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Legal Proceedings against Homeopathy Plus

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THEY are trying to frighten us.

What about Freedom of Speech, my God, the pharmaceutical industry claim their drugs work and will heal a person and yet we all know people die from taking their medication. Putting all the information on my website Dangerous Prescription Drugs I am dumbfounded at the criminality, dirty dealings, false claims etc. etc. the pharmaceutical industry make. I dream of a world wide class action against them. But in the meantime what can we do to help - twittering, Avaaz petition, etc. etc.
Hpathy Plus guys and Fran - you are all in my prayers. I know it sounds trite but I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe this will be the start of the Great Fight Back against the Pharmaceutical Industry. We are fighting for the future generations. I dread to imagine a world where the only healing mode for the masses is pharmaceutical drugs - perish the thought.

Australia Freedom of Speech
Australia does not have explicit freedom of speech in any
constitutional or statutory declaration of rights, with the exception of
political speech which is protected from criminal prosecution at common law per Australian Capital Television Pty Ltd v Commonwealth.
In 1992 the High Court of Australia judged in the case of Australian Capital Television Pty Ltd v Commonwealth that the Australian Constitution,
by providing for a system of representative and responsible government,
implied the protection of political communication as an essential
element of that system. This freedom of political communication is not a
broad freedom of speech as in other countries, but rather a freedom
whose purpose is only to protect political free speech. This freedom of
political free speech is a shield against government prosecution, not a
shield against private prosecution (civil law).
It is also less a causal mechanism in itself, rather than simply a
boundary which can be adjudged to be breached. Despite the court's
ruling, however, not all political speech appears to be protected in
Australia and several laws criminalise forms of speech that would be
protected in other democratic countries such as the United States[citation needed].
In 1996, Albert Langer was imprisoned for advocating that voters fill out their ballot papers in a way that was invalid.[35] Amnesty International declared Langer to be a prisoner of conscience.[36]
The section which outlawed Langer from encouraging people to vote this
way has since been repealed and the law now says only that it is an
offence to print or publish material which may deceive or mislead a
The Howard Government re-introduced sedition law, which criminalises some forms of expression. Media Watch ran a series on the amendments on ABC television.[37]
In 2006, CSIRO senior scientist Graeme Pearman was reprimanded and encouraged to resign after he spoke out on global warming.[38] The Howard Government was accused of limiting the speech of Pearman and other scientists.
EU Freedom of SpeechCurrently, all members of the European Union
are signatories of the European Convention on Human Rights in addition
to having various constitutional and legal rights to freedom of
expression at the national level. The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union
has been legally binding since December 1, 2009 when the Treaty of
Lisbon became fully ratified and effective. Article 11 of the Charter,
in part mirroring the language of the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights, provides that
1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall
include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information
and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of
frontiers.2. The freedom and pluralism of the media shall be respected.
The European Court of Justice
takes into account both the Charter and the Convention when making its
rulings. According to the Treaty of Lisbon, the European Union accedes
to the European Convention as an entity in its own right, making the
Convention binding not only on the governments of the member states but
also on the supranational institutions of the EU.
USA Freedom of SpeechIn the United States freedom of expression is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. There are several common law exceptions including obscenity,[106][107] defamation,[106][107] incitement,[107] incitement to riot or imminent lawless action,[106][107] fighting words,[106]
fraud, speech covered by government granted monopoly (copyright), and
speech integral to criminal conduct. There are federal criminal law statutory prohibitions covering all the common law exceptions other than defamation, of which there is civil law liability, as well as making false statements (lying) in "matters within the jurisdiction" of the federal government,[108] speech related to information decreed to be related to national security such as military and classified information,[109] false advertising,[107] perjury,[107] privileged communications, trade secrets,[110][111]
copyright, and patents. Most states and localities have many identical
restrictions, as well as harassment, and time, place and manner
restrictions. In addition, in California it is illegal to post a public official’s address or telephone number on the InternetTo:


Very interesting article: An increased risk of narcolepsy has been found among English children vaccinated with the swine flu vaccine, Pandemrix. I believe one in Perth is in a coma.

Research Committee Newsletter - February 2013

Dear Kate,

It has been a while since our last Research e-bulletin, but rest assured we have been active!

Changes - committee members
There have been a few changes in membership of the Research Committee over the last 6 months. Maria Ciaccio, Alison Fixsen and Hazel Partington have stood down - we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for all the work they have done over the months and years, especially to Hazel who was chair of the committee for many years.
New members joining us have been Caroline Ford, Melanie Tomsett, Philippa Fibert, Hugh Harrison and Stephen Gordon.

Hugh Harrison (School of Homeopathy) has been working on the development of the HELAT outcome measurement tool based on Hering's Law of cure which you might have read about in the latest edition of the society journal; Stephen Gordon, (College of Homeopathy) who brings his European experience as the General Secretary of ECCH (European Central Council of Homeopaths ); Caroline Ford (CHE) has joined us with a background in project management, statistics and cost analysis; and Melanie Tomsett (Westminster/CHE) who brings infectious enthusiasm for research into homeopathy.
Changes - research consultant
Rachel Roberts has stood down from her position as Research Consultant to the Society to pursue her work at the Homeopathic Research Institute ( Rachel did a wonderful job raising the profile of research within the Society, loading a vast amount of information onto the society website as well as playing a significant part in the Society's response to the ASA. On behalf of the RC we would like to extend our warmest thanks to Rachel for all her diligent hard work.
If you haven't yet explored the research pages within the members only section of the website, we recommend you take a look (

The position of Research Consultant has been taken up by RC members Angelina Mosley and Philippa Fibert in a job-share. Angelina is a homeopath (CHE) and post-doctoral scientist with experience in lab-based immunology research. Philippa is a homeopath (Purton House) engaged in homeopathy research at the School of Health and Related Research, Sheffield University, and has just completed an MSc in research methodology in psychology. Both are keen to help members become active in research so we can expand our evidence base as a profession, and will do all they can to help members achieve this.

To this end, Philippa is attending an NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) workshop about how to engage in primary care funded research on the 12th of February and will bring back advice about how homeopaths might be able to get involved.
Local meetings
In the Autumn the Society organised nationwide local meetings to discuss the positive evidence for homeopathy. These events were highly successful and stimulating. Much of the feedback from these meetings has been taken on board by the RC.
Articles in the pipeline
In response to the feedback from the recent local meetings one of the first jobs for the new Research Consultants Angelina and Philippa is to plan and co-write a series of research pieces with the RC. These will go into the Society journal and members area of the website and it is hoped that they will further encourage research participation of members and facilitate deeper understanding of the research process.
If there are any topics you would like to see covered in the up-coming articles or any questions you have about the research process please do send them to Angelina and Philippa who will collate the ideas and use them to help shape the information provided.
Research Events
The Research Council for Complementary Medicine (RCCM) are holding a workshop on using MYMOP forms to gather outcome data from clinical practice on the 25th March ( This is an excellent opportunity to hear Charlotte Paterson, creator of the MYMOP tool, speak about its use.
You may also like to attend the Society's research day planned for 14th June: "The case for homeopathy - assessment in our own practice" ( where RC members Julie Smith, Hugh Harrison and Philippa Fibert will discuss the use of different tools to assess the outcomes of homeopathic practice.
For an interesting debate that recently took place at McGill University between naturopath Dr Andre Seine and chemist Dr Joe Shwarcz on the question "Homeopathy: Great medicine or mere placebo?" watch this video:

Kind regards 

Research Committee
Society of Homeopaths

What Doctors Don't Tell You E-News

If you would like to read some excellent articles, visit

BMJ - Re: Good medicine: homeopathy

Read Article Here

What Doctors Don't Tell You

Dear Member

Thirty per cent of patients shouldn’t be takingthe drugs they’ve been prescribed

And there are 40 procedures even your doctordoesn’t want you to have

Up to a third of people are taking pharmaceutical drugs or undergoing treatments they don’t need.  Instead of being sick, they are victims of the changing fashions of medicine and their definitions of illness.
In fact, medicine is today harming the well as much as it is helping those who are genuinely sick, the latest Special Report from What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY) reveals.

Overdose, overtreatment and overdiagnosis – usually from sensitive screening technologies that detect abnormalities that would never develop into anything worse – are at the heart of the problem, along with changing definitions of illness.

The Special Report – Overdiagnosed: How medicine makes the healthy sick – reveals how 6.7 million American women suddenly had osteoporosis when the day before they were healthy, just because of an arbitrary change in the definition of the disease. Similarly, 13 million people suddenly had ‘high’ blood pressure when the goal-posts were moved.

The Special Report reveals:

  • the seven most common health conditions that are being overdiagnosed
  • the 40 procedures you probably shouldn’t have (and these are the ones doctors are saying you don’t need)
  • the three common ‘problems’ that screening technology sees and that don’t need treating.

You can get this report one of two ways:

Online, as an Intermediary or Advanced member of the WDDTY site.  To upgrade, please go here:

If you’d like to receive WDDTY through the post each month – including this Special Report – please click here:

UK Homeopathy goes from strength to strength

Lots has been happening in UK homeopathy, look at these three great sites and read below to see what else has been going on:

Collectively the profession is working hard, launching great projects and is on the cusp of achieving a great number of things over the next 12 months.

A big part of our work over the past year has been getting the foundations in place to enable us to make a positive impact in the media. Even more importantly 11 of the UKs leading homeopathic organisations have been able to work together to share responses and resources on key policy issues. We have been busy and below are just a few things that have been done. Roll on the next 12 months!

Key messages and a Media Toolkit
We have developed key messages for homeopathy so when ever we do a project or talk about homeopathy we are all coming from the same place. We have also created a media tool kit full of responses to often used arguments, and facts to help reinforce our statements.

Patient database
We are building a robust database of patients willing to speak about their experiences of homeopathy. All organisations have asked their memberships over the past 6 months to help recruit patients. We need more patients who are willing to speak out!

Media Training
A group across registers and expertise have been trained extensively and are ready for appearing on the TV and talking to the press. The toolkit is essential prerequisite to those appearing in the media and the arguments have been road tested by experts.

You can watch professionally filmed videos about homeopathy on YouTube at:

Find a Homeopath website
This new new website
has been launched for the public to search a database of UK homeopaths and offer useful information about homeopathy, what to expect from a consultation, and information on the registers that the practitioners are registered with.

We have worked together across organisations to share information and responses to the ASA regarding their guidelines and ill-conceived challenges to homeopathic information on websites. We have represented the community professionally and challenged key principals of the ASA and CAP's approach. Members in significant numbers wrote to MPs with templates provided and flagged issues with the ASA.

All stakeholders have shared information and expertise to allow every organisation to make a sound response to the recent MHRA consultation on the Medicines Act Consultation. Organisations worked together on the successful campaign to alert MPs and decision makers of the grave concerns about the implementation of the Act. As previously reported the MHRA have confirmed in writing the verbal re-assurance we got at the ministerial meeting in June. We will continue to have a dialogue with both the politicians and the MHRA and will report back to you on a regular basis. For more information please click here

Scottish Parliament reception
On the 14th March a reception took place in Scottish Parliament due to the good work across homeopathic organisations and individuals. Geoff Johnson gave a brief talk "Cleaning up the food chain; the role homeopathy could play" stressing the use of homeopathy in a veterinary setting and the growing evidence base in homeopathy from animal trials.

Social Media and Facebook
A new Facebook initiative Homeopathy Worked For Me has been launched to give our patients a voice. It requires only that they LIKE the page (and can leave a brief message or story). We're aiming for tens of thousands of LIKE's across the world if we can access the correct channels. Give it a thumbs up now!!/HoWFMe

Celebrity Photography Project
Mooted by various organisations over a number of years, the BHA have managed to put financial structures in place to actually make this happen. Go to to see the site. It launched during Homeopathy Awareness Week. We all hope to build on this campaign in the future, adding more celebrities and creative projects to endorse and build public awareness about homeopathy.

We expect a lot more to happen over the next 12 months as we all continue to work together.

Phil Edmonds
Society of Homeopaths

Published "Death by Homeopathy" article

In March 2012, in the Journal of Law and Medicine, vol.19, no.3, pp.454-478, a really despicable article called "Death by Homeopathy" was published. Dr. George Dimitriadis has given a significant and thorough response to this author writing the article Homoeopathy in Fact".

Your access to homeopathic medicines is under threat - important letter by John Morgan

Dear customers, patients and colleagues,
I am writing on behalf of all at Helios to ask for your help.

A review of the Medicines Act 1968 is currently taking place. Section 10 of this Act concerns licensing exemptions for pharmacists, and covers our freedom to supply a large number of different homoeopathic remedies. This section has not been updated despite a public consultation last January, to which the entire homoeopathic community submitted their concerns and suggestions. The vast majority of the 3500 remedies available from homoeopathic pharmacies are unlicensed. The 60 or so remedies which are licensed are those retailed in health stores and community pharmacies and include Helios' licensed remedies. Section 10 (4a) states that a pharmacy can supply an unlicensed remedy to you directly but you have to be physically present in the pharmacy. For the last 44 years and beyond, the specialist pharmacies have provided homoeopathic medicines, to all corners of the country, by phone, post, fax and more recently e-mail and internet. This is a safe and convenient service which has continued without complaint or risk to customers for decades and it is important that access to remedies continues. The practical suggestion put forward was that homoeopathic remedies above 6x be exempt from this face to face transaction.

Time is short but there is an opportunity now to highlight this issue and effect a change by writing to your MP. Below is a letter created by the homoeopathic organisations which is being circulated. It gives details of how you can help. We would be grateful if you could take the time to let your MP know the impact that the enforcement of this law would have on your choice of healthcare and lifestyle if access to your remedies were severely restricted. Don't forget to include your home address and postcode on all correspondence.

Thank you very much.

This campaign also has a global petition at Avaaz: Finally if you are a Facebook user, liking the 'Homeopathy worked for me' page will help to show the depth of homoeopathic support.
With all good wishes.

John Morgan MRPharmS, RSHom
Managing Director
21st May 2012

MHRA Update 24th May 2012 - The Society of Homeopaths Continue Reading

Voluntary Aboriginal Clinics and First Aid workshops

The third term of Voluntary Aboriginal Clinics and First Aid workshops are recommencing at Langford Aboriginal Association 15 Imber Place Langford Perth West Australia from 23rd February to 5th April inclusive. These monthly family clinics (Thursdays 9am -1pm)and weekly evening workshops (Thursdays 6-8pm)are to educate and empower the local Aboriginal community in the use and practice of Homeopathic medicine.

They were initiated by Kate Diamantopoulo President of WA AHA last year with members of the WA AHA contributing;also gaining experience in working with the local Aboriginal community and assisting in the spreading of awareness of Homeopathy as an effective alternative branch of traditional medicine.

Green tea boosts flu protection in kids

The flu season is upon us and our front-line defense, the flu vaccine, does not protect us 30 percent to 40 percent of the time (sometimes more). However, a recent medical study indicates that simply drinking a cup of green tea every day may prevent influenza infection, especially for school-age children.

Influenza is a viral illness characterized by high fevers, chill, severe muscle pains, headache and a profound feeling of fatigue. Influenza can be transmitted by coughs and sneezes, but also by touch. Frequent hand washing significantly reduces the risk of infection. In the U.S., thousands of people die each year from complications caused by influenza. It is especially serious for those with underlying medical conditions.

The medical approach for the influenza encourages hand washing, disinfectant use and vaccinations. Some anti-viral medications, like Tamiflu and Relenza, may also be recommended. However, in most years, the influenza vaccine is not very effective.

A recent medical study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, looked at the relationship between green tea consumption and how it can reduce influenza infection. This study explored the hypothesis that children who regularly drank green tea would have fewer cases of influenza those children who did not drink green tea. They chose children for two reasons: there is little research with children and influenza prevention; the children lived on or near tea plantations in Japan.

With over 2,600 children in the study, the researchers discovered that children who drank, on average, five cups of green tea per week had significantly fewer cases of influenza when compared to those who drank almost no green tea. Those who drank the most green tea (about one cup per day) also had significantly fewer sick days from school. The results were so conclusive that the researchers concluded that the regular consumption of green tea is protective against influenza infections during the influenza season.

Green tea contains many compounds. One of the most researched is a family of compounds called catechins and the amino acid theanine. Catechins inhibit the attachment of the influenza virus to cells and may interfere with viral replication. The combination of tea catechins and theanine enhance systemic immunity, especially those cells that are directly involved in fighting viruses, T cells. In healthy adults, catechins and theanine actually have been demonstrated to prevent the symptoms of influenza.

There are a number of studies demonstrating the benefits of drinking tea as a preventive measure against influenza in adults. Now it can be strongly suggested this may also be the case with school-age children. Although green tea contains caffeine, none of the children in this study reported side effects commonly associated with too much caffeine.

Protecting yourself against influenza is much more than simply getting vaccinated. A daily cup of green tea may be just what the doctor ordered.

Patrick B. Massey, M.D., Ph.D is medical director for complementary and alternative medicine for the Alexian Brothers Hospital Network. His website is

AHA AGM 15th October 2011

The importance of voluntary work in Homeopathy.

There is a long history of voluntary work in Homeopathy starting with Hahnemann and in the past in Tibetan medicine thousands of years ago-the first culture to use the principles of Homeopathy. In his day Hahnemann saw patients every day of his life particularly during the cholera epidemics which spread worldwide killing thousands of people. This epidemic in fact pandemic raised the awareness of Homeopathy amongst the world population, information spreading by word of mouth far more efficiently than today despite our technology.

Hahnemann would see paying patients in the mornings and poor patients free in the afternoons; later in life assisted by his 2nd wife Melanie.

For Homeopathy to survive in the 21st century onwards in the face of ever mounting aggression and continual relentless persecution in the media, voluntary work becomes ever more important.

For a practitioner we need to remember the early aphorism in the Organon-‘The physician’s only mission is to heal the sick’ and put to one side the current mores which are all about business and money and nothing to do with vocational professional values which should always supercede.

Currently we are in the middle of yet another flu/whooping cough epidemic I believe caused mainly by the ever industrious pharmaceutical companies tinkering with complicated vaccines sold in bulk at vast expense to every country in the world. People are less and less able to function due to a crippled immune response-constitutional Homeopathic treatment being the only way to strengthen and enhance it. Acupuncture and herbal medicine can also assist as does meditation or indeed any other spiritual practice.

I have now been in practice for nearly 30 years and have taught examined assessed and supervised students for the last 25 here and in the UK.

I have sat on both the Society of Homeopaths Board and the AHA Board and run many clinics and talks voluntarily for the community in which I am living.

I have attended many expos through Austrade and other organizations since being in Australia for the last 10 years and given away many kits and products in order to educate and empower people in their own health care.

My website is continually updated with information for people to facilitate and also contribute on Facebook-a rewarding experience as many old students from The College of Homeopathy in London have since contacted me enabling in at least 1 case for a practitioner from West Australia to be able to have work experience in Sri Lanka.

Arnica Montana P/L was set up to educate and empower the Southern Hemisphere population in Homeopathy and is currently top of Google search engine also unfortunately attracting the attention of the TGA who chose to target me in 2009 forcing me to put a retraction notice on the home page in red stating that I had misled people about Homeopathy and the (false) information should never have been put there.

I have funded everything I have ever done in Homeopathy myself through hard work and also drawing money from the equity in my house, here in Perth and also in the UK prior to coming out here as a temporary business immigrant in 2002.I am still running at a loss of $60,000 but manage to cover everyday living expenses.

I firmly believe in the tenet regarding 10% of income being given to the community for those less well off –there is always someone worse and better off than ourselves. Over time I have experienced a considerably greater return in my life (often from the most unexpected sources and right out of left field)-I couldn’t have imagined on many occasions where I would find the money to pay bills and expenses but still this seems to happen.

As a practitioner and teacher I know it is fundamental that we continue to give out free information as far as possible to the public. Homeopathy is kept alive at grass roots and the grapevine is heard by everybody regardless of academic or business qualifications. It is the way of the world; it is not run by academics and commercially driven ambitions though of course these cause a lot of damage. Sadly what should be a vocational profession has been greatly diminished by even our own organization giving CPD seminars on ‘How to’ make money as a practitioner; improve your turnover etc and the colleges also adding to this with inflated fees to keep them in line with perceived successful monetarily rewarding outcomes.

What should happen is that we are business like in our dealings with the public but not business dominated concerned only with our income and personal success.

Voluntary clinics I have run include

  • Low cost children’s clinics since 1985 in Brighton UK and consequent supervision of practitioners and students wishing to set up their own clinics. These people came through the College of Homeopathy where I was lecturing.
  • Setting up of the Dolphin clinic still running in Brighton UK as a Board Director of this registered Charity-this took 5 years, began in 1984, and is still running as a multidisciplinary clinic including acupuncture homeopathy cranial osteopathy
  • Chailey Heritage centre for the treatment and education of cerebral palsy and road traffic accident injured children for 10 years-attended by students from COH and other colleges in the UK
  • Open Door a clinic for people with HIV and AIDS in collaboration with the Church of England and recognized and promoted by the Terence Higgins Trust London; also staffed by Homeopathic students supervised by myself.
  • In Perth I ran 2 weekly clinics for 4 years each at the Ruah Centre Northbridge and Shopfront in Maylands for disadvantaged people whether they were addicts learning difficulties low income poor housing single parents etc.
  • In Perth the Lutheran church hosts a similar clinic staffed by students/new practitioners which I attend and supervise
  • Currently working with Aboriginal centres at Armadale and Langford running free family clinics and Barefoot doctor workshops

Through Arnica Montana P/L I have attended expos in Dubai, Guangzhou China, Czechoslovakia giving free talks wherever possible-in China the idea of Barefoot Doctor is well known and the room was packed. I did have a Mandarin translator. I have also been represented in Russia Ukraine South Korea Thailand Bangkok and Koh Samui and at other expos at my own expense in Australia and world wide.

Many local events I have attended include

  • All day information stand at monthly market at Kalamunda for the first 18 months living here
  • Local community centre classes and talks out in the Perth UBD.Ongoing.
  • 7 year Membership of a Business club where all members give regular fortnightly talks about their own profession-a useful vehicle for people who have no idea of anything other than mainstream in their lives
  • Monthly attendance at Hillary’s markets (North of Perth)giving out AHA information for 18 months
  • Attendance at events such as Polo championships at Langley Park
  • Rotary club meetings
  • Many charitable fundraising events held in Perth UBD involving all day attendance

At all of these events I distribute AHA information and give a lot of free advice; always taking my prescribing kit with me and often giving free treatment.

  • Wider spreading of Homeopathic information is achieved by being involved in sponsoring various athletes in Olympic Horse eventing 2008 gaining Sonia Johnson a silver medal for the Australian team –assisting the Australian Polocrosse team in the World Championships, achieving in particular the Ladies World Polocrosse Champion, Susie Lyster, Junior World Championship in Tennis and Velodrome cycling.
  • I attended the aftermath of the Tsunami in Sri Lanka and ran clinics in the jungle with Ivy Dieltiens a South African colleague donating a comprehensive kit of 200 remedies and tinctures through giving seminars in the UK when working there. This is twice yearly event.
  • A visit to Robin Lim Midwife at Bumi Sehat in Bali was another voluntary trip I made in the year that I had been deported and Australia was deciding whether I could have another visa-always a problem for the Immigration Department as I never make any money-they want a turnover of $300,000 and I do so much documented work with very little income. I spent the day with Robin at the Midwifery centre she established in Bali after the Tsunami for poor destitute mothers and their babies. She is Indonesian married to an American and holds both countrie’s passports. There is a constant flow of poor needy mothers and babies and a constant need for funding and support. I donated several Helios Childbirth kits and A and E kits and cds (they also detail childbirth emergencies)and set in place several protocols for them to use in and around childbirth. They already did have Homeopathy but noone with my dual experience as a midwife nurse health visitor/homeopath. There is a section on my website regarding Bumi Sehat. I am delighted to say that Bryonia saved several of their flat(SIDS) babies as it had saved my son’s life at 15 months and which put me inexorably on the path to studying Homeopathy 2 years later. Tom is now 31 years old and a twin to Rosie and has an older sister Helen 34.
  • Helios A and E kits put together voluntarily over 3 years by myself were donated to various countries and organizations that year and more recently wherever a disaster has occurred.
  • Kits continue to be donated to many other causes at my own expense. The website sends out a free information newsletter regularly since 2002 always picking up on current health issues with advice on the clinical information of the conditions and corresponding Homeopathic information.

The Homeopathic Research Institute reception at the House of Commons London May 17th 2011.

I attended this reception with my younger daughter Rosie a twin 31 years who along with her siblings have been brought up Homeopathically after unexpected severe reactions to vaccinations and antibiotics in their early years. I owe my children’s lives to Homeopathy.

This reception was the inaugural launch of the HRI; backed by Lord Baldwin from the House of Lords and David Tredinnick from the House of Commons.It was held in the Members Dining Room overlooking the Thames and went on for about 3 hours.

As we are really up against it from the anti Homeopathy brethren the onus is on all of us involved in Homeopathy in whatever capacity to make a robust response in whatever way we can to show strength and resilience in what is in actual fact a bullying campaign underpinned by those with vested interests to get rid of Homeopathy. There has since been a further meeting for the HRI in Malaysia and there will continue to be regular events around the world. The fact that serious research academics are involved who are aware of Homeopathy but conducting sensible long term research under the auspices of university fellows is a real contribution to the viability and acceptance of Homeopathy as mainstream medicine. This is not a hysterical emotional response to persecution rather a considered organized method of accumulating evidence through thorough long term assessment and has already gained the respect it deserves in scientific circles.

With the best will in the world, characters so beloved by the media such as Richard Dawkins Simon Singh and most notoriously Prof Edzard Ernst of Exeter University UK-head of Complementary Medicine are not serious academics concerned with the search for truth.

This will all take a long time over many years to accumulate the information needed and subject to intense scrutiny in the Academic world but so worth while. The CEO is an old student of mine from COH herself a graduate in several medical science degrees before coming to COH to study and find out for herself what Homeopathy was all about.

Currently the EU has put aside several million out of its slush fund for failing EU banks for research into Homeopathy in the treatment of animals to the outrage of the Establishment-in particular the British Veterinary Association. Fortunately the 34 members of the British Homeopathic Veterinary Association and the British Homeopathic Association are determinedly fighting their corner and though small in number have the support of all EU countries themselves all utilizing Homeopathy.In Europe every pharmacy has a Homeopathic section and has done since the 1850’s when the Cholera epidemic was at its height.

Voluntary Attendance at Enclosed Carmelite Monastery Alexandria South Dakota

For the first 2 weeks in May I flew to South Dakota to volunteer in a monastery of 18 nuns.These nuns are completely selfsufficient and are behind mediaeval grilles living and working to 24 hour monastic rule where the day is the same 365 days a year-they divide their time silently doing physical work in their garden and monastery caring for plants animals and inside housework making vestments wafers for communion ,and prayer.

They are allowed to have 1 hour a day when they can talk.

The infirmarian a triple trained nurse experienced in traditional medicine has done a basic postal course in Homeopathy by Louis Klein and had some success.

About 3-4 years ago she contacted me for the A and E kit and cd and greatly improved her hit rate-then she ordered a childbirth kit for their goats subsequently having bigger goats with good births and much more milk with no need for the vet.

Then they hit a rock-the Californian Homeopathic Pharmacy informed them they could not order any more remedies as she was not a qualified Homeopath so she contacted me again for various nosodes and sarcodes she was not allowed to obtain.

At which point they appealed to me for help.

I accumulated everything they wanted from various pharmacies here and overseas and send them off. In return I was offered a 2 week holiday with the nuns. I decided to go and voluntarily oversee what they had learned and what help they needed. I bought the fare on overdraft as yet again I was broke and hadn’t earned enough in the UK stint prior to going to fund this trip.

Once there I was installed in a 2 bedroomed flat across the road from the monastery and met the Mother Prioress and the Infirmarian who were very welcoming and full of appreciation for my arrival. After giving an introductory talk to the nuns on the other side of the grille at 10pm I was called the following morning and asked to treat all the nuns.

This was a challenge and very interesting. I also checked over their remedy pharmacy and books and was asked to speak to the Californian Pharmacy regarding their remedy orders. The Pharmacy fell over themselves to be helpful to me; they had checked out my website and me in general through the Internet and were more than happy to assist the nuns in any way they could in the future.

They all had a really bad flu while I was visiting and I had my work cut out to keep up with it all I must say. I really needed to use Bacillinum to save the Mother Prioress from actually dying while I was there. Bronchorrhoea. However it was all done in the end and I flew off after 2 weeks very happy to have been of assistance. The nuns were allowed to see me in the visiting priest’s dining room or from behind the grille-the novices on the whole chose to see me from behind the grille –the more established and experienced nuns enjoyed the comfort of the much warmer dining room! I was always educated by nuns and have always found them to be worldly but not of the world with a very thorough knowledge of what is going on out there and the need to keep up constant prayer life to change the energy-as do all religious organizations-they had a great sense of humour-a lot of laughter was normal during consultations and teaching and great friendship engendered between us all. On a daily basis I would go across to Mass every morning –the nuns were behind the grille near the altar so their faces could not be seen and they accompanied the Mass on their organ and with singing. I would go back to my flat have breakfast and then start seeing the nuns back in the monastery.

At 12midday sharp I would go to the ‘Turn’ and my lunch would be in there with the computer on the top shelf so I could get on with catching up on my emails. At 6pm sharp I would go across and ring the bell for my evening meal. All meals were home cooked and organic most of it grown or produced by the nuns in their small holding which is completely enclosed with high walls.

The Turn is a wooden cylinder rotating round so the shelves can deliver or take delivery of anything needed so meals to me –post or goods to them and so on. The nun on the other side is not visible and we ring the bell to call for their attention. It works really well and it has been done in this way since mediaval times. The nuns wear a full habit with their hair covered and long robes and wimples with linen ‘socks’ and open sandals all year round. They sleep on straw palliases and have only blankets-they are not allowed hot water bottles only more blankets in the coldest months of the year-and it is really cold in the prairies with 20’ snow drifts for months at a time.

The final surprise was that just before I left the Mother Prioress said ‘Kate we are going to give you some money-we have just received a generous donation” As I had gone voluntarily this was a complete surprise though I was beginning to wonder how I would pay the mortgage on returning to Australia. They donated $2000 to my Paypal account and then I was accused of ‘money laundering ‘by Paypal Australia and it took 2 weeks to resolve with all kinds of security questions including inside leg measurement before they would release the money-yes-the day before the mortgage was due! Of course there is Divine Providence!

'Homeopathy works!'

Homeopathy really does work and doctors should recognise its healing effects, say researchers.

A study found that allergy sufferers who were given homeopathic treatment were ten times more likely to be cured than those given a dummy pill instead.

Doctors should be more positive about the alternative medicine, which is the only complementary therapy available on the NHS, the researchers said.

Their study attempts to settle the controversy over homeopathic treatment, which critics say is not effective because of the tiny level of active substance used in most remedies.

It works on the principle that a substance which in large doses will cause the symptoms of an illness can be used in minute doses to relieve the same symptoms.

Critics argue that the active substance is so diluted that homeopathic remedies have no more effect than placebo or dummy treatment.

The study put homeopathy to the test in 50 patients suffering from nasal allergies. They were given either a homeopathic preparation or a placebo.

Each day for four weeks patients recruited from general practices and a hospital in London measured their nasal air flow and recorded symptoms such as blocked, runny or itchy nose, sneezing or eye irritation.

Both groups reported that they got better - but on average patients who received homeopathy had a 28 per cent improvement in nasal air flow compared with 3 per cent among those in the placebo group.

The study was carried out by doctors in Glasgow, led by Dr David Reilly of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, one of five specialist hospitals in Britain. He said the difference in results from the two treatments was statistically significant.

Dr Reilly said this was the fourth trial carried out by his hospital, all with similar results. In addition, there were positive findings in 70 per cent of a further 180 clinical trials.

'I hope this will encourage doctors to examine the volume of evidence supporting homeopathy - they might be quite surprised at the positive outcome in many trials,' he said.

He added that it would take consistent scientific investigation to persuade some doctors, but attitudes were changing.

About 20 per cent of doctors in Scotland have basic homeopathic training compared with one per cent 15 years ago.

'It isn't just about the remedies, which can be put to the test in trials, but about a greater holistic approach in encouraging self-healing and self-recovery.'

Dr Bob Leckridge, president of the Faculty of Homeopathy - the body for doctors, vets, nurses and other health professionals - said: 'This latest research builds on existing evidence that homeopathy works, something that hundreds of doctors and their patients have known for 200 years.'

Read more:

Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner, Takes Homeopathy Seriously

Patients Whose GP Uses Complementary Medicine have Lower Costs and Live  Longer

31st May 2010

Dutch Study: Patients whose GP has additional training in
anthroposophic  medicine, homeopathy, or acupuncture  have substantially lower health care costs and lower mortality rates

A reference to a useful online collection of homoeopathic  books held at the University of Michigan:

Dear Kate,

I am sure that you will find my latest research on Homeopathy incredibly beneficial. I have spent the past two years researching amongst other things the property of water  and have made discoveries that prove very simply how homeopathy works. I think it will  not come as too much of a surprise to you to discover that it is nothing whatsoever  to do with chemistry but it is all to do with the unique properties of water and vibrations.

I am afraid that I do not conclude that water has a memory as the use of this word is  technically incorrect.Water is the key to the issue, but it is not based on anything  to do with a possible memory, this is a misuse of the word.It is the fact that  water changes its vibrational frequency to that of any substance that it comes into  contact with.This fundamental discovery provides a new and exciting explanation as  to why homeopathy works. If you take all of the chemical substance out of water it  does not matter if there are no chemical atoms left, as the water will have changed  its vibrational frequency to that of the chemical.It is this vibration that the body  reacts to.It works on the principles of physics and not biochemistry.

I have had great support so far from some of the major innovators in this field such  as Vittorio Elia and Salvatore Chirumbolo who have all read my ideas. If you would like to know what has got them so excited, you can read all of the scientific  evidence behind this simple theory for free at

If you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Matthew Silverstone

The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing revokes the AVN's charitable authority
Click Here to READ

School of Homeopathy, Devon, UK
The School of Homeopathy ( was founded in England in 1981 by Misha Norland. This makes us one of the longest running homeopathy colleges in the UK. The School is renowned for its approach to self-development, clinical practice, homeopathic philosophy and ethos of enquiry. We are proud of the number of students we have trained who go on to become successful homeopaths. The School was the first to be fully recognised by The Society of Homeopaths in 1994. Recognition means: UK students, upon receiving their Practitioner’s Advanced Diploma of the School of Homeopathy, are automatically eligible for registration with The Society of Homeopaths; it is also a stamp of quality giving reassurance to those new to homeopathy that all our courses are of the highest standard.



Double Helix Water

Society of Homeopaths does not endorse “homeopathic vaccination”

The Society of Homeopaths, the UK’s largest register of homeopaths
with 1,500 members, does not
endorse the use of homeopathic remedies in place of vaccinations.

It acknowledges that the evidence to support the use of homeopathic
prophylactics, that is, using
homeopathic remedies as a preventative treatment, is largely anecdotal and therefore the use of this method is currently speculative.

The Society believes that individuals should be supported in making
informed decisions on both the short
and long term implications of vaccination and advises them to discuss this issue with their General Practitioner and homeopath.

We know that not all patients are helped by conventional medicine and
that homeopathy is an effective
and cost effective treatment option for many patients.

Although more research is needed, the balance of evidence already
shows that treatment by a
homeopath is clinically effective1, cost-effective 2 and safe.3

By the end of 2009, 142 RCTs of homeopathy had been published in
peer-reviewed journals 4. In terms
of statistically significant results, 74 of these trials were able to draw firm conclusions: 63 were positive (patients given a homeopathic medicine improved significantly more than the comparison group given either an inactive placebo or established conventional treatment) and 11 were negative (no significant difference was seen between the action of the homeopathic medicine and the comparison group)

Is is recommended that anyone interested in homeopathic treatment
consults a member of the Society
(they will have RSHom after their name), who has completed three or four years training and has agreed to abide by a strict code of ethics and practice.


1  Spence D, Thompson E and Barron S. Homeopathic treatment for chronic disease: A 6-Year,
university-hospital outpatient observational study. J Altern Complement Med 2005; 5: 793-8.

2 Witt C, Keil T, Selim D, et al. Outcome and costs of homeopathic and conventional
treatment strategies: a comparative cohort study in patients with chronic disorders. Complement Ther Med, 2005; 13: 79-86

3  Dantas F, Rampes H. Do homeopathic medicines provoke adverse effects? A systematic
review. Br Homeopath J 2000; 89: 535–8

4. Mathie R. The Research Evidence Base for Homeopathy. British Homeopathic Association, 2009.

Society of Homeopaths
11 Brookfield, Duncan Close, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 6WL
Tel: 0845 450 6611Fax: 0845 450 6622Email:  Company Limited by
Guarantee. Registered in England No. 1392004.

Hi Kate
I thought to thank you for the difference you made to my mothers health.
At 91 when the specialist said that her skin cancer was so large it
required surgical removal and a skin graft we were both stunned. He had
pronounced it too small earlier and advised to come back later. As I was
concerned we had come back a month earlier.
As her kidneys only function at about 20% of their potential we did not
know how she would survive an anaesthetic. Knowing that you had helped
someone else with skin cancer we decided to give it a go.

Her doctor was very concerned as the skin cancer measured 3 cms across
and booked an urgent appointment with plastic sugeons at Royal Perth
hospital.. I agreed to use them as a back up if we had poor results. In
addition her leg was infected and as the antibiotic given by the
specialist was having no results we were recommended another also. She
reacted badly to it and so we quit that also.

Thanks to your constant monitoring and mental support I was able to keep
deferring the appointment. I was glad of your reassurance as having no
experience of such, much less a cancer that also involved an ulcer, I
was glad that I had learned to trust you earlier.
The long and short is that after four months the skin cancer has gone.
No surgery just your cream and medi honey for the ulcer.

In addition you suggested pillules for the Baker's cyst I had. The pain
diminished quickly and they are shrinking. I had a friend drop in with a
very large cyst in her breast. I told her what I was doing and knew the
uses for sillica. She found similar results. Her cyst has lessened in
pain and is also shrinking.
Yeah and thanks for all the help.
Rosemary Blesing.

Vaccines NOT SAFE for Children

12/07/2010 - For Immediate Release:

Consumer advocacy and vaccine safety watchdog group, the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), has announced that it will be investigating all options in order to respond to the outrageous attack on free speech inherent in the recent allegations made against it by a NSW state authority, the Healthcare Complaints Commission (HCCC). The HCCC, in a report just released, has deemed the AVN to be a 'healthcare provider' and, in this capacity, stated that it has published 'misleading and dangerous' information on the risks of vaccination.

Meryl Dorey, media spokesperson for the AVN, says that the organisation does not believe that it falls under the jurisdiction of the HCCC as they are neither healthcare providers nor health educators. According to Ms Dorey, "Vaccination is not compulsory in Australia, nor is it illegal to not vaccinate. In addition, prior to the HCCC's decision, it has not been illegal to publish information that questions a medical procedure."

The primary role of the HCCC is to investigate complaints of medical malpractice. This is the first time that the HCCC has investigated a consumer health watchdog group. According to Ms Dorey, "It is not surprising that a government commission has found us guilty of not saying what the government wants us to say. We wouldn't be doing our job properly if that were not the case. But," says Dorey "the threat to freedom of speech and the implications regarding loss of medical choice inherent in this decision make this an issue that cannot go unchallenged".

The report by the HCCC concludes a year-long probe into the activities of the AVN, instigated by complaints from members of a pro-vaccine, anti natural health group called Stop the AVN (SAVN). The initial complaint to the HCCC predominately argues that freedom of speech is not guaranteed under the Australian Constitution and asks that the AVN should be prohibited from publishing what it considers to be 'anti vaccine' information. It asks that the HCCC put forward a Prohibition Order to gag the AVN and Ms Dorey and to prohibit them from holding public seminars or making comments in the media. Numerous and continuing complaints and allegations made by SAVN members to the HCCC, most of them not made available to the AVN, have been lodged throughout the investigation.

"We have had a tumultuous year with our own and our family's personal details published on the internet. Our advertisers and professional members have been subject to severe and vicious harassment due to their support of the AVN. We have had wild accusations made against us stating that we believe in reptilian monsters. And there have been numerous death threats - the most recent of which was published on Twitter recently and retweeted many times stating that I should die in a fire." Ms Dorey concluded.

To have attacks from those who disagree with us is one thing - to have this attack at a government level is something which must be fought against. The HCCC's decision has taken them out of their normal role of protecting individuals who have been harmed by practitioners and into the realm of suppression, censorship and denial of natural justice, commonsense and fairness. It is time to take a stand on this issue and that is what the AVN will be doing.

About Australian Vaccination Network, Inc.

The AVN is a non-profit, volunteer-run charitable association. Since 1994, the AVN has provided information and support to the general community who are trying to make informed choices about vaccination and health. Their lobbying in Federal Parliament has ensured that compulsory vaccination for children has not come to pass and they are the major reporters of vaccine adverse reactions to ADRAC (The Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee).

For more information visit

Ph: 02 6687 1699 Fax: 02 6687 2032 Mobile: 0414 872 032

It’s Official! British Government backs NHS Homeopathy

Remember the date: 26th July, 2010

Today will be remembered as a red letter day in the history of British homeopathy.

In a landmark decision today, the Government emphatically backed the people’s right to NHS homeopathy.

A low quality, biased and deeply flawed report, signed by a small handful of MPs constituting the Science and Technology Committee (S&TCo) had sought to thwart the will of those GPs wanting to send patients for NHS homeopathy by calling for the removal of funding of NHS homeopathy. NHS-funded homeopathy has existed since several homeopathic hospitals were invited to become part of the NHS at its formation in 1948. Even the BMA showed its disdain for a sizeable minority of doctors and patients when it called for a ban on NHS homeopathy at its annual conference last month.

In particular, the Society is glad to see the Government place the emphasis on Primary Care Trusts to choose whether to provide homeopathy on the NHS,taking account of local need. The Society supports patients’ right to choose homeopathy as a treatment option.

Zofia Dymitr, Society Chairwoman said: “We fully endorse the government’s statement “The Department of Health wholly supports the concept of the informed patient. The Society is aware of patient demand for homeopathy, and respects patients’ capacity to make informed choices about their healthcare.”

Society of Homeopaths registered members (RSHoms) meet robust education and registration standards and agree to practice in accordance with the Society’s Code of Ethics. The Society would like to see more patients having access to homeopathy on the NHS, and can provide the evidence that homeopathy is an effective and cost effective treatment option.

The Society also welcomes the report’s acknowledgement of the long tradition homeopathy has enjoyed in Europe, and that this Government, in line with EU policy, does not wish to constrain consumer choice, or to regulate homeopathic medicines at UK level.

To see research evidence for homeopathy:

To see the full government response:

I don't know how, but homeopathy really does work

More of a mystery is why scientists continue to debunk it despite mounting evidence that homeopathy is effective

was a dedicated scientist about to begin a PhD in neuroscience when, out of the blue, homeopathy bit me on the proverbial bottom.

Science had been my passion since I began studying biology with Mr Hopkinson at the age of 11, and by the age of 21, when I attended the dinner party that altered the course of my life, I had still barely heard of it. The idea that I would one day become a homeopath would have seemed ludicrous.

That turning point is etched in my mind. A woman I'd known my entire life told me that a homeopath had successfully treated her when many months of conventional treatment had failed. As a sceptic, I scoffed, but was nonetheless a little intrigued.

She confessed that despite thinking homeopathy was a load of rubbish, she'd finally agreed to an appointment, to stop her daughter nagging. But she was genuinely shocked to find that, after one little pill, within days she felt significantly better. A second tablet, she said, "saw it off completely". Read entire article here

Support for homeopathy on the NHS

The Society of Homeopaths supports its colleagues in the medical profession who are campaigning to keep homeopathy available on the NHS.

There are approximately 600 doctors in the UK who use homeopathy, over 55,000 patients a year are seen through homeopathic hospitals, many with conditions not helped through other specialists in the NHS.

The cost of homeopathy on the NHS is low - just 0.001% of the £11 billion drugs budget. Homeopathic appointment and hospital costs are approximately £4 million per annum, compared with the cost of anti depressants alone which was £291.5million in 2007.

The Society further notes that in 2005, a report commissioned by Prince Charles and carried out by economist Christopher Smallwood found that following a pilot study where patients were treated with complementary and alternative medicines, there was a 30 per cent drop in the number of consultations with GPs and a saving in prescription drugs bills of 50 per cent.1

In 2005, the largest service evaluation of homeopathic hospital treatment reported that 70 per cent of 6,500 follow-up patients
experienced improvement in their health.

Yet the British Medical Association (BMA) is this week voting on a series of motions calling for an end to homeopathy on the NHS, without any consultation with its own members who practice homeopathy, or the tens of thousands of people who depend on homeopathy on the NHS.

David Tredinnick MP has tabled an Early Day Motion stating that the BMA “has overstepped its remit” and that “an integrated NHS, which employs the best from the orthodox and complementary, and which empowers patients, could deliver better and more cost-effective outcomes at a time of financial prudence; and calls on the Government to maintain its policy of allowing decision-making on individual clinical interventions, including homeopathy, to remain in the hands of local NHS service providers and practitioners who are best placed to know their community's needs.”

The Society also notes that homeopathy has been available on the National Health Service since it was created in 1948, when five hospitals were already well established, and were handed over to the NHS to be run under the new system.

Members of the Society and patients will be among those protesting before the BMA conference, along with members of The British Homeopathic Association and the Faculty of Homeopathy (whose members are medically qualified health professionals).

They are concerned that their members who are also members of the BMA were not consulted, and have been refused permission to address the conference.

1.Smallwood, C. The Role of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the NHS. Research commissioned by HRH Prince of Wales. FreshMinds, October 2005, p.56.

2.Spence D, Thompson E and Barron S. Homeopathic treatment for chronic disease: A 6-Year, university-hospital outpatient observational study. J Altern Complement Med 2005; 5: 793-8.

The Society of Homeopaths
Established in 1978, The Society of Homeopaths is the largest body of professional homeopaths in the UK. Our Registered Members (RSHoms) are qualified, registered and fully insured and have agreed to practise in accordance with our Code of Ethics & Practice.

For more information or to set up an interview with Chair of the
Board of Directors, Zofia Dymitr please contact Pamela Stevens at The
Society of Homeopaths on 0845 450 6611 or

Why homeopathy and what is it anyway?

Flu VACCINES and informed CHOICE

In Australia, childhood vaccines are not compulsory nor can parents lose any government entitlements if they choose not to vaccinate or to vaccinate selectively. Many parents feel great pressure and fear around this issue however and would like more information about what their choices are in relation to keeping their families healthy. To learn more about the actual risks of both diseases and the vaccines intended to prevent them, come along to this informative evening sponsored by the AVN.


In Australia, the influenza vaccine has been promoted free to persons 65 years and older for nearly ten years. In 2008 the Western Australian Government promoted the influenza vaccine free to children from 6 months of age to 5 years. The government encouraged parents to vaccinate their children. This talk examines the risk of flu to children, the effectiveness of the vaccine and the additional risks to children's health of adding another vaccine to the childhood schedule. A schedule which now includes 12 vaccines before 12 months of age.

Judy Wilyman - PhD Researcher Murdoch University

Flu vaccines - nothing to sneeze about

To date, more than 300 serious reactions to the current seasonal flu shot have been reported in children under the age of 5 with one child known to have died within hours of being vaccinated. All the indications are that this figure grossly underestimates the actual number of reactions. In her talk, Meryl Dorey will discuss how vaccines are intended to work and why it is that they often don't. She will talk about the known side effects of childhood and adult shots and reveal that according to the Australian government, as few as 1% of vaccine reactions ever get reported, leading to a belief that they are perfectly safe.

Meryl Dorey - Media Spokesperson for the Australian Vaccination Network and Editor of Living Wisdom magazine.

This seminar is for anyone who is concerned about their child's health. If you have heard about the recent upsurge in childhood allergies, asthma, eczema, autism and behavioural problems and want to know how vaccines are associated with these conditions in the medical literature, please come along.

Date: Tuesday, June 1st 2010

Venue State Library of Western Australia, Alexander Library Building, Perth
Cultural Centre, 25 Francis Street, Perth
(seating is extremely limited so pre-booking is recommended)

Time 6:30 PM for a 7:00 PM start

Cost: $10.00 per person / $15.00 for two

For further details, please phone Meryl Dorey on  1800 007 468 or Judy Wilyman on 0423 672 755 or visit

31st May 2010
Dutch Study: Patients whose GP has additional training in
anthroposophic  medicine, homeopathy, or acupuncture  have substantially lower health care costs and lower mortality rates

Kate & Tom Helen, Kate & Tom
Kate, Tom & Helen at the Brighton Marathon

Brighton Marathon on Sunday April 18th 2010

The Societys response to the report of the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee

Evidence Check: Homeopathy

The Society of Homeopaths, the UKs largest regulator of homeopaths, roundly rejects the findings of the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee Evidence Check: Homeopathy and has grave concerns about the processes that led to its report issued today.

Central to these concerns was a clarification issued at the outset of the oral evidence check by the Chair of the Committee itself, Phil Willis MP, who stated :

"because there seems to be a little confusion about the nature of the work that we are doing, this is not an inquiry into whether homeopathy works or not. This is an inquiry which follows a series of evidence checks across a number of government departments to see whether in fact there was any evidence to support the Government's policy towards homeopathy. I want to make that absolutely clear."

Nevertheless, what then followed was clearly an inquiry into whether homeopathy works or not, with those giving oral evidence including a journalist who was investigated by the Press Complaints Commission for his previous and unsubstantiated comments about homeopaths; a charity that has long publicly opposed homeopathy along with one of its key funders and a PCT that had already decommissioned homeopathy as one of its services.

Notable by their absence were any patient representatives who had used homeopathy or a PCT currently commissioning homeopathy.

The Society of Homeopaths, as the largest body representing professional homeopaths, applied to give oral evidence alongside its written evidence but was refused.

The Society also had serious concerns about the lines of questioning during the evidence gathering, many of which it considered to be outside the remit of the committee and which included a number that were directly related to The Society itself which it was not permitted to answer.Its subsequent letter to the committee plus a chase up remain unanswered.

In summarising that there is no evidence for homeopathy, the committee inexplicably overlooks the fact that, by the end of 2009, there were 74 randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of homeopathy published in peer-reviewed journals which describe statistically significant results, from which firm conclusions can be drawn. Of these RCTs comparing homeopathy either with placebo or established conventional treatments, 63 were positive for homeopathy and 11 were negative.

In its press release today, the Committee advises the government that prescribing pure placebos is bad medicine.Clearly, it is not aware that a 2008 meta-analysis involving 35 clinical trials and 5,000 patients suffering from depression found that commonly prescribed antidepressants have little more effect than 'dummy' placebo pills.

And yet, prescriptions for anti-depressants are at record levels, with 31 million written in 2006 at a cost to the NHS of almost 300million.

To put this in context, the NHS spends 11 billion on its annual drugs budget.Of that, the annual bill for homeopathic remedies is 152,000.

Chief Executive, Paula Ross, said the cost of this evidence check must surely outweigh the paltry 152,000 Minister of State, Mike OBrien reported is spent on homeopathic medicines each year by the NHS.The public clearly wants homeopathy and instead of funding this evidence check, we would have preferred to see the government put money into much needed research into how actually homeopathy works.The evidence shows that homeopathy is effective beyond placebo.Scientists have yet to understand how.

Notes to editors

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which is based on treating the individual with highly diluted substances given in mainly tablet form, which triggers the bodys natural system of healing. Based on their experience of their symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to the patient.

The Society of Homeopaths
Established in 1978, The Society of Homeopaths is the largest body of professional homeopaths in the UK.Our Registered Members (RSHoms) are qualified, registered and fully insured and have agreed to practise in accordance with our Code of Ethics & Practice.

For more information or to set up an interview with Chair of the Board of Directors, Jayne Thomas, please contact Pamela Stevens at The Society of Homeopaths on 0845 450 6611 or 07504 927689 or

Homeopathy Evidence Check: A response from the profession

Statement from Association of Registered Homeopaths


Homeopathy is under attack – as we all know – and those attacks are increasing

How often have we heard claims such as:

Homeopathy is nothing more than placebo!

It doesn't work and homeopaths are cynically ripping off vulnerable people!

Would you like to get really up to date with the reality of the situation – would you like to know exactly what the current state of research is in the field?

The "Scientific Research in Homeopathy 2010" Conference will give you the proof you need to effectively counter these arguments. We’ll send you home feeling inspired, energized (and dare I even say potentized!) and full of confidence that you can do your bit to help promote homeopathy and get the truth out there.  Furthermore, you'll be more confident as a practitioner, as you'll know - absolutely - that there is a vast amount of high quality scientific evidence supporting your work.

This event is for homeopaths, student homeopaths and other CAM practitioners and offers an excellent opportunity to network with your peers. Important: This is a not-for-profit event and ticket prices are being kept to the bare minimum to cover costs.

What is covered in the Conference?

Following on from the extremely successful "Scientific Research in Homeopathy" conference in June 2008 we have a new and totally updated programme for you:

Our line up of top PhD research scientists will tell you about all the latest research in the homeopathic field and will cover both outcome studies and human, animal and in-vitro placebo based random controlled trials which prove once and for all that homeopathy is so much more effective than placebo - and is a viable therapeutic tool. Click here to see our speaker line-up

We also have respected homeopaths who will tell you all about the amazing success of homeopathy in fighting some of the most vicious pandemics and epidemics over the last 200 + years.

We'll look at the ways in which hypotheses from the field of quantum physics may help us to draw nearer to developing a plausible mechanism of action.

A successful organic farmer will tell us how his very large herd did extremely well on homeopathy and why keeping his herd well with homeopathic remedies was an excellent commercial decision for him. (This has interesting implications for the “It’s all just a placebo” argument!)

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions throughout the day and we'll have a panel discussion at the end of the conference to clarify issues further and to discuss ways forward.

CPD points from all the major organisations will be available - although this event is run entirely independently of any organisation.

Please note that I have had enormous numbers of emails from people wanting to come to this event - so please do book right away and forward this invitation to your friends and colleagues.

 Many thanks

Jayney Goddard FCMA, Lic.LCCH, Dip.ACH

PS if you prefer to order tickets offline please ring us on 0845 129 8434 (UK)

Testimonials from the last "Scientific Research in Homeopathy" conference:

"I only get a chance now to say thank you for organising the conference on scientific research in homeopathy last week. I left inspired, and armed with data and facts I feel more confident to face our critics and sceptics."

"I wanted to congratulate you for organising a truly fabulous conference. It was really empowering to hear from such inspiring speakers - I am really looking forward to attending similar events in the future."

"It was a stunningly brilliant day and the final speaker before lunch was simply perfect! I look forward to receiving details of how I can get the downloads and assure you that I will use every opportunity to promote the conference. I look forward to the next one already!"

"Very many thanks for organising the conference. It was certainly the best I've attended for ages, and well worth the trek down from Wales."

"I just wanted to write to say Thank You so much for organising the conference last month - it was well worth the trip from Edinburgh !"

"Thanks for organising a great conference. It was wonderful to hear what all those interesting speakers had to say and all that evidence gathered together in one place was fantastic. It produced quite a synergy."

"You are a true inspiration and the conference gave me so much on many different levels - all those professional and passionate people. To think I nearly missed attending!"

Inspiring Cases

Kate will be one of the guest speakers at Inspiring Cases on May 22nd in Perth. A total of 30 guest speakers from complementary medicine will share their most inspiring cases. Download brochure here

Seminar attendance hopes to raise $40,000 for the HOH Rajasthan Women’s Clinic in India

Monies raised on the day will be donated to HOH Project HOPE massage clinic and education centre in the Philippines.

References of homeopathy's effectiveness in practice:

In the Department of Health's Northern Ireland CAM Pilot study 2008: Patients receiving homeopathic treatment reported an average 54% improvement in their health and well being, often after long standing conventional treatment had failed.

10 out of 12 GPs surveyed had a more positive view of the potential for CAM within primary care, with all wishing to continue with the option of referring their patients to CAM.

In 99% of patient cases, the GP said that they would be willing to refer the same patient, or another patient, to the Get Well UK service.

In 98% of patient cases, the GP said they would be willing to recommend the service to another GP.

Evaluation of a CAM Pilot Project in Northern Ireland (2008) D McDade2008

1. Observational study Bristol Homeopathic Hospital. Over 23,000 patient attendances in a 6-year period, 70% of patients reported improved health, 50% major improvement of wide range of conditions.

Spence DS, Thompson EA, Barron SJ (2005). Homeopathic treatment for chronic disease: a 6-year university-hospital outpatient observational study. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 11:793-798.

2. 500-patient survey at the RLHH showed many patients were able to reduce or stop conventional medication following homeopathic treatment.

Sharples F, van Haselen R, Fisher P (2003). NHS patients' perspective on complementary medicine: a survey. Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 11:243-248

3. Pilot study published 2008. 1602 follow-up patient appointments for 235 separate medical complaints at all five NHS homeopathic hospitals collected together over one-month period. Many patients had multiple pathologies. 34% of patients reported an improvement that affected their daily living after 2 appointments. After six appointments 59% reported improvement.

Thompson EA, et al (2008). Towards standard setting for patient-reported outcomes in the NHS homeopathic hospitals. Homeopathy, 97:114-121.

3.5 Outcome survey at the Liverpool department of homeopathic medicine over a 12 month period in 1999-2000.

1100 patients; 76.6% reported an improvement and 60.3% reported major improvement. 52% of 814 patients taking conventional treatment were able to reduce or stop conventional medication.

Richardson WR.(2001) Patient benefit survey: Liverpool Regional Department of Homeopathic medicine. British Homeopathic Journal 90 158-162.

Homeopathy and acupuncture backed for NHS funding. Pulse magazine for GPs 17 Feb 2009

Take Action Letter Template here

Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century -

An important part of our campaign is to give people a voice through signing the declaration "Homeopathy worked for me!"

The Declaration is to be handed in on Wednesday 24 February. Go to the Lobby page for more information

UK residents can still sign the Declaration here: Homeopathy worked for me!

Everyone in the UK of any age who has benefited from homeopathy can add their name to this declaration.

If you have a problem with the link, then you can paste the following URL into your browser:

Residents of other countries can support the Declaration by signing here: International support

Everyone of any age from anywhere else in the world who has benefited from homeopathy can sign this declaration.

If you have a problem with the link, then you can paste the following URL into your browser:

CLICK HERE FOR Feedback from the Lobby of Parliament

Arnica Montana was an exhibitor at the Langley Park Perth Polo competition
on the 11th & 12th December 2009

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Latest NewsClick Here to view an interesting interview where Richard Dawkins interviews Dr Peter Fisher from the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital - Oxford professor and arguably the world's most famous atheist, Richard Dawkins takes a look at Homeopathy. We will leave it up to you to make up your own mind. ** also see Link below about the Memory of Water!!

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Drugs agency grants its first licence to homoeopathic product

Sign up for our free newsletterThe United Kingdom’s drugs agency has given a licence to the makers of a homoeopathic product, despite scientists and researchers saying that no evidence shows that it works.

Since September 2006 the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has been allowed to grant licences to traditional therapies if their use "is plausible on the basis of long standing use and experience" and no evidence shows that they cause harm.

At the end of last month, Nelsons Arnicare Arnica 30c pillules became the first product in the UK to be given such a licence by the agency, which will enable its manufacturers to make therapeutic claims for it.

Edzard Ernst, the UK’s only professor of complementary medicine, said that the agency’s national rules scheme was "making a mockery of evidence based medicine."

On the packaging, the makers will be able to describe the product as "a homoeopathic medicinal product used.

'According to the drugs agency the results of clinical trials are not required to support applications for marketing authorisation under the National Rules scheme. Guidance for the manufacturers of Homeopathic products says 'Because the philosophy of homeopathy and the nature of the products, it is difficult to establish efficacy for homeopathic products for the indications sought. The guidance also states that indications are limited to the relief of treatment of minor symptoms or minor conditions because the rules do not require rigorous clinical data. A spokesperson for the agency said that as the applicant (Nelson's pharmacy London UK) was able to meet the above mentioned criteria for their application the indication was accepted.

This is the really crucial important bit:

The National Rules scheme was based on a 2001 European Directive which said 'The long tradition of the medicinal product makes it possible to reduce the need for clinical trials insofar as the efficacy of the medicinal product is plausible on the basis of longstanding use and experience. Preclinical tests do not seem necessary where the medicinal product on the basis of the information on its traditional use proves not to be harmful in specified conditions of use.

The drugs agency furthur stated 'We feel that our work benefits both the general public,by strengthening the public health protection of users of homeopathic medicinal products, and the homeopathic industry by levelling the playing field and increasing the range of products that can be marketed.'

As therapeutic indications can now be permitted on the labelling this opens up the practice of Homeopathy to new users and also gives it credibility as a safe natural complement to conventional medicine.

At last! The voice of common sense! I am as exasperated as most Europeans with the EU directives but for once it is has shown its true worth as reflecting the opinion of us all in the Northern Hemisphere - long time users of Homeopathy. A real achievement and one to be much celebrated.

A tragic death leads to calls for compulsory vaccination

Channel 7 - Sunday Night Program

Tonight (Sunday 26/04/2009), Channel 7's Sunday Night program, a 60-minutes wanna-be complete with Mike Carlson at the helm, presented the most one-sided, offensive show on the subject of vaccination that I have ever seen - and trust me - I've seen heaps of them.

Using the tragic death of little Dana McCaffery (see the previous AVN E-Newsletter), this program has basically said that parents who don't vaccinate are just short of being murderers. We are going to cause polio to come back, we are responsible for the deaths of infants and we are really, really stupid.

While I have great sympathy for Dana's parents, the reporting was incredibly biased - even to the point of saying that Jackson Butler, who bravely agreed to appear on this program with his mother, Belinda, had a vaccine reaction that was nothing more than a rash. He is still being treated today, at 13 years of age, for the effects of the vaccines he received as a child. The way in which his situation was minimised was nothing short of shocking!

And then, there was the doctor who treated Dana, Chris Ingall. He is a North Coast Paediatrician whose views on vaccination are very well known in this area. He was also my son, Matthew's paediatrician. Matthew was vaccine injured as a child - first at 2 months of age (our GP told us that he would leave the whooping cough portion of the vaccine out after he had 5-6 hours of high pitched screaming, ran a very high fever and stopped breathing in his sleep) and then, at 18 months after his MMR. Matthew developed severe breathing problems from that first shot. He had obstructive sleep apnoea (still does at over 20 years of age) and we were referred to Chris Ingall to try and treat it.

When Chris found out that Matthew had only had one whooping cough vaccine, he decided that he didn't have apnoea at all. No - he had whooping cough. He then proceeded to tell my husband Ken and I that we should get Matthew the other two shots!

Now, this was at the beginning of our search for information - we hadn't even managed to find much about vaccinations or disease at this point. Despite that, when he told us that we should vaccinate, the first thing we said was - but he has had bad reactions to that shot. He then proceeded to tell us that Matthew needed the vaccine because he had whooping cough. But, we asked, if he has whooping cough, what good is giving him the vaccine going to do? I can't remember what his answer was, but even then, we thought- what crap! And we refused.

This is the sort of nonsense these 'medical experts' are spreading - the sort of dangerous, illogical treatments they are pushing. And their word is law - and our side gets no credibility despite having the information and research on our side.

Please write to the program using the contact form at the top of this page - we need an avalanche of support for this one - I despair about the cover up, the children who will be injured by these shots and the way in which our organisation and the families who have been hurt by vaccines have been portrayed.

In addition, please vote in the poll on the same page above. They are asking whether or not vaccination should be compulsory. Please give a strong and resounding NO!

Integration of Homeopathy into Primary Care

by Rachel Roberts BSc(Hons) MCH RSHom Research Consultant for the Society of Homeopaths

Published in the National Health Executive journal, December 2008

The potential role of complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies in the future of the National Health Service is an issue which cannot be ignored. Patients vote with their feet, and the popularity of CAM therapies is clear. An estimated 5.75million people a year in the UK seek treatment from a CAM practitioner and approximately one in four members of the public would like to access complementary medicine on the NHS.1

In 2000, a House of Lords Select Committee report on Complementary and Alternative Medicine listed homeopathy as a “group one” therapy, along with osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and herbal medicine. Group one therapies are recognised as having their own diagnostic approach and treatment methods.2

Homeopathy is well-established in the UK, having been available through the NHS since its inception in 1948. In addition to the five NHS-funded homeopathic hospitals (in Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Tunbridge Wells), over 400 GPs use homeopathy in their everyday practice3 and the Society of Homeopaths (the largest body representing professional homeopaths in the UK) has 1,500 registered members. However by comparison with European countries, the UK’s homeopaths are a relatively untapped resource.4 One reason for this could be the misconception that homeopathy lacks a scientific evidence base.

Click Here to read the FULL article

UK London Autism Rally Saturday 28th March Downing St.

See the video on You Tube here:

How 'junk medicine' could kill you!

Would you prefer a breakfast of bran flakes and soy-milk over a nice,
hot plate of good ol' bacon and eggs?

Do you like going to the doctor?

Have you ever seen a jogger smile (I haven't)?

If you answered "no" to these questions, you're a prime candidate for
conversion from the "junk medicine" dogma we've all had crammed down
our throats for the last 30 years or more.

With my new, comprehensive report, "Big Secrets Behind Junk Medicine,"
you'll learn how to avoid the unhealthy "conventional wisdom" that's
harming us-and how to stay feeling young, vigorous and pain-free while
all those gullible fanatics suffer.

Think about it. If you "are what you eat," which would you rather be:
a hard-charging steer or a lifeless lump of tofu?

Keep reading, and I'll tell you more..

Don't let the milk industry murder you and your family!

In spite of the efforts of Big Dairy and their pals in state houses
across the U.S., raw milk's popularity continues to grow. But now it
seems that the gloves have come off in this fight. Recently, a
Pennsylvania farmer was arrested literally handcuffed and led away by state police
because he was selling raw milk.

As hard as this is to believe, somehow I'm not surprised.

Mark Nolt, a Mennonite farmer, has since been found guilty and fined
$4,040 for his "crimes." The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
dropped the hammer on Nolt and closed his business after he declined
to renew his permit to sell raw milk. "They swooped in like a bunch
of Vikings, handcuffed me, and stole $30,000 worth of my milk,
cheese, and butter," Nolt said.

It sounds like he was farming weapons-grade plutonium, doesn't it?
But I'm sure that in a state with a large agricultural base, Big
Dairy has an incredibly powerful lobby in Pennsylvania, and they
chose to make an example out of Nolt.

It seems that Nolt was the victim of a Department of Agriculture sting:
Pennsylvania DoA employees testified at the trial that they'd
purchased raw milk and products made from raw milk from Nolt at his
stand at an area farmer's market at least three times in 2007.

At least 60 supporters protested outside of the Cumberland County
Pennsylvania courthouse while the conviction came down. I'm gratified
that there was at least some stink made about this incident.
Granted, 60 protesters isn't exactly a throng, but hopefully the
needless Gestapo tactics employed will help stir some needed anger about this issue.

Jonas Stoltzfus, president of the Pennsylvania Independent Consumers
and Farmers Association put it best when he said of the Nolt
protest, "This issue has very little to do with raw milk and health,
and everything to do with freedom."

Amen to that.

Raw milk is one of my pet causes. The stuff is loaded with health
benefits. It's got lots of vitamin D, and it also contains
probiotics, good bacteria that aid digestion and can attack and
destroy harmful pathogens. But in spite of its many upsides, raw milk
is a tough sell for many people because of Big Dairy propaganda.
That the federal government and the majority of states prohibit the
sale of raw milk to the public is nothing new. But the iron- fisted
tactics used against Nolt represent a dark turn in this battle.

Read more here

Integration of homeopathy into primary care

The potential role of complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies in the future of the National Health Service is an issue which cannot be ignored. Patients vote with their feet, and the popularity of CAM therapies is clear. An estimated 5.75million people a year in the UK seek treatment from a CAM practitioner and approximately one in four members of the public would like to access complementary medicine on the NHS.1

Read entire article here



Great great great grandson of Samuel Hahnemann

It is with great sadness we report that Mr. William Tankard-Hahnemann passed away peacefully at his home in Crowborough, East Sussex on 12th January 2009, his 87th birthday.

Read entire article here

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