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Here in Australia the swine flu  drama has degenerated into a source of urban myths and jokes. I loved it when the newscaster on Channel 7 portentously announced - "Breaking news - and now the numbers for swine flu have DOUBLED in Australia - we now have 7 cases!" I didn't know we had half people here. At least they are now saying that the Health Department is not really worried about its effects. As of yesterday we have about 150 (non serious) cases. As we lose between about 30 - 40,000 people every year from flu world wide this is currently not a serious outbreak and following the normal progress of flu every year.

However please check out our swine flu link as a comprehensive use of common first aid remedies (easily obtainable wherever you are) will certainly reduce the risk of complications in vulnerable people such as the elderly and convalescent.

Our kits, which have been sold worldwide for over 20 years, are invaluable in giving help and advice in common health problems particularly at this time of year. They are made in the UK by Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy and refills in larger quantities are available from our shopping cart at $11.00 each. This way the kit is kept restocked when out and about, and the refills are kept at home for use. I carry my Travellers Kit all the time everywhere whether going to the local shops or when travelling. If I don't need it someone else is sure to!

Read about a Life Saved in the Air

Drugs agency grants its first licence to homoeopathic product

From the UK, the news that Arnica Montana has now been licensed as a medicine and reported as such in the British Medical Journal is good.

Edzard Ernst Professor for Complementary Medicine at Exeter University UK dedicated long term campaigner and complainer about the validity of Homeopathy, is still recovering from the shock - he could do with some Arnica, but I'm sure he would rather die than admit it.

Read extracts from the Article Here

How many years have so many people been using it to good effect, not just for bruising? Dr Dorothy Shepherd a well known Homeopathic doctor from the UK, born and raised in a Scottish village, and working in the trenches in World War 1 and running clinics in World War 2, swore by it. She used it to great effect in the most terrible situations where all hope had been given up for severely injured soldiers. Combined with other Homeopathic remedies she saved the lives of many patients and her book Homeopathy for the First Aider, first published in 1945, is a must read for anyone new to Homeopathy. Her final consideration for Arnica was that it rebalanced all 4 bodies in the organism: Physical Mental Emotional and Spiritual so that healing could begin. Hahnemann first saw it used in the Austrian Alps where attendants would make an infusion of the Arnica herb and apply it as a wet dressing to any injury sustained by someone – often a climber after a fall.

I first used it as a mother of twins having had an emergency caesarean with enormous blood loss in 1980.I had suffered an abruptio placenta with massive haemorrhage and was in severe shock. The children's lives were saved, but I was not in a good state. As an experienced midwife I had nursed many women after a caesarean section and they are commonly unwell for several days, especially if there has been such an emergency with severe blood loss. All I knew was that I was very lucky to be alive - I had a blood transfusion, drain and catheter in situ and was in a lot of pain. My husband brought me in the dried Arnica herb and I kept asking for hot water which I infused with the Arnica. Immediately I felt the benefit; was much less mentally and emotionally traumatised as well as felt better physically. I kept doing this every hour (it is normal to be given 30 mls water every hour after any surgery and I already had a transfusion in place). By the end of that day I was up and walking around, unlike any other of the mothers who had delivered that day (caesarean or not) albeit pretty stiffly, and I was managing to breast feed both babies.

The clue to using Arnica is to remember that it really does deal with clinical shock and consequently the balance of the organism in all respects is restored. In other words it is the first remedy of choice for any condition as we do not get sick unless we are traumatised on some level of our being. Once Arnica has been given other remedies can be considered and added in.

Child Health - Vaccinations

A couple of articles worth the read from the Child Health Safety website

UK Compulsory Vaccination Imminent

There Is No "Anti-Vaccine" Movement

As a Homeopath I have seen many mothers through their pregnancies with regular appointments, and the difference in their health and their ability to recover post delivery is remarkable compared to mothers who do not have this treatment. I cannot recommend Homeopathy highly enough for mothers pre and post delivery.

Incidentally as an untrained (Homeopathically speaking - though I was an experienced nurse midwife and Health Visitor UK trained for 18 years) mother with 3 young children. – Helen was 2 when the twins were born - I found I used Arnica most days! It wasn't just for bumps and bruises though. Often I found that what seemed to be the indicated remedy in my book for something, didn't respond unless I gave Arnica first, and then it would work very well. Trauma of some sort has always happened before the actual injury and young children cannot tell you what it is.

These days they are 31 and 29, carry their kits everywhere, and treat themselves and their friends and acquaintances as they go, very efficiently. None of them are remotely interested in medicine – they are a Photographer, Rock Drummer, and Stand Up Comic/Comedy writer respectively.

Which reminds me to give the PLUG for Helen as a Photographer! She has travelled very widely and has an eye for the quirky and interesting. Please visit her excellent website at You will enjoy it!

That's it for now! I'm looking forward to seeing my family, friends, and patients in the UK as of the 21st June in Brighton Hove and London. Contact number for me is through my UK Practice Manager Sharon Morris (0044) (0)1273 552822.

I am also contactable by text message on 0417713212 and email which I check regularly.

I will be in Europe until the end of August, and Sally Moore 0407287637 will be minding my practice here in Australia in my absence.

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