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Testimonial - Sonja Johnson

Testimonial - Sonja JohnsonTo whom it may concern

Over the past 4 years Kate Diamantopoulo of Arnica Montana has provided me with unlimited access to her expertise and products to assist me as I represent Australia internationally in the equestrian sport of Eventing.

Equestrian is the only Olympic sport where men and women compete on an equal footing. It is also the only Olympic sport which involves a living partner other than a fellow human. Hence for a women to be at the top of the field they must keep their body in tip top form and also their equine partner. Kate with her advice and products has been most helpful in this.

Over the 4 years Kate has provided a CD on the remedies and how to use them. A most invaluable First Aid kit full of remedies that I use on the horses and humans (and keep on having to get Kate to top up). A number of tailor made remedies for specific conditions such as injured knees, ankles etc. Kate also does the most wonderful soap and bath soak. It only has one problem - my mum and dad like it so much it keeps running out!

In this four year period I have competed for Australia at the following Eventing competitions:

World Cup – Pau France 04 (In 04 I won both world cup qualifiers held in Australia) and individual Adelaide CCI**** 05
Member winning team Trans Tasman Trophy 05
Werribee CCI*** (final selection trial for World Championships)
Member Bronze medal team World Championships 06 (this qualified Australia for the Olympics)
1st individual Taupo New Zealand Championships 07
Member 2nd place Trans Tasman team 07
I have also competed in numerous other competitions and am once again leading event rider in WA.

Kate has been a constant support in these endeavors. It is not possible to do it alone and as Kate’s products are all permitted substances under the rules of competition I will continue to use them with great confidence.

Yours sincerely
Sonja Johnson

The Olympics are fast approaching and in order to promote interest in Homeopathy I recently exhibited in China in December. I also gave a workshop in Mandarin with the help of an interpreter.This was well received by the Chinese audience both business people as well as the general public with many questions asked.They were particulatly impressed with the idea that it was easy to self medicate with the aid of a Homeopathic kit.

Sonja Johnson a WA horse eventer, is a member of the Australian Equestrian team, and already preparing for the Beijing Olympics.

Arnica Montana also provides expertise and products to many athletes to assist in a speedy recovery from their injuries and keep their immune response strong and resilient.

It is also World Homeopathy Awareness Week in April and the theme this year is sport !

Sonja Johnson          Sonja Johnson
Sonja Johnson


Josephine Butler, World Velodrome competitor,Janelle Cuthbertson World tennis competitor, West Australian athletes. and Michael Will UK competing in the Canadian Ice Hockey league.

The Victorious Australian Polocrosse Team

Ridley World Cup 2007


Polocrosse Newsletter

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Arnica Montana Products were introduced by Suzette Lyster and Jane Cooper to the Australian team, and approved by the Australian Institute of Sport for their use since the first week of intensive training.

February 2007

For more information go to Polocrosse World Cup 2007

Arnica Montana

Sponsors of the Ridley Polocrosse World Cup 2007

Warwick - Queensland

Australia are the Winners of the World Cup! Suzette Lyster -see below- named as Champion Female Polocrosse Player.She has been using Arnica Montana products for over 4 years as has Jane Cooper.

Arnica Montana is proud to sponsor Suzette Lyster and Jane Cooper, two of 4 women in Australia selected to compete for Australia this year.

The training schedule for the team is quite intense including a week at the Australian Institute of Sport along with over a month of preparation prior to the World Cup in April.  They are requried to travel with the horses across to Queensland at their own expense for the prior training and tournaments taking a minimum of six weeks. 

As Polocrosse is not a professional sport there is no payment, even at National level so more sponsors are sought.

The Ridley Polocrosse World Cup 2007 is the most prestigious international event ever staged by Polocrosse. Each participating country has an equal chance of winning the title, as the eight competing nations will play in two draws, using an even pool of Australian horses.

At the inaugural World Cup in 2003, Australia played New Zealand in the final with a decisive 32-13 for the Aussies. 

In addition to Australia, guest nations include New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the USA, South Africa and Zimbabwe.  The entire pool of horses for this unique competition will be supplied and screened by Australia, many will be registered Australian Stock Horses.

Report of Australia's Final Match against the UK:

Sunday 29th April 2007 2.30pm.

FINAL SCORE Australia 36 UK 13

Quote from the Official Polocrosse World Cup website:

"Australia went at the UK from the jump.Early chukkas set the scene for a dominant Australian performance.  Australia's No 1's Kylie Dowling and Jane Cooper stole the limelight with a very strong goal throwing performance.  However Suzette Lyster was also outstanding playing No 3 and came away with the Best International Lady Player Award. Goal throwing duties were shared by 3 Australian players Troy Henry, Aaron Clarke and Andrew Rose who all showed great ball skills and horsemanship to completely dominate their opposition.Hayden Turnbull played the entire final at Number 3 for Australia allowing only 6 goals to be thrown by the UK attack players.

UK played above themselves to reach the final,improving their ranking from 7th in 2003.  The Australians on their home turf were far too strong in the final, going on to record a convincing win.

Australian captain Tanya Hollow said:  "It is unbelievable,almost overwhelming.   We knew UK had their tails up after defeating the Kiwis yesterday,so we had to dominate from the start.We played high intensity polocrosse, it wasn't always pretty, but we got the job done.  It's going to be fantastic for polocrosse in 2011 when the next World Cup is hosted by the United Kingdom.  Our Assistant Coach Noel Challis is always telling us-  :If you can dream it,you can do it."


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