Newsletter March 2010

Dear Reader,

As I'm about to get on the plane to the UK for the next working trip, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter - a bit tough to be leaving the sunshine at 32 degrees to brave the rain and 13 degrees in Brighton! However the warmth of the welcome from family friends and patients is more than worth the effort.

London to Brighton Marathon

This time the London to Brighton Marathon – a much publicized event ending on the prom near the pier, looms for April 18th and the hardy runners will be legging it over hill and dale from London to Brighton, some 60 miles of hard road in their thousands. Will probably be in the rain, never mind the cold. - Rather them than me!

Arnica BalmOne of our local runners Christian Grillot an Anglicised Frenchman has been in training for a while now using our Arnica balm which he swears by, to keep him injury free.  I'll meet him and his family on the finishing line.

Arnica Montana is a sponsor for this event and has been advertised in the special Brighton Marathon newspaper delivered to some 180,000 homes - I've had emails from residents delighted to see us involved.

Arnica Montana Ltd., UK has been in existence since 2000 – Arnica Montana Pty Ltd Australia since 2002. My Brighton Practice has been running for the last 28 years - we have around 4000 Homeopaths in the UK, many of us working alongside orthodox GPs as well as other disciplines for the benefit of the patient.

As the event itself is sponsored by Cancer Research UK, a Registered Charity, I'm delighted to draw their attention to the use of Arnica in bruising and aches and pains, of course common symptoms in any form of cancer.

Over the years I've had many letters of appreciation for what Homeopathy, often used alongside orthodox medication, has done for patients suffering from cancer. It greatly helped my own father when in the last stages of his life. His doctors at the Royal Surrey Hospital Guildford willingly wrote on his notes that he was receiving Homeopathic treatment and were interested to know what it was being prescribed for.

Dubai Arab Health Expo

Following the Dubai Arab Health expo attended by my daughter Rosie and I at the end of January, we have been in touch with Sheikh Maktoum of racing stables fame. I have bet on his horse for years - they are so well cared for and trained - excellence is his motto in all things horses; he is very well liked and appreciated here in Australia as well as at the Godolphin stables in the UK.

My online interview about Homeopathy is apparently there for the duration in the Arab Health e-book (see page 16/17 of e-book) which we're really pleased about. It's not often that Homeopathy is so well featured alongside all the paraphernalia of modern medicine's sophisticated drugs, machinery, and other medical equipment.

There were about 6000 exhibitors and we were the only representatives for Homeopathy. Nowadays there are around 30 Homeopaths in Dubai and it is recognized by their Minister for Health who I met and chatted with at the Expo.

When I first came to this end of the world in 2002 there were only two. An old student of mine from the College of Homeopathy in Regents College London, and another Englishwoman also trained in London.

In the current climate of enthusiastic pogroms worldwide against Homeopathy, it behoves all of us who know to keep standing up and being counted for its well documented healing powers.

Inspiring Cases

Once the Marathon is over I'll be heading back for the 22nd May 'Inspiring Cases' National Fundraising Seminar series at Endeavour College, 170 Wellington St, Perth, West Australia where I will be the first speaker at 9.00am. It's a full day and all of us are volunteering our services in order to raise $40,000 for the Hands on Health Rajasthan Women's clinic in India.

Monies raised on the day will also be donated to HOH Project Hope massage clinic in the Phillipines. There are 30 of us speakers from complementary medicine in different cities in Australia during May including Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Iridology, Flower Essences, Hair Analysis, Herbal Medicine, Urine Analysis, Natural Fertility Management.

The other venues are:

Melbourne Sunday 2nd May Endeavour College 9 - 5pm
Brisbane Saturday 8th May Endeavour College 9 - 5pm
Sydney Saturday 15th May Mission Australia 9 - 5pm
Adelaide Sunday 23rd May Endeavour College 9 - 5pm
Cost $120.00

Download brochure here

All the best until next time,

Kate Diamantopoulo

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