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"In today's busy world Arnica Montana will help us cope better with the many demands on the human body"

PayPalOur ingredients have been rigorously sourced and tested to provide the best possible products for the price. We are proud of the quality and unique blend used in all our products, and are confident of your satisfaction.

Kate will personally answer any queries you may have, and will advise on how best to use them.  Please be aware that individual reactions to our products may occur and we strongly recommend a patch test before general application. These products do contain nut oils.


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Arnica Montana

There are 3 product categories in the Arnica Montana Range. All of these are made by hand to Kate's exclusive recipes. 85% of the ingredients are pure and sourced from Australia. Other ingredients are souced from Papua New Guinea, France and other parts of the world where quality is ensured.

The original Arnica Montana range includes 6 products which complement each other and are specifically designed to deal with bruising, stress and trauma in a simple, practical way.

The Calendula (Marigold) products include a cream and ointment, and are perfect for rashes, stings and bites. These are soothing, healing and nourishing products suitable for any age group. They will also effectively moisturise the skin, and may be used for minor skin conditions.

The Sage (Salvia) products include a healing cream and ointment for wounds, cuts, grazes and abrasions and may help prevent infection of wounds.

These products may be used by anyone at any stage of their lives, from babies through to old age. If used in conjunction with the Homeopathic remedy 'Arnica 30' even better results may be obtained.

This range of products is made exclusively for Arnica Montana Enterprises Pty Ltd by Mother Earth Aromatherapy, and Corryne's Natural Soaps Fremantle, Western Australia. Arnica Montana donates a percentage of its profits to the Hunger Project.

Helios Home Prescribing Remedy Kits

Double Helix Kits are unique and ideal for newcomers and patients, as well as the more experienced users of homeopathy. Made from polypropylene the compact and versatile kits contain a wide range of remedies, covering a significant proportion of the most common ailments and first aid situations. The remedies are contained in 2gm glass bottles, holding approximately 35 doses, in sucrose pillule form. Each kit comes with its own comprehensive, self-prescribing guide to help you in your selection of the most appropriate remedy.

Mat Med Cards

The Mat Med Cards are double-sided 3”x 5” flashcards presenting the essentials of materia medica in a user friendly format. There are two packs, each comprising 60 remedy cards with an A-Z divider for storage and easy reference.

Many thanks to Margaret Rutherford for the product photography.

Made in AustraliaWe're Australian made!

The Arnica Montana product range is made in Australia, so when you buy from us you know you're supporting a local Australian business. Find out more.

BeforeAfterEffectiveness of Homeopathic Treatment

Patrick, one of my Australian nephews, 16 yrs old pictured here was knocked from his bike and severely injured his face.

We immediately treated him internally with Arnica for the shock, bruising and trauma, Bellis Perennis for the deep trissue trauma, Calendula as a blood cleanser and for lacerations, Hypericum for injuries caused by a blow, for nerve injury and jarred spine and to prevent tetanus and finally Natsulph for the effects of the concussion.

We cleaned him up using Arnica Bath Soak and Soap and applied Arnica ointment to all bruises, Calendula on grazes, Sage on wounds containing grit and applied an Arnica Poultice to a severe swelling on his forehead.

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