compulsory Vaccination Imminent

There Is No "Anti-Vaccine" Movement

Parent Support Group Network in the UK

ARNICA PARENTS has 35 groups and aims to link up like minds to inform and support each other with vaccine and natural health info.

See website at:

Speaks At The Autism Rally In London 28 March 2009

undreds of people, mostly parents of autistic children, some with their children, met at The Temple tube station on the Embankment. Key people attended who have worked tirelessly for years to open the eyes of the Government. Allison Edwards brilliantly organised every detail of this very important event. Leading the way to Richmond House and Downing Street then Trafalgar Square were Scottish pipers. The rain held off for the walk, then the skies darkened and the heavens opened at various points during the hour of talks in Trafalgar Square but nothing could stop the speakers from getting their message across. The whole event was deeply moving

Read Full Article Here

Hemophilus Vaccine Study in Finland Proves a Causal Relationship Between Vaccines and Diabetes

(published Autoimmunity 35:247-253,2002)

Dr. J. Bart Classen discovered it would be possible to study the effect of Hemophilus B immunization on the incidence of IDDM  using data from a large clinical trial  in Finland.  Dr. J. Bart Classen and D.C. Classen initiated and funded a collaboration with Dr. Tuomilehto in Finland. All children born in Finland between October 1st, 1985 and August 31st, 1987, approximately 116,000 were randomized to receive 4 doses of the HiB vaccine (PPR-D, Connaught) starting at 3 months of life or one dose starting at 24 months of life. Classen and Classen calculated the incidence of IDDM in both groups through age 10 and in an group which did not receive the HiB vaccine, a cohort which included all 128,500 children born in Finland in the 24 months prior to the Hemophilus vaccine study. Immediately following the completion of these two arms all children born in Finland over a two year period were randomized to receive 3 doses of the old PPR-D HiB vaccine or 3 doses of a newer HbOC HiB vaccine. The data supports  published findings that the immunization starting after 2 months of life is associated with an increased incidence of IDDM. Rises in diabetes have been seen in the UK and USA following the introduction of the hemophilus vaccine (see HIB)

Read entire article here

UK Government Vaccines Director Threatens Legal Action Against One Click 

Read all the details here

A Call to Action - oppose compulsory vaccination now!

Measles outbreak or convenient excuse to push compulsory vaccination?

Make no mistake folks, the measles 'outbreak' in Beerwah QLD which
has  been injecting waves of fear via biased media reports was
orchestrated for  one reason and one reason only - to force the issue
of compulsory  vaccination. There are polls running now in SA and VIC
regarding the  usefulness of mandating vaccines and many of the
so-called opinion pieces  being placed in newspapers which are not
allowing the AVN equal space are  also calling for vaccines to be
mandated as are many public health  officials.

Getting active - getting organised

I am planning on organising a protest / lobby meeting on the Sunshine 
Coast sometime late next week to discuss tactics we can use to combat
this  anti-health-choice campaign. I need some people to help me with
things like  venues, publicity and perhaps a place to stay as well as
the AVN's coffers  are always emptier than we would wish them to be.
We need to make a bold,  clear and immediate statement that these
outbreaks do not originate from  the unvaccinated, that parents have
the final say as to whether their  children's bodies or their own
bodies are injected with poisons and nobody
- not the government, not the medical community and certainly not the
media  have any right to interfere in those rights.

We did not succeed in preventing the policy (not legislation -
remember)  that required hospital staff to be vaccinated. As we said
at the time, our  silence on that issue would have further
ramifications. We are experiencing  the beginning of that now. If
teachers and school staff can be forced to  vaccinate - how much more
time do we have before our children are also in  that situation? Days
or weeks in QLD - not much longer for the rest of us,  I fear.

If you want to help or be involved with this effort, please email me 
privately on or call on 0414 872 032 (it's the
weekend so  I may not be in the office). The AVN needs everyone to
come together on  this effort - if compulsory vaccination gets a
toe-hold in Australia, it's  all over bar the shouting. Take it from
someone who grew up in the US where  it IS compulsory - once it's in, we will never be able to get rid of it.

Dr Carley - ADVERSE REACTIONS to immunizations are more common than many people realize.

Thank God we have Doctors of Veterinary Medicine with a conscience who speak the truth, like Dr Patricia Jordan, whose book "The Mark of the Beast" about vaccine damage to companion animals will be published soon.  These veterinarians know that they could make a fortune by "treating" vaccine induced diseases...but instead, work to end the death and suffering of their patients caused by the sorcery of injecting a witch's brew called "vaccines".   Unfortunately, the MD's (medical devils as BJ Palmer, founder of Chiropractic called them), care not how much suffering their patients endure, as long as there is a Mercedes in their driveway.  They have allowed themselves to become puppets for Big Pharma.  You and your children are suffering and dying due to the fallout of this hypocrisy.

I hope many of you will show this article to your "white coats".  Ask them for their response.  Let me know how fast they run to the bathroom...

Continuing to put the TRUTH on top of the mountain of vaccine lies,
Dr Carley


Times Journalist Admits Wakefield "MMR Data Fixing Allegation" Is Unqualified Speculation

The allegation that Dr Andrew Wakefield “fixed” data was made up by a Sunday Times freelance journalist.

Sunday Times False Allegations & Ambush Journalism

The Sunday Times ambushed Wakefield with the new allegations less than 24 hours before approving the freelance journalist’s story for print. [More here: Sunday Times - Sinks To New Low With Yet More MMR Junk Journalism].  This is shortly before final speeches by lawyers are due in the UK GMC proceedings and some parents believe it may be a last-ditch attempt by the freelance journalist to influence the GMC panel before a decision is issued.

Read entire article here

Dr Andrew Wakefield Demolishes Ignorant US Vaccine Lobby - February 6, 2009

Andrew J. Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath; Mark Blaxill, MBA; Boyd Haley, PhD; Anissa Ryland; Daniel Hollenbeck, BS; Jane Johnson; James Moody, JD; Carol Stott, PhD (398 KB)

The public relations arm of those who are supposed to be legally and ethically responsible for vaccine safety published “Clear Answers and Smart Advice About Your Baby’s Shots,” by Dr. Ari Brown.

Clear Answers” is anything but.  Is this dishonesty?  How can it be ignorance?  Aren’t these  people supposed to be “experts”? How misleading and untrue is it? Are these people “pulling the wool” over your eyes? Decide for yourself.

How comprehensively misleading these people are is shown today in a detailed response by Dr Andrew Wakefield and colleagues supported by 20 child health safety organisations.


HPV Vaccine Shot Causes 500 Percent Increase in Allergic Reactions Compared to Other Vaccines

by David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The "cervical cancer" vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV) is between 5 and 26 times more likely to cause severe, potentially fatal allergic reactions in young women than other vaccines, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Children's Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, Australia, and published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Researchers compared the occurrence of severe allergic reactions among 114,000 young women who had received Merck's Gardasil vaccine in 2007 with the rate among women of similar age who had received other vaccines.

Gardasil protects against four HPV strains associated with cervical cancer and genital warts.

The researchers found eight confirmed and four suspected cases of anaphylaxis among women who had received Gardasil, which translated into 2.6 cases per 100,000 vaccines. In contrast, there were only 0.1 anaphylaxis cases per 100,000 women who received a meningitis vaccine in 2003.

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can cause rash, nausea and breathing problems, and can be fatal in the most extreme cases.

HPV vaccines have come under increased scrutiny recently, with a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine calling their effectiveness into question. The authors noted that while the vaccines have only ever been tested on women between the ages of 15 and 24, they are regularly given to younger girls - even though there is no knowledge of how those patients might be affected. In addition, because the vaccines are so new, it is also impossible to know how long their protective effects will last, or how they might affect women's natural defenses against other strains of HPV.

The authors concluded that HPV vaccination is not cost-effective for women over the age of 17.

Because HPV vaccines do not protect against all strains of the virus that cause cervical cancer and because a woman who has previously been exposed to the virus receives no protection from the vaccine, even vaccinated women are advised to continue receiving regular Pap smear tests.

Sources for this story include:

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5 Vaccines You Should Never Get

Pharmaceutical companies haven’t been shy about sticking generations of people with round
after round of vaccines to prevent even obscure illnesses. Trust me, kids have a better chance of
tap dancing on the moon with Elvis than dying from rubella.
Of course, Big Pharma has decided not to limit their junk vaccines to the children’s market.
Over the past several years in particular, drug companies have aggressively marketed vaccines for
adults, using scare tactics to get otherwise sane people to roll up their sleeves in droves. Many of
these vaccines are useless, and some are downright dangerous. These five vaccines are the worst
of the worst.
1. Human Papillomavirus (HPV)––Gardasil
One of the biggest designer vaccines that Big Pharma is shoving down our throats these days
is the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. This vaccine is needless and, history has shown, dangerous. Yet
women are paying $360 a pop to be injected with it.
The most frustrating part of this whole sham is that Gardasil’s manufacturer, Merck, has drawn
on the aid of cancer––medicine’s greatest boogeyman––in order to sell its product. Merck would
have us believe that by inoculating against HPV, we’ll stop cervical cancer, at which point Gardasil
becomes the “cure for cancer.” This is such a load of bull that we’re going to need a backhoe to
dig our way out.
According to U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) reports made public through the
Freedom of Information Act (that means the government wasn’t volunteering this information, by
the way), Gardasil has been linked with a variety of dangerous and even deadly side effects.1 Just
since September 2007, the vaccine has been linked to 10 deaths from blood clotting, arrhythmia,
and at least one allergic reaction. The vaccine has further been linked to 10 spontaneous abortions
and six instances of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a disease that causes the immune system to attack
the nervous system, and which may lead to paralysis.
The FDA report further included evidence of nearly 150 instances of serious injury that resulted
from the vaccine, and a multitude of outbreaks of warts on the genitals, face, hands, and feet. These
warts are most likely caused by the HPV virus and are a condition that should have been avoided
through the use of the vaccine.
And while these side effects certainly haven’t affected every patient, the effects are so serious
that no sane person should want to subject themselves or their children to this injection. This is
especially true when prevention is as simple as keeping your pants on.
You see, the “dirty” little secret about HPV is that it’s a sexually transmitted disease. Want to
avoid HPV? Skip the shot and get some condoms.
REAL Health Breakthroughs
fromWilliam Campbell Douglass II,M.D.
2. Shingles––Zostavax
Another useless vaccine with a major corporate push is the shingles vaccine Zostavax. The only
reason more people don’t get it is that many insurance companies won’t cover it. You know why? It
costs up to $200 per shot, and it’s an unnecessary preventative for a disease that is completely treatable
and not very serious.
My recommendation is that you boost your immune system with zinc and vitamins C and E, then
hang around with some kids in your family when they have the chicken pox (more on that later).
Merck––which manufactures Zostavax and also brought us Gardasil––has no clue about the
long-term effects of the vaccine. The study on long-term effects conducted for FDA approval only
lasted 42 days, so there is no real data on negative consequences of Zostavax over periods of several
years. If you take the vaccine, understand you’ll be signing yourself up as a guinea pig in a human
drug trial.
The irony here is that the whole shingles “scare” is probably the result of over-fanatical efforts
by drug companies to vaccinate children against chicken pox. At least one study has shown that
repeated exposure to children with chicken pox increases the immune system’s resistance to shingles.2
Essentially what this means is that by helping our youngsters suffer through their chicken pox, we
were building our immunity to shingles.
When kids stop getting chicken pox, we start getting shingles.
So, in a sense, Zostavax is a drug-company cure (and a very unproven one at that) for a problem
caused by the drug companies.
3. Influenza
Yearly flu shots have become standard operating procedure for people of all ages. The U.S. Centers
for Disease Control (CDC) practically mandates an annual inoculation for children aged 6 months to
19 years, adults over 50, and even pregnant women. Each fall, when the colder weather forces us to
huddle together for warmth, the CDC passes the warning that your family, friends, and colleagues are
all little more than flu incubators. Millions rush to their doctors, hospitals or clinics to get their shots.
But here’s the big news: the flu vaccine doesn’t work. Year to year, the makers of the flu vaccine
make a guess about which flu strains will be the most prevalent and then mix them accordingly.
There is currently no system in place to track the effectiveness of the vaccine and to use this data
to compile the next flu vaccine. The process is arbitrary enough that they might as well stick some
sugar water in a syringe and cross their fingers.
For the elderly and the very young in particular, I can’t recommend exposing potentially weak
immune systems to the flu for no net gain.
As always, I recommend building a more powerful immune system with safe natural methods
and staying away from jab-happy doctors when the cold months are upon us.
4. Whooping cough
Lately, the mainstream media has been harping on individual cases of pertussis, or whooping
cough, as if a global pandemic is waiting around the corner. Big Pharma has their lapdogs pushing
out statistics that reveal hundreds of thousands of deaths from whooping cough each year.
Visit us at www. Learn more about William Campbell Douglass II,M.D.
The truth is, this is a global statistic that is accounted for by the prevalence of the disease in third
world countries without the medical resources to cure a cold, let alone whooping cough. There are
only a handful of deaths attributed to this disease in the United States each year, and most of those
are infants––some of whom are too young to get the vaccine.
So why is the CDC now pushing for every person to be immunized in infancy and then receive
five more booster vaccines as they advance into adulthood and old age? You have almost no chance
of getting whooping cough as an infant, and you have even less chance as an adult. At $60 per
booster plus the initial cost of childhood vaccination, the CDC wants us to spend $300 over the
course of our lifetimes on a useless vaccine.
We are not living in the barely tamed wilderness of yesteryear.We are living in a modern society
with appropriate sanitation, better nutrition, and access to health care that limits the spread of disease
and treats diseases like whooping cough with ease. In the modern age, unless you plan on traveling
to the third world, there is no need to go injecting yourself with a “weakened” strain of a disease that
you may never encounter, and can be easily cured of if you do happen to get it.
5. Measles, Mumps, Rubella, & Chicken pox––ProQuad
Now that I’ve taken time to tell you about the dangers of some of Big Pharma’s adult vaccines,
I am going to sound the alarm for the little ones in your family. If the CDC and pharmaceutical
companies have their way, every child born in the United States will get jabbed with enough needles
to leave them looking like a voodoo doll; and all this before their second birthdays. The ProQuad
vaccine is a cocktail of vaccines that includes the traditional measles, mumps, and rubella, plus a
dose of chicken pox that is five times what a child would get in a regular vaccination.
Time has shown that toddlers given the ProQuad injection were twice as likely to have a seizure as
toddlers who received MMR and chicken pox vaccinations separately. The seizure data has even caused
a government advisory panel on vaccines to step back from recommending ProQuad as their method
of choice.
These new horrors only add fuel to the fire that should burn down the vaccination regime. This
dangerous all-in-one is a prime example of how impersonal assembly line medicine is doing more
harm than good.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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1 Jane Akre, July 9, 2008,, FDA Adverse Reports on Gardasil Made Public,
2 Bisson, M. et al, March 29, 2002,, Exposure to varicella boosts immunity to herpes-zoster: implications for mass vaccination against
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This information is provided as information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on
the contents of this publication. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being. The information
and opinions provided in this publication are believed to be accurate and sound, based on the best judgment available to the authors, but readers who
fail to consult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. The publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions.

January 13, 2009 - Secret British MMR Vaccine Files Forced Open By Legal Action

This is a definitive carefully researched and accessible previously unpublished account of the key aspects of what has taken place over 20 years in the UK over MMR, vaccines and autism.  This is the story the UK media have steadfastly not been publishing

Read article

Living Wisdom / AVN E-newsletter


An article such as this one below published by the Sunday  Express
national UK newspaper will have been thoroughly checked by the  Express
lawyers prior to publication.

Today, the concerned public has been informed  that the newspaper is
currently unable to make this story available online on  their [LINK:] website due  to unsubstantiated 'legal

It is the case that any article such as this that challenges UK
government policy over the MMR vaccine will have been thoroughly checked by
the Express lawyers with a fine tooth comb prior to publication. This is
how  these things work. These unsubstantiated 'legal reasons' are therefore
quite  likely to be simply the UK New Labour government putting pressure on
the  Express to save their deadly MMR vaccine bacon and stamp this story

Around the world, this question is now being asked: Is this online
censorship  yet another example of government suppression of medical
evidence to benefit  themselves and the pharmaceutical industry? It should
be noted that the UK Government has agreed to underwrite any  compensation
claims for the MMR vaccine. This is why they  cannot and will not let their
position fail.

It gives the One Click Group great pleasure today to publish the scanned
in  hard copy of this highly controversial [LINK:]
Hollywood Takes On The MMR Vaccine  ( article by
Lucy Johnston.

Happy educational reading to all from around the world.



12 OCTOBER  2008



When Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, and actress Jenny
McCarthy hosted  a fundraising gala in California recently for families
convinced that MMR  caused autism in their children, a debate that has
never really gone away was  thrown to the fore once more.

The star-studded event in aid of Ante Up For Autism, highlighted the
fact  that the controversy surrounding the triple vaccine is now becoming a
celebrity issue.

Meanwhile, in Britain,  last week saw the 20th anniversary of the
controversial triple jab.

High profile critics of MMR now include actor Jim Carrey, his girlfriend
Jenny McCarthy, and the all-girl rock group the Dixie Chicks.

McCarthy and Carrey were recently given an hour on the Oprah Winfrey
Show to  promote her new best-selling book, Mother Warriors, which
maintains that  vaccines can trigger autism in infants. She says her
6-year-old son Evan  developed the symptoms following his triple jab.

"After the MMR Evan started having seizures," she said. "After  I
treated his medical issues, which the medical establishment continues to
ignore, my son recovered from autism and he is not the only one. I talked
to  60,000 mothers and kept hearing the same story.

"Vaccines are safe for some children and not for others. We want to
reduce the number of vaccines. We want the toxic ingredients removed and
independent safety studies carried out.

Few parents questioned the use of the combined vaccine when it was
introduced  into the UK  in October 1988. However things changed
irrevocably in 1998 when Dr Andrew  Wakefield, then a gut specialist at
London's Royal Free Hospital  published an explosive article in The Lancet
linking autism with MMR.

The medical establishment and government turned on Dr Wakefield. He was
 forced out of his job and has been blamed for the significant drop in
uptake  of MMR, leading to fears over the widespread return of the diseases
the jab  is designed to protect against.

Last week, a Health Protection Agency spokesman pleaded with parents to
give  their children the MMR, pointing to new figures that revealed an
increase of  231 cases of measles from 2006 -2007, bringing the total
number to 971.  Overall vaccination rates are currently running at 85 per
cent across the  country but some areas such as London  have rates as low
as 49 per cent.

Wakefield, a father of four, is now based in Texas, where he  operates a
charity-run clinic called Thoughtful House for treatment of and  research
into autism. About 2,000 autistic children are being treated. Dr  Wakefield
and two other colleagues, Professor Simon Murch and Professor John
Walker-Smith, are currently awaiting a decision from the General Medical
Council about whether the research they conducted in the UK breached
ethical codes.

In a rare and exclusive interview with the Sunday Express Dr Wakefield
defended himself against critics and denied he was "courting celebrities"
to promote his theory.

"I have only met Jenny McCarthy a couple of times. I have never tried to
influence her," he said. "She has her own story to tell about how  she
blames the vaccine for her son's autism. Her story is so similar to that
of many other mothers who say their children were developing normally until
they had the MMR jab between 12- and 18-months, when they developed a form
of  regressive autism. She is an important voice and I have tremendous
respect  for her courage in speaking out."

Dr Wakefield and his team identified a bowel disorder that causes "leaky
guts". He theorised that the virus damages the gut, leading to
inflammation and secondary injury to the developing brain. He believes this
syndrome, unique to some autistic children, could be caused by the triple
jab  after studies found the measles part of the vaccine virus present in
the gut.

His critics pronounce him a maverick but his work has since been
replicated  by other studies from Italy,  South America and various centers
in the US.

American researchers revealed in 2006 that 85 per cent of samples taken
from  82 autistic children contained the vaccine strain of the measles

Recently the former head of the National Institute of Health in the US
and  the head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
have  acknowledged that poor study design may have led to underestimation
of the  risk of autism following vaccines.

Wakefield said  no parent of the children treated at the Royal Free or at
Thoughtful House  had ever complained about his work and that his aim was
to make sure the  children's problems are recognised and treated

"My sole purpose is to help these children and get to grips with the
root of the problem, which is what I am doing," he said. "Despite  having
discovered an apparently new disease my colleagues and I are being
vilified purely because of the vaccine association. This link has
threatened  Government policy and drug-company profit. What we're
witnessing over the  triple jab is a propaganda campaign based on who has
the biggest budget. I  have none while the budget of the UK Government and
its allies is  limitless."

Dr Wakefield, who is to publish a book, The Lesser Truth, on his
experiences  over the controversy next year, added: "Unfortunately much of
Britain's  media has bought into this propaganda lock, stock and barrel.
Without the  manpower or financial back up, I have waited, watched and just
got on with my  work. Now the time has come to tell the story."

He cites parallels between his story and that of Dr. William McBride,
the  Australian gynaecologist who first alerted the world to the danger of
thalidomide, the morning sickness drug that caused widespread foetal
malformation, in 1961 in a letter to The Lancet. Drug manufacturers and
European  governments resisted the withdrawal of thalidomide until the
weight of  evidence and media pressure was overwhelming.


The Sunday Express has discovered evidence that health officials failed
to  warn of serious risks linked with the MMR jab before it was introduced.

According to a secret dossier, five cases were reported of potentially
deadly  brain inflammation following the use of MMR in Canada  before it
became part of standard childhood vaccinations in Britain.

The internal documents from the Government's Joint Committee on
Vaccination  and Immunisation meeting also reveal reports that another
brand of MMR had  caused "neurological complications" from the measles
component of  the vaccine in the US.  The minutes of the committee on
vaccination meeting in 1988, released under  the Freedom of Information
Act, blame the mumps component of the vaccine,  called Urabe, for five
cases of brain inflammation.

Despite this, from 1988 these brands were administered routinely without
any  warning of serious risk until the two brands that contained the Urabe
mumps  strain were withdrawn four years later because of health fears.

Some children died or were seriously brain damaged by this vaccine. One
of  these was Hannah Buxton, who was 18 months old when she reacted to her
first  MMR jab given in the first week of the new campaign. She started
having fits  and died 18 months later in February 1992.

Parents Carol and Tony of Towcester, Northants, did not know Hannah had
been given  the strain of vaccine later withdrawn after it was deemed
unsafe. In March  1992 a Government tribunal blamed the vaccine for her
death and the family  was awarded a vaccine damage payment.

Dr Peter Fletcher, former Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of
Health, is also sceptical about the Government's position and the safety of
the triple jab.
In a previous interview he said: "The refusal by governments to evaluate
the risks properly will make this one of the greatest scandals in medical
history. There are very powerful people in positions of great authority who
have staked their reputations on the safety of MMR and they are willing to
do  almost anything to protect themselves."

Wakefield does  not claim he is right about the link with autism but he
believes it needs  investigating, not ridiculing. In the meantime he says
the Government should  offer parents the choice of single vaccines. He has,
he says, privately asked  vaccine policy makers why this is not happening
and been told that "offering  single jabs would destroy the triple jab

This, he feels is not good enough. "The first priority should be to
protect children from infection with safe vaccines. A cloud of doubt has
been  cast over the safety of MMR and parents should have a choice."

However, parents looking for this choice are finding it increasingly
difficult to obtain single jabs with the handful of private clinics
offering them often running out of  supplies.

The Department of Health insists the vaccine is safe. A spokesperson
said:  "We believe that the vaccine has an excellent safety record and
studies  have confirmed this. Neither population-based studies or studies
in  individual children have confirmed a link between MMR vaccine and

However, with Hollywood's  renewed interest it seems this important
debate has moved ever further from a  resolution.

* [LINK:]
$250,000 Death Settlement For Baby Killed By MMR Vaccine
* [LINK:]
Baby Dies After Measles Vaccine
G Rajasekharan, Express Buzz - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
* [LINK:]
Polio Vaccine Victim Awarded $8.5 Million
Chris Blank, Associated Press
* [LINK:]
Measles Vaccine Kills Four Babies, Six More Fighting Death
Syed Rizwanullah, The Times Of India
* [LINK:]
Measles Vaccine Kills 17 Year Old Boy
Editorial, Kyiv Post
* [LINK:]
Glaxo Pneumonia Vaccine Trial - 12 Babies Dead
Ed Silverman, Pharmalot
* [LINK:]
Vaccination Doubles Asthma Incidence
Sona Chowdhary & Jacob Puliyel, World Health Organisation

September 2008

Louise Mclean spoke to Martin J. Walker in late August about the GMC trial of Dr Andrew Wakefield.  The hearing has already lasted for more than a year and is not scheduled to finish until April 2009. 

Martin J. Walker outside the Royal Festival Hall, London.  Picture: Louise Mclean

The last time I interviewed Martin was in 2003.  Once again, he chose the Royal Festival Hall, where we found a quiet place to talk about the trial.  Martin had been following it day after day in an atmosphere of extreme tension.  I too, had twice looked in on the proceedings but could bear little more than an hour each time.  The first time Dr. Wakefield was being cross-examined by Miss Smith for the Prosecution and the second time Professor Walker Smith was being grilled.  Martin has published his reports on the Cry Shame website  He has written numerous reports.

From 1992, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a gastroenterologist working in the research unit of the Royal Free Hospital in London, had a number of children with inflammatory bowel disease and regressive autism referred to him.  The parents claimed the symptoms had developed after their children received the MMR vaccine.  He and his team, Professor Walker-Smith and Professor Simon Murch, who are also being tried by the GMC, investigated the cause of the bowel disease with the full support of the hospital and in 1998 along with other researchers and psychologists published a case series review study in the Lancet.

This study and a concommitent press briefing were attacked.   Once that review was published in February 1998 and after a press briefing when Andrew Wakefield stated it might be better to use single vaccines, until a conclusion about research at the Royal Free had been reached, the pharmaceutical industry wanted any criticism stopped immediately.
Dr. Wakefield especially was vilified, research funding grants were withdrawn and his contract at the Royal Free not renewed, forcing him to leave the UK.  In 2002 he set up a practice in the US with other researchers to continue his work and is now the executive director of research at Thoughtful House, a non-profit-making school and clinic in Austin, Texas, which treats children with autism from all over the world.

Dr. Wakefield published a rebuttal to the attacks  Testimony of Dr Andrew J Wakefield MB MS FRCS FRCPath  and you can read more on Dr. Wakefield on the Cry Shame and Whale sites.

This trial sends out a clear message to doctors that under no circumstances must the safety of vaccines be questioned, yet the clamour is getting louder, as the autism figures continue to rise.

‘It’s called a Fitness to Practice hearing,’ Martin pointed out.  ‘It started in June 2007 till around October, started again in April 2008 till June and then again in July 2008 till the end of August.  The final part of the hearing is apparently April 2009.’

Incredibly long time!

Yes, when you consider the charges were prepared 5 or 6 years ago and served on the Defendants by the GMC four years ago.  The complaint was first made to the GMC in 2004.  It's a considerable time to have charges hanging over you.  Something you wouldn’t expect even in the remaining Eastern bloc countries!  Also with the charges framed and prosecuted by the GMC before a jury chosen by the GMC, it's about as far from the basic tenets of British justice as you can get.

Seems like the outcome is more or less decided before the start?

One might expect the outcome to be a foregone conclusion.  Yet in the case of Dr. Jayne Donegan, who was also recently tried in a Fitness to Practice hearing by the GMC, again on the vaccination/autism issue, she was found not guilty and the charges were thrown out.  Whether or not that was bad planning on behalf of the GMC or it was a just verdict by the Panel, I don’t know.

In the case of Dr. Wakefield, my mind goes back to the initial choosing of the Panel Chairman for the hearings, Professor Dennis McDevitt.  When his name was protested by the Wakefield campaign people because he had been a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) when MMR was issued in 1988, the GMC realised there was a conflict of interest, took him off the Panel and replaced him.  If that was their attitude from the beginning, I don’t see why they would change their perspective and put somebody who is totally fair in his place.  I have my doubts about the fairness of the hearing.

And you’ve attended all of it so far? 

Nearly every day I think and Tuesday 26th  August was the 100th day, so it’s been on for a very long time.

How many articles have you written?

I’ve tried to write a report at the end of each week and give a popular, even satirical account, mainly for the parents.  A lot of the parents who have vaccine damaged children are unable to get to the hearing and so their voices aren’t being heard at all…

I believe you said there was one mother who attended?

Yes, you’re right.  One mother was asked to appear by the prosecution and she thought she was coming for the defence!  She ended up giving evidence for the defence during the prosecution case.  The case is so badly organised that the prosecution were only able to bring two or three witnesses who could give serious evidence on it's behalf!  The other people who appeared for the prosecution were on the side of the doctors on trial!  So they gave evidence for the defence under the guidance of the prosecution, which was very odd!

Is Miss Smith the chief protagonist?

Miss Smith is the Counsel for the prosecution.  Although interestingly enough she stands at the head of the room in the same position as a Judge.  She is the main protagonist and the person chosen by the General Medical Council to prosecute on their behalf.

You mentioned that the Prosecution and some of the Defence counsel come from the same Chambers?

Yes, but this I think is because of the lack of lawyers in this specialised field.  During this hearing, I have seen more suspected abuses of process than I have seen in any other legal proceeding.  Sitting there over a hundred days, I feel I’ve become institutionalised into the case.  In my writing I try to attract attention to what I consider the worst calumnies and somehow you come to accept some of the lesser ones, almost as it were, taking them for granted. 

For instance, we are now long past the point where anyone is complaining about the fact that, a). it was a  journalist and not a patient who made the very first complaint;  b). the GMC have consistently denied that the journalist made the initial complaint, saying he didn’t and that they themselves made the complaint; and c). although the case centres absolutely on the 12 children or groups of children who were reported in the case review in the Lancet in 1998, not one of the parents has any complaint against the doctors who have been brought to trial by the GMC!  All the parents are in favour of the Defendants.

This is very significant because normally in any complaint made to the GMC, you expect there to be a victim in the classical sense, e.g. a woman patient who has been molested or a patient who has suffered botched surgery.  But in this case the Defendants have been chosen and the case has to some extent been manipulated and prepared by the government and the pharmaceutical industry.  The only victims are pharmaceutical companies who might lose profit or the general public who might, they claim, suffer because of a decline in public health standards caused by a fall off in vaccination levels.  In fact Andrew Wakefield first wrote to the head of Immunology, Prof. David Salisbury, in 1992, forewarning the NHS of a serious public health crisis in terms of vaccine damaged children and he wasn’t given a meeting with anyone in government or in the NHS for something like 4 years.

And that was after the second big MMR campaign.  In 1988 and 1992 they were talking of a mass epidemic of measles if children were not vaccinated.  An epidemic which didn’t materialise and which they are still on about now, claiming it’s just around the corner.
Yes, it’s just to put fear in parents’ minds.  MMR was launched in 1988 and at that time there were three trade brands and two of them had the Urabe strain of mumps virus.  In between 1988 and 1992, it was found that particular strain caused damage to a large number of children, giving them encephalitis and febrile convulsions, resulting in children with serious neurological problems.  As a consequence of cases in Canada and Japan, those two trade names of MMR were taken off the market.  The government made an announcement saying they were unsafe, although they described marginal effects, not serious ones. 
By 1992 there was only one brand left which the government endorsed.  This gives us a clue as to why they have tried to cover up all the ongoing cases of vaccine damage since then.  Having got rid of two of the brands, they felt politically incapable of saying this third one is still creating problems with vaccine damaged children.  So from 1992 the government said 'no damage can be caused by this vaccine' and they are still now denying absolutely that any children have been damaged by MMR.

Yet the doctors and lawyers involved in the legal cases, have suggested that there have been in the region of 2,000 children in the sub-group damaged by MMR.  In the case of the GMC a whole part of the prosecution case rests on their assertion that the children referred to the Royal Free Hospital were not and never had been ill, were not damaged and that the doctors took advantage of these children to do research on them. You can imagine how this must make the parents of children with vaccine induced autism feel?

The parents asked their GPs to refer their children to Dr. Andrew Wakefield - they specifically asked.

Yet the Prosecution has been inferring that neurotic parents put excessive pressure on their General Practitioners so their GPs had no option but to give in and send their children to the Royal Free Hospital in London.

The Prosecution probably want to push the ‘Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy’ label - neurotic parents, especially mothers – first coined by Professor Roy Meadows.  If you were to do a study of how many people over the age of 20 are autistic, it would prove that MMR greatly contributed to the rise in cases of autism, as cases were rarer before 1988.

It is obvious to any thinking person that the spectacular rise in autism must be due to some kind of challenge to the immune system.  Genes do not restructure or become damaged 'naturally' within such a short space of time.  Autism has shot up since the end of the 1980s and now stands at something like 1 in 100 children. 

The medical profession would like to say autism is caused by environmental reasons or chemicals in the atmosphere - anything other than vaccines.  It’s very hard for the body to withstand something which is directly injected into the bloodstream, one of the deepest parts of the immune system.  The measles virus was found in the gut of children in a study that did not set out to link it to MMR.  Yet there are ingredients that may be harmful to the body.  For example, the Merck MMR vaccine contains: measles, mumps, rubella live virus, neomycin, sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin, chick embryonic fluid, and human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue.  See here:

I have to point out that at no time has Dr. Wakefield or either of the other two defendants in this fitness to practice hearing, challenged vaccination per se.  In fact different aetiologies of different illness apparently caused by vaccines have developed in Britain and North America.  Dr Wakefield's theory rests mainly on the effect of the measles virus that lingers for different periods in different parts of the body.  What has happened in Britain and North America differs quite dramatically in terms of research and law. While US researchers are not so dominated by a central State administration they have more freedom, despite the prevailing establishment view, to posit different theories and to carry out different research.

We should bear in mind always what Wakefield actually said or implied from his research.  Firstly, he questioned the trials and the safety record of MMR.  Secondly, he had no objections to single vaccines, which he considered to have a record of far fewer adverse reactions.  Finally, he only ever suggested that MMR affected a relatively small sub-group of children - he never said all autism is created by MMR vaccination.  What he did say is that a sub-group of children who already had immune system dysfunction of one kind or another, developed inflammatory bowel disorder.  In many of this particular group, behavioural problems presented as regressive autism - a condition that developed after the child had been progressing well.

Of course, had the government taken his research and run with it, they probably would have been able to identify the markers that left some children vulnerable and test for them.  To my mind the greatest crime for which the government is responsible, is creating thousands of vaccine damaged children when they had the beginnings of the science to avoid it. Their pride and intrigue has created a tragedy for thousands of families.

An appalling tragedy.  Please describe the strategy of the government and pharmaceutical companies in this case.

They had two things they had to stop.  Firstly, the court case which had been organised on behalf of around 1,000 children and had taken 10 years to come to court.  This case had to be stopped because the government had underwritten any damages accrued by GlaxoSmithKline if parents were awarded compensation for vaccine damage.
They also had to curtail Wakefield’s career, stop him from researching in this area in Britain, prevent him from making statements to the press and media, and above all discredit him as an expert witness. There is no doubt about his stature before all this happened.  He was one of the leading medical researchers in Crohn’s disease.  He had been given awards for his work.
Anyway, they stopped the legal claims by parents by withdrawing Legal Aid.  In claims law in England, you have to select test cases because you can’t go ahead with 1,000 cases - so 10 were chosen.  But in 2004, after ten years of preparation, with all children being on Legal Aid, it was suddenly withdrawn 6 months before it came to court!  This meant that all the cases came to a sudden end. 
In fact some time afterward when this decision was appealed, it was found that the Judge in the case had a brother who was a non executive board director of Glaxo SmithKline, who were the Defendants in the case.  Also, the science lobby groups funded by the drug companies and Lord Dick Taverne, founder of Sense About Science and a lawyer, campaigned to get legal aid taken from the parents.

At this moment, it seemed heart-rendingly poignant to think of all those poor children when Martin and I were sitting at a table surrounded by healthy children, laughing and chattering during the interval of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, which was playing at the Royal Festival Hall that day.  Martin continued….

If we had a system as in America, where lawyers were willing to act and get fees when they win, we had lawyers who had some scruples, courage, honour and integrity, we would find them prosecuting on behalf of such cases as those of vaccine damaged children.  But most lawyers in Britain are pusilanimous and lacking in any kind of social conscience. Even young people going in to work for large firms are conned into thinking that pro-bono work for NGOs is a real contribution, when really they should be stepping down and joining hands with grass roots campaigns, especially those that need the law changed.  Barristers, particularly are perhaps the most parasitic professionals in British society, they contribute next to nothing while earning hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

Anyway, the minute Legal Aid was withdrawn in the vaccine damage claims cases, all the lawyers went home, leaving the parents of 1,000 children stranded.  There is another facet to all this and that is that in Britain it is almost impossible to know whether any of the firms of solicitors dealing with cases of this kind are working for their clients, the government or the chemical and pharmaceutical companies.  Britain is perhaps one of the only large countries in the developed world were claimants have not won a single case 'in court' against a pharmaceutical company.

And these 1,000 cases - we assume that they were the worst cases?

No, the 10 test cases going to court were the worst but one doesn’t know how serious the others were. You only know that around 1,000 cases were reported to solicitors.  The fact that they were taken up by the solicitors means they had credibility.  We don't know the full range of symptoms of each case.  It is this diagnostic spectrum that further work by Dr Wakefield and others would have determined.

I believe the journalist Brian Deer, was primarily responsible for the fitness to practice hearing against Dr. Wakefield?  He made a programme about Andrew Wakefield and MMR for Despatches on Channel 4.

Deer, began the whole thing with his expose in the Sunday Times and then tendered an initial complaint to the GMC.  He was apparently helped in his investigation by members of Medico Legal Investigations Ltd.  MLI is a private enquiry company which has an ex-Scotland Yard inspector and a man previously in military intelligence as two of its directors.  The firm works for the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).  The company has spent the last 10 years developing and addressing questions of research malpractice that impact upon pharmaceutical companies.  They have also put together a number of cases for the General Medical Council. 

It seems a rather secretive organisation.

Deer’s expose in the The Sunday Times brought Wakefield’s career and life to a juddering halt and Richard Horton, the editor of the Lancet initiated an enquiry into the Lancet paper.  Deer is not important enough to be able to destroy someone’s career but when John Reid, the Secretary of State for Health, intervened by demanding in Deer's articlethat Wakefield be immediately reported to the GMC, Deer’s expose assumed a new importance. Within a week, a provisional complaint had been tendered to the GMC.  Deer has recently attacked me saying, among other things, that because I have written about his association with MLI and the inclusion in his article of Reid's demand that Wakefield be reported to the GMC, I am  actually accusing him of being in the pay of the pharmaceutical industry and in league with the government.

In the light of the ensuing prosecution, it's important to consider that Wakefield had to wait 4 years before he came to trial, whilst attempting to draw the government's attention to a possible health crisis over vaccination since 1992.  In fact he was not even granted a meeting until 1998.

Presumably, because the pharmaceutical industry and the Government have so many new vaccines lined up, they want to make an example of anyone who criticises them?

When you think about it, it is an incredible situation.  The first parents began to come to the Royal Free Hospital in 1992/93 until the first series review paper was published in the Lancet in 1998.  What we are seeing for the first time in British history, is a whole department of doctors, psychologists and research workers looking at the adverse reactions of a vaccination over six years in an NHS hospital!  This is why Wakefield and his colleagues have been given such a drubbing.  It’s never happened in this country before that the NHS has had a department tied up in looking at adverse reactions!

It does seem that we are having this trial, that must be costing millions, because of the large number of vaccines still in the pipeline.

They appear to be firmly convinced of their own propaganda.  I have heard that they think they can put up to 300 viruses in one vaccine to cure up to 300 diseases!  As for the fitness-to-practice hearing costing millions of pounds, yes, but should we worry, as it's coming out of the fees paid by doctors to the GMC?  If I were a conscientious doctor, I would be questioning the GMC night and day about how they can be so utterly profligate.

Are you talking about a new vaccine with 300 components?! 

No, it's their theoretical postulate.  It has been written in statements made by people at different times.  They want to propagate the idea that they can wipe out all human illness using one vaccine!  I think some of these pharma scientists are bereft of brains.

But if you look at it logically using common sense, which I sometimes think is a dying art (or is it a science?!) - a disease or diseases are being injected into the body.   You are injecting antigens, mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde and animal products, into a child or an adult, assaulting their immune systems.  They are meant to create antibodies but what happens when some people are too weak?  Only healthy people can cope with vaccines, sick people suffer the worst effects. 

The idea that you can stop human illness by vaccination is just an incredibly bizarre idea.  All it does is increase the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry.  I can’t see it advancing public health at all.

There is also another problem. Because of generic drugs, the bottom has fallen out of drugs to cure specific illnesses.  The industry has two new directions to go in. Vaccinations, for which they have a ready market with a captured population and the development of cognitive enhancement drugs.  The world has not really caught on to this latter innovation but it's going to be big business over the next 50 years.

Pharma companies are working on substances which change your personality, change your personal reactions to things.  These substances can make you a more sympathetic person, a happier person, a person who can solve problems more quickly, a person who can present at a job interview and make people believe in them, a person who will be immediately better at languages than they were the day before.  They are beginning to trial these drugs in terms of people who have addictions, so that the first wave of them will be socially acceptable.  The industry  will claim that the drugs are stopping people from being alcoholic, from having the cravings which develop into addiction.

But there is a big problem with the development of these substances. The whole of drugs development since the mid 20th century has been based on the idea of  carrying out trials using substances which are designed to cure illness.  The whole of the law around drugs development is based on that idea.  So you can only try and test a drug on somebody if you think you are making people better from an illness or disease.

Cognitive enhancement substances on the other hand have nothing to do with curing disease.  How are the drugs companies going to trial them?  In essence these substances are no better than street drugs.  They are meant to change your personality.  So how can they be legally trialled on say 2000 people?  How can they give people substances that change their personality to test them out?  It is a totally illegitimate concept. Will doctors prescribe them or will they be advertised directly to the public and sold in pubs, for instance?

The drug companies manage to get around most things.

Oh yes. They will do.  Anyway, cognitive enhancement substances and vaccines are the main areas of new development.

Two money spinners!  But what about all the new drugs for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, for example?

Well if any breakthroughs are made, then yes, they will still be very profitable but I don’t think there is much elasticity left in that market.

With regard to your writing, which has been the only voice for the parents in this case, how would you say you developed your work through this period?  I know you are an activist writer, a person whose writing adds to a campaign or struggle, becoming a part of it?

Originally I set out to write a book about the whole idea of Wakefield being criminalised through his scientific research.  As the case developed and the hearing began, I found that to get information implicit in the case, I had to attend the hearings and watch and write about them.  You're quite right, this is the kind of writing that I think is important.  Writers critical of the Establishment in different areas should be out there, just the same as photographers or alternative news commentators.  There is a role for the campaigning writer who is there at the time, reporting what is going on. 

At first it was very difficult for me to find a measure in my writing that would appeal to parents of vaccine damaged children because they are obviously locked into a world where they have the day to day care of their children, as well as having to keep their families solvent.  I was worried that my writing might be too serious and theoretical, not populist enough to attract their attention.

I expect lots of parents of autistic children are following it.

Yes, well I hope they are and certainly people on the networks for the campaign are doing that.  I found myself writing for the first time in my life in a satirical style and I tried to inject a little humour. 

I must admit when I read some of your reports, although very serious, I have laughed a few times at your description of the Prosecution.

As long as people can get the serious, critical analytical information from my writing, then I think it is a good balance.

I have been twice into the GMC courtroom and found it to be a terribly oppressive environment.

It is and it has a very serious effect on the people sitting there.  Makes you very depressed.  I can’t stress enough that one is sitting in the midst of something which is bubbling away like some witch’s cauldron in central London. You inevitably become embroiled in this false and rather evil world of chicanery, corruption and distortion. 
Sitting there, listening to it, you get completely denuded of any better self, better feelings, any kind of spirituality you might have had when you arrived in the morning.  It is a very stultifying and morally dangerous thing to have to participate in day after day.

I couldn’t stand more than about three quarters of an hour each time.

Well when you think that Professor Walker-Smith is 71, has been retired for 6 years and has a reputation for being one of the best paediatric gastroenterologists in Europe and now the GMC at the behest of some unseen hand, has dragged him down, criminalising him.  He is being told in no uncertain terms that he experimented on children who were well, for his own ends or to bring down the pharmaceutical companies and the public health system.  It’s just staggering to watch people try to destroy someone who throughout their life tried to help children, especially such an evidently moral and ethical man.

And while you have been reporting on the trial, you put the book Silenced Witnesses together.

I edited the book but the parents wrote it.  Because the parents didn’t have a voice at the hearing, it seemed to me the most important thing was to get their voices heard, to get a book published about the children and themselves.  How the parents tackled the situation and dealt with a vaccine damaged child.  A way of pouring out the emotions they have previously kept sealed up, a way of criticising the government and the medical establishment. The book was provisionally called The Parents’ Voice and I wrote to our email list and asked parents to come forward to write a chapter.  Within a week I had 8 parents who were willing to write full blown chapters of around 8,000 words.  Within 3 weeks, I had the first finished chapter in.  It was a very good chapter and with all the chapters, I only had to do a minimum of editing.  There were no arguments and no competing, which makes a change! 

I am sure all the parents would have a lot to say as they had been excluded from the hearing and prevented from expressing their gratitude to Dr. Wakefield, Professor Murch and Professor Walker-Smith.

Yes, I published the book and together with Carol Stott, wrote the introduction.  It was a very productive and useful experience and one that was important for the campaign.  The Cry Shame website  now sells the book and also has four excellent films by Alan Golding covering the whole problem of the hearing and how Wakefield has been attacked.

Tell us a little more about the book that you helped produce for Cry Shame, the campaign in support of Wakefield and vaccine damaged children.

Well we decided after we finished Silenced Witnesses, that we would do 4 volumes altogether about different aspects of the whole vaccine story and the way these three doctors and other people were attacked.  The second volume will be more or less like the first.  Then there will be one about treatment of vaccine damaged children.  The third will be about censorship in the media - the way the science lobby groups and the government censor the alternative view of vaccine damaged children….and one other.  What we are now thinking is that we want to present a continuous record.  When you live in a society where the newspapers remain silent on an issue, you have to create your own record. The media attention of the Wakefield case has been abominable.

Very poor.

Journalists increasingly behave like lackeys would have acted in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany or other repressed societies.  These people who call themselves reporters seem unable to investigate or broadcast anything which goes against the grain in our society.  It’s pitiful to watch.

The only recourse you have in those circumstances is to start publishing something yourself.  Make films yourself, make CDs or whatever you can in order to support your case.  I would draw attention to Alan Golding’s films on the Cry Shame site.  Marvelous short films in a completely experimental area, supporting a definite campaign.  Just as my reports and these parents’ voices are being recorded in properly published books and essays.  They have authority, a degree of skill and craft behind them on behalf of an alternative cause that the Establishment will not present, will not broadcast.  It’s all been a very interesting experience for me as a political activist writer, as a campaigning writer.  On the other hand, it is always very depressing to get involved in these situations where to some extent the prognosis looks hopeless - yet we’ve got to rise above that.

Well yes and you never know, there’s always the Law of Unintended Consequences!  It’s not over yet until April.

The fact that they have given themselves a long time to hang the Defendants, might just mean that they’ve taken too long and might hang themselves.  Just as they have got all the time in the world to introduce new vaccines, to deny that there is any such thing as vaccine damage, we also have months and months in which to fight this cause.  And I just want to urge people to go and visit the Cry Shame website.  Go there and look at the things that are going on with this case.  Donate money if you can, distribute my essays, enquire about distributing Alan Golding's films, support our cause and try to get justice not only for the three defendants but for all vaccine damaged children and their parents. La lotta continua

Copyright Louise Mclean 2008
Louise Mclean, LCCH MHMA, is the Editor of Zeus Information Service.


Martin J Walker 1947 -
Through the late Eighties into the early Nineties, Martin J. Walker worked as an investigator for lawyers in criminal and civil cases and with many defendants in criminal and civil trials - with and without lawyers.  In the late 1980s he co-founded Hackney Community Defence Association (HCDA), an anti-racist group which worked on the defence of people assaulted, fitted up and wrongfully arrested by the police in north east London.  In 1990, he began investigating and writing about the ‘health fraud’ movement and the vested interests of science and medicine.  His fifth book in 1993 - Dirty Medicine: Science, big business and the assault on natural healthcare was described by Christopher Bird, author of 'The Secret Life of Plants', as 'a masterpiece of investigative journalism and attentive scholarship, elegantly written'.  Since then he has published further titles including The Brave New World of Zero Risk: Covert strategies in British science policyand HRT: Licensed to kill and maim.   For five years up until 2006 he was a legal advisor to the BBC 1 drama series ‘Judge John Deed’.  He has been involved with the campaign on behalf of parents of vaccine damaged children for three years.  Martin is the author of a number of books and essays, available on his website.

This kind of news does not reach the national newspapers. does it? Grace
Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:16 am (PDT)India recalls measles vaccine after child deaths

1 day ago

NEW DELHI (AFP) — India has recalled over four million doses of a measles vaccine supplied by a south Indian drug manufacturer after four children died following inoculation with the drug, reports said Friday.

"All state governments have been instructed to stop use of the measles vaccine manufactured by the Indian Immunological Limited until further orders," Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss told the Press Trust of India news agency.

Further supplies from the manufacturer have also been halted, he said.

The government late Thursday ordered the recall of some four million doses of the vaccine already supplied by Hyderabad-based Indian Immunologicals Limited out of an overall order of nine million, the Indian Express daily said.

The recall came after four infants who received the measles vaccine in the southern state of Tamil Nadu died on Wednesday.

Parents said their babies started frothing at the mouth and nose and died within 15 to 20 minutes of being administered the vaccine, news channel NDTV reported.

The state health minister has said the children might have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine, noting that some 20,000 children in Tamil Nadu were inoculated against measles with the same drug Wednesday.

Samples of the vaccine have been sent to a national laboratory for testing and a team of health experts is examining how the vaccine was stored and how health workers administered it.

For now, Tamil Nadu state has suspended its measles vaccination programme and inoculation programmes in other states are also likely to be hit by the recall.

An Indian minister expressed concern that the development could jeopardise India's larger immunisation efforts, sometimes beset by rumours about the safety of the injections.

In the past, India's attempts to eradicate polio have been delayed after some Islamic clerics spread rumours the vaccines would harm Muslim children.

Vaccinations - Updates & Articles

Subject: Vaccinations Linked to Mental Illness & Autism

Parents who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder might need to be especially careful to avoid having their children vaccinated if they want to reduce the risk of autism in their children.

This is indicated by the results of a newly published paper [1] taken in conjunction with new information from the USA linking vaccinations to autism [2] and widely reported in the US media.

The new study found that 1 in 10 parents had a diagnosis of a mental disorder.  A slightly higher proportion of parents who had a child with autism (1 in 7) were found to have had a diagnosis of a mental disorder.

[1] Parental Psychiatric Disorders Associated With Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Offspring: PEDIATRICS Vol. 121 No. 5 May 2008

[2] Developmental Regression and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Child With Autism: Journal of Child Neurology, Vol. 21, No. 2, 170-172 (2006)

The paper linking vaccines to autism states:-
"Young children who have dysfunctional cellular energy metabolism therefore might be more prone to undergo autistic regression between 18 and 30 months of age if they also have infections or immunizations at the same time. Although patterns of regression can be genetically and prenatally determined, it is possible that underlying mitochondrial dysfunction can either exacerbate or affect the severity of regression. Abnormalities of oxidative phosphorylation can be developmental and age related and can normalize with time."

Recent research has shown that whilst 20% of children with autism have this condition, it is estimated that further research will show 65% of children with autism are likely to be affected.

Autism: 1 in 50 Kids At Risk

The CDC is based in Atlanta, where its 15,000 employes will be able to read this.

Investigative journalist David Kirby says of CDC Director Julie Gerberding "Gerberding was either grossly misinformed, or lying." and "Instead of answers, we get adamant silence. This is not a matter of national security. It's a national emergency."  And Gerberding controls a budget of US$9.19 billion according to a highly critical US Senate Committee report "CDC Off Centre".

Kirby is author of "Evidence of Harm – Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy"

Give us answers on vaccines By DAVID KIRBY

  • in addition to being a skilful explanation of the technical aspects, this just published 20th March Op Ed piece "Give us answers on vaccines"  in newspaper The Atlanta Journal Constitution is especially unusual (full text also below)
  • The Atlanta Journal Constitution is published in the "backyard" of  the US Centres for Disease Control.
  • it also shows the US media are more prepared than ever to publish hard hitting factual information when they would not touch this issue in the past.

Extraordinary News - "The Wakefield Witchhunt" - Melanie Phillips - The Spectator - Friday, 21st March 2008

See this extraordinary story in the respected UK establishment journal - The Spectator.
"The Wakefield Witchhunt" - Melanie Phillips - The Spectator - Friday, 21st March 2008
This is also the first time respected political commentator Melanie Phillips has ventured into this territory for some years.  That alone is significant.  The fact The Spectator has published on this is all the more significant.

And remember also the extraordinary piece in The Spectator last May 16 by former Sunday Times Health Editor Neville Hodgkinson:-

What killed Sally Clark’s child? Neville Hodgkinson 19 may 2007 Part 1
What killed Sally Clark’s child? Neville Hodgkinson 19 may 2007 - Part 2
What killed Sally Clark’s child? Neville Hodgkinson 19 may 2007 - Part 3
What killed Sally Clark’s child? Neville Hodgkinson 19 may 2007 - Part 4
What killed Sally Clark’s child? Neville Hodgkinson 19 may 2007 - Part 5
What killed Sally Clark’s child? Neville Hodgkinson 19 may 2007 - Part 6


CryShame - Parents and Professionals in support of Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Simon Murch and Dr John Walker-Smith


US Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court - Now What?
David Kirby - The Huffington Post -February 25, 2008 | 12:42 PM (EST)

"After years of insisting there is no evidence to link vaccines with the onset of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the US government has quietly conceded a vaccine-autism case in the ourt of Federal Claims. The unprecedented concession was filed on November 9, and sealed to protect the plaintiff's identify. It was obtained through individuals unrelated to the case."

For details of the child's case, see here for abstract of the Johns Hopkins paper "Developmental Regression and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Child With Autism" published in 2006 in the Journal of Journal of Child Neurology / Volume 21, Number 2, February 2006

In the full paper the authors' state:-
"Young children who have dysfunctional cellular energy metabolism therefore might be more prone to undergo autistic regression between 18 and 30 months of age if they also have infections or immunizations at the same time. Although patterns of regression can be genetically and prenatally determined, it is possible that underlying mitochondrial dysfunction can either exacerbate or affect the severity of regression. Abnormalities of oxidative phosphorylation can be developmental and age related and can normalize with time."

Side-effects of Vaccinations / Medications

The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed


This kind of news does not reach the national newspapers. does it? Grace
Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:16 am (PDT)India recalls measles vaccine after child deaths

1 day ago

NEW DELHI (AFP) — India has recalled over four million doses of a measles
vaccine supplied by a south Indian drug manufacturer after four children
died following inoculation with the drug, reports said Friday.

"All state governments have been instructed to stop use of the measles
vaccine manufactured by the Indian Immunological Limited until further
orders," Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss told the Press Trust of India
news agency.

Further supplies from the manufacturer have also been halted, he said.

The government late Thursday ordered the recall of some four million doses
of the vaccine already supplied by Hyderabad-based Indian Immunologicals
Limited out of an overall order of nine million, the Indian Express daily

The recall came after four infants who received the measles vaccine in the
southern state of Tamil Nadu died on Wednesday.

Parents said their babies started frothing at the mouth and nose and died
within 15 to 20 minutes of being administered the vaccine, news channel NDTV

The state health minister has said the children might have had a severe
allergic reaction to the vaccine, noting that some 20,000 children in Tamil
Nadu were inoculated against measles with the same drug Wednesday.

Samples of the vaccine have been sent to a national laboratory for testing
and a team of health experts is examining how the vaccine was stored and how
health workers administered it.

For now, Tamil Nadu state has suspended its measles vaccination programme
and inoculation programmes in other states are also likely to be hit by the

An Indian minister expressed concern that the development could jeopardise
India's larger immunisation efforts, sometimes beset by rumours about the
safety of the injections.

In the past, India's attempts to eradicate polio have been delayed after
some Islamic clerics spread rumours the vaccines would harm Muslim children.



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